Daniel Hertz Eva S50 System Review. The REAL Mark Levinson.

Daniel Hertz Eva S50 HiFi System Review. Mark Levinson’s Beauty.

By Steve Huff

UPDATED on August 10th 2023. 

Now that I have listened the Daniel Hertz EVA system for over 200 hours I am ready to talk about it and share my thoughts on this HiFi system from Mark Levinson and Daniel Hertz called  the”EVA S50″ system. This Eva system is a complete setup with preamp, amp, DAC and speakers and was designed to offer the purest form of sound from your music.

What is unique about this approach from Daniel Hertz Audio is that each piece works together to combine perfect synergy and this takes the guesswork and mistakes out of setting up a system. This means no more worrying about system matching and synergy as all here is designed to work together perfectly. BTW, each of these pieces work with other brands of course and the Maria amp is a stunning piece of engineering that is forward thinking. It is unlike any other integrated amp made as it is not using the same tech that other amps use (the same tech they have been using since the 60’s).

The Maria Integrated amp is powered by a programmable chip that does everything from pre-amp, DAC and amp duties. It’s quite remarkable really and is one of the finest integrated amps I have ever heard. There is so much more to this system and the integrated so if this sounds interesting, read on.

My Video Review!

A System without Limits

This system is in no way limited as we still have analog and digital inputs for adding a phono stage, or even using your own DAC if you so desire. I wouldn’t suggest this though as the DAC inside of the Maria amplifier is quite special and does indeed sound remarkable with the Eva speakers. When I tried my fancy DACs with this system, I preferred the one inside of the Maria and this has never happened with any gear I have tested. Not even with the $20k Aavik U-150.

Normally, Internal DACs range anywhere from awful to excellent but most fail to deliver “magic”. The Maria’s DAC does bring that magic even to the Daniel Hertz “Starter” system that I am reviewing here. Loads of it in fact.

The Maria 50 amplifier is quite unique and it puts out 150 WPC into 8 ohms and 300 WPC into 4 ohms. I was expecting the worst before I hooked it up because it is so light. I mean, it’s LIGHT.

In this industry we have been trained to think HEAVY = BEST and this Maria amp proves to me that this is not the case. This is the lightest high end integrated amp I have ever witnessed in the flesh and may be the lightest in general that I have had my hands on. It is made not of metal, but of Perspex and my initial thoughts when I unboxed it were “Uh Oh, I hope this plastic box doesn’t sound thin and wimpy”! I then remembered that Aavik now uses a similar material to make integrated amps that cost much more than this entire system does. Hmmm, I then started to see the logic here.

I will go in great detail about what this system sounds like in a bit but for now let me talk briefly about the history of Mark Levinson and why you should take Daniel Hertz seriously.

Mark Levinson History of Audio 

This full history can be seen at the Daniel Hertz Website HERE. 

1970’s Mark Levinson Audio Systems (MLAS)

LNP-1 Preamplifier

LNP-2 Professional Preamplifier

JC-1 Moving Coil Cartridge Preamplifier JC-1AC Moving Coil Cartridge Preamplifier JC-2 Straightline Preamplifier

LNC-2 Electronic Crossover ML-1 Preamplifier

ML-2 Class A Mono Amplifier with regulated power supplies

ML-3 Stereo Power Amplifier

ML-5 modified

Studer A-80 professional tape recorder with custom electronics ML-6A Dual Mono Preamplifier

ML-7 Preamplifier

ML-7A Preamplifier

ML-8 Microphone Preamplifier ML-9 Power Amplifier

ML-10 Preamplifier ML-11 Preamplifier

ML-12 Power Amplifier

1980’s – mid 1990’s: Cello

Cello Audio Palette, world’s first no-compromise analog equalizer Cello Audio Suite

Cello Performance Mono Power Amplifier with regulated choke power supplies, 6.000 Watts @ Ohms in bridged mode.

Cello Encore preamp Cello Encore 1MΩ preamp

Cello Encore Mono Power Amplifier Cello Duet 350 amplifier

Cello Amati loudspeaker Cello Premier loudspeaker Cello Master loudspeaker

Grand Master Reference loudspeaker Cello Serafin active monitor loudspeaker Cello Legend loudspeaker

Cello Strings cables and interconnects, industry first with Litz construction, Teflon dielectric, and Swiss-made Fischer connectors.

Cello Reference Digital to Analog Converter

1990’s – mid 2000: Red Rose Music

Red Rose Music Model One Reference amplifier

Red Rose Music Model Two amplifier

Red Rose Music Model Three preamplifier Red Rose Music Model Five integrated amp Red Rose Music Passion amplifier

Red Rose Music Affirmation amplifier Red Rose Music Rosette amplifier

Red Rose Music Rosette Two phono stage Red Rose Music Spirit integrated amp

Red Rose Music Genius integrated amp with inboard USB digital-to-analog converter

Red Rose Music Revelation loudspeaker Red Rose Music R-3 loudspeaker

Red Rose Music Rosebud loudspeaker Red Rose Music Rosebud II loudspeaker

Red Rose Music Classic loudspeaker

Red Rose Music M1 Multi-Channel Power

Amplifier Red Rose Music M2 loudspeaker

Red Rose Music M-3 subwoofer

Red Rose Music Meditation loudspeaker

In 2007 Mark Created Daniel Hertz. 

Setting up the Eva System. 

When I setup the Hertz system I placed the small but hefty bookshelf sized Eva speakers in the usual position that these types of speakers do well in within my space. That means 3 feet from the back wall and 2 feet from the side walls. I toe them in slightly and sit 8 feet from the speakers. They are about 8 feet apart. In this position I get the best of all worlds. A super wide soundstage, precise yet organic imaging and just the right amount of clean tight bass for my tastes. The treble is crystal clean and clear as well. It’s quite remarkable as I have had speakers here with world class treble performance but there is something unique going on here with the Daniel Hertz system in the way the top end is reproduced.

One thing I noticed as well is that the soundstage and imaging are quite spectacular and different from what I have heard in the past. There is almost mini soundstages within the larger stage. These mini smaller sound areas will bring each instrument and sound within its own fully spaced out space! It is quite remarkable to experience, especially in a “starter” system from a high end brand. Also, let’s talk about the bass here.

These EVA speakers go down low to about 30Hz (in room) and they are as tuneful and tight as can be. They do not get bloated in the bass either, meaning the mids and highs stay clean as a whistle and very organic and rich. I recently reviewed other small speakers that had remarkable bass in the Buchardt A10’s and while the Buchardt’s go deeper and shake the floor more, the Eva speakers go almost as low but stay more composed and controlled in the midrange.

It’s quite remarkable. They do this with an unsurpassed clarity that I have not yet heard, even in speakers that cost $20k+ that I have bought and owned here in this room.

Keep in mind though that being a small speaker they will not have the outright scale of a larger speaker but what they do bring is room filling sound that is intimate, haunting and quite unique. They can also kick with the best of them. 

Sound Demo – Three Songs

This system is made for those who seek to hear their music with clarity, space and detail yet without any of digital hash, grating or sloppiness. Yes my friends, this is one refined system and it should be as it was designed together to sound just how Mark Levinson and the designers wanted it to sound. Again, it’s more than that though. Much more.

I can listen to just about any source and yet the sound stays magical. Spotify? Sure. Qobuz? Sure. Tidal? Sure. All sounds equally as wonderful. I do not need a fancy streamer either. Wether I use a Bluesound Node X or $5k streamer the sound is glorious, magical and fluid. For me, it reproduces digital music in a way I have never heard, and IMO better than the best analog I have heard as well.

I hooked up the Maria amp to other speakers I have here and I was shocked to hear it produce music in the same way! Hooked up to Alexandria Audio Monitors, Triangle 40th Anniversary Comete and even the CSS Typhons this amp sounded sublime with all of them. I still prefered the sound with the Eva speakers though and feel this was one of the most beautiful and complete sounds I have heard.

I will say that I have NEVER heard Jazz sound better than I have with the Eva system. The way the instruments sound are just about pitch perfect and they sound like real instruments in the room more so than any other small system I have heard in my lifetime. If you are a Jazz fan, stop reading now and truly look into a Daniel Hertz system NOW!

Really, it’s intoxicating the way the instruments sound and how each note is presented with beauty and realism. The instrument separation here is top class as well and when a big Sax is in the recording it sounds like a BIG SAX as the bass is just so well done here. Take al listen to Melody Gardot’s “Bad News” from her Live album. Near the end the Sax blows big and I have yet to hear a system or speaker reproduce this with the scale and heft of a real sax. This one did.

When I switch in real time to the Buchardt A10’s for the same music (Jazz) I hear a more colored midrange where some of those intimate details are lost. Of course if I never compared them side by side I would have never known but it’s there, and should be expected for the cost difference. The A10’s are warmer and thicker and even with their new Tweeter it is not as extended as the one in the Daniel Hertz System. Some may prefer the warmer thicker sound vs the more transparent sound so as always with audio, try to audition if you can.

What Daniel Hertz states is so special about this system is the Mighty Cat chip that is inside of the Maria Amp as this was designed solely from the ground up as part of this systems design. It’s what creates the sound, the power, the well, everything. It’s also what makes this setup so unique. There is something to all of this and let me tell you now from why heart that this system sounds like nothing I have heard before. In an astoundingly good way. Then there is the unique C Wave technology which Mark Levinson told me is responsible for the Magic and pleasing “Magical” Sound.


It’s a small system but sounds large and complete with nothing missing. I will say that the clarity is so refined it is not a system I would recommend for Heavy Metal or Heavy Rock. Not that it sounds bad (at all) with these Genres but for me, this system shines so well with Jazz, Chamber, Classical, Bluegrass, Vocals and even EDM.

UPDATE: After listening during an entire day to four systems I have here I have found that even metal is sounding much better than I initially thought. In fact, it’s very good. I listened to two albums in full. The new Metallica and an old rock and roll Kiss Album, Alive II. No problem and while these do not pump out big mid bass it means the sound will have impact but will be clear as can be. This allowed me to hear guitar solos in these albums as I never heard them before. Once I really settled down and enjoyed bot hot these albums front to back, I was very happy with how this system even reproduced harder rock and metal.  

This Eva system is without question the finest all in one setup I have ever heard as of August 2023 for a small room like mine which is 13X18. Daniel Hertz makes even larger systems that go all the way up to $200k for a system that can fill any space but for me, I always loved the intimacy and sound from a small two way like the Eva speakers. I always pick speaker size for the room size and these little Eva speakers have no issue here.

UPDATE: After speaking with Mark Levinson he is sending me a pair of their newer “Amber” speakers which are floor standing source point speakers. He told me these have insane drive, impact and WOW factor. I will report on those when they arrive and I hear then for a little while.

This little system comes in at around $13,500 (not sure of the USA price but should be close) but let me say this, I prefer the sound of it in most ways to a system I had here that retailed for $75,000. So no, I do not feel is not priced too high for what it delivers. AT ALL. Expensive, sure. Overpriced, NO WAY. 

I find it to be a bargain if you are the target audience for this kind of sound and price point and I know many are. Heck, I once spent $13k on a DAC alone, and now that I hear this system I feel like a fool as this entire system costs the same as that one DAC yet offers so much more than any DAC can. This is a SYSTEM not a piece of standard HiFi. 

I spoke recently in a video about how I am scaling down my system and sold off most of my gear because I am looking to scale down to something lower cost yet still retains the soul of the music.

This Eva system produces just that, the soul of the music. It’s one of those systems that can bring out the emotion in you as well. It was reaching my heart and as I listened I kept saying “what the heck is going on, why does this simple system sound so good”?

As for selling my big money system, why would I sell of gear I loved and raved about? It’s simple really.

I am blessed in life to be able to review audio gear as audio has been a passion of mine since I was 15 years old. It was then when I built my 1st system in my bedroom which was in my parents basement. I listened to that system every day and night and was sort of a loner who would rather listen to music than hang out and get in trouble. I did spend time out with friends and I did have great friends but every night I would listen to 2-3 records in full, front to back. That system was nothing special and I believe it cost me $1200 in its entirety at the time, even so I loved it and thought it was the best thing ever. I am taking 1983-1984 here.

Eventually I was able to afford better and moved up over the years and here I am almost 4o years later still building systems and listening just about every day when I am home. As for bringing in new gear,  I enjoy the process and never see anything as 100% permanent when it comes to a piece of audio gear simply because I have access to so much gear I can hear. If I can move to something I like better without losing money I go for it. Well, sometimes I lose a little but I look at it as a “rental fee”. Makes me feel better.

Going back to that reviewer thing. I get to listen to amazing gear every day and am sent new gear just about weekly to review and evaluate. I get to hear it all, the bad, the good and the very special. Over the last few years when my mind would be blown from a piece I had in for review I would find a way to buy it by selling off something else that I didn’t like as much. It started to get crazy and when I saw I had a system that was inching towards $100k in retail I knew I had to stop because of one reason.

I was not enjoying the music any more than I was when I was 15 in my basement room listening to records. I knew I was buying for the excitement, the addiction (and it is), and the “new factor”. After a few weeks I would realize that money does not buy audio happiness. I could be just as happy with much less spent in gear and more cash in my bank account. I was listening to the gear rather than the music, and that is not a habit I wanted to keep up. I found that I started to listen to the gear more so than the music, and that for me is a huge NO CAN DO.

I will say it again, spending more money will not always bring more audio enjoyment for the long term but I guess that would be different for all of us. It would depend on what YOU want.

More money spent may bring nicer looks, better design and more transparency but we do not have to spend anywhere near $20k and up to have beautiful sound reproduced from speakers. I should know as I have been hearing all price ranges for the last three years! I have heard and seen with my own eyes that there are systems that can be built for much less that sound even more musical and pleasing to my ear than some others that were triple the cost. It happens.

A Shootout! 

Since I get to hear so much, I can now slowly pick out my new system and build it without feeling buyers remorse or guilt for dipping into my life savings (which has now been replenished after selling off other gear).

Reviewing audio gear is a blessing and a curse as for someone who is truly passionate about audio AND THE GEAR. It’s a dangerous place to be in but this has now changed just as my camera gear addiction stopped many years ago when I realized all I needed was the one tool that could get the job done for what I needed.

I feel this way about the Daniel Hertz EVA system. It is now a contender (UPDATE: I bought it) for my new more modest system and would come in for 60K less than my last system yet I would enjoy the experience just as much, if not more. Yes, more. 

So no, this system is not overpriced at all for what it brings and does, at least in my eyes. Your thoughts may differ as I am not here to tell you what to buy, I am here solely to speak of my experience.

Some may ask, why choose something like this over the Buchardt A10 which is around $4k? Well, as much as I love the A10’s they are not the best solution for someone who still uses a turntable. I still listen to vinyl but I am listening less and less, and this system here is probably going to have me listen even less to those records. The reason is how this sounds with digital music. It makes even streams from Spotify sound remarkable, organic, magical and sweet. I do not need to push through high res or MQA as what this Maria amp does for even Spotify has it sounding as good or better than Tidal masters.

It’s the tech inside of this integrated and how it was designed, This is not your fathers integrated amp, as it doesn’t use the same old tech from the 60’s that most amps still use today. It’s new, it’s forward thinking and IMO the way of the future. Mark Levinson told me he is open to licensing this tech out to other manufactures so they can use it in their amps. I think some should take notice of this.

UPDATE: I am going to go for the Daniel Hertz setup (I DID). This little system has it all I love. Light weight, no heat, silent as a mouse as in ZERO noise, uses little power and teh sound is to my liking, more so than what I have had before. I see it as a win/win for me as the Maria amp is also a reference grade integrated that sounded amazing with whatever speakers I hooked up to it. 


This system came to me to review from Lone Crow Audio as they asked for my thoughts on it. Lone Crow is the only dealer in the USA for Daniel Hertz and the good news is that they are offering a 10% off discount for my readers and viewers if you choose to purchase a Daniel Hertz system. You will not find other dealers who have the Daniel Hertz systems and Lone Crow says they have just about all of these systems available and ready to listen to in their showroom in California.

If you are serious about audio but want a smaller intimate system that will provide haunting music reproduction well under $15k with speakers, amp and DAC then you must hear the Daniel Hertz EVA S50 system. I really do prefer it to the system I had here that was a $75k system and this one puts out even more quality bass (no sub needed with the Hertz setup).

The looks are classy, the design is brilliant and while it is a Class D amp, todays Class D can be remarkable and the implementation here sounds better than any Class A I have heard, and I love Class A! I recently talked about a $20k Class D Integrated from Aavik, the U150.

That integrated is no longer “the best” I have heard but one of the best for my tastes. It sits with the Maria but I have to say I enjoy the Maria more though it is a different sound. The Aavik also had a built in DAC but I didn’t use it as my external DACs were better. The Maria amp is $10k and has a DAC inside that bested all of my external DACs as well as the one in the Aavik. The sound is not as “muscular” as the Aavik but instead more like you are there with the artists and the instruments. More intimate, more ethereal and more present. The Aavik has a sense of power and finesse, the Maria has a sense of realism and inner beauty.

This is indeed the most intimate and “you are there” that I have ever heard for Jazz and instrumentation. Even some electronic music such as Aphex Twin and music with vast spatial soundscapes sounds otherworldly here.

A Case for Daniel Hertz – SYNERGY BUILT IN

One thing to keep in mind with this system is that you do not have to shop around for an amp, DAC and speakers that all mate well together. Synergy is real my friends and it is why some spend tens of thousands of dollars on a system and are disappointed. Anyone with good ears can tell you that all amps do not sound the same and not all amps will work well with all speakers. Building a system can cost us big money especially when our gear doesn’t mate well with each other. What happens then is the sound is usually just lifeless, flat, hard or is missing a good midrange, treble or even bass foundation.

I feel part of the future of high end audio is here with Daniel Hertz and I feel the future of mid tier audio is here with what Buchardt and some others are doing. I am not saying the Buchardt is Mid-Fi, as it is HiFi for sure but the Daniel Hertz brings a more refined and special sound, as it should.

I have also found no shortcuts taken with the Hertz system. Headquarters are in Switzerland and the Maria amp I have here says “Hand Made in Venice Italy” on the back. This IS the finest small system I have had the pleasure of listening to but no where near the cost of those other high end fine systems. For me, it is a win/win.


Well, not many consider $13-$14k “Affordable”, myself included. With that said, this is the baby system in the lineup and the most affordable. This is what I would call an Audiophile System, for those who favor detail, clarity and 3D imaging above all else. Some call it “The Truth” and many love this kind of sound so it should not be considered a con. This is for those who want to set up a system  and enjoy such a sound. When I say it speaks the “truth” in no way do I mean it sounds bright or etched. It does not, in any way. In fact, it’s a sound like I have not heard before and one that really touched me.

For me, I could find no cons as it offers more to me in sound and price savings than the big heavy systems that cost much more, at least to these ears. It’s also nice to look at and the feel is top tier.

I actually packed it up one day to send back, and then a couple of days later I pulled it back out and compared it side by side with the other systems. It was then I knew there was no going back. I urge anyone who is looking for a system within this price range to find a way to hear it. You have two ways to do so. Visit Lone Crow Audio in CA with a 10% off discount (mention me) or buy from Daniel Hertz as they offer a 30 day audition money back guarantee. That is awesome.


Lone Crow Audio is the official USA dealer for Daniel Hertz Audio.

As I stated above, I do/did not make a cent from this review so it’s not slanted due to me being paid for it.

It was not a “sponsored” review either. When I get in a piece of gear to review it must thrill me in all ways or I will not review it. I do not want to waste my time writing about a product that stinks.

You can visit the Lone Crow Audio website HERE.


  1. Please hurry up with the Amber review, I am very interested in these.
    At the moment I have a Hegel h390 with upgraded Magnepan LRS speakers and REL subwoofers. Would you recommend first to upgrade the speakers or the amplifier? The technical concept of the amps is fascinating, but the concept of the Amber speakers is also. Hmm

    • Not sure what you want me to review as the review is right here with written and video review up. I will be reviewing the Amber system as well but it’s taking its sweet time getting to me from Italy. Fed Ex had held it up for a while. So it may be a bit before the Amber review as they are supposed to finally arrive Friday. With that said, I have had no finer system than this Eva setup. These little speakers are a POWERHOUSE and best any other small or large speaker I have here, by a large margin. The system as a whole is made to work together and the amps can be tuned to whatever speaker you run with them just by contacting Daniel Hertz and telling them what speakers you run. They can send you a file to upload to the amp and it will then be customized to your speakers. It sounds like no other system I have had here (in a good way). Hopefully the Amber system arrives by end of week and I can get it all installed! They sent the speakers and the next level up amp. Can’t wait.

  2. Steve,

    Thank you for this quite informative review. I’m simply waiting for the next DH review with the floor standers, before I make my purchase. John, from lone wolf, was very helpful too. I’d love to see you do a comparison on powered speakers as well. You spoke highly of the A10’s, not so much with the powered Kef’s. I have heard and enjoyed the B&W formation duo’s, have heard remarkable things about Dutch & Dutch, but never side by side.

    My listening room is 13×17 with 8’ ceilings. Hardwood floors with area rug covering about 80% of the floor. Furnished with a sectional, pillows, etc. I’m about 50/50 on the Eva vs. Amber. Interesting how Eva Maria is so close to

    • Thanks. I am not a fan of the powered KEF’s so much, especially after hearing the A10. With that said, the A10 cn not get close to the Eva seekers with the Maria amp, whole other league of sound. These Hertz system is magic, sounds like nothing else I have heard. It’s complete from top to bottom, it’s simple, it’s minimal and just delivers the goods in all ways. Nothing I have here can get close and I still have some pretty expensive amps, pre amps, dacs, cables, etc. The Ambers are finally arriving to me by end of this week. They were delayed by Fed Ex due to some sort of operational issue so I have been waiting patiently. I did notice the weight from Fed Ex said 260lbs for the Amber system, and I know the amp weighs just a few lbs. The Amber speakers must be pretty hefty! I should have it all Friday. The Eva system is superb though in my 13X18 space and I want for nothing when it comes to bass or body. If the Ambers are quite a step up from the Eva’s (and Mark told me they were) I will be in audio heaven for a while, until I have to send them back. It will be like nothing I have ever heard. But to be clear, I have never heard any powered speaker that can get close to the Maria/Eva system.

  3. Steve,

    Thank you for this quite informative review. I’m simply waiting for the next DH review with the Amber, before I make my purchase. John, from lone wolf, was very helpful too. I’d love to see you do a comparison on powered speakers as well. You spoke highly of the A10’s, not so much with the powered Kef’s. I have heard and enjoyed the B&W formation duo’s, have heard remarkable things about Dutch & Dutch, but never side by side comparisons.

    My listening room is 13×17 with 8’ ceilings. Hardwood floors with area rug covering about 80% of the floor. Furnished with a sectional, pillows, etc. I’m about 50/50 on the Eva vs. Amber. Interesting how Eva Maria is so close to Ave Maria. Either way, it’s the simplicity as well as the quality that has me so deeply interested.

  4. I’m freaking out, I have a more than 30K$ system, and just get married, so We are trying to save without scarifying soul and music, so thinking in sell my Acoustic Plan Mantra and Digimaster DAC, Node and Yonna from Meyer Tonapparate speakers, is a killer system, but We are moving every year due to work and a system like this, would tick all the boxes for us. Only a phono stage (which I have) and done.

    Would fill a 25-30 sqm with ease?

    Thanks as usual Steve!

    BTW: just get a M9 Mono, such a pleasure get rid off the GAS and new tech!

    • Hey Bruno, well that would be up to you! All I can say is that I enjoy this more than my old system with a $75k retail price tag. In fact, I have been auditioning a ton trying to find anything else that gets close, and for me it does not. That doesn’t mean everyone will feel the same but after 35+ years of audio, I have never heard anything so pure and musical yet extremely detailed and magical at the same time. The EVA speakers are remarkable and better than I even thought when writing the review. I will do an update this winter on the Hertz system but can say without hesitation or doubt that this is a keeper for me. I know this as nothing I am hearing gets close to this sound. I would never realize this without comparisons. Even low volume is amazing and sounds just like mid or loud volume. The fact that it’s lightweight, puts out almost no heat at all, is dead silent, and provides bass down to under 30hz with the small Eva speakers (tight and tuneful yet also has body) is remarkable. The future is here (and has been) but no one seems to be talking about this brand or the systems. Mark blames it on the HiFi Mafia, lol but maybe he is on to something. I can see why dealers would find it not in their interest to sell these. No accessory sales, no big profits. It’s a pricey system but I would venture to guess many have much more in their systems than they realize. I still have a closet full of big heavy amps, preamps, speakers, etc but they will be packed away for good (or sold soon). I sold off a ton of gear when I decided to buy the Hertz, and have no regrets.

      • Well that’s absolutely amazing and happy for You. Just wanna go and end there, like You have been thru the valley of bigger and expensive better. Now I find myself with 2 pair of speakers from Meyer Tonapparate(+30k€), 2 integrated from Mastersound and Acoustic Plan (+20k€), DACs, cables…

        Funny thing, wife is a teacher and We are moving every year on September, here in South Spain We reach sometimes 45-50º celcius, so is a REAL PITA been transporting such stupid amount of Kg and Cash (not even counting the Bergmann Magne or Feickert TT).

        To the point: I want and need this, only concern was headroom and bass, but I can always add a sub or upgrade to the bigger speakers, not that I need that bass but when You mix Pure class A tubes with a big speakers in a 30sqm room U miss some impact…

        Anyways, future is here, and I suspect we will be living into 20-25sqm living rooms so more than enough this system.

        I know is not tube or hybrid design, but I just need it to be magical, inviting, just get home press play and musical enjoyment, wanna be proud of my treasured equipment, I work from home so spend 9-10 hours there listening mostly to Jazz (trunpets, guitar and vocal), Bossa Nova, Folk, Soul, Funk, and some classic rock and blues, lately classical.

        Already got an appointment in Venice with Daniel Hertz people for 12th October (our first day of honey moon, Italy-Swiss).

        Let’s see how it works.

        Thanks again dear Steve! I cannot wait to get rid off everything, fresh start, put some money into bank and make even happier to wife LoL.

    • There has not been one DAC, regardless of price, that has sounded better than the one in the Maria to these ears. It’s phenomenal. Mark Levinson told me there really is no DAC at all in the Maria as everything is part of his Mighty Cat chip, so it’s his chip that is doing all of this. I will say that I am more impressed with the DAC/Sound inside of the Maria than I was with the $14k Chord DAVE (that DAC costs more than this entire system), and I loved the DAVE. The Maria delivers an amazing experience with the Eva speakers (the Amber speakers are on the way for me to review). I have many systems here hanging around to listen to, and I didn’t even need to buy a system as long term review units are always here in speakers, amps, preamps, dacs, etc. Once I heard the system and lived with it for a while I knew it had to stay, so I bought the review unit from John at Lone Crow. Honestly, for me it delivers music in a way I have not heard in other systems, regardless of cost. There is absolutely zero sheen, haze, digital hash, harshness, grit or anything over the music. The clarity and sense of power is astonishing yet it delivers a full big sound, bass and all, that creates a full and fluid yet detailed soundstage with gorgeous imaging. Vocals have heft and clarity, instruments from guitar to piano sound right and like real instruments instead of recordings of instruments. This system is also unique because of how it is made. Perspex, light weight, no remote (thought I would miss it, but do not), no heat, no noise, and it is like nothing else sold today. I thought I have previously heard systems that had all of this but once I heard the Maria and Eva it clearly showed its superiority over the others I have had, even the big money systems. That is not hype as I have no reason or motivation to hype. I make not a cent from these audio reviews. No commissions, no paid reviews, no ads sold, etc. Plus, I sold all of my big dollar stuff and bought this review unit as it allowed me to get this amazing sound while spending so much less. I’m not a wealthy guy by any stretch of the imagination and most have a hard time believing I earn less than $30k per year in my life (This is by choice, by design as I prioritize happiness/harmony vs money) but I do and my wife stays home and doesn’t have to work. We are comfortable as can be due to the fact I saved most of my life and have no large debt. When I buy gear I have done so from my savings. I was able to replenish my savings from the last two years of buying and yet I still own the best system I have heard, for my tastes. A Win Win. This system will save me some big money going forward as well. No more GAS. : ) This is a system one can acquire and skip the Buy, Sell, Buy, Sell game. Of course, I ALWAYS say you must hear it before you buy it. Do not take my word for it, listen to it if you can. The Daniel Hertz website does offer 30 days in home trial. Lone Crow has them on display for audition as well in CA. Lone Crow is the only dealer in the USA of Daniel Hertz. Mark told me most dealers do not want to carry his stuff because they lose money. How so? They can’t sell cables, dacs, preamps, etc as they are not needed with this system. Heck, you can even stream to the Maria without a streamer as it has WiFi for Airplay. Since dealers make most of their profits on cables and accessories where the profit margin is greater it is not in their interest to carry Daniel Hertz. Anyway, I love it.

  5. This looks like a great system. Have you tried the headphone output? Finally do you know what the headphone output specs are, for they are nowhere to be found on their website?

  6. Class D is the future (although I cannot talk usefully about semi-conductors and chip-sets). Light, no heat(so can be compact without heavy heatsinking), quiet, efficient. I chuckled at how you describe a $13.5k system as “modest”. Your ears, your money, and clearly it represents value to you. It would have to sound way better than anything I have ever owned. Your review and enthusiasm suggest that it absolutely does. You have invested time and/or money in many alternatives. A side-by-side comparison in your own listening room is invaluable. There does not appear to be any UK outlet available, which surprises me as Switzerland/Italy is relatively close.

    • Thanks. As I say here clearly, $13,500 retail is very expensive. I came from a $75k retail priced system (though I did not pay that much, not even close). This bested that system, so in my eyes it is a deal for what it is. I haven’t heard anything like it before. I love the sound and simplicity and future proof design (can be tuned to any speaker, can use an app to make “master” quality from any file, etc. I managed to get a decent price because I bought the review unit, which was an older store demo. So it worked out. I needed to put some money back into my savings, and this system helped me do that. I was going to go for a $6800 retail system but this one was so far and above it I knew I would regret it. Expensive, very. Worth it? For me, yes. For some others maybe not. The funny thing is, I am not rich in any way, shape or form. In fact, my yearly income is close to the US poverty level. We survive comfortably because we just about have no bills or debt and I saved for the last 25 years. We also do not buy jewelry, fancy clothing, fancy trips, etc. But my guess is I make much less than you do : ) I now own the Hertz Eva system and have zero buyers remorse. Thank you for reading/watching and commenting!

  7. Fascinating. Perspex case for the Maria 50 amplifier reminded me of something…came to me eventually. NVA HiFi, in the usual English manner, is made by a bloke in the shed type of set-up. NVA is decades old, and has been refreshed after the passing of the founder. There is nothing new about non-metallic cases….Made to order. Acrylic case. Internal wiring is glued in place. Simple topography with a few quality parts. Never heard any of the NVA kit but reports are positive. NVA talk about a natural, organic sound. You have to use NVA specified speaker cable. NVA have recently introduced an integrated amp in 3 models, ranging from £2500 to £4500. Might just have me a look see…

    • What makes the sound analog like (much better than analog IMO) with the Hertz is the C Wave tech and the Mighty Cat chip. What C wave does is pretty cool, and no matter the source (cheap streamer with Spotify or fancy streamer with Tidal masters) the sound is just pure magic. I bought the demo and I prefer it to the $75k retail system I had before it. For $60k+ less. No fancy cables, DACs needed. No sub needed either! The construction is classy and the Perspex is different but keeps it all light. I never heard of NVA HiFi but will check it out. Thanks.

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