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Many of you guys know that in the almost 8 year history of this website that I never asked for donations or money. Well, one time I did 6 years ago when I had a major personal issue and thanks to many of you, through donations that lasted just 3 days, I was able to kick-start this site in to what it is today. I went from having $11 in my bank account back then (after a divorce) to having enough to pay my month worth of bills and to pay the hosting on this site for 6 months. THAT is what got me through it all, knowing that there were so many of you out there that liked what I was doing with this website to kick in and help me out when I was at my lowest point. So to those who were around back them and helped me out over those three days, I thank you.

After that dark period things were awesome, and I never placed a donation link up because I did not feel the need, and I am in no way  a selfish guy. I hate to ever ask for anything. I hate it. Unless I am in desperation and in a “live or die” situation, I am not a fan of asking for hand outs. But today, in 2014 I made the decision to start accepting donations from readers who enjoy what is written on these pages. To those who have gained knowledge from my words or those who even maybe made a profit selling in my buy and sell forum here. To those who maybe read a review that I spent countless hours on and found it informational enough to go out and purchase the camera or lens. To those who just love photography and love keeping a site like this 100% free.

The truth is that this site has thousands of articles, all 100% free. This site also takes up 60 hours or more of my time every week. It is also a very valuable and loaded with so much information and reviews and inspiration and again, 100% free. While free to you, it costs me a ton of money every month to keep going, and I will ALWAYS keep it going as this site will one day be a HUGE resource, much bigger than it is now, for future generations of photo passionate people.

So I spend money, spend loads of time and spend my life creating this website so that all of you can benefit as well. I love it, and will never stop until the day I die.

I have also had over 700 e-mails in the past few years from those of you asking me to put a donate button up on this site. I mean, if you guys WANT to give me money to help this site keep growing and going, then why would I refuse? Lol.

So to those of you who enjoy it, use it, visit here and have gotten something out of this site here and WANT to donate to help out, you now can do so. Any amount you desire will work. $5 , $10 or whatever you choose.

So if you want to help out, feel free to do so by clicking the link to donate via paypal  HERE. Any funds that come in will always go to the site and helping it thrive and grow and continue on! I THANK YOU IN ADVANCE with all of my heart. 






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