oldsiteIn Febuary 2009 I started stevehuffphotos.com and it has grown to be more than I  ever imagined. It is now “my baby” and I work on this site every single day of the week. In November of 2009 I moved over to a new web host AND new design which is what you see here. I hope that this new design is faster and easier for you to navigate. The old site has many of my reviews on it and instead of moving them all over to this site (which would have taken about 4 hours per review) I decided to leave the old site up as sort of an “archive” of my past reviews.

So, you can get to those reviews just by visiting the sections here on this site in the nav bar above. The “Leica” “Nikon”, “Canon” and “Other” pages will all have links to the old site reviews as well as all of the new ones on this site.

So you can still go to stevehuffphotos.com but it will no longer be updated as  this is my new site at stevehuffphoto.com! If you enjoy this site, bookmark it and check back as I will be adding to it almost daily now that it has some organization! Also, you can subscribe to my feed using the button on the right sidebar.

Thanks for checking out the site(s) and always check back HERE for the newest updates!