Crazy Sony A7II Price Reduction – This is a STEAL.

Crazy Sony A7II Price Reduction – This is a STEAL.

Sony has lowered the price of the A7II with the 28-70 Kit Zoom and if you buy it at B&H Photo, you get a spare battery charger, and extra battery and a 32GB SD card. All for $998, under a grand.

You can see my Sony A7II Review HERE. Was my 2014 Camera of the Year. 



  1. It’s not an error as it is the A7ii, not the A7iii. They need to get rid of old stock with the increase in competition from Nikon, Canon and that coming from Panasonic, so it makes sense to sell it for cheap as it is obsolete.

  2. I don’t think it’s an error. It’s still up, a day later. Damn that’s cheap. I think a lot of people want the updated sensor in the A7III, and this might be the most efficient way to clear their inventory of the previous model.

    The kit lens is nothing special but you could sell it for a non-trivial amount.

    Remember that even on these out-dated models, the DR is quite something. Even the old A7 embarrasses some very expensive, modern DSLRs. Not naming names! DR is one thing that FF35 has that APS-C can’t quite match, depending on the brand.

    • B&H don’t have it in stock at the moment, but price is still 998 :o)
      So its not only “way to clear inventory of the previous model”, but something more.

      • It’s because they have a lot of them and they want to stick it to Canon and Nikon and offer a steal of a deal for a full frame mirrorless camera.

        • This is such a great camera not outdated at all. It’s only fault is the battery consumption. I have this camera and really don’t see any reason to change it.

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