The above image was submitted by Robert Plotkin, publisher of “The Coastal Traveler”

INSPIRATION: stimulation or arousal of the mind, feelings, etc., to special or unusual activity or creativity.

When I moved my site over to a blog format I started posting some of my images as “Pic of the Day” but then I decided “Hey, why not start taking image submissions from readers of the site”? I LOVE seeing the work of others as it helps to inspire ME and I also learn from it. This website is NOT all about me, but rather I want it to be about you as well. I want readers to come here, learn about new cameras and lenses as well as to be inspired. This can help to push us and make us better.

So now after a few months I receive new submissions on a daily basis from readers of this site from all over the world and I love it! Every day a new image from a reader to help inspire us all to get out there and shoot!

If you want to submit an image to me you can e-mail it directly to me. But first, read the rules below. Also, if you have a portfolio website I will feature the URL if you like. (zenfolio, pbase, smugmug, own website) – so you will get some promotion out of the deal 🙂 It also helps and makes for an interesting post if you tell me a little about the image you are sending. Maybe a story about how or why you took it, the camera you used, etc.

So get your images ready and follow the rules below!

BTW, this is not a contest! Your photos do not have to be amazing. I am all about having fun with photography. The only requirement for this is that you have a passion for shooting! With that said, I am not going to post a picture you took of your foot or something 🙂 If your image is picked for DAILY INSPIRATION, it will be posted on the main blog for all to see.


  • Send only three images at a time. Maximum is three per month. Each submission has to consist of three images, no more, no less.
  • Images must be JPEG and sized at least 700 pixels wide, maximum 1500 wide. If you send a larger than 1500 the images will not be accepted, keep file sizes under 1mb-1.5MB per image if at all possible.
  • Image can be taken with ANY camera make or model. Film or digital.
  • Keep it tasteful. Tasteful nudes are fine. Nothing explicit or lude.
  • When images are sent, please include your name and details. What camera? Lens? Exif info? Full credit will be given to YOU.
  • Submit a URL to your portfolio if you have one, but no commercial sites.
  • You will have all rights and ownership to your image. I will simply be posting it here for all to enjoy and be inspired by!
  • You will receive no compensation, no prizes or anything tangible. Just a link to your gallery/portfolio if you have one.
  • The image will remain in the blog archives forever providing you exposure every time the image and your link is viewed! Once you submit and images are posted, the page CAN NOT be removed in the future. It will be there forever so be sure you want them up as I will not be able to remove the post later on. 
  • WHEN COMMENTING ON IMAGES BE KIND, THOUGHTFUL, and if you want to criticize do so in a helpful way. No rude remarks will be tolerated.

So there you go! I hope to feature a new image a day where readers can comment, critique and enjoy the work of others. Should be fun! So get your images together and send them my way. I will choose the images to be featured so send me your favorites! Again, ANY camera, ANY lens, film or digital!


If one of your images is chosen to be featured I will let you know before the post goes up! Also as I have already mentioned it would be cool if your image had a title and if you have a story behind it, that would be great as well. Thanks for the inspiration!