Presented here is a collection of of my favorite images from the 2010 Seal European tour. I spent one week on the road with the tour, had the time of my life AND came away with some fantastic images. Some will be available as limited edition prints at my new PRINTS page coming VERY soon. Enjoy!


Pecs Hungary 2010 – Seal holding a rose given to him by a fan. (Print Available)

Pecs Hungary – “Connection” – Seal reaching down to the crowd (Print Available)

Pecs, Hungary 2010 – “Wave” – The crowd waves back and forth to the music…

Pecs, Hungary 2010 – “Face in the crowd” – One of my favorite images as it t ells a story. (Print Available)

Pecs, Hungary 2010 – “Seal”

Pecs, Hungary 2010 – “Reach” (Print Available)

Zadar, Croatia – July 14th 2010

“Spirit”  (Print Available)

“Jam” – Seal and Gus rocking out

I always like getting crowd reaction shots as I feel they are also a huge part of any show.

“Love’s Divine” – This couple started to slow dance during Love’s Divine. I saw the love, and snapped.

The horn section has great fun every night

Marcus Brown on Bass

Lucca, Italy – July 16th 2010

“Passion” – (Print Available)

“Giving It All” – Print Available

Mantova, Italy – July 17th 2010

“Energy” – (Print Available)

“Love” – (Print Available)

“As One” – (Print Available)

“A Perfect Night” – (Print Available)


“Soul” (Print Available)

“The Bassman Cometh”

“SING!” (print available)



  1. The picture titled just “Seal” in which he is out of focus– That is an absolutely amazing photo. I brushed by it at first, but the more I stare at it the more I notice and the more I love it.

    That perspective is perfect. Seal looks larger than life. He looks like he (and his mic, which actually sort of resembled a power line pole on first glance) is a giant stampeding through the city while all of the little people below stand in awe watching.

    I could probably go on for chapters about that picture, but I’ll spare you and instead just say: Great photo 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the photos and will order some of the ones I love best…………………………………………………..

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