The New Sony A7 Mark II – Pre-Order, Pricing and Ship Date!


The New Sony A7 Mark II – Pricing and Ship Dates!

**Pre-Order the A7 II at B&H Photo NOW! – $1698 – Ships December 9th**

The KIT Lens version with the 28-70 Zoom is $1998 HERE

As many of you have seen, Sony Japan announced the new A7 Mark II with a slew of improvements. I had a meeting with Sony where I heard all about the new camera last week and wow, they really did their homework. The A7 Mark II is not only going to be just a full frame mirrorless, but a powerhouse of a photographic tool. Yes, I am excited. I fell in love with the A7 series a year ago and even more so when the A7s was released (My current #1 camera). With the A7II, Sony has struck a nerve and finally added the game changing 5 Axis Image Stabilization. YES. This is good.

There are a few improvements over the old A7 and the best news is that you can PRE-ORDER the A7II (links coming today) at $1699. yep, $1699. Sony did not gouge the price of the A7II, instead they kept it the same as the older A7 and have now lowered the price of the original A7 to $1299 (as of this weekend)! A full frame mirrorless that accepts ANY lens made (just about) for $1299.

Order the original A7 here. It will be lowered to $1299 by Friday. 


But the A7II is the one I am lusting for just due to the fact that it is now even beefier in build with a new more robust mount, better weather sealing and now 5-Axis Image Stabilization. This is the best IS you can get in a digital camera, period. Better than ANY lens, or any in body IS. This is basically what we have in the Olympus E-M1 and it is AMAZING. The best news is that this 5-AXIS will work with ANY lens, even Leica M glass, Canon or Nikon. Sweet! You will gain 4.5 stops by using 5-Axis. This seems like a polished and very capable camera. The 5-Axis IS is what set apart the Olympus E-M1 from the pack, and now Sony has it.

Sony tells me IQ of the A7 II is improved from the A7 even though the A7II is using the same sensor as the A7. Yes, it is the SAME exact 24MP sensor, but the processing has been tweaked (hopefully to match the superb A7s).

The Af is now 30% faster than the A7, video has been improved to A7s specs, and the re-design places the shutter button in a much more comfy spot as well as adding a bit more grip to hold on to.

Sony is on fire yet again and I can not wait to see what else is coming down the road from them. Rumors of a PRO A9 series is making my mouth water and I can only imagine the possibilities.


PRE-ORDER the SONY A7II for $1699 – Shipping starts December 9th!! Just in time for X-Mas!

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  • Higher bitrate video – 50MBPS – same as Sony A7s, which is astounding
  • Same Sensor – No changes to sensor but A7II has improved IQ due to new processing
  • Worlds first 5 – Axis IS on a full frame camera model
  • IQ improved over A7
  • ALL lenses stabilized – even Leica, Canon, Nikon, etc
  • 30% faster AF, improved tracking
  • More robust mount
  • Body redesign, new shutter placement


PRICING of the Sony A7 Mark II:

$1699 BODY ONLY – Ships December 9th 2014!

$1999 KIT lens  – Ships December 9th 2014!

AND YES, I will be doing a full “real world” review of this new Sony A7II as soon as I can one shipped to me for review, which should be less than a week from now!


PRE-ORDER the SONY A7II NOW for $1699 – Shipping starts December 9th!! Just in time for X-Mas!

Order at Amazon – – – – Order at B&H Photo


  1. Steve,

    I’ve never experienced sensor shift stabilisation. Is the image stabilisation visible in live view: all of the time, at the point when focus lock is activated (as with my optically stabilised lenses) or only at the point of taking the image?

  2. Hi Steve, I would be very curious to see which camera you recommend for legacy glass. A7s vs. A7II.

    • Well, the A7II (as I wrote) will not do as well as the A7s for ultra wide Leica M mount lenses. The A7s is still champ in this area (for example, the 15 Voigtlander will do better on the A7s than the A7II). But 35 and up will do fantastic and better on the A7II. Which is why I will own both 😉

    • Remember, it uses the same A7 sensor. It will not perform like the A7s in low light, not even close. The A7s is the low light king of cameras made today, period.

  3. As I’ve mentioned in a few posts, I’ve been very disappointed that Sony did not have IS in its cameras. I currently own the RX100M3 and the RX1, both wonderful. However, Mr. Toad is retiring in 16 months and is going to buy only one more camera. I’m hoping that IS is a new Sony trend, as I would like the 7s with the 5-axis IS. Otherwise, I don’t buy it. I really don’t want 24mp, even though the 7 II is wonderful, I’m sure. Sony, if you are listening, hurry up. Mr Toad is retiring soon and wants the 7s with 5-axis IS!

  4. Steve- Thanks for the intro on this camera….
    If you had to suggest Sony lenses (E Mount) to go on this camera which ones would it be ?
    Regular shooting- street shooting and landscape work. I am partial to Sony Zeiss. I do not have any lenses now and will be buying this new camera. A7s

  5. After guarded skepticism I have jumped whole hog and have an A7s and an a6000

    Between the crop adding a whole bunch of new focal lengths, the a6000’s sensor works great in what ws A7R territory.. low ISO, tripod where possible, wide apertures Superfast AF and tracking for the kiddie videos and the absolutely incomparable A7s for walikn’ around

    I have to pitch myself it’s so cool

  6. I’m very interested in this camera as I was just about to buy an A7R. It will be interesting to see what you think about this new camera vs the A7R…especially this is a 24MP vs a 36MP both full frame.

  7. Bloody Hell Colin. 🙂 You are not wrong that maybe even every 6 months there seems to be a newer better this or that then last model whatever. But same can be said pretty much for anything electronic..what about smartphones, tablets, really almost anything that takes a battery!!. Your point is well taken though, if a person is a 1/2 way decent photographer they may be able to take better photos with a 10 year old camera than the latest and greatest just a gear head with the LATEST GREATEST, EXCEPT for iso noise, maybe dynamic range etc…and all those are just the facts, technology does progress. Also Sony did NOT forget about the shutter dial. In Manual mode at least the way my A7S is set, the rear dial just below the top plate IS the shutter dial. In Shutter priority both the front dial below the shutter button controls is the shutter speed dial, AND the rear dial below the top plate also can control shutter speed, hehe so Sony gives you TWO Shutter control dials. Wish you the best..again though your point is well taken, but “frequent updates are not unique to digital cameras”. 🙂

  8. Wow – all this makes me feel old. I remember when Nikon’s flagship cameras were so good, they only needed an update once a decade. Now we have manufacturers unashamedly changing their camera every 12 months.

    “Hey, remember that camera we had out last year? The expensive one? The one we promised was the best ever? Well, it turns out we can actually do it a lot better THIS year. This year’s camera is faster, stronger, more ergonomic. Last year’s is history. And next year’s model will ,make the one we want you to buy now seem flimsy and slow. Next year’s will give far superior pictures”.

    It’s hard to get excited about products with such fleeting value.

    And, hey, Sony – how about a shutter speed dial? Everyone else figured that one out a long time ago.

  9. Seve when you get your a7 II will you also get the Zeiss Loxia 50mm f/2 Planar T* Lens for Sony Alpha A7 and do a test of the two together. This is the combo I was looking at. Would the Zeiss be better than the Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.5 Aspherical Standard ?

  10. I was going to buy A7s due to high iso capabilities and…colors. I love the “mood” of A7s pictures. Now it comes..A7 mark II! Great price, IS…ok…do you think pictures colors and mood could match A7s?

      • Saga continues….

        I sent B&H a note about the possible incorrect data point about the A7II having a touchscreen and they responded that it does indeed have one. Then I responded again with another email and sent them a link to the Sony site stating that Sony makes not mention of this spec. B&H responded again by saying that Sony states the spec of the screen is listed as TFT which indicates its definitely a touchscreen. I am scratching my head on this one. Could this really be true??

        • After looking up TFT wikipedia states “A thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display (TFT LCD) is a variant of a liquid-crystal display (LCD) that uses thin-film transistor (TFT) technology to improve image qualities such as addressability and contrast.”

          So maybe on touch screens its more ideal to use TFT screens but it does not immediately mean it ‘must’ be a touchscreen. That still requires a capacitive overlay. The original Sony A7 spec is a TFT screen as well, so I guess B&H are just really confused on this one…..

  11. man, i’m sure i’m the only one who feels like this, but if they could just figure out an optical viewfinder for these, it would be freakin’ perfect. I get that it would be hard/impossible, etc, but I just can’t stand staring at TV screens all the time.
    Although the focus peaking is pretty amazing- can’t wait to see what Sony has up its sleeve.

  12. Does anyone think this has the potential to outdo A7s? I almost pulled the trigger on the 7s, but waiting now.. Thought camera gear had longer upgrade cycles 😉

      • Hey Steve..still loving your site THE best. Anyway compliments aside, 🙂 is it not true that with the 5 axis, you may not NEED the better crazy great high iso capabilities of the a7s? Therefore maybe the A7II CAN do low light as well as the A7S? I didn’t do the math here, but what I mean is, maybe you can use just for a ballpark example, the A7II at Iso 800 in a low-light situation, with SAY a 1/10 shutter speed and get a sharp picture, I dunno using the Zeiss FE-55 mm again FOR example at aperture 2.8 JUST again a ballpark number, I know it can do 1.8 I’m just throwing the IDEA out there. Maybe you gotta use 3200 iso on the A7S to get a 1/60th shutter to keep things blur free, sorry I forget how many stops the 5axis will help here so my ballpark example may be off a bit. I don’t use my A7S for video but I do often long for a few more megapixels SOMETIMES. I had the original A7 way back first. I find the color and processing MUCH better on the A7S though than the A7. But THEY say they have improved the processing on this A7II. You will gain SUPPOSEDLY much faster auto focus here too. Video A7S wins, but I didn’t buy my A7S to do video. Actually DOES the A7S win with no image stabilization? IF you are using a prime with no OSS?? You do gain resolution, auto focus speed and having 24 megapixels so that seems a plus.
        Eh…it never ends. 🙂

        • Sol,

          Whilst it is true that one can achieve the same effective exposure, as you suggest by using slower shutter speeds to retain low ISO settings, and thus lower noise, this comes at a price: spontaneity. Shooting at even 1/10 sec takes up far too much time from shot to shot and I’d suggest even with 5 axis stabilisation the success rate wouldn’t be consistent enough for photographers who simply have to get the shot.

          Another consideration is that with longer exposures noise rises and this is independent of ISO setting, so it will occur even at low ISO settings, but maybe not to the same extent of increasing the ISO setting. I haven’t tested this, it is just a thought.

          Because of its larger pixel pitch, the A7s enables low noise at higher ISO’s with truly hand holdable shutter speeds.

          • Terry..Thanks you bring up some good points..especially about noise rising on longer exposures. I hadn’t thought of that. As to quick shot to may be correct, but in my case I shoot like a turtle mostly. 🙂 I just mean I’m more into taking portraits or even landscapes. I don’t usually photograph things that tend to move that quickly. I tend not to need crazy fast shot to shot but good point. I think if I did I’d, probably still be using a clunky but FAST dslr especially when it comes to fast auto focus. Mirror-less is still not as fast as a decent dslr as to truly REALLY fast auto focus, at least that’s been my experience but that gap is narrowing all the time.. Anyway thank you, interesting stuff you have said here, I appreciate your response.

          • Sol,

            My approach to photography is relaxed, as yours, but I may be a tortoise to your turtle, and this makes me even slower. :D) From what I’ve seen in documentaries even turtles are faster on land than tortoises.

          • Terry, haha very funny. Well then to be serious, so if we both don’t need rocket fast shot to shot, shooting at say 1/10 a second on the A7II should be plenty quick enough. Also as to noise at longer exposures, I think that you may not notice much between say a 1/5 vs a 1/60 shutter, it’s more like 4-5 seconds you’ll really see the noise etc you spoke about. Anyway thanks for your reply, Maybe I’ll round up an A7II and take some shots OF a tortoise, should yield some nice results. 🙂

          • Yes, Sol, the 5 point axis would make our sluggish approach even more attractive. It would certainly improve on my A7, where I have to be careful even at around 1/60. Yes, regarding potential noise from long exposures, it would have to be much longer than 1/10 sec. as you point out.

            As for your projected shot of a tortoise I’d hazard you would get away with 1/5. And even this would be if he was “running” flat out! I wonder if anyone has attempted time lapse on one?

            Enjoy your photography; this is what it is about. :D)

  13. Looks awesome. I can’t quite justify the improvements enough to sell my A7 and go for this one, but I’m glad to see Sony improving on what is already a great photographic tool. I’ve been using my A7 non-stop since the day I bought it!!

    • Andrew,

      It never ceases to amaze me of the GAS that afflicts some people. If they were honest with themselves, has the latest all singing all dancing reincarnation of the first model actually improved their photography? I very much doubt it.

      • Patek and Rolex would be dead if logic prevailed! Totally noticed I’ve stopped wearing any watch… Why, when I’m basically attached to this iPhone 6? And find myself shooting all my fun images, still and video, with it.
        Paradigm shift in our midst?
        Is Star Wars opening Dec. 2015?
        Same answer.

    • They were accepting pre-orders. I’m guessing the pre-order sales exceeded their allocation for the year so they took it down.

  14. 5 axis is great but is not the best! Is one of the bests. Period. The fuji in glass OIS is at least as good as the Oly system and stabilize the view. It does not stabilize every glass mounted which is an obious atvantage of any stabilization mounted on the sensor.

  15. Wow, seems like Sony listened to everything I didn’t like about the original A7 (shutter release position, plasticky build, no IS) and not only offered it, but lowered the price.

    It is getting harder and harder not to buy one of these.

  16. Steve: As I reflect on your A7/A7R review, I believe the A7 Mark II is the exact camera you wished Sony had rolled out at the time. An amalgam of the best features from both cameras with 5 Axis thrown in for good measure. Well…DREAMS DO COME TRUE! With much better ergonomics and ipso facto, much better haptics I’m sure. Just ordered mine off your site from B&H. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Well, MY perfect camera would be an A7s II with the 5-Axis 😉 This way, all M lenses could be used, even wide angle, and low light capabilities would be even more insane with 5-Axis. I am hoping an A7s II appears within 6 months. But yes, this is what the A7 should have been from the get go, but things must go through an evolution before they can get to where they should be. Congrats on the purchase!

  17. I think I’m going to hang tight until the heavily rumored A9 is announced in a few months and see what that has to offer. I’m pretty happy with my A7. I mainly wanted better AF and the silent shutter so the IBIS is icing on the cake. So if the A9 has those three things( and I’m fairly certain it probably will) and stays with the smaller form factor then the A9 will be my next body. The A7 can already do most of what I use my Nikon’s for except for shooting concerts in dark clubs. If the A9 can get me there AF wise then I’m good to go.

    Pretty excited about all the moves Sony is making.

  18. A wide angle question:
    What is the widest tolerable M lens that the A7 can handle without too much IQ degrading.

  19. Too me, this looks like a very nice upgrade. More like a ‘finished project’. The A7 series is oh, so close to being the greatest camera ever, and I think this may have pushed up that notch. The body improvements alone, with a better built body, will make this feel great in the hand.

  20. Steve, perhaps you can confirm this point from your discussions with Sony. As far as I can tell, the only improvement in the video specs of the A7II is the addition of XAVCs. The A7S does a full sensor read-out (no line skipping like the A7). Line skipping, not the codec, is the cause of moire/aliasing.

  21. Waiting for the A7rIII with IS, silent shutter and touch screen and shooting with the A7s until then

    • … Olympus have had all kind of things, but no full frame sensors… A Four Third sensor, even in a near-perfect incarnation, is quite limited in its abilities in comparison to larger ones…

  22. Great stuff Steve. Any word on uncompressed RAW?

    Hope you get yours soon, of course, you’ll now have to go back o Antelope Canyon and do all those hand-held shot again:)

    • Unlikely as it is the same sensor. The A7s works great with Leica M wide angle but since the same sensor is used it should be the same as the current A7.

  23. Steve,
    I just pre ordered a Sony A7 II this morning from B&H. You should get a link up on your site.

    • I totally disagree. I like to shoot autofocus primes and Sony’s selections are very poor (2 years behind). Sony is a consumer electronics company that focuses on selling camera bodies with kit lenses. I have never bonded with any of their cameras (nex5n, a6000, A7), I just don’t like to hold and shoot with them. All Sony gear is sold and I mostly now shoot fuji (XT1) and have just recently picked up a 4/3 camera. Both are much more fun to use and offer a wold of lens selections. Other then the sensor size or if you want to shoot some vintage MF lenses I see no reason to ever go back to Sony.

      • To bad for you that you do not see the light. Keep enjoying Fuji crop sensor cameras, if they fit your use case better…

        • You are too funny my online friend. By your own statement my Hasselblad H4D and H5Ds are the only worthwhile cameras worth actually shooting with. Everything else is a mere compromise.
          What a load of poo.
          It’s the camera you have with you! And the camera you know intuitively how to shoot with that counts.
          Sensor size is rapidly becoming a dead issue. No client gives a rip. Maybe camera club members do. I dunno.
          Carry on.

        • Mike: Fuji makes a 23mm F1.4, a 35mm F1.4, a 56mm F1.2, and a 60mm 2.4 macro. I love my little Sony 35mm 1.8, but the Fuji lens line is deep, fast, and good.

          • Do you perhaps know of a list, a link, to all lenses (for A7 series) that have full autofocus & auto exposure capability without an adapter – fast primes, not slow zooms please. Thanks.

      • Amazing to see how mean-spirited people can be on these forums. I’m willing to bet not a single one of you would speak in person the way you spout off online. Later haters.

        • Of course they wouldn’t. I even met an avid hater in person and guess what? He was nice and apologetic when he saw me. Funny huh? Most sit at their desk in their underwear and just hate, bash and complain as they hate their own life. Makes them feel better in an odd sort of way.

    • Sony 2 years ahead of Olympus? I think you have it backwards. The OM-D E-M5 came out in Feb. 2012.

    • I’ll repeat what I wrote above >>

      Less than optimal build quality. Poor autofocus. Poor ergonomics. Few native lenses thus far. The inability to release fast zooms because they’ll dwarf this body and throw the combined haptic balance to hell. Largely indecipherable menu layouts. Poor reputation for sticking with a line/mount. No real system to speak of.

      I would MUCH rather own a Fuji X-Series camera than any of the A7 offerings. Fuji has photographic history, understands photographers needs, and is building out a true system … the biggest one in their history.

      Take out the full frame sensor in the A7 cameras, and no one would buy them. That says something, I think.

      • It seems like you have an agenda, because each time a Sony camera is mentioned, you just can’t stop telling everyone, multiple times, how bad they are.
        I find my A7 an excellent camera, the native lenses are excellent, I can put any old lense on it with great manual help, so why the hate ? Enjoy what you have, and just calm down.

        • Nope, no agenda. Just my opinion. If they work well for you, more’s the better. They don’t fit my shooting requirements [not yet, at least], and don’t feel well sorted to me. They have some nice features and functions, to be sure, but the whole has to be greater than the sum of the parts. And I guess that’s a big part of where the A7 cameras fall apart for me: they just feel like somewhat haphazardly thrown together parts [again, IMO].

          Sony makes great sensors, no question, and they’re doing some interesting stuff, but it seems they’ve adopted a “throw sh*t at the wall and see what sticks” strategy, as opposed to developing a long-term cohesive plan for a system approach. Perhaps the rumored A9 will change all that, I dunno.

          I think by the time Sony addresses all this, Nikon and Canon will have entered the mirrorless market in a much more serious way, and then it’ll be game on.

          • The A7s is about the most well sorted camera I have shot with since the E-M1. Nothing about feels “thrown together” at all, and I can get statements from over 200 owners that say the same thing (A7s owners I have been chatting with). Unless one buys and uses a camera for a while, they ca not really comment on its quality, usability or anything really. I have used them ALL extensively, and the A7s is the only camera that unseated my Leica M for #1 as well as was chosen over Fuji, Samsung, Sigma, Canon, Nikon, etc. Out of all cameras I have used this year (95% of cameras released in 2014), the A7s in 2014 was the winner for me. Another fantastic camera is the LX100/D-Lux, which for me beats the new X100T (have both here now) in almost all areas. SO we can all have an opinion but keep in mind, the opinions that matter and have weight to them are from those who actually own and use the Sony A7 series. The A7s is the best of the lot for me, so far. The A7II should be in my hands within days. With faster AF, 5 Axis…it is going to be really nice.

          • “SO we can all have an opinion but keep in mind, the opinions that matter and have weight to them are from those who actually own and use the Sony A7 series.”

            Hear! Hear!

          • I guess it all depends on your application. I agree that there are a ton of enthusiasts who love the A7 cameras. I’ve tested the A7 cameras a fair bit myself, and while I admire the idea, the execution just isn’t there for me … yet.

            As to opinions that carry weight, I have a good friend who purchased one — along with a couple of the FE lenses — to use for professional application, and after two weeks she told me that she returned the whole kit because it was “dreadful”; rubbish autofocus, clumsy handling, and even the sensor was not really quite as good as all the hype; in fact, not as good overall as her Nikon D4s.

            Mind you, she works under pretty intense conditions, but the A7s wasn’t even remotely up to the task. And I should add that this is someone who’s actively looking for a mirrorless solution that can replace her pro Nikon gear so that she can cut down on the weight. She gave it a try; but for her it failed the test. I know several pros who feel the same way.

            When you’re relying on these things to put food on the table, that’s when the wheat is quickly separated from the chaff.

            She did say that for stuff where she’s working at a very slow pace, she could probably use it for certain things.

            So for specific applications, yes. As a comprehensive system tool, not yet.

            5-axis in a full frame body is a significant achievement, no question … but I’ll be more interested to see what this rumored A9 is going to offer. If it can bring an advanced new sensor, pro level autofocus, 5-axis IBIS, and most of the other features advanced shooters and pros are looking for — including comprehensive system tools that support it — then it could be a game changer. If not, all it will do is give Canon and Nikon more time to introduce their own proper mirrorless cameras.

            The good news is that we all benefit from this competition. So even though I’m less than impressed with Sony’s A7 cameras, I’m glad they’re here, cause they spur that competition and move the whole industry forward.

          • Robert,

            Your comments still read as an extremely negative and damning report on the A7 series (in stark contrast to the many satisfied users and, yes, even with the various issues they have, which camera doesn’t?) and do seem to be more based on your professional friend’s opinion and which you seem, in the main, to be simply repeating. I believe it would be useful for readers to know what is the demanding nature of her work that prompts this volatile reaction. If solely to prevent anyone considering an A series camera and who does the same sort of photography.

          • Steve,

            Is it right that the A7s/II has now displaced your M240 as #1 camera? I am about to push the button and upgrade from an M8 to an M240 and 50mm Lux, but am now worried that Sony is really catching up. I still prefer the form and controls of the M, but how long before Sony does the same with the new alphas? I don’t want to make a costly mistake!

            Keep up the great work!


          • It did a few months ago. I can say that the A7II provides much better IQ than my M 240. In color, in details, in HIGH ISO. The A7II and 55 1.8 is stunning. Some of the best I have ever seen. My new main cameras? A7s and A7II with the Sony 35 2.8, Sony 55 1.8 and some Leica M mount glass from Leica, Voigtlander and Zeiss.

          • I own the M240, and just upgraded my EM1 to the A7II. To me the Sony will not replace the M. It just cant replace the feel of the M. Have not tried M glass on the Sony yet…

          • Now it’s your opinion ? Funny how you made it sound like universal truth. 🙂

            Maybe you should learn to phrase things better, because as I was reading you, it never sound like it was just your opinion. Anyway, some things you say are quite true, like the lack of lenses, how could someone deny it ? But they’re coming faster than any other system in history as far as I know, so why complain ?

            And as far as I’m concerned, coming from Nikon, I do find they nailed it with the A7 serie. The controls are excellents, you have everything you need, 3 dials, a lot of customizable buttons, a customizable Fn menu, so I have everything I need no more than two clicks away, most of the time one click away. And the IQ is excellent, for a very, very agressive price.

            Yes, it’s true, the AF is not on par with a good DSLR, but I don’t care, and I’m by the way quite surprised by the low number of shots I throw because the focus was missed, just focus and recompose and you’ll be good. And in dim light, I can shoot in manual focus with an ease I never had on any other system, shots that I would have missed with my Nikon. And I had the chance to compare the AF with a 5d2 inside, with bad light, I can assure you the A7 comes best.

            And your last sentence :
            “Take out the full frame sensor in the A7 cameras, and no one would buy them. That says something, I think.”
            How would you know ? You had a talk with every buyer of the camera ? And remember, these sensors are also in Nikon bodies, so, why don’t you think before you write ?

          • “Maybe you should learn to phrase things better…”

            “…why don’t you think before you write?”

            Actually, I try to deal in facts … as much as I can. I don’t go in for hyperbole. Apologies if my phraseology offends you.

          • You didn’t offend me, you offended my logic, when you clearly were opinionated against these cameras, but made your negative feelings stand as facts. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the sentence I quoted was laughable.

            And to make a personnal experience as an universal truth, as you like to do, I did spend a day with a professionnal photographer to learn things about post processing, so we went out taking pictures, and he wanted to try my camera. He had a 5Dm3, and at the end of the day, he decided to buy an A7 for himself, in order to try it for his weddings. The only thing that bothered him was the launch time when after switching batteries, because I didn’t updated my A7 to the latest fw, which improves things a lot on this point.

            So now, I’m also able to make a wiiiiide generalization : “every professionnal who tries an A7 want to work all his life with it, and throw all his outdated hardware in the bin”.

            Understand my point ?

          • “You didn’t offend me, you offended my logic…”

            Logic is a concept. You cannot “offend” a concept.

            “Understand my point?”

            It would require that there be a point to understand.

            As I said, I deal in facts. Perhaps we should stick to those. So let’s try this another way: which of my facts was in err?

          • “Logic is a concept. You cannot “offend” a concept.”

            It was an expression, you should try to avoid nitpicking on these…

            But let’s look these “facts”, which you say are opinions, then facts again, then opinions, etc, whatever floats your boat :

            “Less than optimal build quality” : compared to what ?

            “Poor autofocus” : I partly agree, AFC is bad on the A7, but AF in general is really good if put on center point, and most of all really precise, the face and eye detection works really well too. So depends on your usage, for some things it’s not as good as a good reflex, for some things it’s even better. I’m not a professional sport photographer, like 99.99999999% of the population, so I’m happy with it. If it was able to shoot in low light like the A7S, I would be happy, that’s sure.

            “Poor ergonomics” : well, that’s an opinion, I do love them, as stated above, and I’ve got all I need, and even more (as the exposure compensation dial is of no use to me, I shoot mostly in manual mode, and I don’t really need all the custom buttons and Fn functions). But you have the three dials on your right hand, and I find it awesome, personnaly, YMMV. Some didn’t like at all the shutter button, I don’t see why but ok…

            “The inability to release fast zooms because they’ll dwarf this body and throw the combined haptic balance to hell” : No, they’re not unable to, they chose not to, that’s a big difference…
            And I use big zooms on it, it doesn’t disturb me one bit. One hand on the camera, one under the lense, like on every other camera… But I personnaly much prefer they release small zooms, because anyway I can go up real hard in iso with these cameras, and I like having a small and light system.

            “Largely indecipherable menu layouts” : A bit true, but like every other camera, you use it and you’ll find your way. And that’s not indecipherable, spend 10 minutes and on it and you’re good to go… And as you can put nearly every function on a custom button or the Fn menu, you’ll almost never need to go back in it after you’ve finished to configure it exactly as you wish.

            “Poor reputation for sticking with a line/mount” : Who cares ? Have they ditched more mounts than there competitors ? Aren’t they releasing a lot of lenses on this mount in a really short amount of time ?

            “No real system to speak of” : what does that even mean ?

            “Take out the full frame sensor in the A7 cameras, and no one would buy them. That says something, I think.” : that’s the part where you were just ridiculous, as stated above, and was my point, which you failed to get.

            Have a nice day !

          • ” ‘Less than optimal build quality’: compared to what?”

            Any prosumer or professional grade Nikon or Canon; Olympus OM-D E-M1, etc.

            Not really true. I have a Df here and the A7II feels more solidly built to me.

            “Poor autofocus” : I partly agree”

            Me too. 😉

            Not so. The A7s AF is SUPERB. Actually will AF in the DARK without any assist. Never ever failed me once. The Df has many times. I will say it again, My A7s AF’s faster and ore accurately than the Nikon Df.

            ” ‘Largely indecipherable menu layouts” : A bit true”


            No way. The Menu of the A7s, A7II is easy, straight forward and easy aspire to use. Custom buttons bring up any setting you desire.

            ” ‘No real system to speak of’: what does that even mean?”

            It means Sony hasn’t designed and built a system around these cameras. They’re having enough trouble just getting lenses churned out.

            Again, not true. There are many lenses out from Sony and third parties. In fact, more lenses are available to use the A7 series than a Canon.

            One of my pet peeves is when someone acts like an expert on a camera when they have never owned one or used one extensively and they provide 100% false information out of brand loyalty to something else. I have no loyalty to ANY brand and use what is out there that WORKS well. The Sony A7 series is FANTASTIC.

      • Hahahaha. But, really, Mrs Lincoln how was the play?

        Robert. I kinda agree. But after Nikon let me down with their patheticly slow response to FF and I had to jump to Canon after decades of Nikons I do see your point. But now that I’ve also personally gone the toy route with Oly EM1s I think anything is at least worth trying. Heck, I had a tiny LX100 for a week and rationally decided it was simply a bulky version of this iPhone 6.
        Just gotta keep trying stuff…

  24. Various rumor sites have said the A7 MkII is a Japan-only release for now (and given that 5-axis IS is new for them, I had thought they might have prudently decided to keep it to the home market at first to make it easier to resolve any post-release issues.)

    So have they changed their minds? Is the A7 MkII now an official US model, one that will be sold through other US Sony dealers?

    Or are the cameras B&H will start shipping on December 9 independently imported. aka “gray market”? I looked on the B&H page, but didn’t see any info. May not matter to most people, but some of us like to know…

    • JL,

      Yes, I agree regarding grey (UK spelling in case you’re interested :D) ) imports, With such an expensive camera buyers need to know if they are benefiting from the official Sony guarantee.

      5 axis stabilisation I’m sure will be a big benefit, but no increase in EVF resolution is a bit of a let down and different colour rendition is very much a personal matter. So, as an A7 owner, I’m not too put out by the upgrades.

  25. Wait a second… did I just see “touchscreen” on the B&H specs?!?! This is a EM1 on steroids!!! I just wished it had the same sensor as the D750 as it seems like it has about 1stoop better iso performance.

  26. It all sounds great.
    The two points that I can’t get past is the obvious size of the required FF lenses is still exactly the same size as required by the bigger “normal” Canon and Nikon bodies.
    And, two, using the Sony supplied composite ad image as the proof no one in their right mind would attempt to hold a 500, 600 or 800mm telephoto “by the camera body”! What Sony marcom and/or ad guy approved this dumbass image?
    But aside from these obvious faux pas it does look like a great little camera. I’m hoping the next EM-1 is as noteworthy. And that Canikon wake the heck up!!!!
    Peace and Love. As Ringo still always says.

    • FE lenses are a mix. Some are small and weigh almost nothing – like the 35/2.8 – while others approach a FF DSLR size but the combination of lens and body is almost always considerably lighter and more compact than a comparable DSLR setup. The key here is flexibility. Only the A7 bodies can support both a tiny VM 15mm Heliar and a large DSLR mount zoom.

      To your second point, nobody holds a 500, 600 or 800 by the body. You use a mono or tripod. Body size is irrelevant for lenses that large.

      • I think Chad is right – it’s a mix, but with the bonus of flexibility. The A7 with the 16-35mm Zeiss is more compact in all ways than most DSLRs with similar lenses. It also performs just as nicely. What’s not to love? 🙂

        • “What’s not to love?”

          Less than optimal build quality. Poor ergonomics. Few native lenses thus far. The inability to release fast zooms because they’ll dwarf this body and throw the combined haptic balance to hell. Poor reputation for sticking with a line/mount. No real system to speak of.

          If none of those things matter? Sure, great camera. 😉

    • Hey Ray, I don’t know the Specs of the A7s re HDMi but this is the Camera that was built for 4K Video. People discovered it’s great for low light photography as well (in my mind, not as stellar as it’s described, I would still get a Nikon D4 for that purpose) but that was not Sony’s intention building the camera. So you might want to take a closer look at the 7s if 4K video is important to you.

  27. You must have asked when you were there…. Will they give the same treatment to the A7r (along with fixing the shutter slap issue)? Or is the A9 going to really be the A7r taken up a few notches like this new A72. …. I have an A7s….the perfect second body would be a 36mpix or greater A7r2. …. At that point it would be time to sell my Nikon gear…..

    • Sony will not give info on cameras not announced least not until they announce them to the press under NDA and that has not happened yet for anything but the A7II.

      • I am curious about the form and function of the A9. If it maintains a small form factor and is even more “pro”, then I will have my eye out for it. I could also see many going for an A7r II, if it were to incorporate 5 axis, a similar sensor, and improved shutter performance/sound/vibration. That could be tempting, though my true goldilocks camera would be an A7sII with 5-axis stabilization added. Pair that with a similar A7r II, and nearly any shooting circumstance would be covered…All hypothetically speaking…For those gettin into the system or wanting a 1 camera solution, the A7mkII will be awesome. It does well enough with M lenses except ultra-wides, so kudos to Sony!

        • +1. And if this A7sII had 18MP, a touch screen and uncompressed raw files I`d definitely be a buyer. Sony can do it;)

  28. I was curious why this wasn’t applied to the a7r, given the issues with a higher resolution sensor and camera shake. I’m guessing the a7 line will continue with a 24mp sensor, and the new a9 line will continue the high megapixel cameras. I’m cool with that.

    Looking forward to using longer focal length Leica glass on a stabilized camera. I love the 135 APO Telyt, but it demands a stable tripod on an a7r… And don’t get me started on how much this will help on macro photography!

  29. And just this morning I was seriously considering a Samsung NX1. Shame on you for making me hesitate, Steve.

    • NX1…I thought that one was much too large, and too expensive for an APS-C camera with limited lenses. I turned down the review as I did not care for it at all.

      • Still it would be interesting how you think about such cameras after using it for a while. Like “the camera I intended to hate”, the V1. It specifications are promising. Its design less.., but it is an interesting game when other brands bring out stuff. While Nikon/Canon for now play save.

      • I’m surprised to hear you say that, Steve.
        The NX1 is the first APS-C sensor camera with back illuminated sensor and 4K! Big? Yes, but I’m sure many of us readers would be interested in your opinion about both the camera and the new 16-50mm f/2-2.8 lens!

      • Sooner or later, the A7 series will be compared to the NX1. The big Sony sensor should stack up pretty evenly against the smaller Samsung BSI. The Samsung lenses are pretty hefty, but blazing fast.

        My money is on Sony at the moment, but Samsung is one (or two) price cuts away from beating up the big players in the market.

          • I seem to recall equal scepticism being levelled at Sony once. Now look what they can do. Sony was mainly noted as an electronics giant, so is Samsung. Watch this space may be the byword.

          • John, (and to a lesser extent, Steve)

            Before you call someone a “tool”, you should know more about what you are talking about.

            Samsung has the only BSI-CMOS APSC on the market. The higher res on the Samsung is not something most people need, but the quality is as good or better than the APSC Sony. (Think the BSI in the little Sony RX100, only scaled up to APSC.)

            If you are buying the Sony for low light, Samsung has a hybrid AF system that shoots 15 fps with CAF in light so low that the Sony just hunts and gives up.

            The Samsung is bigger, but it also has an AMOLED touchscreen, as well as a substantially faster EVF and faster wifi. Samsung also has LCD info on top of the camera. If you want any of those features in the Sony, you are out of luck.

            Samsung has 16-50mm f/2.0-2.8, and a 50-150mm F2.8, where the best Sony offers are f4 versions of each. Sony offers some faster primes, but then so does Samsung. I realize that F4 on FF is about the same as 2.8 on APSC, but there are just as many people who prefer the latter.

            I have a hard time understanding why Steve said he was not excited about the Samsung, but in the past he has admitted that he has preferences that most other camera pros do not. If he hates the weight or size of the camera, that is his business. But he should say so.

            But just because you shoot Leica and Sony does not mean that anyone who disagrees with you is a “tool”. I happen to shoot Sony, but I do it for different reasons than Steve. And under certain circumstances, I might just as easily switch to Samsung.

            Sony releases a new camera every month or so, which means they will eventually catch up and pass the bar that Samsung has set for them. But right now, at least on paper, they are trailing.

            Sony and Olympus tend to have splashy product announcements where they wine and dine pro photographers from all around the world. I have no idea if Samsung does the same, but there are still a good number of reviewers out there who are not swayed by a weekend at a nice motel.

            Eventually the reviews will come in, and Samsung will have to stand on its own merits. At that point, Steve may decide to review it, or he may not. But I always lose a little respect for a reviewer when they decline to test the product from a competitor. It smells fishy.

            Did Steve decline to review the Samsung because it was too big? Of did he decline because he didn’t want to ruin his next trip to Europe to test the next Sony/Oly/Leica/whatever?

            If you think it is too big, then just say so. But don’t insult people who disagree. You are just making yourself look bad.

    • yes, the NX1 seems to closest to a what is usually called a pro/semi-pro camera among the mirrorless crowd 🙂 Compared with Sony’s APS-C lenses (not the Zeiss branded!) most of the Samsung’s ones are better rated and there are more to come in the future (the S 24mm f:1.4 is an interesting one).

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