HiFi Garage Sale – Deals on my lightly used HiFi Gear! 

Welcome! This page will house gear I have for sale when I have it available to sell. Sometimes I buy gear and after a while I sell it as new gear is always coming in. I try to do this to bring you reviews while taking a small minimal loss. It’s a win win for all of us. It helps me and my curiosity and it also helps you! Just because I sell a piece of gear doesn’t mean I no longer enjoy it. In fact, I often sell some of my fave pieces as I simply can not afford to keep everything. You can benefit from my craziness by getting deals on slightly used gear.


Selling my Billie MKII. This little map hooked me onto really fantastic Class D sound so of course I had to go further. I ended up buying an Aavik U-150 which cost me quite a bit. I must sell this to try and recoup some of the $$$.

This is in perfect condition, as new in box. Comes with two sets of tubes (gold pin and standard) as well as 3 sets of knobs (two wood, one marble). This is a beautiful amp for the $2k it sells for.

Get this one for $1,500 shipped within the USA with the extras. Paypal friends and family only. Email me if interested.

FOR SALE: DCS Lina DAC, MINT in original box and packaging. Retails for $12,500 and I found it to be the best DAC I have tried. I am redoing most of my room and going in a new direction. I will sell this for $7500 shipped within the USA. Paypal friends and family, Wire transfer or Local Pickup in Effingham Illinois. 
Email me if Interested.