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If you are looking for photo gear, video gear, big screen TV’s, telescopes, Apple computers, or just about anything electronic that is “cool” I can not say enough good things about B&H Photo. I took a tour of their massive store in New York and was amazed at the size, the stock on hand, and the way they run the business. They truly care for their customers and I am happy to have them as a sponsor of the site. I have been buying from them for 14 years and have never once had an issue or problem. That is simply amazing. They also have a GREAT return policy with no restock fees or BS. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! These guys are the best in the buisness. The links…



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Me during a visit to B&H Photo. I am next to the monster Canon 1200MM lens. It’s only $120,000 AND YES, you can buy it!

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Amazon is another shop I use quite often, especially for gear that B&H does not sell. Books, CD’s, the occasional camera or lens. Amazon has always delivered for me and I have never encountered any kind of problem or issues. They are fast with shipping, and also have a great return policy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! For example, if you buy movies, books, CD’s or anything from Amazon and you use my link below or in the sidebar to the right then I get a tiny credit for any item you buy! This helps me tremendously with the site and its growth!


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