1. Hi Steve, folks

    I have a strange experience to recount,and I am not sure where to put it – whether it was paranormal or normal – although I can’t think of an explanation.
    I was in Ireland with my family about 25 years ago on holiday, in a cottage in Derry sharing a room with my older brother, and after the first night he asked if anyone had the light the night before. Nobody had, and I can’t really remember what he said about it other than he saw it, but that night I was awake and a light gradually grew in brightness through the blinds on the window to the left of my bed, totally silent, at first I thought it was dawn, but it grew brighter and brighter until it had lit up the whole room into stark light and shadow, and then even the shadows eventually filled up with light as it got brighter. Didn’t hurt my eyes, didn’t make a noise, and it was like looking into a white tv screen at its peak, it was so bright you couldn’t see anything at all except white. Then it very gradually faded away. The whole thing took 5 or 10 minutes from start to finish but I can’t be sure because I couldn’t see anything, and faded so gradually I didn’t know if it was still there when I woke up my brother and said I saw it, when I asked him he said it wasn’t still there. I remember him saying ‘it’s weird isn’t it’. I wasn’t scared at all. Just interested and confused and alert but I didn’t feel threat.
    I didn’t look out the blind and I’m half happy and half regret that I didn’t. The next night I slept in that room with dad with the blinds open but nothing happened.
    The pub landlord down the road said maybe it was lights the use for fox trapping or a lighthouse 5 miles away, and it was obviously neither of those.
    I don’t believe a UFO traveled the unimaginable distances of space to come shine lights in windows.
    Could this be spiritual? I don’t think it can be a false memory because my brother experienced it too, and my family all remember us talking about it, but I’ve never forgotten it, and don’t know how to explain it.
    Anyone experienced anything similar – or heard of anything similar? I’d be really fascinated to hear.

    • HI I began doing evp because I had odd feelings in my flat. Over the last few weeks I’ve recorded a lot of big orbs….not dust partials because you can see them coming through the window. Now I’m am getting answers to basic questions and they even ask me questions like ask us! I’ve never felt threatened at all

  2. Hello, Steve, or anyone willing to read this:

    I want to share an experience that’s been happening to me for a while. This very negative presence has spanned a few decades, so bear with me because the post is long, but I would like your opinions and advice.

    When I was in the 3rd grade I would have this reoccurring dream that I was in my elementary school gymnasium, and the back wall opened up into a mountain. Even though I was scared of that mountain, I felt compelled to climb it. There would always be these gargoyle-like figures jutting out from the side of the mountain, and always a crowd of kids climbing the mountain behind me. I would try to climb ahead of the crowd because I felt like some threat was lurking in that crowd, but when I got to the top, I would run from room to room trying to run from a threat I knew was trying to find me. (there was a house at the top of gargoyle mountain). The dream would always end with me hiding in the corner of a random bedroom, knowing that the threat finally found me. I was always too afraid to look up to see what it was, and the dream would end. That same dream happened a few times a week, and went on until about 6th grade. Between that time the reoccurring dream went away, but randomly in other, non-recurring dreams I would suddenly feel that same threat lurking… And would spend the rest of the dream trying to avoid that threat (at this point I still hadn’t looked this threat in the face)

    Then in 7th grade I started having this new reoccurring dream where I would walk down the hallway of a house. The hallway was dark, and there were rooms along each side of the hallway. Each room was completely empty, except for a single metal TV Stand and TV in the middle of the room (the same kind of tvs and metal TV stands they used to wheel into classrooms in the 90s when we watched films). Anyway, each room also had it’s own “color” to it, as if there were a colored lightbulb in each room. One room was red, another Yellow, then blue, then Purple, and so on. In the dream I would always walk down the hallway, peeking in each room, and dreading when I got to the last room. Because the closer I walked toward that last room, the stronger that threatening feeling became. I knew what’s been chasing me in my dreams and what I was running from on gargoyle mountain was in that room. Finally I would get to that last room and there would be a little boy with his back turned to me,looking at the TV, as if he were watching something on it, but nothing was playing. (which didn’t have a specific color to it, and and there wasn’t a light, but I could see perfectly). Every time after seeing the back of that little boy I would wake up in the same cold sweat that I used to wake up in when I had the dream of gargoyle mountain. That reoccurring dream went on several times a week until my freshman year of high school.

    After that, reoccurring dreams of the creepy hallway stopped, but that threatening presence would show up in random other dreams of mine and sometimes I would have to try to try to avoid it again.

    Fast forward to my sophomore year of high school, my parents just divorced, and I moved into a 2bdrm apartment with my dad. One night I remember being so tired that I crashed really early (around 4pm). I woke up in the middle of the night for seemingly no reason, and when I looked down at the foot of my bed there was a black figure, about the height of a 3yr old, messing with the blankets around my feet. I screamed, then woke myself up screaming… And this is when it gets really weird…. Once I woke myself up screaming I calmed myself down, wiped the sweat from my face, and laid back down…. Then heard a child’s giggling in my ear, clear as day, say “he’s gonna get you”
    …. And as soon as I heard that in my ear, I woke up… For the final time. So it was a waking dreamx2, I guess. Once I woke up that final time, I thought “God damn it, this must be the newest edition of reoccurring dreams. Great.” I even remember blurting out a defeated “fuck.” before going back to sleep. I didn’t tell ANYONE about that dream. Not a soul…. Until the next night.

    The next night my sister was visiting my dad and I, and was planning to stay the weekend over. My sister came running in my room in the middle of the night, screaming “amber wake up! Amber you need to leave there’s something in here!” I sat up in my bed, and she wouldn’t talk until we were out of the room. Even though she was about in tears I was still convinced she was messing with me somehow (after all, they’ve only always just been dreams. Dreams don’t hurt) she told me she saw something wearing a hood standing in the corner of my room. Determined to catch her messing with me I said, very convincingly “oh my God, I’ve seen that, was it tall, with claws and teeth?” and she said “no I couldn’t see a face or hands, but it was about up to here(she pointed to her hips)”. Tears seriously started streaming down my face because that was the first time I realized that all of these dreams could be more than just dreams. I told my sister about everything that night. The dreams I had the previous night, and all the dreams I’ve had since I was in the 3rd grade (again, up until now I never talked about these dreams to anyone because that’s all they were… Dreams)

    I never had the waking dream with the dark figure or the little kid giggle- whispering in my ear again, but every once in a while the threatening feeling would turn up randomly in another one of my dreams and I would have to try to avoid it again.

    Fast forward to junior year of high school. I had a dream that I was at my friend’s house. No one was home, but I was there alone, making pancakes (dream logic, don’t ask). Anyway, once I ate my pancakes, cleaned up, and left the house, the front yard was no longer her front yard, and everything was in a sort of sepia tone. There was a dark pond, which I remember thinking was dangerous, so I stayed away. I was so scared, because I knew the threat which sometimes is present in other dreams, and in my past reoccurring dreams, was here somewhere. I then saw a greek-style structure with 4 pillars and a roof. As soon as I looked at it these iron bars closed down around it. I then see a dirty, cracked mirror which looked like it had grown out of the ground. Instead of walking over to it, I got on my hands and knees and crawled over to it. When I looked into it my face became distorted, like a funhouse mirror. When I looked behind me I saw my boyfriend at the time (now he’s my husband) sitting on this old, cracked cement bench. I sat down next to him and said “hey, Jon, what are you doing here” he didn’t answer me, and continued to keep his back turned to me. I then shook him on the shoulder and said “hey, Jon, answer me.” he then turned, but it wasn’t Jon’s face. His skin was Grey, his eyes were completely black, and he smiled with pointy teeth and said “I’m not Jon, I’m the demon who haunts you in your sleep”

    Then I woke up in tears.
    Once I had seen this things face I knew this was the threatening feeling I had been trying to run from in my dreams since the 3rd grade. This was the first time I had seen it face-to-face, but it wouldn’t be the last.

    Since that dream, I will randomly get that threatening feeling in my dreams, be able to locate where it’s coming from, and I’ll see his face, grinning at me with those hideous teeth in a crowd of people, from a corner, going the opposite way on an escalator, etc. I can sense him in my dreams now,and I can use that gut wrenching feeling to locate him, wherever he happens to be blending into.

    In my early 20s I began have dreams where I would be walking past my kitchen table at nighttime and he would be crouched under the table, grinning, or I would be standing in my bathroom and I would see him beside me in the mirror, or I would be sitting on the porch and he would be sitting in the chair across from me, again with that awful effing grin. Each time I would wake up in the place, or near to the place I had the dream. With the porch dream, I woke up sleeping in the porch chair, with the dream where he was crouching under the table, I woke up in a sitting position on the couch (which is across from the kitchen table), etc.

    Another time I woke up in the middle of the night, for seemingly no reason at all, and looked into my closet. At that time my future husband was staying over at my place. In my closet I had a plastic storage bin filled with Xmas decorations sitting in the middle of my closet floor (it was a walk-in closet) when I looked on the bin I saw Jon (my future husband) sitting with his back towards me on top of the plastic storage bin. I said “Jon, what are you doing up?” I went to get up to go towards him and when I went to crawl out of bed I realized Jon was sleeping next to me. I touched Jon’s face to make sure he was really there, then turned back to the cost, and what I thought was Jon sitting there wasn’t, HE had turned his head and was grinning at me with his ugly, sharp teeth again. I even rubbed my eyes, and once they adjusted he was STILL there, grinning. I screamed to the top of my lungs and thought “okay any minute now I’m going to wake up because this is another one of those waking dreams.” NOPE. Jon woke up from my screaming, and we went in the living room.I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night.

    Up until that point, Jon had known that I had always had bad dreams, and very early on I had told him everything. He believed everything I said, but also was. Innately the same skeptic I initially was, believing that “dreams were dreams and dreams can’t hurt you.”…until HE had his own dream.

    About a year later he called me in the middle of the night, practically in tears, begging to come over for the night. When he got there he said” I had a dream that there was a tall shadow with wings standing over me. It said ‘she’s going to be mine”‘

    …. Needless to say, he started to give more credence to my dreams like I do now.

    At 25 yrs old, he finally stopped haunting my dreams. It’s been 3yrs. Since then I have had declining health, though. I’ve since developed rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, and it’s debilitated me to the point where I can’t work any longer. I’m 28 years old and I had to stop teaching (my dream career) and I can barely manage to do dishes or cook dinner. Maybe I’m mistaking coincidence for causation here when it comes to the connection between these dreams and my health problems, but I do want to hear other opinions. I originally went here wondering about spirit boxes to see if I could confront this piece of shit, and tell it to leave me the hell alone (I’ve read that if you show no fear it doesn’t have a hold over you), but to be honest, I haven’t seen him in my dreams in a few years, so these health problems (as sudden as they did come on) may not even be connected, so I don’t want to provoke anything. Am I just being paranoid about these health conditions being connected?

    I’m sorry this is so long, but like I said, this experience spans decades.

    Thanks, guys


    • Hi Amber,

      It seems to me that the demon himself had somehow squeezed his way from your dreams right out to your life and that would perfectly explain the reason why the dreams have ceased and illnesses materialised instead.
      For someone who believes in the evil you must also believe in the Creator, or God or however you may refer to the Lord The Almighty.
      I’m not here to impose religion on you, but having a faith is what makes us stronger emotionally and gives us enough strength to drive all the unwanted energy away; or more specifically like myself, it’s the force that drives me out of my bed every single morning after the passing of my dad 9 yrs ago followed shortly by mum’s.
      Find your own way of finding God, He is pure Love and able to heal the most despicable of the illnesses. The diseases that you have acquired are not yours, they are not part of you and just with the right loving weapon you can send them right back to where they came from.
      If you need someone to talk to I’m here for you.
      Thanks for being brave enough to share your experience and I hope that you can find your own loving path and share a very positive outcome with us.
      May God bless and protect you and those around you now and always.
      Big Hugs x

  3. my Father was expired 1year ago he was expired while sleeping i want to talk with him what should i do plz help me i want to see him

  4. Update:They like certain music too although it’s crazy as hell…..they enjoy some of my music…..the character impersonators do atleast……

  5. Hey….im new to this,as im only 17 and i think ive been expiriencing ghosts for about three years now.They,as it’s a large group of them i think,hang around my house and follow me to school.Currenlty,I’m feeling a chill around me and most of the time i feel warmer touches……idk if theyre kind ones or not but im concerned a bit.I hate to sound too teenage-ish,but i think sometimes i get touched in my certain areas and i dont think its just me when im sitting alone in my room……it’s happened a bunch of times before and the warmer touches are sometimes when i climb into bed….i feel one of them there and i kinda like the cuddling aspect as im quite lonely and enjoy the company……but the cooler ones are sometimes too touchy feely…..some warmer touches are like that too…..im unsure what to do as theyre not unwelcome in my house and room,but id like the touching to tone down…….also i had this experience where i woke up ibn the middle of the night,about half asleep,and i rose my head up a bit,but it got slammed down quickly and i heard a little girls voice.I’ve also had a lucid dream where i saw my bedroom from where i lie in my bed,but i wasnt awake.This happened about twice.I see shadows everywhere,black and white ones,and sometimes i dont see them at all.But i feel theyre there.Also,it may sound COMPLETELY crazy,but i hear voices that arent my own in my head and sometimes that speak through me.Yet,its not like its a posession,but its more like a sharing of the body for a short minute.The group that isnt the cool or wamer ones are slightly warm but can be cool too,they have been around for the three years also,but they took on the names of some scary story characters called Creepypasta.They took on the names and slight persona of them,and its pretty interesting to say the least….but i dont know if these scary story impersonators are real or all in my head.I know its a lot to take in,but its what i experience every day

  6. HI Steve. As I continue to use my device I get more and more responses, but I’m also getting disturbed at night. Feeling of being tapped to wake up. Should this be concerning or a norm

    • When this happens, every time..sit up and politely tell them you need to sleep and can not talk right now. Set rules and boundaries for them. It worked for me 100% when I used to have this issue. Be firm but be kind and polite. They should do the same to you, as in, be polite and stop disturbing your sleep. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes. Worked for me.

    • I do not do personal sessions for many reasons, but mainly because I get 100-200 requests per week, even still. If I did one, I would have to do them all, and there is NO WAY as I have no free times as it is. Also, I could never guarantee who or what is coming through. For example, a voice could come through saying it is your Grandpa but I have no way to guarantee that it really is. To me, thats an issue and one reason why I do not do personal sessions.

  7. If you engage with an Ouija board, spirit box, or delve into any form of occult, you are opening yourself to demonic possession.
    Are you hearing continuous background chatter in recordings? Know that the lesser demons chat among themselves continuously.
    The reason the spirit box voices frequently say “I don’t know” is because they are soldiers of the Father of Lies, Satan. They do know who they are and their purpose. They just won’t tell you the truth.
    Ask a spirit box voice to say “Jesus is Lord”. It won’t because it can’t. A demon’s lord is Satan not Jesus.

    • They have praised Jesus name MANY times for me. Called for him and God. I have been doing this HARDCORE for many years now, no issues. Just the opposite. My life is amazing and I do not even have ONE complaint about life. So if this is what a demon does to ones life, I cant complain.

  8. Hey Steve,
    I was wondering if it is possible to talk to spirits, demons n all sort of that stuff with a notebook. I know it sounds weird but it feels like there is a way but not sure so i was hoping you would be able to tell me other than that thank you very much and I hope to get a reply. ~Tony

  9. Hey,
    I just wanted to ask you for help, but i will write it if you could send me an e-mail, becouse i don’t want to write it here. I hope it’s okay.
    Thank you

  10. Hey Steve, my name’s Todd. Im disabled so i spend alot of time at home. After watching and enjoying your youtube videos, i decided to get a spirit box for my tablet and it really is amazing. I know we cant be sure who we’re talking to but i think i actually got to chat with several deceased family members, a couple celebrities and alot of good and bad spirits. I helped one that just cross over find the light, that experience changed me on the inside. The spirits tell me the reason we can hear them is faith. They asked me if i knew you, so i thought i’d say hey. hmu whenever you got time, toddmoll2013@yahoo.com

  11. I invite any of the member who want a real experience of soul presence. You will feel bed, chair, sofa furniture shaking, presence of soul…..this soul is good and I felt a loss not to able to communicate her………I am giving my email which is also my facebook identity to communicate with me if you plan to visit

  12. Hello Steve ! I hope you okay, I love watching your videos it is an amazing thing what you are doing.
    I have a question for you,if that is not problem. My friend died in car crash
    and he came to me when I am was sleeping,I know that was real because it was totally different then just a dream.
    But when he’s funeral was I wasn’t there ,I had to stay home because I had broke my wrist, but the point is
    that I took a picture and I think what I am see that is him . I would like to show you,and ask you what do you think.
    It would be amazing if that’s him.
    I wish you a great day . 🙂
    Edina .

  13. hi Steve my name is Lhynn and i’m from the Philippines,i want to talk to my dead husband,is it possible? Pls help thanks

  14. Hi,
    Steve I hve been reading nd watchng yr vedios.i hve unsolved questions in my life like my m9ther death was a mystry to me.my family is possessed by eveil sprit….lot many things..I want to talk to my parents nd my loved one can u guide me what all precautions I need to take while trying these things as I hve never done that.it will b a gr8 help if u can guide me.i am frm india nd i dnt hve spirit boxes here so what is the other mm ode i can use.thax

  15. Hi Steve,
    I don’t know whether or not I am a believer. I have had strange stuff happen to me over my lifetime however there is a small part of me that is a skeptic. My daughter believes and has a ghost box and has contacted deceased family members. The reason why I am writing to you is that my ex-fiance passed away two years ago (we had broken up for over 10 years by this time). He called me about one year before he passed to tell me he was sick and to ask how I was and my family. We had a very strong connection and I believe with all my heart that he was my soulmate. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him and once in a while he comes to me in my dreams. I would love to know if he is ok and anything else that he wants to tell me. I do not want to ask my daughter to do this because she did not care for him and also I am currently engaged. I do love my fiance and don’t want him to be hurt if he finds out, however my ex-fiance Bryan will always be in my heart and like I stated before he was my soulmate. Would there be some way you could help me out with this? I need some sort of closure. Thank you!

  16. i m frm india.i lost my younger brother(22) on 3rd oct 2014 evng.he hanged himself.i dont believe on spirits or ghosts but,if they exists then i wants to talk to my brother.pls hlp me.

  17. Hi Steve, enjoy your work and follow you. question the echovox app works that well for you? also what are the best digital recorders to use? I’ve always been interested in paranormal and now finally ready to start communicating.

  18. Can you explain further why you feel that echovox on iOS is inferior to the android version? You’ve mentioned it in a couple of videos never explained why. Thanks.

    • Because it is broken on iOS and does not echo. It is choppy and you will not get results with it like you do with it on Android. The Apple version is awful.

  19. Hi Steve
    I by mistake and thought I was crazy drunk being I had a couple of drinks started videoing my dog and flashes of perfectly round lights flying by me.. I have been doing this all the time in my room lying down and now in the day time with flash on at my daughters house, she says they follow me, whoever they are.
    My girls have seen them a lot when I tell them to look in my camera.. I can talk and ask them to slow down or are they there and they will come at me slow and show up when I ask.. I could sure use a hand in finding out what they want or how many..
    Thank You

  20. Hi
    I am from India. I lost my brother yesterday who was only 22. I want to talk to him. Please help me. I’ll be very thankful.

  21. I am new to ghost investigations. I have done two, and have caught great stuff. One was of a home I own but no longer live in. Since that home was recent, I am just reviewing the EVP’s and video. Everything I do is fairly raw at this point. In that house, though, I ran into an entity that was not a ghost. I was coming out of the restroom and down the hallway to my bedroom. It was early in the morning – about 2 a.m. – and I couldn’t sleep (which was usually the case in that house). As I was walking down the hallway, I was rubbing my eyes. I bumped right into a figure. Very tall. Black. Not like a black man. Like a silhouette, but solid like you and I. I literally bounced off of him. I felt that he was as surprised to see me as I was to see. Then he ran into my living room. I went after him, but he was gone. I have been visited by ghosts my entire life. My great-grandmother used to rock beside my bed at night starting when I was 3 years old, for about 3 years after. She creeped me out, but she seemed nice enough. I never knew her in real life. I don’t know why she visited me. I never met her. At least, not in this plane. But, this guy in my hallway – not a ghost. Also, not evil. Something entirely different.

    Very interesting.

  22. Steve, more questions for ya. What is the purpose of having sessions with the lights off? And why did you use in several vids this light thing that generates green dots? I find it distracting. In one video where you have everything on your floor one instrument was partially wrapped in tin foil. Why did you use tin foil instead of a piece of cloth as an example? And finally you said that a EV pump helps you pick up voices. So how does it supposedly do that? What does it generate or what ever in order to get voices to come in clearer?

  23. Sorry Steve, have you or your son ever experimented with film cameras vs digital? Film is more sensitive and is better for drawing out forms in bad light conditions. Could film be better for picking up your ‘orbs’?

    • I NEVER ever use cameras to take images of “orbs” as 99% of what you see in still images is reflections of dust from a flash/light source. When I use imagery I go for faces, bodies and forms, all of which I have captured. Film makes no difference and is much more expensive and time consuming..I have tried it.

  24. Hello Steve, I don’t do face so I’m leaving you a question here. Your not the first person to use EVP but I think I’ve seen others that put their recordings through a particular software or machine that helps you amp up the sound and reduce the level of noise. If you know what I’m talking about why don’t you seem to use this for both yourself and your audience??

    • Because my method of getting EVP is 100% different than others, and 95% of the time it does not need it at all. For example, my latest video has many class A EVP’s crystal clear. No need for software tricks. I do not record to an audio recorder, I record direct to video.

      • Steve It wasn’t that clear but I thought you said you use imovie for your filming. Is that correct? I’m going through your vids from the start and I wouldn’t throw away the idea of using some device to clean up your audio and make it clearer for your audience. This device has been used for other recordings of other things so I don’t think there is any ‘tricks’ involved.

  25. Hi Steve, my name’s Cormac. I’m 16 years old and I’m from Toronto, Canada. I have been studying and researching the supernatural, paranormal, and other things similar to these topics with my dad since I was a little boy. My parents immigrated to Canada 26 or so years ago, and my dad’s side of the family has always had an interest and experiences with spirits. My father taught me about the energy that connects everything, and it showed me how to feel things outside of our physical world. Many of my family members throughout many years have had encounters, as have I. I always convinced myself I have an overactive imagination, but I have come to realize that simply isn’t the case. I hope I don’t sound like someone making up a story to get attention, because that’s not my intention.
    I have regular encounters/visits from spirits, most of the time it’s in whispers, or it’s as if I am eavesdropping on a conversation, as though the spirit is talking to someone. I have seen people on many occasions, and I used to think I was going insane. I was psychologically tested, and the results stated that I have no mental illnesses or abnormalities in my brain, which had me wondering where these people and voices were coming from.
    Your blog and videos have shed a bright light on reality for me, and I am very grateful for this. You have showed thousands of people including myself that life here on Earth isn’t black and white as it is taught to us by our predecessors. You have helped me see that this, let’s call it an ability (don’t know what word to use) isn’t something to be afraid of, but rather something to be embraced. I am no longer afraid to face these voices and people I see and try to communicate with them. I am looking into purchasing sound recorders, spirit and/or ghost boxes, and I hope to enhance and strengthen my communication abilities with spirits.
    I was only ever a skeptic because I thought I was going crazy, but I know for sure I’m not insane, and what I experience is a gift and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing many of us the reality we live in, and for helping guide us to bettering our ability to communicate with spirits (or entities, etc.) You are a great man for not succumbing to all the skepticism and continuing to entertain and educate us all.
    Thank you for all that you do and all the best to you and your loved ones,

  26. i would like to hear from my husband he passed july 2 2013 i want to know if everything is alright and im doing what he wanted

  27. Hello Steve,

    I am a strong believer in the spirit world and actually had an experience today with an EVP recording through my digital camera; was far from intentional I must add. I was recording my son playing peek-a-boo and when I had uploaded my video and played it back, I had heard a voice of who sounded like my father who had passed away in June of 2012. I have been trying to make out what is being said (even downloaded some software to extract the audio from my video and another program to enhance the audio to make it louder). Is there any suggestions you could give me on how to try to make out on what is being said or suggest someone that would be able to help me with it? I have an idea of what it sounds like but not 100% sure; I have asked others to listen to it without telling them any information of why I asked them to listen to the audio, but they did tell me they heard a voice as well but they knew it was not my son or I (and we were the only ones home when I recorded the video).


  28. hey steve,

    I loved your article an im new at this. is there anyway you can talk me thru possibley talking to my adopted dad. he died of cancer in 2010 an I wasn’t there when I should of been an I been tring hard to contact him an he comes in my dreams I guess you can say as messages, like I fell into mudd couldn’t get out I asked him to help an he told me todo it myself an walks off, or I was in the army I saw him on our hill but when I got to top everyone there told me he was dead. I don’t know is he is tring to reach out to me but I would love advice to reach out to him.

  29. hey steve! i am from pakistan and interested in the paranormal from the start. please guide me so that i can start my career

  30. So I saw something sitting on the kids toy box the other night…a woman with blonde hair and orange shirt with skirt crying with her hands on her face and no shoes…I freaked out and ran to bed and asked my husband to check but he was fast asleep. Fifteen minutes later my office door slid across and slammed shut!! The next morning I told my husband and he asked to google if anyone went missing in the area, so I did. AND THERE SHE WAS!!!! Expect in the article she was wearing sandles but what I saw that night she had none on. Is this a clue? Since that night my kids have been hearing a woman screaming like she is being murdered outside and they know nothing of her??? And last night she spoke by my ear and heard her clearly and I am hearing imparied also had my hearing aids out.!? The word was “help”. The night I have seen her was the same day we went for a walk in the paddocks behind us that look like they have been abandoned for some time. Have we awoken her or are we near her body location? Is it safe to continue onwards? I think she wants to be found. We have moved here just before xmas last year. Its been nearly a week since we have been to that place and a lot of weird things are happening. I really don’t think I need to communicate with her cos she is already doing that and also followed us. Any ideas how I can help her without her taking over my body? Please reply ASAP I feel like I am running out of time! If need anymore info please email us!

  31. Hi Steve I just read your blog and it seems interesting, I have not started interviews with spirits quite yet, I am still in the research phase, I am looking for a way to have a good understanding of the pros and cons and how to protect myself and what to expect when choosing the right equipment and communicating with other forms of beings, I do own a tesla purple plate which I adore and that gives me energy and a good feeling, so now onto the questions.

    Ive recently watched a video on youtube with name “the afterlife experiments” (scole Experiments) and it was very intriguing and yet I noticed they had contacted Edison on making a better device in which to communicate with the afterlife. to me it seems like a simple plug in on a recorder device.
    Have you attempted in making this device, or know about it? I want you to try it out and experiment with it as I dont really know how to build things.
    it is called the tdc device(trans dimensional communicator by Edisons spirit.

    here is the blueprint


    can you build it and see if it will help in communicating better.

    Thank you for your time and looking forward to your reply

  32. I would like to try this one day, but I am concerned about them following me home. Is there a way to stop them from entering my home if I do the session elsewhere?

  33. Hi Steve.
    I am a reader from Athens city, Greece and i love both of your photographic and paranormal journeys and I’m thankful for your sharing with us.
    If someday you got here, a nice spot (not the only one here) for your research is at the Ancient Necromancy at Acheron River. (quick link here:: http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?client=tmpg&depth=1&hl=en&langpair=el%7Cen&rurl=translate.google.com&sandbox=0&u=http://www.acheronsprings.gr/mythologia.html&usg=ALkJrhg19DzrMB9t5LJAjbUpuX84NLA_9g)
    Wish you health and pure spirit for you and your beloved ones.

  34. Hello Steve. I enjoy your YouTube videos. You’re beliefs in the context of the paranormal seem very comparable to my own. My family has a bit of a sordid history in the occult. I dismissed most of it as I’m not a religious person at all and my family always want to be overbearing with the religious significance of what I don’t think they understand. With the birth of my daughter, now three, I don’t know… I just felt a need to delve more into the paranormal. It’s been a lifelong interest of mine. I have a lot of questions. I know you’re a busy man and may not even read this. But if you are so inclined to email me, I’m very eager and willing- just completely inexperienced. Lol I know it’s dumb to ask, I’m sure a thousand other people have asked you for personal insight. Just thought I’d throw it out there. My email is stupid- college haze and all that lol. therobotoverlord@gmail.com (also listed below). My name is Nick. If you can message me, great. If not, that’s cool too. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  35. Hi, My name is Ashok Jerry. This is my story, my father had an illicit affair for the last 14-15 years and we never knew until 2012. Once we got to know that he is also fathering a 14-15 year old daughter, we were so angry and we were not letting him back. Days passed, i began to hear whisper, prior to that i had some kind of a psychic ability, where i was able to see things like a movie fast played before my eyes. Now these whisper became so strong and so confusing, that i felt i was becoming mad. But i kept quite. I wanted my mother’s family to take heed and do everything legal against my dad’s family and himself, as everyone was so involved. My Dad’s brother knew about this illicit affair since its inception and he kept quite on the issue, making us the victims and suffer. My cruel father didn’t work, he made me and my sister work in BPOs and used up all our money for the benefit of that woman and child, his illicit affair. My dad even forced my mother to get money from her father, for the welfare of that woman and child. Now, when everything came to light, when i approached my dad’s family, they washed their hands of us. We got to know they were supporting this illicit affair. Now, the whispering in my head, became a voice that sounds like thunder and it speak through me to deceitful persons. This voice was heard by my mother twice and i hear it every time near my bed, it growls sometimes and it likes me to have fun with me like playing PC games etc. It even informs me of the deceit played by my father’s family. So far, i know who calls and where they call to and it has turned so true. Now, it says that a great evil has taken its roots in my father’s household and it says God had set it up to teach them a lesson, but it grew as my father’s household refused the right path of God and it expanded its realms and brought forth demons around that area. Once, i took me in my dreams and we reached the home and i saw it, it was too horrific and i was scared and i saw snake like demons, which has arms, but no legs, they have tail and i saw something like a black, red serpent a huge one, standing above this household like a mountain and it was breathing fire, then i saw something like a bony man which looks likes it had its wings torn and face ripped and it had claws on its hand and it suddenly turned at me and then i heard the whisper which said, lets go back and then i woke up. Now, this voice tells me that its an angel sent from God, an angel of justice and it has made me do a lot against my father’s family, all of them who are responsible for ruining my life. Now, it says that it heard my/our prayers and it has seen my/our suffering, so now, it wants me to be the instrument of God and his word against this family and now its so strong, that it blocks my opportunity and tell me to fix this issue first, then once when its done, it will leave me and i will be blessed from above, as i submit to God’s will. This voice have told me of the wonderful things that God has told him about me, he says that God will bring forth a new generation out of the fallen tree, a generation, that will walk in the right path of God.

  36. hi steve.I am a great beliver of all these things u do with your devices.On 24th january i lost my belved sister who was just 22 when she died.I had always loved her like my daughter and shee too use to call me “DAIDA” instead of using my name.After her death i feel i cant survive without her.i just want and i would be obliged if you could make any type of contact with her.Because if she need me there too….i would go there.I just want to know how she is and why she did this to me…..This is the only way i can survive.Please sir i beg of you kindly do this favour to me,,,,her name was PRACHI.

  37. Hi steve, i liked wat i read… I reached this site by typing how to speak to my father who is dead
    I dont know if iys possible, but i want to ask him why he got a stroke
    I wsnt to ask him where he is? I want to speak with him. Is that possible?
    My dad passed away last year same date, same time im writing to u… I wish i can speak n ask him things.

  38. HI Steve,
    I have been doing evps (newbie) for about a yr, started with am radio static, then just recording on my laptop, but since christmas my daughter bought me a digital recorder. Now I have to say this whole experience is amazing and yes it is addictive for sure, my boyfriend is not liking me doing this at all but oh well haha. I live in San Tan Valley, Az and went out to the adamsville cemetary and WOW is all I can say, these voices are clear and I mean clear!!! and many of them, if you have not been there I highly recommend it and all I used was the digital recorder and then downloaded it to a recording program on my computer, I too have seen those shows on TV and thought hummm they never get the stuff I get!! I have even spoken with a few people that I knew that have passed on, and asked questions that would confirm to me that is was them. It was amazing stuff!! It seems when I am doing something around the house I pick up many many voices and they say my name all the time. I have not heard them with my own ears only when I play back the recordings. I came to your site as I thought “Why am I getting these great responses and the guys on TV don’t” they talk in sentences as well as single word response. Anyway after reading and seeing your videos I don’t feel strange now about getting the great responses as you also get many as well. Keep up the evps and I will stop in now and again to get your take on what is going on. Thank you, Tina

  39. He Steve,
    Just wanted to say that I’m a real fan and I’ve been starting to communicate with spirits. I’ve had one that I’ve named Charlie play the guitar while I sleep. I wanted to ask you what I could do to further my connection to Charlie and any other spirits I may have in my house. Thanks for all the videos and motivation.

  40. I only wish you enlightenment Jeanne…only the blessings of love and acceptance for your own beliefs as well as the respect for others to have they’re own beliefs and a right to express them and share them. I never understand why people come to forums and/or sites to try to “knock” on others beliefs or rights to share with mind like others…

  41. I must say you don’t know ( me too ) .. but i come here with kindness but apparently you don’t know how really i feel… how sad i feel for all of us.
    I am not blessed or anything else , i am a mere female human that all. I hope you understand .

  42. You have been manipulated , the creator of life is really an evil being , allows us to suffer even after death .I have EVP in 2009 without intention to communicate with spirits .
    I have never known these people and two dare say they love me and one needs peace or blade ( i am french ) This is just bullshit. They can surely tell us the TRUTH about ALL but they won’t because it is funny for them.

    • Lol, and YOU are an expert..why? Because you caught one EVP in 2009? Lol. As I say every day NO ONE KNOWS what this all is. NO ONE knows if it is ghosts, spirits, entities, aliens or what. I am in no way manipulated as I just do what I do to see what results I get and after years of experience this is what I get. But to say that you know what is out there or what this is is nonsense as you most certainly DO NOT. No one on earth knows. PERIOD. Once can only go by evidence, proof and piece together what they can. If these are evil beings they have blessed me beyond belief 🙂 But again, to be clear, you have NO IDEA what this is. NO ONE does.

      • Steve have you or anyone you know of ever attempted to contact a living spirit? Perhaps this telepathy is congruent with the living as well.

    • Well Jeanne If the Creator of Life is a Evil Being, There is the good inside us, where is it coming from ?
      I am And everybody is sure There is an evil in us and around us, The Nature itself is evil, but there is a good and mercy inside us as well
      That means we have a choice, we can fight with the evil, love each other and trust the good, love and mercy, which must be GOD

    • I do not make them or sell anything. I recommend an Andys Box if you want the best box made today – chicagospiritwave.com – there may be a wait as he makes each one by hand himself.

  43. Hi Steve As I said my son died in July 27 2013. I am still grieving in fact more . I still would like to know why he died young .
    I want to talk to him . Once I succeded but still it will be nice if I talk once every week. Once I got some bad spirits I got frightened . I just want
    to talk with my son pl help . All suggestions welcome

  44. Hello Steve!
    Just found your site by accident while youtubing around some clips of ghosthunters (Paranormal state) and thought there MUST be some more serious users of EVP equipment outthere and i was fortunate to find YOU! Been watching all your clips and it makes me happy to see how positive you are and how you treat the spirits with respect. Also, im totally impressed how you manage to stay cool in pretty much all situations!
    Take care and thank you, from Caroline in Stockholm, Sweden.

  45. Hi Steve, I have been coming here a while and am very surprised, interested and glad to read your post here. I have been communicating with the spirit world for over 15 years now. I will often feel a presence and then start an open conversation with spirit and at times have seen them also. The surprise and shock of it has passed now, to the point it is very normal to me. I don’t see what the big deal is any more – it’s very much a part of life and I believe EVERYONE is psychic. Everyone has this ability but shuts it out from not only fear but also because they don’t even realise it is there because it is so common place and all around us. Unfortunately horror films have done a lot of damage here too. As much as there are bad people in the world, there are also good people and the same goes for spirit around us. It’s what you focus on that makes the difference. Yin and yang means that both are ever present.

    One of my earliest memories, is being told, by something, “life is not what you think it is” and I have since learned that neither is “death”.

  46. Hi steve…

    Well it was my first time watching your website. Well I can honostly say i believe what your doing is real buy i want to ask your advice i get a rush seeing everything you do i also want to channel spirits but i am from a small town in south africa and they dont sell spiritboxes here what cam i use?

    Marli bester

  47. Hi Rosemarie, I felt I had to speak to you as you sound so deaperate. Please dont worry about these presences it is only your brother trying to prove that he is still around, I am not a medium but I have experienced lots of paranormal activity since the age of 16, I am now 56yrs old.For instance I heard my father call my name not long after his death and I also felt him sat on my bed while I was wide awake and crying over his death.
    My mother died 2 yrs ago and not long after her funeral I became aware of her presence around me. she said boo in my ear one night as I relaxed in bed fully awake. another time she blew a horn or trumpet beside me, I see the funny side to her tricks to get my attention. Another time not long after her passing I was tring to get to sleep when it felt like a finger pulled the quilt from my face as if to peer at me. I live alone now so one would expect these happenings to frighten me but they dont, I find only comfort because it is proof our loved ones survive death.
    Over the years I have heard people whispering, a loud knock on my bedroom door, someone walking around the bedroom even someone turning over and getting comfy next to me in bed.My self and my grandaughter take photos of orbs. blue orbs. pink white and green orbs. Now I know some think they are dust but ours respond to us for eg we will say please can lots of you appear in next pic and there willbe ten to fifteen in next pic, I even ask a large one tp appear in a certain place and 9 times outa 10 it will. I have even taken one with a face in the middle,it appeared over my door as two interlocking white orbs with a red centre and when enlarged the red dot shows a pink face. My daughter thinks the face looks like me,Ihave shown this to many people and they all see a face.
    I was laid in bed one morning when a young womans voice said as a plain as day in my ear “hello” and then giggled. Ihave only had one bad experience and this happened about a year ago I woke and couldnt move or speak and something was laid on my back which felt very heavy, I was petrified so I said in my mind “get off me NOW,GO AWAY NOW” and it went and I could move. Rosemarie please dont be frightened your loved ones are only trying to make you aware that they are still with you, you are lucky to have this gift. Do what I do before I go to sleep, pray to your guardian to keep you protected as you sleep and to surround you in white light and imagine yourself enveloped in white light. If you believe in god keep a bible or crcifix next to your bed.Also I find that if I speak to whoever is in spirit and say something like “I KNOW YOU ARE STILL HERE WITH ME AND SEND YOU MY LOVE ALWAYS” that once you have let them know that you know they are with you still that they will have peace of mind to move on to heaven or whatever you want to call it.Be happy in the knowledge that you will meet again one day when your time arrives. God bless you.

  48. Hi Steve, My name is Rosemarie I live in Austin tx I am a single mother of five children .. Well Steve on the 28 Of November thanksgiving day my brother passed away and the next day after his death I started feeling this sense of something on me and near me always a cold vibe then as days passed it felt like more and more were around then I could here voices and dark shadows in my walls so I started taking pictures I really thought I was going crazy until I saw the pictures. . On the pictures I saw lots of faces people I don’t even know. .. on Dec 11, 2013 we finally barried my little brother and that was very hard for me that was the last night .. then on the second day I started to feel all these presence in my room I could see, feel and hear Steve, i don’t know what to do I’m a bit concern cause I got small children everywhere I go I feel them i car everywhere…I don’t got money to buy the things you got. . Really I’m scared it makes me weak, dizzy , head starts hurting like if it drains all my energy. . Please I need help if you can just calll me to give me advice or anything please help me!512-888-5227 Thank you, God Bless

  49. Hi Steve, I have always been interested and fasinated with everything paranormal. It saddens me that I do not possess abilities or know how to learn to have the ability to communicate with spirits. I recently purchased a Djinn vessel and have been attempting to connect and communicate with it with no luck. Do you have any knowledge of the Djinn? Do you have any advice for someone who is very eager to learn?? Thanks, Karen from Boston

  50. My daughter and I were sitting on her bed putting together a project for her class at school, laughing and goofing off when a voice that sounded just like it would’ve been a baby doll said “goo goo ga ga”. Plain as day, it sounded like it was coming from the air, and there was absolutely nothing there that would’ve made that noise. Period. I said”what the ** was that and she screamed and ran from the room. I looked once again to see if I can figure something out, and like I thought, there was nothing there.This is not the only strange thing that has happened in this house but this one really startled both of us. Can we please have some feedback on this , I believe in ghosts and recently have lost a grandaughter 2 months before she was due to be born.

  51. westerners don’t see mind. they don’t care of mind. they dont even talk of mind in real life. asians do care of mind and think of it a lot. buddha is about mind. you can see westerners care of eyes, appearance, behavior, feeling. they have evil mind anytime. so they realize mind was all about the game when they died and became a ghost. they try to help westerners or make westerners realize it with voice. the conversation, what they say don’t make any sense. cuz they say words about your mind. if you think everyone is enemy, they say everyone! also i can just predict what ghost will say because i know monk and buddha stuff. i know good human, good mind. come out from badness. don’t be an evil who doesn’t care of mind. mind is not feeling, smell, appearance, knowledge. you know quantum physics? that’s it. mind!

  52. Hi Steve, Love what you do and how you go about it. I really admire your positivity and outlook on life, I find it inspiring. I have recently got back into investigating paranormal matters, and, as i used to in the past I have found that it seems quite easy for me to catch EVP’s with just a normal standard voice recorder. I am in the process of purchasing a spirit box in the hope that I can catch more evidence. I have a slight problem though. Over the years I have been finding it more difficult to stay positive, in general, and I was wondering if you had any tips on meditation that would help in both improving my state of mind and also improve my communication with spirits. Apologies if you have already discussed this matter and I have missed it. All the best, Mike Taylor.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words. As for staying positive I found that to get the most out of this life as we are right now, we have to stay positive. When we stay positive about everything in life things tend to fall into place. I have had some bad things happen lately but even so, I still stay positive about it. For example..I was just in a car accident with a 4 month old 2013 car I just bought. I was just happy to have not been seriously injured and looked at it as “well, nothing I can do..it is what it is”. I stayed positive and left with a smile and kept on as normal. My car will be in the shop for a month but I will make do. I have a bike, my fiancee has a car and life is good. When going through a bad spell always look for the positives as there will always be some wether you can see them or not. Focus on those aspects and try to ignore the negatives as those will drag you down and attract negative things into your life. Staying positive will bring positive things to you in life. It is really true and is the only way I live these days.

  53. Hi,Steve. I’m Nicole.I see that you are an expert in this business, so I want to ask.I experienced a lot in connection with spirits. In many ways, but it scares me already.I’m not afraid because I feel the presence of ghosts.I’m scared because the spirit wants to kill me in dream.It happened,once.And the demon,dreamed about it twice,how hurts me,I felt a sharp pain.Do I have to worry about that?Can you give me a recommendation?

  54. while being on this site, reading & looking at the videos.
    I just keep getting _constantly_ these tingling/electricity flowing in your body -feelings. Huh 🙂
    Those feelings also appears now here right on anytime I asked in my mind things like “Do I have spirits right here with me?”

    I think what I learned from here is that I want to be more open and listen to “my inner voice”.
    I do believe now more stronger that this inner voice might sometimes not to be only your sub-consciousness and such trying to guide & advice..

  55. Hi Steve. Can u get connected with dogs also? Have lost my beloved dog last week & wanna ask her the reason of her death which is very important for me. Pls revert positive.

  56. I lost my beloved wife on 09 Apr 2012, she committed suicide and the reasons are not yet known to me. I am under depression since then what might be the reason she committed such an act though she was leading a happy life with me. I am very much worried. I want to know how she is, where is she is her soul taken re-birth or liberated to the brighter worlds and merged with the God. Kindly let me know. Her name is Kavitha, Please tell her that I am deeply missing her each and every minute seconds. Thnks

  57. Hey, I just found this site as I’m thinking about trying to contact my mum …not sure if I’m brave enough OR if to hear nothing would leave me bitterly disappointed but I have to say you were so brave contacting your Dad and what an incredible video, it gave me goosebumps! It was amazing, when he said I love you, you’ll hold that moment precious to your heart forever.

  58. Steve,
    What do you think of the spiritvox 2.0 app? Have you ever tried it? Would you consider using it in one of your YouTube videos? I watched some of your videos and became extremely interested in spirit box sessions and wanting to acquire one. Then I realized how extremely expensive a spirit box was. After some research I discovered “there’s an app for that!” haha. I downloaded the app and used it for the first time tonight. I work late night in a hospital and thought that would be the perfect place for my first session. I have not had a chance to review my recording (i’m actually writing this while still at work shhh) but the the only answer I heard “live” was “the city” when I asked “where are you from?” I can’t believe I got something my first time! But i digress, I think it would be great to see you do a session with the spiritvox app and hear what you think about it.

    • I was not a fan of it but will have to try it again as I know it has been improved since I last gave it a go. Danny (The creator) says it is much better now than ever so… 🙂 Anyway, you may hear more when you listen back!

  59. Hi Steve! Love your videos! I grew up in a haunted house. It’s been in my family for over a hundred years, so my dad and I believe whatever is there is “kinfolk”. Lots of members have had experiences. For me mainly it has been things moving ( door knobs turning, rocking chairs rocking, footsteps and yes, a plate) and a general feeling I’m not always alone. My question is, have you studied how spirits interact with our sleep? I had a dream I left my body, floated downstairs and saw my deceased grandmother, rummaging through a drawer. She passed away before I was born, yet I was able to describe her to my dad. I was a child then. My dad freaked out! He even told me she always was going through stuff in life. When we made eye contact, I woke up. Also, recently on the night my maternal grandmother passed, I woke up with a start, like something passed through me. It was blazing hot, but I was cold. I prayed for her safe passing. I found out the next morning she had passed about the time I woke up. I had seen her earlier that day, but she wasn’t able to speak. Anyway, thought I would share. One day I might have an answer! Lol

  60. hello i think i no need spirit box to hear voices .
    but i think i whant to try but i think there are mabey
    not so friendly spirits in me house and do not no if that would be a problem.
    i hear all the time maney voices calling me name and dont no what to do with it.
    i have also orbs in me house i have taking pictures and video s .
    one voice say all the time wall wall and now few days later i whas Bizzy with me camera and just recording
    after the recording i see a face on the wall and it is there all the time i think.
    if you like you can see the video on me channel here


    can you help me and tell me if i can use spirit box without getting problems from the other side.
    we in the Netherlands we have a person and he talks with sprirts with recording from he computer
    he tell me that it can be dangerus
    i wil give the persons name and you can watch but it is in dutch his name is Frans Schmidtl

  61. Dear Mr Huff,
    I am aware that it is impudent of me to suggest a way of convincing us your audience, so apologies in advance and here goes anyway…
    It would be very convincing- a compelling fact – if the voices that are transmitted by the radio were obviously in response to your questioning. In particular, if they REPEATED something that you had just said, or if the questions were phrased so that a YES or NO answer was appropriate. I am reminded of the Turing Test for artificial intelligence.

    • You must not have watched many of my videos. I have done this MANY MANY times 🙂 Watch the very 1st video posted on my youtube, in its entirety. You will get repeats, yes and no answers and full sentence replies.

  62. Hi Steve, My name is Shyia founder of InQuestParanormal form Abilene, Texas. I have recently found out my house is full of Orbs of all shapes and sizes by accident. I was testing equipment at home for an upcoming investigation when upon review, Orbs were everywhere. I have not posted any of the videos yet on my website because we just reviewed video this week. Is there any way I could send you footage for only you to observe. Thanks Shyia

  63. Hey there Steve. I have recently gotten interested into the realm of The Paranormal. It happened a couple of months ago. I have even began researching into the paranormal and what its all about. starting to really be into the show Ghost Adventures and really have been liking it. Some things have been happening in my house that has me thinking that i have at least a few spirits in the house at least. Most of the activity is in my bedroom I would say. Things that i debunk because of researching it and found an explanation of sleep paralysis. There has been a few times that Ive been in the bed in the middle of the night and it feals like someone is hugging me or touch me. At this point i go and wake myself up. I use wake myself up loosely because when I do wake up i am in the same position and everything as when it is happening. I do not get scared or worry because that’s all that is happening. There are just so many different kinds of ghost hunting equipment out there it is insane lol. Id love to get a spirit box and try some sessions sometimes but without knowing for sure if i do have a spirit in my room i don’t want to go out and get a box for it to be useless. Would you suggest to go out and by an emf detector and see if i can find any spirits first before i would try communicating with them? IF so what are a few that you would suggest and know of what they might cost? Thanks in advance!


    Definitely going to be going on my YouTube Account and subscribing to your channel.

  64. Greetings, Steve!

    Your videos are what prompted me to purchase a Spirit Box…like you, I was skeptical, but I am no longer. I am someone who looks at coincidence as an explanation, but also examines the odds. I can’t make the odds work with the messages I receive as direct responses- I could easier win the lottery. We have also taken the box with us in the car, using the car speakers to amplify. On a recent trip, the box said, “Window” and “Lucky”…and when my hubby looked out his car window, he noticed that the license plate of the car now riding alongside us read, “LUCKY 13”. Can’t make this stuff up, can’t explain it away. It was amazing validation, and we have had many others. We find 400 to be the best speed and AM seems easier to connect to than FM, but would welcome insight into how to further amplify the experience. Peace and love, man!

  65. Hey Steve,
    I am having bad luck with a ghost box … sangean dt 200x yep you guessed it .. I cannot find any one to hack it I did what pinky said and then start reading the notes its un hackable lol .. is there anyone you know that can hack it and I can pay him for the hack? I like your site and it is awesome I do some investigating but I don’t hear anything.. even with big bear stuff.. just a drag how they communicate with you and not me…. I almost given up..
    let me know if you can help..

  66. Great stuff there Steve. I have seen things that people mostly dismiss as nonsense but when you see for instance the Spirit of your father standing next to his bed with his sick and dying body lying in it you believe. Cheers Russell

  67. Hi Steve,
    I’ve been reading the comments located on this page, very interesting i must say. I’ve also watched some of your videos as well. Amazing!!! I myself am a medium, i was aware of things going on & happening as a kid. i dismissed them, but now i truely understand watz going on. As i have went thru my journey in life, i’ve always loved the unexplained & everything.. now as i am 43 i truely understand the comsept of life after death. I am looking for someone who i can talk to & maybe on on an investigation with. If you think you may ever come my way to Martinsville Va. I would love to show you around on some things ive ran upon myself.. and would love to have you to help me with or in case help each other. Thanks, & enjoy your many journeys…Renee M.

  68. Hi steve.. I could really use ur help! We moved into a friends home about 4 months ago. I already knew about the lady who passed away here. She was actually va friend. But unsure if her death was of natural causes or murder. With that said i’ve been ill since living here. I’ve loved and hated this house from the get. I have seen many spirits in my home, hear footsteps, Windows slamming etc….. Tonight I was telling my sister how this house makes me feel drained, dark, depressed. She said she’d do a spiritual cleaning-purification. I went home told my husband how bad I feel lately. . And I think it’s this house! He of course laughed at me make jokes about burning sage and said i worry too much! I’m overstressed. Post partum. Within 10 minutes. I had a full blown FIRE in my kitchen. The house filled with smoke, I was so scared! No one was cooking! No candles were burning, no electrical smell prior. Mind u this is a remodeled home new everything! Thank god we are all ok. My sister and I were on my couch after the firefighters left, my daughter’s window slammed shut! Then after all was ” calm” I went to use the ladies room.everyone is asleep, , my black lab dog who was inside is gone! I. Found her later on our front porch! Omg was is going on here? Can you help me? I feel in dander or maybe the lady who was my friend who died here is asking me for……. idk?

  69. i have a niece who have been seeing black lady for 5 consecutive nights which started on 9th October 2013. he is 23 years old and working in Cambodia. He can clearly see the face of the lady, he says its in decomposition stage and angry. The black lady is telling him repeatedly that she will get him since she cannot get his mother…on his way home from work, he took a road which is under construction, he suddenly stopped because something is blocking the path, then only he noticed that its a coffin and he saw himself inside it, date of death is also written.. i asked if he is dreaming or he saw it in reality, he says he saw it for real. he just uttered prayers and then the coffin vanished. i thought this happens only in movies. now all members of our family are worried about him and telling him to come home to us as soon as possible. seeing himself inside coffin would mean he will die? please help…

  70. Hi Steve: My mother passed away 11 years ago and we were very close. for the past 8 nights, my son who is in the Army (and Leaving soon for Afghanistan) has been having a dream where he sees her and she is wearing a white shirt and pink sweater (she was not buried in this) and she tells him that she need to talk to his mother (me). She says it twice and as if he wasn’t listening, she yells at him ” I need to talk to your mother!!!!” He then wakes up. He said it is happening every night. Any thoughts on this?

  71. hi steve, my sister passed august 15,2008 of asthma.her death is so sudden to us..i truly misses her…please tell me how to communicate with her..thnks

    • Well, this is all 100% real my friend, and what is amazing is what I have been catching in the past week (on my Youtube channel). In any case, Randy is dead and his so called “Challenge” does not allow for EVP or speaking with spirits. They do not allow this. Why? Because then they would have lost the money long long ago. Many like me have tried to apply and was shot down in the app process because they claim “Talking to spirits is not real” – they claim even if you capture loud, class A vocal responses to your questions out of thin air onto a recording device (that they give you) then it proves nothing Paranormal. One way to get out of paying over the cash. Pretty sad actually.

      • James Randi is NOT dead. You are nothing but a charlatan who should be ashamed by allowing desperate people the false hope that they can communicate with their dead relatives and friends.

        • I feel sorry for you as you talk trash about me when you do not even know me. #1, you are right, James Randi is NOT dead, he was very sick recently and I thought I heard he passed. 2nd: He is the charlatan..really. He has a one million dollar reward that he himself said he will never give away as “He always has an out” –

          He made tons of cash being the skeptic 🙂

          But me, I never ever tell anyone they can speak to their dead loved ones. In fact, in many of my videos I say I have no idea WHAT it is I am talking to or conversing with and I clearly state there is no way to confirm who it is that comes through, even if specifics are given. I always state that I AM NOT A MEDIUM (though I can do things most Mediums can not do)..and 99% of mediums are scammers. It’s sad but true.

          I have helped a few but guess what? I have a strict policy..I NEVER charge anyone a penny for anything. So if that makes me a charlatan then so be it.

          I also give away equipment instead of selling it. Again, if that makes me a “charlatan” then so be it.

          I am a realist. I do what I do and present the real evidence for everyone to see..to spread the word about what indeed is a reality. It is haters and negative people like you who are so miserable in life they go around trying to put others down. Again, sad but true.

          I have spent over $12,000 this year on the Paranormal. How much did I make? Nothing. Again, that is how I work. I would NEVER charge ANYONE a penny for something that I can not 100% confirm is fact (who comes through) but I do help a few, and they are very appreciative for that free and private help.

          So before you come here to attack me, get your facts straight. Do your research before you blindly attack and most importantly, watch the evidence that is so clear and crystal that all skeptics can do is cry “fake”. I am not out to impress anyone and I do this for one reason..because it is 100% real and fact. Some people, like yourself, could never ever accept that due to your closed mine. I have felt, seen, heard things that you could never even begin to comprehend..and not just me..my son, my fiancee, and others who have been with me.

          So my suggestion? Just chill out and be happy. Concentrate on your own life so you can be happy in it. Be positive, be productive and stop worrying about others. Also, as I said, before you go on the attack, get your facts straight.

          • Well said Steve haters are Gonna be haters, all you need is the love and support of your loved ones. . And the hell with the rest! Thank you Steve for all that you do

  72. just want to share my experience and testimony here..my name is Louis from UK i was married for 6 years to my husband and all of a sudden,another woman came into the picture.. he started hailing me and he was abusive..but i still loved him with all my heart and wanted him at all cost?then he filed for divorce..my whole life was turning apart and i didn’t know what to do..he moved out of the house and abandoned the kids.. so someone told me about trying spiritual means to get my husband back and introduced me to a spell caster?so i decided to try it reluctantly..although i didn’t believe in all those things? then when he did the special prayers and spell, after two days, my husband came back and was pleading..he had realized his mistakes..i just couldn’t believe it.. any ways we are back together now and we are happy..in case anyone needs this man, his email address dr.odumaspellhome@gmail.com , his spells is for a better life.

  73. In one of your videos where you were using Echovox it looked like it was on a tablet. If it was a tablet, what kind.? I sent an email to the developer but didn’t response reply. I have a Galaxy Tab 2 and I’d like to know if the software is compatible before I spend money I can’t get back.

  74. Hello Steve. My brother died in a fatal motorcycle accident on sept 19th. We were very close and I just feel like I need to talk to him. I need to speak to him. I was wondering if you could come and help me communicate with him. Please and Thank you.

  75. Hello Steve, my name is Hailey. I have been trying to learn more about the supernatural for quite sometime now. For you see, I believe something is following my family. I don’t have any clue of what or who it could be. I have found nothing that is similar to my encounters other than in scary movies. It seems to only make an appearance to me and my older brother Jesse. He has had more experience with IT than I. He has even talked to a medium woman in Postdam, New York about this issue. She had told him an evil entity watches him. More powerful than she has see before, but he also has a good spirit protecting him. So powerful it brings him luck, she tells him. I believe this to be true, since my brother has always been oddly lucky on everything.
    So I’ll tell you what has happened to both of us; new and old stories.
    When I was young, about 6 or 7, every night I would wake up in my room. No noises, no movement, just awake. And there would be a tall dark shadow of a man wearing a hat in the doorway of my room. I would become frozen in fear and hide under my covers until it was gone. I’d build up the courage to run to my brothers room downstairs. He tells me I would cry hysterically in his bed every night. So one night after it had happened many times, my brother decided to try and show me it wasn’t real. I was just having a night terror. So he took me back to my room and we got in in my bunk bed and waited. He tried to show me everything was ok, but while he was explaining it, we saw the shadow coming into my room. I don’t remember much of this part but my brother tells me we ran back to his room crying and jumped into his bed. we hid under the covers for awhile until we calmed down. We built up enough courage to look around, and to find out, down the long dark storage hallway that connected his room to the laundry room, there stood the shadowy man; watching us. I don’t know for sure what happened after that because I can’t remember. I’m sure we just waited until morning. We told our parents but they didn’t believe us.
    The most weirdest part of my story is that I didn’t remember any of this. For a long time my brother would tell me these stories and I couldn’t remember them at all. The medium had told him that demons can wipe a persons memory, and for awhile we just assumed that’s why I can’t remember. But now I believe I am starting to remember details of those nights. Like how people who hit there heads suffer from memory loss, and when they come in contact with things from there old lives, they can remember..? I don’t know for sure.
    There are so many more stories I could write about but here is the most recent one.
    In February, this year, an agency called FANG came into our house and beat up my mom and dad, and took my dad to jail over false accusations. That same night my Rottweiler, Haggerd, was dying of old age. (she was 13.) The next day, I passed out in my living room and my mom took me to the ER. Later that night we came back to find my dog dead. We had our neighbor come help us carry her out of the house for the night. It was I sad, terrible day. My mom, sister, and I were all so scared we decided to sleep in my moms room. When we got all tucked into bed we heard very loud pounding on our front door. We immediately Jumped up, got dressed, my mom grabbed her bat and gave me her shot gun, and ran to the front door and nothing was there. You see at that time, the paneling on our door was broke to the point our door wouldn’t stay shut. (When FANG busted into our house they broke the door.) So if something were to pound on our door as hard as it sounded, the door would have flew open. But nothing was there. No footprints in the snow, nothing. We called my brother to keep us company. He got there about a half hour later. When he got there we began to tell him what had happened. Me and him stood in the kitchen while my mom was sitting in a lazy boy in the living room while we talked. While they were talking I began to hear heavy breathing and told my brother to listen. When they got quiet, the noise was clear. It sounded like loud demonic breathing coming from the space in-between where we stood. We just slowly walked into the living room and began laughing. Of course our mom didn’t hear it. We were so scared we invited all of Jesse’s friends over and we played Quelf until it was time for school.
    Those aren’t even the worst of our stories, they are just the first and last ones we have had.
    It really means a lot to me if you took the time to read all of that. And If you could give me some advice on what I should do about this, I’d be grateful.
    I’m tired of hiding under the covers, I want to face what is following me.

  76. Steve,

    You were our inspiration to start up our own sessions in our family. There is only one thing that concerns us and being amateurs at this, I wanted to know if spirits can predict and warn you of what is to come. Predict the future? I ask you this because we started to do this for about two months and I wanted to know if our family members were truly with us since our 2years old were calling our deceased loved ones by name, stating she was talking and playing with them. We got the spirit box and started to get really good results, we bought the equipments you were using to start like the EV Pump, and the phonetic with digital dowsing. We spoke with not only with our loved ones but the all the people who were living in our house.

    My grandmother who I considered my mother had a special gift, she had a 6th sense about after life. She stated that she would tell me when I was old enough, but that day never happened because she died. Ever since I have been doing these sessions and I have talking to them and I have acknowledge their presence in our house; I can sometimes hear them when they call my name if its something important, I can sometimes feel them as if though something touch me, sometimes it feels like something is shocking you like electricity and its very warm, but sometimes it feels really cold like ice. I do not think that it is in my head because I have three children and I am a very busy mom.

    I went on a date with my husband and in the middle of dinner, I heard someone call my name and the word cell phone. When I told my husband about this he told me that it was all in my head, but when we came home the baby sitter told us that our 2yr old swallowed body was and that she had to call poison control to be safe. Poison control said she was fine and the reason that the baby sitter didn’t think it was a big enough reason to ruin our fun to come home to. We got the best session that day.

    Just two days ago I did a session by myself and that is pretty much now the norm because they are scared of my husband. This was the strongest session I have ever gotten and the session was a warning telling me my future. Stating that in 6 days when I go visit my family 9with the children in the car) in NY, a Chrysler is going to pummel because I was on the phone, there is going to be death of three, your hurt but you’ll make it. At 30 you will choose to end your life, but you cant give up, fight for your life. Can spirits predict the future or are we in the past in their world? What should I do in this matter?

  77. Uh Uh, looks-like i should not use quote characters in my post as it was interpreted like embeded web-comments.
    Apologies – Reposting the missing middle section :

    What records brought me so far ?

    -I have straight voices recorded (often reversed) and others do require a carrier noise then match words to the triggering sound.
    Trying to generate white noise with apps like SV1 or static radio or electric heater did not bring good results so-far (still investigating other possibilities like water or babble-loops.)
    -Free sound processing software is ok to begin but use of commercial sound-processing software is night & day while reviewing.
    -I am reaching the sensitivity limits of my iphone setup in capturing spirits chats (they talk a lot in the background, general chat or what happens in the house) so i am looking for 1) A portable music recorder 2)Alternative microphone technologies (Heard about germanium diodes and so..).
    -Spirit voices i am recording are layered on different scales of frequencies (so to speak) some are voices, some use harmonics, some whisper, some only meow or clics (Animals ?) the rest only may use a carrier sound occuring at time ot the record.
    – Regular ones always use the same “layer” of frequencies.
    – I intensively use English for my job, sometimes work from home – They replied in both French and English when i tried swapping language with them !
    -I have not experienced a lot with radio yet, but it looks like only “foreign/other side” answered on radio (calling spirit guide and deceaded grandparents to come on the line) as opposite to my local “visitors”.

    -My “visitors” where astonished that i may be aware of their presence and begin to address them (“is he speaking to us?” – “Can you see us???”)
    -I have male, female & what looks like to be kids (several kid voices together telling me “Yes but whe’re not here for long” when asking whether they liked the house).
    -Some regular visitors (or residents?) are friendly and explain our “new” relationship to new spirits as try to answer loud to my question when they can (“yes he knows us, that’s ok”).
    -Some are still very shy (or not interessed to speak) and i missed a lot of answers by trial & errors while experimenting recording methods so i will have to begin again “silly questions” now i do have stabilized my workflow.
    -They do not want my help so far (From last day answers)
    -Some did not liked it when i attempted to (i don’t know how to tell, a trick i discovered 3 y ago – “expel?”) energy from my hands while recording “Stop playing with your hands!”.
    Anyway, at my early day of experimenting, last week, i might have succeeded when tried to “produce” white-light as i received a very kind and blessing feedback…

    My concerns so-far:

    Time,time,time ! I have an intensive full-day job and evening don’t allows much record/review/comment(yes i comment or answer questions to my “guests” while reviewing).
    Asynchronuous workflow (Record,Review) i do feel like i reverted-back to the time when neither mobile-phones or internet existed for reaching friends (i am 41).
    Waiting for a backorder on PSB-7 to be delivered.

    Lot of Love energy.

  78. Hi Steve,
    Writting you from France.
    Both your blog & youtube channel made me started on communicating with spirits 2 weeks ago.
    I know for a long time that i am bound with extra sensitivity to the “other world” as i had experiences of automatic writting using a language from my deceaded Grandparents, which i is not my native spaking or known language.
    While i am waiting for a PSB7 & K2 to come i am using an Iphone with a recorder app wich allows mic boost to 500%.
    The 2 last weeks have seen myself doing recording sessions each night and having communication going from zero to “a lot”…
    Just had purchased a pocket fm radio ( manual sweep a side-dial..Hurts finger fast !) and experienced first and very clear messages also ( but only while listening the record after capture, i might be concentrating too-much at keeping a sustainable sweep with my finger).

    >>>What records brought me so far ?<<>>My concerns so-far:<<>>Recording gear : I need an advice there as i am looking for a way to improve ability in recording “silence” by reducing the huge ammount of background “white noise” i get with my iphone while boosting mic sensitivity to x500. I have assessed gear like zoom,roland,tascam recorders, for near-immediate purchase, but i am concerned on wether the mikes fit on these recorders allow the level of sensitivity vs noise i am looking-for, now i discovered very weak “background chat” in my record (And no, these can’t be the electronics tuning-in radio stations, because it often talks about what’s happening in the house!).

    >>>Final words, so far:
    Wow ! This is … Uh, weird when it starts working for you.
    The more you go in it, the more you feel it’s somehow changing your inner self even you did not appreciate or accept any concept of life-changing experience when started.
    Steve : A big thank-you, It began by viewing one of your video on youtube…And today i am posting few lines (okay…Paragraphs!) on your blog.
    I am agnostic by nature, do not like the religious “stuffs” even if i’d sometime go to a church and light a candle for deceased ones (did not go for years, i must admit).
    I had to set-up the rules and seek (on internet) how to protect oneself while doing this stuff, as it looks like some bad spirits played tricks last week and made one member of my familly and I run into a speech fight for no reason – It’s okay now, as i explained the rules to my “guests”.
    Next steps : Read more on topics (It made me read books again 🙂 ) and try to help spirits seeking the light if i can.
    Lot of Love energy.

  79. Hi Steve…saw your orbs video and want to comment on experiment I did a few years ago in my NYC co-op which was old and full of spirits. I took many photos and always had 1 or 2 orbsSkeptics told me it was dust so I did this experiment to see what happened. I invited everybody who was close by to get in my photo. I captured 9 orbs I then said”everybody out of the pool” don’t be in the picture and I got no orbs in that one. I beat the sofa cushions and got no orbs. I went in my attic and no orbs. Only when I took photos in my living space did they occur……I’m 57 years old. and a believer.

  80. I am Padma Narayanaswamy . I am a script writer . I just lost my precious son in a road accident .
    He was just 26 . Both my husband and myself are mad at this loss. I am eager to talk as well as frightened .
    My boy was a very good matured and successful man .he was a god singer. I grieve not because of finance I love him . Pl help and thanks

  81. Well a family member die two weeks ago from cancer is the beginning my cousin she was driving with her friend and she saw the picture of him and my cousin told him when are you going to visit me and our uncle responded by changing the radio station it was incredibly shocking when we heard this

  82. I enjoyed that very much…and love your page. Over the past three yrs I have had many experiences myself. One is the ability of what a medium has and actually have heard my parents while I am in a deep sleep or another. I I have been very confused about much but I am in process of learning more about my gifts and ability at this time. I enjoy your site and look forward in seeing more. Very good site and all info. thanks

  83. Steve,
    It is wonderful what you are doing for the many souls that may be “stuck” or “confused”. I love the fact that people do ghost investigations, but we need more people out there who are actually going to help these people after an investigation. I have been fascinated with the subject of spirits and the paranormal since I was about 6 years old, and it consumes my every thought! People often found it funny because every other child wanted to be a nurse or a policeman at 6 or 7 years old, but I wanted to be a “parapsychologist”. I have wanted to use some type of spirit box or communication device for years now, because I first heard about them when many people had not yet, but I am too afraid I will attract negative entities. I need to get over my fear because my beloved brother died recently, and I have yet to sense or hear from him. He was also interested in this type of thing, and my worst fear is that he is lost or stuck because he died of a drug overdose, and I know this can cause some confusion after death. Please keep doing what you are doing and GOD BLESS YOU for your work!!!

    Thanks Again,

    -Amanda Warner

  84. oh! also! i’m playing it at 100 and/or 150ms… i found anything slower i received too many radio stations and couldn’t decipher between the two. is this an appropriate thing to do?? just want to make sure i’m giving my best effort so i can communicate effectively! thanks in advance!

  85. hey steve! after watching numerous of your videos, you inspired me to go out and get a ghost box. the first few sessions (like you mentioned in one of your vids) gave me no results..however, as i kept doing these daily as you suggested.. i start to slowly get more and more voices to come thru. to the point now they say my name and some crazy stuff. i’ve even been catching some EVPs. the only question i have…is how the hell can i play back the evidence and understand it better?! i don’t have a recorder so i just use my macbook pro and put on imovie and record the sessions that way. then when i go back to review it and even if i select those areas where there are voices, (unless it is a clear cut answer or response) i have a very hard time understanding what i have recorded. i feel like i’m missing a lot of cool stuff just due to my lack of understanding what the spirits are saying. is there anyway you could let me know what kind of equipment i could use to make it come in clearer? at least in playback?? oh! i am using the psb7.. i know there are better ones…but they tend to be expensive.. and i’m a beginner and figured this is good enough for now.

  86. Hi Steve. I was randomly searching through google for “How to talk to the dead” lol and bam you came up first out of everyone. First of all, I’m 16 years old will be 17 in four months. Close to your sons age! 😛 After the first few paragraphs I had read I was hooked. Couldn’t stop reading & watching the videos! I have always been a believer. I’ve always believed that there was something super natural out there since I was a younger girl. I have sworn before that I had an experience with a ghostly spirit in my old grouphome. I remember previous ( before the experience ) me and my roommate would always hear footsteps walking around the house upstairs when nobody was even awake. Just sounded like pacing back and forth, and we could always tell where the moving was comming from because the floor boards were squeeaking. I remember me and my roommate had told the staff at our grouphome and they just laughed it off and said the house is old, old floorboards. Except a few weeks later, we were all talking about spirits in my roommates room when all of a sudden … a book that was standing completly straight and up perfectly by itself just fell to the ground. All I can remember is screaming and jumping on her bed and hiding under the covers LOL! Thats all though when I was much younger, I have grown much and it still scares me the paranormal.. but i’m so much more interested, and excited about it… My father passed about 5-6 years ago… I never even got to see him for a year or two before he passed.. It really tears me apart, and I always wonder if he crossed over with the hard life he had… considering he commited suicide…. 🙁 I also want to ask him why.. And I really do wonder, so many things. I would love to speak to him once last more…. and I’m indeed worried his spirit may be wondering around lost and needing help! I can’t stop thinking about it, and I want to make sure hes okay and in Heaven where he belongs. I was wondering if you could shoot me with a email… I have a few questions, like ways I can contact him? I dont want to mess around with no bad spirits in the process. I’m from Canada, all though my father was from the U.S … If I cant get help over the net, I would deffinitly consider flying out too see you and do some sort of session. It would make my LIFE~!!!! 🙂
    Thanks alot,
    LOVEEE Paige Mullen 🙂

  87. Hey Steve,
    Your videos are extremely helpful as soon I will be going to a (Past) Children’s hospice here in Brisbane Australia where I live. My best friend who cleans in the building has heard (while being alone in the building) a baby crying and an adult male voice soothing the baby. I tried just my mobile phone recorder in the room but couldn’t hear anything. I now feel more confident as I make my second attempt at EVP with a small hand held digital recorder. Many other things have happened like objects moved and the sound of children running and playing in the main corridor at night. I’m taking still photos also this time as on first attempt at EVP couldn’t take photos. My sense is there are many spirits there.
    Regards, Susan

  88. I should have added:
    I realize a squelch circuit may eliminate the more subtle responses that would normally be found while reviewing the session recording, however my reasoning is that the voices that do make it through would have a better chance of being credible because it would need to be loud enough to break through the squelch, and if it is intelligent context to the question, it would be more credible to skeptics since the response would have to be clear and it would be separated from any other extraneous radio signals and noise. So I’m thinking it would be a tradeoff of loud & clear in-context messages, but an overall lower number of responses. I think it may make for a much less annoying session by removing all the noise……that is my reasoning….sorry for beingso verbose! (unlike most spirits…lol)

  89. Hi Steve,

    What do you think of the idea of adding a squelch circuit to the 12-589 radio? (I already added an external sweep circuit which works well) The reason I ask is I modified a Radio Shack police scanner (PRO-95)to accept FM Freqs. When the Squelch is used it is nice and quiet until a voice breaks through. The problem however is this radio is narrow band and FM comes in with rather low resolution so the voices are loud and distinct but difficult to unbderstand. There is no solution to this so I thought I would add a squelch circuit to the 12-589. Please let me know what you think of this idea.

    I must say that you come across in your website and videos as very sincere and credible so keep up the great work. I was very pleased to see that your ultimate goal is to assist the lost suffering souls. That is indeed what this should be all about so kudos for that.

  90. Hi Steve, thanks for posting this. I am a skeptic-turned seer, but I am beginning to just touch the surface. I have not used any devices so far. I have been seeing spirits and communicating with them since January 2013 and I wonder what it all means. I am a creative writer, and I have started writing a book about ghosts, which is when I was researching spirit boxes on amazon, found your posts and found this blog. I have questions for you about communication with the Other (that’s what I call it) and would like to email you if that’s ok. For the record, I’m 32 years old, work in advertising and marketing, and I promise I’m not batshit insane. I would never have believed this unless it happened to me.I’m not doing this for money, although I have helped some friends communicate with deceased friends or family, and the responses I have gotten have been unreal. Anyway, please do keep in touch. I think we could help each other and others around us and perhaps tap into the purpose behind it all. Thanks and stay light. -Marie

    • Do you think you could help me speak with the deceased? I have a loved one that committed suicide. Was my father actually, took place around 5-6 years ago. I was quite young, as I’m only 16 right now. I have been addicted to researching and learning about the paranormal.. I want to contact my father myself, but first of all I’m kind of scared. I’ve always been a bit spooked and had people tell me stories such as “You will just talk to the Devil, who is pretending to be your Father” or “Your gonna let demons out in your home” or stuff like that. I don’t want to do anything stupid as I’m not fully aware of everything these spirits are capable of. I’m still not sure what exactly is real on the internet and what is bullshit. But I did have one really good feeling & IT was this site.. Anyways, Not sure if Steve will get back to me… But if you think you could help…. Email me at paige.cassandra@hotmail.ca


  91. Hi Steve,
    I’ve found in the past year or so that I have quite a passion for the paranormal and spirits, more specifically, contact. This is an interest that seems to be a family thing? Like relatives would use ouija boards often and have ‘regulars’ and stuff like that. I’m only 16 and so I can’t really afford equipment yet and I don’t want to just dive in at the deep end, I don’t want to have anything bad happen like contacting a demonic spirit, but i’d really love to get into contacting the dead and everything it sounds really interesting,and your videos have spurred me on!! I was just wondering, do you have any advice for those just starting off, any starting points, any tips and dos and don’t? Like I said, I’d love to fully get into this and gain experience and become like good at it, if you know what I mean! Thankyou for showing us all your evidence, it’s fantastic! Really really interesting, inspired me to fully get into it! Thankyou 🙂

  92. I don’t know how I ended up watching one of your videos this morning on youtube, but I do know that I wasn’t searching for anything remotely to do with talking to spirits… It is now early evening and I am still watching your videos and reading your blogs! I am intrigued! I remember having a similar experience when I was 7 as yours.. when you were 7. Now, in my 40’s, I tossed it up to me having very vivid dreams (still do) and maybe that’s all it was. I had a wild imagination as a kid. I have also heard faint robotic voices come through the radio on an off station on the AM dial before. I just thought my mind was playing tricks on me. After watching your videos all day, I guess it wasn’t! HA! Thank you for keeping me so entertained on this rainy day, ALL DAY! I think you have inspired me to take up a new hobby! I love that you are doing this for free too. You rock!

  93. Hi steve., My name is SALNA, n from India.., i jus came across your site.., as i was searching for psychic mediums to contact my boyfriend (his name is VIJAY) who pass away on 05.09.2012. ( & tht s too expensive.., n am not sure if thy will respond also) ,
    i would like to know if he is safe., n fine.. n is there any way to speak to him., i request you to try to speak to him.. please..
    can i meet him if i die..? here ppl say if i die(suicide) i will become a evil spirit n i will not be able to meet him.. is it true.?

    request you to replay..

    Thanks n Regards

  94. hi steve,
    hi my name is kuri ( pronouced koo ree )
    and i was wondering if you could try contact my dad.
    he passed away near 2001-2002
    he died from malaria
    can you ask him if he is okay and if hes is alright in the spirit world.
    ask him if he know ” jamie-ray”
    by the way his name is
    richard kitawal

  95. Hi Steve, I just came across your site, I find it very interesting. I lost my husband of 29 years 4 months ago, is there a way I can communicate with him? If you know of a way, I would be very interested. Keep up the good work. Linda

  96. hi steve im lexi i am 14 and i have believed since i can remember i also believe in animality but i need help last night i woke up in a pouring sweat after having a really bad dream and i need HELP

  97. Fascinating! I have now spent a couple of hours watching your videos, and now I can’t sleep…yeah thanks a lot! :o) I also saw a couple of other youtube videos with the same devices getting okay results, but you seem to get somewhat clearer results than other people. So you are defintely a receptive channel.

    I notice you pick up “be careful” very clearly and often. I hope you pay attention to those clear messages, because you (and everyone) needs to be careful which energies you let into your life and which voices you listen to. It’s not going to hurt your eternal soul, but it can easily wreck your human day-to-day life.

    As opposed to most other crap supernatural videos on youtube, I believe your videos are real. However, messing with the supernatural is not for “mere mortals” so to speak, and you and your son can easily get burned. Especially because the ghostradio seems to pick up messages haphazardly, just like the ouija board which also picks up whichever nasty voice happens to be the “loudest”. I would not do what you are doing. You seem so willing to listen to everything, which could be your downfall if you aren’t careful.

    I don’t think you should invest any worry into the angry or hostile comments that come through, though. A lot of what you are getting is most likely feedback from yourself. Some of it could be remnants of strong emotions from a living person who happened to be in that physical space, You could risk being dragged down by broken, fragmented negativity (or worse) if you take it too seriously.

    But what about that voice in Sedona AZ, that sounded like a mosquito “you’re gonna fail”. That was good you amplified so that everyone could hear it, though. That’s one voice nobody needs to listen to.

    Some of the clearest to me were the ones that were singing or had a variation in frequency or tone. Although you felt the need to slow it down for your listeners, to me they were much clearer at full speed. The sing-song ones reminded me of what I hear before waking up after a dream, sometimes.

  98. Awesome thanks a lot
    unfortunately I just forked out $290 for a ovilus 3
    few weeks ago
    some ppl love it and swear by it
    while others hate it and say it’s junk
    I haven’t investigated with it yet to form a opinion either way
    I’ve only toyed around with it around the house
    thinking now maybe I’ll just sell it or trade it
    too late to return it
    thanks for thr quick response
    any opinions on em pumps or mel meters?

  99. Im recently just started investigating
    I need your opinion on something
    out of the following,how do you rank these devices as far as results a1.ovilus 3
    2.psb7 spirit box
    3.franks box
    4.ordinary radio in a.m.setting?
    Which works best?
    how would you rank them in order?
    Price is unimportant
    all are affordable
    also…..as far as settings on the ovilus 3 what gain and offset
    please help
    thank you very very much
    which do you find most accurate?
    And also as far as

    • Neither. Get either a hacked Sangean DT200x or an Andys Box at chicagospiritwave.com. Franks Box is overpriced and muffled, the P-SB7 is not so hot and an ordinary radio will not scan while not muting. Ovilus III is junk.

  100. PS I just happened on to your homeless projest you are an amazing photographer i love the picture of the mans hand with the cigarette, fabulous composition.

  101. hey steve this is tracy i am a 5th gen native of PHX and just been dying to askyou something: I have become convinced over the years that there is a geographic are of our city that is some sort of hub for high strangeness….this area has altogether too many “haunted houses” “apparitions” “et encounters” “alleged covens of dark nature” “fairies” “ufo sightings” “creepy churches” and “watchers”…seriously over the years I have compiled quite a little collection of my own and others experiences in this one area of PHX. And no, I am really quite sane and not a nutter. I dont name the area because Im kinda guessing you will know where I am referrring to. Also just want to say I reallyu love your youtube channel, esp. that you are a father son team, I think thats really great…so pop me a line and maybe we can compare notes if you want. Be well and I hope to hear from you soon.

  102. Hi Steve,
    I have been super aware of spirits around me since a very young age. Have been a true believe in many facets, i.e., spirit guides, past lives, etc. Have had many experiences in our house, when the children were growing up and continue today. Things travels around the rooms, footsteps constantly around the house, stomping up the basement stairs, rattling the doorknob on the door and then abruptly stopping. We are forever hearing people holding conversations, but not able to understand what is said. See shadows moving. The three children, now 31, 27 and 27 have all experienced something. Just last month, our daughter who lives with us since her husband died, saw her 2 year old run up the stairs. She yelled to her and realized her child was in the other room with me. Our granddaughter has seen a child standing in her room many times. Our son, who had the upstairs bedroom, was “harassed” constantly, until he moved out. None of this bothers us because we feel we share our home with many different spirit, none have ever done any harm, playful, but no harm. It is part of life. We love sharing our stories to both believers and non-believers.
    I have reached a point that I would like to know more about who is here. I know our daughter’s husband and my mother come and go. I want to delve more into these energies. Would you please suggest what tools and instruments I should get? I just feel pulled to pursue this and it keeps getting stronger. Our granddaughter and babysitter are experiencing the most activity. I probably should have had someone come over before, but felt I did not want to intrude on the space that we all share. Thanks for your help. Nancy P.s. I was around in the 1800’s as well, which is part of the problem or solution, whichever way you look at it.

  103. Hi Steve!

    I admire your work! When I was younger I was quite skeptical as to the terms of ‘spirits’, ‘ghosts’ and ‘angels’, but after a while my dad began showing interests in things such as listed previously, and I was watching his EMF sessions with two ghosts in a cemetery near by. It was then when I realized that these were REAL.

    I’ve heard lots of stories that say that ghosts are the spirits of people who have unfinished business to do on Earth. Is this true? Or are ghosts anybody that died from anywhere? I’m assuming your opinion is yes, because in one of your posted videos you ask the spirits via. spirit box EVP session if they were from heaven or hell. Would you mind clarifying this for me? I would appreciate it greatly! ~Neisa-Ruth

  104. Steve and Brandon, I am an older woman who misses her Mom. She died in 1985 after a tough life raising 3 girls alone thru the 60’s when it was more rare. She worked hard all her life, sometimes 3 jobs to raise her girls. When she finally retired, she was diagnosed with Cancer and died with in a year. She never had happiness here on eath and I would like to knw she has found some happiness, peace, and rest in her afterlife. I am in Georgia, and was wondering if you could tell me if I could build or buy an angel spirit box so I might speak with her. Your advice would be greatly appreciated! D

  105. hey steve! my name is Brandon too! i’m 16 and i’ve been watching your videos lately, and i’d like to ask for your advice. ever since i was a baby i could sense things and see things my family couldn’t. five years ago me and my mother moved into a house that was haunted. things would move around the house and i would see things at night and i didn’t feel safe in my room. i had to sleep with my mother. my mother finally believed me, and moved us out of that house, when a black shape ran past her and behind the couch. she moved the couch and all the furniture and never found it. after we moved i’ve felt this presence following me wherever i go. lol as i’m typing this, something just touched my leg. i want to ask if you think it’s safe to contact this thing? a spirit box would be really hard for me to get, a Ouija board would be much easier to get a hold of. do you think it’s safe to use one of those instead? you can email me at brandonbraman@yahoo.com no caps. 🙂

  106. Hi Steve! I’m so glad I found your site! Finally, a real person doing real things with the paranormal! I’m so tired of bogus videos & audio recordings. I know your a busy guy, so Ill try & make this short & sweet. I’m not asking for you to contact a dead loved one, or share one of my many experiences. I actually have some valid questions & I would really like to hear your take on them. First of all, on your page you have said that there are spirits Everywhere! I have had experiences since I was very young (now 40), everywhere I have lived. For a while I just thought I MUST be haunted, but I really like the way you explained that spirits are drawn to certain people. I’m not a medium or physic, that I know of. I have done some small work with EVPs on a simple audio recorder with great communication. Since I seem to draw spiritual activity no matter where I am, should I work on maybe delving deeper into trying to develop & learning to control some kind of medium abilities? If they are spending time letting me know they are there, I almost feel an obligation to “give” something back, if that makes any sense? I’ve also, like many others had my eye on a spirit box the past couple years, however ever since I recorded an EVP session and got the word “Mort” (death or die in Latin) 3 consecutive times in a row, I’ve just been leery about messing with something I shouldn’t. (after this EVP, very strange things started to happen to me & my family) But trying the spirit box in another location other than my home makes sense. The other question I have deals in Reincarnation. I was raised Catholic, but as a nonpracticing adult I do definitely believe in a higher power. I also believe in people having lived several lives. It just seems that some folks are old souls and wiser than others. What are your thoughts on this? I only ask because im sorta confused by my own beliefs…lol! If a spirit has past on & been reincarnated, how are we able to communicate with them? Actually, if a lost spirit crosses over into the light, how can they be contacted if they no longer reside in a purgatory type plain? If your not comfortable answering these questions on your page, you can email me directly at bhennessy5154@gmail.com. Thank you for your valuable time & please keep making these amazing videos!

    • Well, thanks for watching and reading and leaving the comment. I hear you on the “real person doing real things”. I found that there was a real lack of that out there and when I realized I was in a way “connected” I knew I had to keep going. I have had threats come through, I have had messages of love come through and i have had what appeared to be messages from those who passed come through…BUT…I do not trust those. I can not say for sure if they were or were not messages from “the other side” as no one knows where all of this really comes from. For all I know it could be Aliens, some other life form more intelligent, or yes, spirits.

      They could be nice, they could be evil, they could be manipulators. No one knows.

      All we can do is keep pushing on, or leave it alone. Many stop due to fear but I have nothing to fear so will keep going and pushing on and maybe, just maybe, one day I can find some answers. Highly unlikely as no one ever has found answers, just theories. Others feel like they know it all and those are the ones to worry about.

      But I cannot answer your questions..yet. I believe in many of the things you do as well, and have my own “theories” due to my experiences and YES, they are indeed everywhere. I did a test last night with EVP in my backyard, at the park, and all kinds of places where you would never think to record EVP yet I did. Crazy stuff!

  107. Steve,

    Hi! My name’s Mike and I have been reading for all night and just being stunned and amazed. I live in Blaine MN (don’t ya know) and I’ve been having some EVT or whatever it’s called where I’m hearing voices in the middle of the night. Also I find that I’m being pushed down and compressed into my bed at some points in the night. I’m 14. Please give me some insight. It’s really freaking me out!

    -Mike Huso

  108. Hello Steve: well I came across this site by finally having enough of anxiety since I was a young child and always having the feeling that the after life is always around me i googled paranormial and anxiety from the dead talking to me and you came up I write in the hopes that I have reached out to the right one finally ?? crazy but true stories I can share are amazing.. would love to hear a message back from you heck maybe with all the tv shows out there we could start our own believe me I did not read all your stories but feel that we could connect on a level that would give me understanding and closure.

  109. Hey Steve,
    Great work! Just wanted to tell of a quick funny experience…
    About a year ago I got a recorder and tried for some evp’s.
    Im 28 and all my buds are dead so I wanted to see. Im recording
    and asking questions and nothing. So I said screw it and left it
    running as im sleeping. Well, 10 mins in I fart! Loud audible fart!
    Well just after that, I actually heard a voice that sounds like
    one of my buds saying, “NICE!” True story! Had to share
    that one! Keep up the amazing work! -Steveo

    • I’m guessing they are all dead from Iraq and Afghanistan, I am in the same boat, the wife and I did one, sb7 ghost box, and a voice said, you made it andy, i’m happy makes me think long and hard

  110. hello steve,
    i m minakshi,from india,can u pls help me.i want to talk to mu father in law.he is not alive.plsss help me

  111. You and your son’s hard work is much appreciated! Thank you for sharing! I saw in one of your videos and a photo a Ouija board. Would you mind telling if/how you use the board, and when you started using or including the board? Do you feel like it was effective in opening a door? Thank you.

  112. hi Steve

    i lost my 3 years old son on 20th march 2013. he was suffering from cancer. i miss him very much. i want to know how is he? i want to talk to him.he is happy or not.please help me steve.my life is very painful these days.my son name is atharwa.

  113. Hi Steve

    i would like to know if you get just as much bad spirits as you do good. i have been watching your videos from the start i remember your first video with not so many views anyway me and my Nana are psychic i know this because my Nana talks to them in her sleep and has predicted people are going to die and they have. i would also like to know if you have ever used tarot cards before as i have and they have told me lots of things.


  114. Steve like you as a child I had experiences. I have seen the dead. I have never told anyone. Now I have a problem maybe you can help me with. About eight or nine months ago I woke up on my back being strangled. Now I never sleep on my back since I had part of my lung removed. I was scared but as a believer I shouted get out get out now. He has stopped all this time. Tonight though its back. My hair on my arms stood up and I had that electrical feeling again. Then a rather large black shadow went across the kitchen light fixture. I have a disease that is rather painful. I am 67. I have heard that if you are depressed it can bring on evil. My son who is 41 had the ability that I do told me to get a digital recorder. I live with my best friend and he wouldn’t understand. No I am not a cuckoo I am for real. I just have never told anyone until I told my son tonight. Lets face it people of my generation would say your crazy. This black figure doesn’t scare me but it makes me very nervous. Could you give me some suggestions on what to do. I don’t imagine you will ever read this but it helps. Do you feel heavy feelings once in awhile? Marilyn

  115. I took your photo from the ‘mirror’ shot where the face showed up and I contrasted it and lightened and there really is a face. WOW.
    You can email me from my website if you want it. I am just a graphic designer and lost a precious family member last year. We are Christians
    but have open minds – my brother in law Michael Middleton (53) died suddenly in 2012 and he was very spiritual, Praise Jesus, and my sister is suffering very much from it (married 33 years), she wants to know if hes ok and waiting for her, she does not know I am writing. Mike would probably be mad that I am writing to you, too….but anyway. Let me know if you want the picture, its amazing. -Twyla

  116. hey steve, i really like your videos, their pretty exciting to watch. keep up with the nice work. by the way, im from portugal 🙂

  117. hi steve. by watcjing your videos ive become more interested into the paranormal investigating. i want to try and make contact with my auntie and my grandad who recently died. im worried that i might call on evil spirits while im at it and i really dont want to harm my family or people around me as they dont seem to keen on the fact that i want to communicate with the paranormal. please respond on how i can contac them without putting my family, friends and myself in danger

  118. Steve:

    Thank You for sharing your work, I was truly amazed. I especially enjoyed the footage of you and your Father and I know from personal experience what that feels like. Truly awesome! I have dabbled with paranormal a bit myself but no where close to your league. I am trying to educate myself more and finding your page was a blessing. I have been searching for my father and grandmother for many years now and I feel they are close, especially since my youngest daughter was born this past August. I would just like to actually see or hear them. Anyways I will be following your work Sir, and again Thank You.

  119. Hi Steve,
    Thx for opening my eye even more than they was opened for paranormal stuff.
    I catch many class A EVP on my voice recorder but now I will hopefully open all new way for comunication with spirits and angels.
    I try to find how you make your saegan to continuosly search for station and to hear all time voices and music when is turning on?
    Do you have any description of that?

    I will buy little grunding fm/am radio, same thing like your saegan… hopefully I will get good result with it. If I can ask you for help for modification of it?

    Best regards from Croatia,

  120. Hi Steve, I enjoy watching your videos. My question is, I have a ghost box and in one of your videos I noticed you were using the FM frequency which is the best to use, and do I need anything to enhance the sound so I can hear better. I work in a nursing home, and have been getting a lot of activity late at night. so i took a few pics with my phone, and got several ghosts. i would like to communicate with them using my ghost box any suggestions. Thanks,

  121. Hi Steve,

    Not sure if this is proper to ask or not? I lost my father last july 2012 and i tried many ways to contact him to see if he is happy and he is happy with me and my family. I would like to learn more about the ghost box, but I was hoping that next time you have a session can you ask for Mahendar Raj? Just want to know if he is happy and tell him I am sorry for everything?

  122. Have you ever asked an entity what the best way for contacting them is? Please try this if you haven’t done so. Also, have you tried and experimented with meditation? Our bodies hold a frequency similar to that of radiowaves and perhaps this can be explored further.

  123. Hello Steve,

    Very interesting stuff indeed. Have always been fascinated by the paranormal but as of the moment I am still a skeptic. Well, I would say more of a semi-skeptic since I know for certain that while it is impossible to prove that spirits truly exist it is also impossible to prove that they do not. Furthermore, philosophers have — for the last two thousand years — been unable to settle the mind body problem; that is the fact that the body is a physical object and is perceived to be so by most any individual, whereas the mind is not at all perceived as a physical thing. So how can something wholly not physical be predicated upon or arise from something that is physical. Two thousand years of philosophy and all that has arisen from it– chemistry, physics, medicine and so on — have been unable to answer that question. Now I have some questions of my own that I think you might be able to answer. I am interested in using a ghost box style device for experimentation. However, having watched your videos I have come to the conclusion that the ps-7 is very noisy and highly overrated and the radio shack radios have been made hack proof. The most interesting spirit box device I have seen is the hacked one you have used that does not allow any radio interference at all. That means no radio contamination is possible. However, I have no idea on how to go about deciding on one to purchase. I do have experience with circuit theory and the building of circuits. So if i found viable schematics, I just may be able to assembly one from scratch. Any advice or further commentary on the multitude of different devices would be very helpful.


    Chase Turner

  124. Amazing ..you are really an amazing guy. I am an Indian and I had my girlfriend ,she was a Brazilian, and she died on 21st Feb 2012 due to blood cancer, I am very sad and i am trying to search ways to make a contact with my lover. I want to talk to her and say her that i miss her very much.
    Can you help me ?

  125. hey steve, I had a few question i have seen and heard spirts for a long time since i was 6 and i talk to themall the time but there is one spirt that keeps showing herself but i really dont know why or evenhow to go about asking her i dont know who she is eather i was wondering if u could help me by giveing me so ideas to try
    thank u christina

    • All I can suggest is to record video with a camera or phone. Set it on a table, press record and talk. Ask for a reply. Ask who is there. Usually they do not even know who they are. I always get “I don’t remember” when I ask. They never know why they are there or where they are. But if you record nightly for a week or two, believe it and are open to it you will get replies. I find shooting video/audio is better than just using an audio recorder.

  126. Hi Steve,

    I have watched just about ever piece of video that you have posted and you have reignited my interest in the paranormal, for which I Thank you. I am looking into buying a radio, however, I have had bad experiences with the paranormal in the past and I want to try to make contact with my spirit guide for protection. I have tried several techniques that I have read online but I cannot seem to focus my thoughts enough, I let random thoughts in constantly. Do you have any advise that could possibly help me ? How did you contact your spirit guide?

    Thank you in advance, Please keep up the good work !

    Adam Osborne

  127. Hi Steve,

    we are a team of paranormal investigators from the Netherlands and we love your video’s. We make our own EVP’s whit de Sangean DT-250 en P-SB7 ghostboxes and get some great results. You can hear the EVP’s on our own website, but it’s only in Dutch :-).
    Keep up the good work with your son Brandon en we can’t wait to see your next video.

    greetings from the Netherlands,
    Duparin Paranormal.

  128. Hi Steve! I love you site and all your postings on YouTube. I was about to order the p-sb7-2 from a place online called the ghost stop but is that what you reccomend? Or am I better off going to radio shack and hacking? And if i am better off going to the shack which model do you suggest?/ Thanks for your time! Please please please keep putting up your posts on youtube!!

  129. Hi Steve, am from the UK, and I used to have one the old Radio shack ghost boxes, and had some great results, but now I have the SB7, and am finding it difficult to get a useful setting. What would you say is the best setting to use?

    Thanks Robin

    • The Radio Shack hacks are better than the SB7 which is noisy, irritating and NEEDS an external speaker. Try FM, scan rate of 200. I get full pieced together sentence replies from odd sounding accents using this mode. Reverse or forward scan doesn’t matter as it is still scanning the channels the same way. I had to use my P-SB7 for a few days for responses but #1 thing..record EVERY session and you will hear MUCH MUCH more.

  130. hiya steve!
    im frankie, im from a tiny town called clevedon in england. this stuff really interests me and i want to get into it all more but im scared! im also scared of dying. im 17 and this is crazy i know but i was wondering if you could give me some kind of reassurance that when we pass we arent just nothing and souls/spirits do move on to bigger and better places..thankyou!

  131. Wow Steve…I just watched the video with the static and clicking on the radio and I think you are on to something really big. The evp from Nicholas was amazing. He seems to have a British accent. Please pursue this form of ITC. I think it works as good as the ghost box. I’m a loyal fan. Love your work.


    • Thanks, I was quite amazed myself at that video and will 100% be doing more testing like this. It rules out radio stations completely and the voices seem to come in much better than standard EVP.

  132. Hi steve,sally marie here,i was thinking for an added dimension perhaps you could leave a trigger object,when you next do an overnight session,with camera locked on? and sometimes using a bell encourages spirit,already looking forward to youre next video as they have cheered me up so much since i came across youre site a week ago,it has re-awakened a purpose in me..im going to try out my radio tomorrow,if i get results like you did that will be great,thanks sal:)

  133. Hello Steve. I came across your site while doing a google search. I find what you do very interesting. I, myself, have been able to communicate with spirits ever since I have been a small child. Growing up, everyone thought I was crazy. I could always sense that they were there. I have been scared out of my mind many times throughout my life. Thankyou for sharing your research with people. I have found that those of us who do believe that life here on earth is only a beginning, tend to be more open to those who have already passed on. Thanks again.

  134. Hey Steve, I’m a big fan andsubscriber of your work on youtube so I decided to read you article and I’m even more impressed with what you do and how you do it. I just put my first evp session together and it’s alot of trial and error trying to learn the programs and seeing whats best but I’m a quick learner. You have shown me alot in your videos and I cant wait to learn more. Thanks!

  135. Hi Steve , I love what you do & how you do it 🙂 You have been a huge inspiration to me . I have purchased a shak hak box , and started investigating for the first time this week . I was watching your videos alot at home . And now I keep getting the name Steve in pretty much all of my videos . I do not know if the spirit is named Steve , or they are wanting to speak with you through me . Please watch the Steve videos ,I made thanks xoxo Lisa 🙂

      • Oh cool lol to funny ….. I didn’t even know you wrote me back , I never got a inbox message , ect ….. Can you PLEASE watch some of my videos 🙂 I have watched all of yours and subscribed to you too ; ) Some of mine are crazy some were Satan , some were a guy named Steve alot , and some are rude girl ghosts , ect 🙂 Thanks for speaking with me Steve , you rock ; )

        • Steve , Please help … I have Captions on all of my videos , but I don’t think anyone else can see them just me … And I only can see them on my laptop , not cell phone … I don’t think my captions are public … And I don’t know how to do that .. 🙁 I get amazing responses , just like you . And now I talk to my spirit guide too and his name is Steve too … Please can you help me figure out why my captions are not showing up ? Thankyou so much !

          • Thanks for responding , I use Videocritter.org
            I put the captions on my you tubes videos url video , after I make the captions on videocritter.org ..Then I go to you tube videos manager , and click edit , then captions , & I add them as a transcrpt file on you tube …. When I watch the videos I made on youtube on my laptop , I see the captions , when I watch them on my cell phone the captions are not there …. But also I’m worried that noone can see my captions at all , just me 🙁

          • Can you watch one of my videos from your computer or laptop for me , and see if the captions are there ? And I also do not know why they are not showing up when I watch one of my videos from my cell phone .. I have watched yours and your captions show up on my phone …Thankyou so much …Lisa …

          • I have no idea about videocritter but I do not see any captions on your videos. Titles need to be embedded in editing using software for them to be there.

          • I don’t see anywhere on youtube video editing where you can embedd a title ? : ( I’m new to all of this …. I don’t understand why I am seeing the captions on youtube & noone else is … 🙁 I typed in iMovie , and there is tons of different ones … I just clicked on iMovie’11 and I don’t see any options for captions … Can you paste a url , or page link to the site you use , maybe I can try to redue all of my videos one at a time … 🙁 Thanks ..

          • Well good news they are showing up now 🙂 Yey ! All I did was change the color of the captions and now for some reason they are showing up 🙂 I have captions saying thankyou , we owe you one , and we’ll protect .. 🙂 So that’s a great thing seeing that when I first started I was talking to demons or people in hell … But now I don’t 🙂 Thanks for your advice & please subscribe to my videos , thanks Steve 🙂

  136. Hi Steve
    I am new to the ghost box and evp things so if you could help explain if those words you had picked up from the sessions may be were just random short wave radio stations from all over the place. Couldn’t you manually scan the channel one by one to see if which one gives you the clearest evp’s because i believe spirits have the same wave length or frequency?
    In Vietnam there is a famous lady who had accidently acquired the ability to first see the spirit then later was able to communicate with them. She has been working for about 20 years helping to return the dead soldiers home (of course bones only) .She is currently working for The Research Institute for Human Capability in Hanoi Vietnam.
    The communist goverment of vietnam used to be atheism but for the past 20 years has been supporting her in retrieving and returning their heroes home. Unfortunately she only speaks Vietnamese otherwise this would be all over the world because the US government would like her help to bring our own heroes home. Actually the Institute where she works has been contacted by the Japanese and French and i think they have been working to find the mechanism of her ability. So far even quantum physics could not explain how that works.
    I know this for the fact so i thought i share the story here and that life after death is real for those who still
    doubt about it.
    One thing she says for the lost souls is the more we pray for our loved ones who passed the faster they will find the light or leave the astral plane and join the final destination where all spirits call home

    Steve I hope by doing meditation and yoga you will one day become like this lady or at least communicate better with the spirit world.
    The lady i talked about has been doing this for FREE for so long. She is just like one of us married and has two boys. I hope you keep doing this for the sakes of lost spirits and for those of who are interested in the life after life.

  137. Steve, I love your blog and have been reading your Sony reviews for a year or so, I’ve been thinking about purchasing the Sony RX-1, after reading your review I do believe I will get one later this spring. I take pictures as a complete release of the every day. I decided to read “About Me”, and I couldn’t believe your interest in the paranormal. I grew up in a haunted farmhouse and have had literally 100’s of encounters in it while I was growing up. I can actually say I was kissed by a ghost,I moved out the day after I graduated High School and have only been back a few times. I too watched my dad die a slow agonizing death from cancer, “really sucks,huh.” I am still interested in the paranormal and I am getting ready to take a trip to Savannah. I plan on going to the Bonaventure Cemetery as well as to some other well known paranormal sites. I really have enjoyed your site. Thank you.

  138. Hey my name harley I’m 18 and would love to get through to my nan who passed away couple of years ago could you help me

  139. Hi Steve,

    I’m in the Phoenix-ish area (Tucson) and would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my parents passing. My father was in 2000 and my mother 2010. They both communicated with me after their deaths, but I’ve not heard from them for a while. If it wouldn’t interfere with whatever they’re supposed to move on to, I’d love the opportunity to speak with them. I’ve often considered (even to the point of looking at purchasing a spirit box) attempting to contact them myself, but am extremely concerned at the idea of pulling something to me I don’t mean to and definitely don’t want. I wouldn’t want to do something to keep them here if though –

    Please let me know your thoughts.

  140. Hi. I just come across this and found it very interesting.I am wanting to get a spirit box and few other things. Just wondering if you could point me into right direction. I totally believe and want to communicate with spirits I have had this interest for awhile now I watch ghost adventures regularly. And but I don’t want to get hurt doing this. Again thank u for sharing your videos

  141. hi im really interested in trying to communicate with my son to give me some kind of acceptance that he is still heree with me,, i dont know wot or where to start .. its only been 2 months and its all so raw the emotion, please can you help me xxx thankyou

    • Tricia I am so sorry for your loss. I would if I can make a suggestion to get a spirit box for communication. Our son has lost a couple friends just recently and we believe he was able to communicate with them through the box. Again I am so sorry or your loss I hope this can bring you some conmfort and closure. God bless.

  142. *****steve huff…. I love ur videos. This is very important I need u to contact my mother Marie derna lorgis I need to know if she’s ok plz…… I’ve been stress over her death n I can t move on until I know if shes ok it has been a year now….. ******** love u n ur videos thànx


  143. Hi Steve,
    Im an avid Follower and thankyou for elightening all of us with your wonderful work.
    Ive constantly recieved and recorded amazing intelligent responses on my Android Spritvox 2.0 which has me addicted hook ,line ,and sinker.
    I want to upgrade my equipment which im finding hard to do here in australia.
    Ive only just got off Ebay from purchasing a Sangean DT200x and just seen your video on how there no longer hackable, is there anyway i can tell before its posted if its the model that can be?
    I also noticed you have changed from a Tascam DR-05 recorder? Is there something else you recommend?
    The interest in my town is amazing and we all thank you for your time, and the invaluable information you freely give.
    Your Help would be appreciated and i hope one day i can share what i have recorded to date with you.

    • Hey Paul, thanks for watching! If you like Spiritvox give Echovox a try, that is my fave from them. The Dt200x you have may or may not be hackable and the only way to know is to try it. If it works you are lucky! If not then not so much. As for the recorder, I still have a Tascam DR-05 but my all out fave now is the Roland R-05. Both are good but I seem to pick up more EVP with the roland, even more than if I used super fancy $600 recorders. The Roland is not cheap at $199 but it is very nice and my AA’s last 4-5 months.

      • Hi Steve,
        Thankyou for taking the time to reply.
        I just finished a session using the Echovox, set on noise and halfway between Ch.A and Ch.B i managed to record some clear intelligent responses on my phone using RecForge lite, when you have the time id love to email them to you for your opinion.
        Im going to take your advice and go the Roland.
        I will give the DT200x a shot once it arrives, but i will probably have to order PSB7 as theres nothing at all available here in Australia and finding pre loved equipment has been impossible.
        Once again thankyou for giving me the knowledge to be able to listen and interact safely, with respect, whilst using the correct equipment to monitor and log my amazing sessions.
        Take care and happy hunting.

  144. Hey Steve!
    Love your story and your vids . I sent you a comment on YouTube channel but perhaps you’ll reply here. I’m looking for advice with the spirit box. I recently purchased the one you have but am afraid to open my world and home up to anything .. Unexpected … Do you have any advice on how to protect myself from any unwelcome entities in my home. Demonic , evil, whatever words we choose to use you know what I mean. Any words of caution before attempting contact with this world?

    • Well, many will tell you ways to protect yourself but the facts are that no one really knows if you can protect yourself. It is all theory and talk. No one knows anything for fact. Not me, no one. All you can do is try what is recommended but I found nothing will stop a spirit from attaching if they want to do so. All I can say is if you do go forward it can get intense..at the same time you may not get much of anything. But if you do start getting detailed replies then you will also start getting spirits who want to be around you all of the time as they will know you can communicate with them. Every now and again you could run into a mean and nasty entity of some sort but to date I have had no major physical harm come to me.

  145. Hi Steve,
    I love your videos. I recently started using a K2 meter, EM pump and a recorder in my basement to see if I could capture any EVPS after my adult kids told me that they believe something was in my basement. It took almost 3 weeks before I got my first Evp, since than I’ve been hooked. I’ve gotten nearby and distance EVPs, some with only a word or two all except ONE. It was Dec 22 early morning that I decided to put on a Christmas CD upstairs in my living room , a CD that I made back in 2005. Anyhow, I took my recorder downstairs, turned it on and just sat there. When I reviewed my recording there were several spirits talking and wishing each other a Merry Christmas. They even say …..Our first spirit Christmas, Merry Christmas Spirits and so on. This goes on for 19 minutes. I would love for you to hear this. I was totally AMAZED at what I’ve actually captured with just a recorder.

  146. I was wondering if you could help me talk to someone, please, please please, I sleep eat and drink this girl but I often find myself thinking of her all the the time

  147. hey steve, i m 18 now bt i always had sum fascination for the supernatural stuff frm begining..bt no one believes bt i do……and ur videos r awesum man…….and yah does it always has to be quija board and not any normal paper or sumthin on which we can write down the things?…

  148. Hey Steve. Just watched some of your videos. Great stuff!! Our son just got a Mel meter and a spirit ox or Xmas and we tried them out last night in our hotel room. We had many spirits coming through some is family and friends. It’s great to have others who are open minded about the afterlife to keep in touch with. Thanks a bunch.


  149. Hi Bro – u brought me back to life to some extent. I’m from India and working in NY. I’m 31 and lost my father at 64 just a month back. He was my life line – with him going I’m completely lost without any hope of life. I’m normal but whatever I do seems so meaningless.
    I was zero believer in afterlife etc, even I don’t even know what my moon or sun sign is. After his death I have the only hope left – afterlife! I desparately want to believe he is around me. I will be able to meet (after life) or communicate with him some day.
    I never feared death or never longed for life after death – it’s only my desire to hug him again if after life exists.
    You and your work gave me some peace and hope Sir – I’m ever grateful to you. Hope I could meet you in Phoenix some day…

  150. Hi Steve

    I came across your page because I am desperately trying to teach myself how to open up to spirit communication. My 23 year old son passed away suddenly in July 2012. I believe that communication with him will help me with the grieving. The night after he passed away, he came to me and told me he was gone but would be back to visit me – and mentioned something about having a lot of work to do. I haven’t been able to dream of him since but I have been to a couple of Mediums who told me things that were between my son and I only. I have hope that I will be able to open up my mind. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. My email is reebe1969@gmail.com Thanks!

  151. if you would like a extra hand on any investigation please feel free to email me i have been in the paranormal investigations since 1996 and i am looking for very expierienced people to execute investigations with. i have a team of 7 but there always investigating out of state all the time so that leaves me to do much of my own investigating on my own . thank you very much lonnie m king at bounty hunter paranormal

  152. Hello Steve,

    I stumbled across this site while researching my options for communicating with the next dimension. I want to do this for the purpose of recieving enlightening revelations & advice for my life. I have read that the original purpose of televisions & radios were for communicating with the ancestors & it is an Egyptian technology. I think it is awesome that you are helping lost spirits. I would be willing to do that as well if I can get over my fear of randomly hearing & feeling ghosts.

    So to my question…i saw where you contacted your father. It seemed that he wasnt lost & they had to go get him & he did not ask for help. So even though lost spirits are all around, do u think we could contact spirits regularly who are actually on the other side for the purpose of guidance?

    If you would be so kind, could you please respond via email tpmitch@gmail.com

    Thank you for sharing your breath taking experience

  153. Hello Steve.

    Let me start this off by saying that your story is what is helping me realize a few things that have happened in my life. I currently don’t believe in ghost, demons, spirits, etc. However, I have had a few expierences that have happened within the past year, and I was hoping maybe you could help shed some light on a few things.

    I live in a two story house, my room being upstairs, and I’ve had a number of things go down. At one point in my life, I became suicidal, and long story short, I pretty much invited evil into my life. I didn’t really expect anything to happen, and nothing as far as I could tell ever did. However, when my room was moved upstairs, things such as objects being moved around the room, and things being left open when I could have sworn on my life, I had shut them(doors) started to really make me wonder. The thing that has affected me the most, was when I came home from school one day(by the way, I’m currently 16 years old, and I don’t talk to my family about the things that have happened and the “things” I’ve felt, they don’t quite understand me, lol), and all of my nic-nacs on my dresser were moved around in a particularly odd way. I thought somebody was just trying to play a trick on me, so I went downstairs and calmly asked if anyone had been in my room that day. Everybody said no, and I made sure to emphasize how serious I was, and I asked all of them again, saying, “if someone has done this as a joke, I seriously need to know, now.” Again, they all said no, and looked at me like I was crazy, and for a while, I thought i was insane.

    The bottom line is, considering my age and my past, I don’t have much pull around the house, because it’s so easy for them to doubt me. I’m not 100% sure about what I believe, I just want to know if you have any tips on how I could maybe contact the spirits(if there are any in my house) safely.

    Thanks from an extremely curious teenager,


  154. I have been following your spirit box videos and am really impressed. I am a disabled veteran with a lot of time now on my hands, and am going to get into paranormal investigating. I live in Louisiana where we have some really famous sites to check out.

    I am in need of some advice if you can help? Do you recommend setting up a video camera and film all of these sessions as you do? Also what is the best way to record the sessions? I have a Olympus DS-30 digital recorder that should work for this(Do I hold the recorder up to the SB7 or attach it to the recorder with a cable?) and I also have several different audio editor programs and wonder the best way to use those? Any advice would be a Godsend, thank you so much in advance.

    Don V
    Monroe, La

    PS: Keep up the great work and I look forward to you & your son’s videos.
    I sent you a message on YouTube but not sure you got it as I don’t have your email Steve

  155. Hello Steve! What an amazing story, thank you so much for all you do, not only for us here in this life, but for those you are helping in spirit! I have been so intriged with this subject for so many years and little by little I have worked my way up to getting my own spirit box, and was looking around for more information (before I actually turn it on and use it), and found my way to this site! Your explanation is very informative,and in talking with my husband about it , I believe having a positive attitude and saying a prayer of protection is a must before any communication begins. I think alot of these shows on TV have really made it harder for everyday people to really take it seriously, and all that “calling out” and challenging of some of those spirits who are actually trying to get our attention would be like telling a person in a wheelchair to move out of your way! It’s just rude! Have to remember that they were people at one time (most of them anyway) so some respect is deserved. But how do you deal with the not so good entitys? Have you been physically attacked by any of the spirits you’ve encountered? I don’t plan on doing this in my home, since from what I’ve read it seems that the device is like a “beacon” to the spirits, but you state there was no way to turn it off once, you started, so I’m just asking before I jump in with both feet, would it even matter if I used it at home or not? Well, many blessings to you as you continue on your journey in helping others, and I will be checking out your site and your videos in the future, as I go along and find my way through this ….thanks again.

    • Hey Anna, thanks for the comment and reading this loooong page! Long story short…as long as you do not fear this, then it is safe to do in your home. Fear can drive you mad and if you are scared of it at all, then do not do it in your home. Try it outside of the home 1st and see how you feel about it. When I started, we did this almost every night for 3 weeks and this really got things going. Now I am like a magnet to them and they all keep coming to me for help..daily. Even when I record videos for my camera blog (this site) I pick up EVP’s with cries of help and I have to edit them out. So what I am now doing is meditation every day as well as trying to learn how I can help them so I can do so. Good luck!

      • Hi Steve, just a little info that I stumbled across recently and wanted to share with you. I was reading a book recently by a well known author and psychic and she explains in her book that there is a place where the souls of those who are lost (whether they have committed suicide or died having lost faith in the Creator) where they drift, sort of an in between place, where they are neither in “the light” or in a hell, if you will, or purgatory of any sort. (I am raised Catholic, yet have more faith than practice, so Catholicism or religion is not what I’m talking about, just to clear that up ). This place that she has seen (by way of O.B.E, totally different subject here) she claims these lost souls are just that, and need to be prayed for extensively…by believing in and having faith once again in our Creator…they can hear our prayers apparently, this will wake them from the endless “wandering” in this desolate realm and guide them to the “light”! This makes me realize that our prayers can do so much for the departed, even the ones who we’ve never met in life! I am just handing you a different stance at this, and you can take what you want and leave the rest, but to me I can understand why there are so many pleas for “help”…”pray for us”…ect. Perhaps during those moments when the “medium” isn’t being used and you may be getting a restless night, a few prayers for all souls would help ,not only them , but you too! Well, take care, and blessings to you always,

  156. Hey Steve,

    while I am reading your great site about Leica and stuff I just stumbled over your new interest. Some months ago I saw a very very interesting documentation about Prof. Ernst Senkowski. A german physicist. The documentation is in german and you have to pay for the full length. But there is a preview you can watch, so you will get an idea what’s all about it. It might be interesting for you and Brandon.



  157. hi steve..i juz started watching your videos i am from India but trust me i am enjoying your viedos..i am interested in paranormal since 2-3 years am working as an architect..but your videos made me crazy…thank you brother for the videos..:) i want to explore more.plz let me know by mailing..:)

  158. Hi Steve,
    I want to ask you something.
    Since it is possible de communicate with spirits, why can’t we get more than just a few words at the time?
    Why can’t we have a simple conversation with them?
    I would like to know what the world looks like from there point of vue…
    Thank you and good job, by the way!

    • If anyone knew this we would have all of the answers. Sadly, no one knows. All we can do is keep pushing and doing research. I have found that so much has been opened up in the last 2-3 years in this field and I believe one day..not surw when..but one day we WILL be able to have conversations though I also believe that spirits can not have full intelligent conversations as they do not have a memory. I have captured so many “I do not remember” EVP’s from questions that it leads me to believe many really do not know what they are, where they are or why they are. The lost ones who are earthbound. The brain was part of their physical body but then again, so was their voice box so who knows 🙂 One day we will all know..when we die.

      • Steve That’s Best answer, I have ever heard, that is what I believe ( one day we will all know, when we die )
        Yes we will see the truth when we die

  159. HI steve, im not speak english, but i need some answers for you please!
    first, i have a program called “spiritvox” from android, can you talk me about this please?, can you do a video for this program in the future?
    second, if i make contact whit spirits and i find a “evil spirit”, as I do to protect myself from it?.i need amulets or somethings?
    excuse my ignorance, but im new on all this!
    I congratulate you for all your work, very reliable, and you are nice to everyone (living and dead) hehehehe. a hug from Chile! goodbye

  160. I’ve been reading through your site and found it interesting. Your experience with the Franks Box/Spirit Box is similar to what I’ve heard from some others. I’m a paranormal investigator who’s been doing this since 1977. I heard about the Franks Box at an American Ghost Society conference four or five years ago. I have the Radio Shack hack version of it.

    One of the things we were warned about during Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s presentation was that using it frequently at home had a side effect of attracting a lot of ghosts, spirits, and entities. With my own team, we set a rule that we would not use it at home and only once in a house where people are living.

    There is a bed and breakfast in Keosauqua Iowa that has had Chris Moon coming out with a Franks Box for several years. Since then, the Mason House Inn has literally become infested with ghosts and spirits. They no longer allow any other paranormal investigators to use a spirit box on site, because they credit them with bringing in some dark entities. The owners did a presentation at program where I was also presenting. They had the same kind of growth in numbers of ghosts and spirits that you did. It started small, with some resident ghosts that they already knew were there and then attracted in pretty much every paranormal entity in the area.


    It’s good that you’re sharing your own experiences to serve as a cautionary tale for others who might decide that they want to experiment. There are risks involved and not to be taken lightly. I’ll be treking over to youtube to see your videos. Thanks for sharing.

  161. Hello Steve,

    I just had to contact you. I came across you by chance whilst searching reviews for the K2 meter. I have watched with interest and excitement ALL your videos (“Liked” them all), and read this extremely interesting blog. WOW! I have subscribed to your YouTube account because I’m hooked! I am keen to watch you as you progress further, and as you experiment with your fantastic unique boxes. How talented you are. And you have time to make candles!!!

    What worried me when watching your videos was the amount of lost souls. I had no idea. I thought perhaps there may have been the odd spirit that lost its way for a short while, but not to the extent of your findings. I am shocked and saddened. In all my years being involved with the spirit world, (development circles at a spiritual church, psychic nights with my sister, who is a natural clairvoyant, but does not work as one, I never knew of this. I never came across a spirit that asked for help. The ones I have seen myself appeared content.

    I do have some questions, if you don’t mind.
    When you went to the beautiful church of the holy cross in Arizona, the spirit voices we heard in the church, were they captured on a voice recorder (Roland R-05 ) that is connected to your camcorder? Also did you hear what they said as they said it, or did you only find out when you got home and played it back? I’m just trying to understand how it works. And will any camcorder do?

    Now I know that there are lost souls not knowing where the light is, I really would like to be able to help them. I am just an ordinary person interested in all things spiritual/psychic and love tarot cards (I never leave home without a pack). The spirits have been kind to me by giving me positive true messages throughout my life, I would like to return that kindness and help them. So any extra tips on helping spirits find the light would be very much appreciated. I plan on buying a Sangean DT200X and will hack it. I’ll probably buy a KII meter, just to see if the lights change, like in your video, how amazing was that! Do you think I will need anything else like an EM Pump? Thanks.

    Just one more thing, this might sound silly but have you thought about making a shallow moat around your handmade box and filling it with salt? I heard that salt acts as a protector and perhaps it would prevent bad spirits from entering the box, therefore protecting the good spirits and protect your home. You could ask your spirit guide.

    Thank you Steve for the wonderful selfless work you are doing. God bless and protect you, your son and family. Looking forward to future videos 🙂

    Best of luck
    United Kingdom.

    • Hello Lisette,

      Thank you for the kind words, viewing the videos and reading this page. I appreciate all of it 🙂 As for the lost souls..it came as a shock to me as well as I find them EVERYWHERE. I have even seen them on two occasions, which is VERY rare for me and when it happened it was pretty intense. As for the church in AZ I have been there four times now and captured amazing EVP each time I have went there. The last time was when I instructed them all to come with me there and find the light. It was an amazing experience and more happened that I did not even write about or put in the video as it was very personal. When there it is silent. No one speaks, no on was coughing, no one was saying anything. There is light music playing and people come in and pray, sit, light candles and enjoy the moment. What you hear on the video was all sounds picked up but NOT heard in real time. In other words, when recording it was silent. No one was making noises. I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS mark the tape if I hear someone making a noise. In one video a little girl fell and cried but that was edited out.

      So what you hear is pure EVP..not heard with the ear. As for the echo you hear, spirit voices do indeed echo inside or rooms like that. They are IN THE ROOM. We can not see them but they are there. I feel them but do not see them 99% of the time. I use an HD video cam and use a Roland R-05 that goes direct to my camcorders mic input. I set my levels on the mic to an acceptable level and record. I get professional sound and a very sensitive mic.

      Thank you so much, hope this helps 🙂


  162. Steve,
    I spent this sat, reviewing your posts here and on youtube. You and I seem to be following the same course. How so you might ask.
    I started my journey in 1987 with the thought process of what is this all about, I asked for the guidance of Sarah Estep. With her thoughts, that confirmed what I surmised I went through several of the stages you did over the last few months. Stages I’m not going to elaborate upon, but leave it at, in 2000 I was not only hearing the evp’s physically, they matched on tape. The last was waking me up in the middle of the night, because they want to talk, or physically giving me signal.
    I moved away from my home in missouri to colorado in 2001 and left the research behind, simply because, my questions had been answered, there is life beyond us. And I tired of not being left alone, being touched, provoked to communication, woken in the night, as they are with us all the time.
    Since then I did take a time to help a family reconnect with a lost young one. And today, well, I noticed you began again this august, me consideration in sept. as I have a psb7 that I am still unsure as to whether I want to start an invitation. ( I live alone in a remote location, know the history of the home I am living in do I want visitors to deal with again)
    Like you, I can get evp’s practically anywhere, I noticed they call you by name and ask for help, which always bothered me.
    I’ve never seen a “ghost” and consider myself as psychic as a rock, but when in tune, I can hear them speak, physically that matches on tape, I feel the ghostbox may introduce more to my life on a continual basis than I need.

    • Thanks for you comment. You do indeed seem to be on the same coarse and the more I do this the more I am “in tune” – I know exactly what you mean. In any case, thank you for reading this and keep me updated 🙂

  163. Bless you for helping spirits instead of exploiting them for profit!!! I’ve helped two spirits cross over, and one of them stands out as one of the most worthwhile things I’ve done in my life. One of my goals is to help spirits cross, but for free – and I’m super thrilled to find there’s somebody else on this planet that isn’t driven by money or fame. I watched your YouTube video on going back to the Sedona chapel and was grinning and nodding most of the time while you spoke! I do have a burning question, though – when you turn the camera around forward and mention the Bell formation, what is the longer one to the right of that? I’ve been there during a meditation. I’ve looked at images for the Red Rocks for years, trying to find the one I saw, and there it was big as life in your video. Maybe one fine day I’ll actually get to go see the Red Rocks in person. Sedona has always been a someday destination of mine, and since I’m sensitive to all kinds of energy fields and magnetic sources, I’d love to just feel the place for a while.

    Thank you in advance, and keep clearing – this place needs all the light it can get!

  164. Hi Steve,

    I’ve been following your website for years, and you’re an inspiration. I check it every day, more than once. I just recently bought a mint E46 Elmarit-M 90, recalling that it was you who preferred it over the Summicron (and by the way, I also found that my now-discontinued $450 Voigtlander Color Heliar 75/2.5 is just as sharp wide open, but I haven’t tested smaller apertures head-to-head). But anyway, just out of curiosity, I was wondering what happened to your ex-wife, whose portrait photos I’ve admired over the years – including the headshot taken with that Elmarit 90, which I see in my head when I hold the lens. It’s really interesting the way I associate lenses with your photos. I bought a Zeiss C-Sonnar 50/1.5 after seeing your head-to-head portrait shot of Brandon, in which I preferred the rendering of the Zeiss. The Noctilux ASPH, I associate with Seal concert shots. The Summilux 50 ASPH, I associate with a cat photo you took. The Summilux 75, with the tattoo shop photos… and so on. Those shots are literally my mental frames of reference. Which is why I stopped by your site tonight. Having that headshot of your ex wife in my head, and not seeing photos of her lately, I hoped that maybe you wrote a personal article with an update about your personal situation, and maybe some advice or lessons learned – the kind you usually share with us. And that is how I found this blog entry. I find it strange how, for some reason, I’ve never come across this article, and I do read them all. I remember “seeing” that first photo of you at the cemetery, but that’s all. I do believe that I have some kind of entity or guardian angel watching over me, having miraculously survived accidents almost unscathed in the past. I believe there must be a reason to me being still kept alive. I also believe that I am protected from the supernatural. I have less of these kind of bizarre experiences than most of my friends do. Even the times I went ghosthunting did nothing for me. It seems that whoever/whatever is guiding me through life doesn’t want me to mess around with this subject. However, I have a strong desire to experience more of it, to find out that there is more to the world than what my physical senses can normally make out. It is both a scientific and spiritual need for me to explore that realm, even though I fear what I might find. I will order the P-SB7 and give it try.

    I want to thank you for this website; you keep it real and always interesting.

    • Hey Boris, thank you for the comments. I wrote about my divorce about 2 years ago now..am now engaged to someone else and happy. Life goes on 🙂 Let me know how it goes with you. Thanks


  165. What would you say was the best EVP recorder and night vision/IR camcorder camera? I’m buying a spirit box and I want an evp recorder on the side, in case I miss anything, and I want to record everything that night, since it’ll be my first (mini) investigation. thanks!

    • Well..I use two of them but I do NOT use them in a traditional manner. I love the Roland R-05 – the one I use 96% of the time. I highly recommend videotaping your sessions over anything. That is the only thing I do. I capture ALL EVP’s on video..embedded in the audio track. But the Roland R-05 is amazing.

  166. wow…i have been looking for ppl that can help me….thank you for building this for other to find you as well…..i hope i can talk with you,, one on one…

  167. Would just like to ask your theory/knowledge concerning the speed of the answer’s/responses from the sb-7.Thanks in advance for any possible insight concerning the matter;YOU’RE AWESOME!!!!!

  168. WOW! I haven’t begun yet, though feel fortunate to have found you before beginning. I’ve felt compelled all my life to investigate such matters. Experiences have made me question the fabric of “reality” more than once.
    Thank you for sharing, you have inspired me to push forward, though with caution.
    Hello from Australia 🙂

  169. Hi i luv your story…. i have a very personal story and question to ask u if u will allow me too. if u could email me a private e-mail please… and i will tell u my story and see if u can help me. god bless and thanks.

  170. I bought a Spirit Box to try and communicate with my father who passed away a couple of months ago. I can relate to your story because it is my 14 year old daughter and I that are doing this together (she could see spirits before we got the Spirit Box) and like you the more we do it, the more direct responses we get and they now know my name. I have had mostly positive evps, but have had some negative ones and they seem to be increasing. I am not sure what to do.I got “I am a threat” last night and when I called him out on it, I got called a bitch, I have also gotten “evil”, “I’m gonna get ya” and “gonna die”. I bought some sage, so I’m going to try that. I’m torn as to wether stop using the box completely or continuing to try and help the ones that are hanging around. I don’t want to bring in any more negative spirits. I always start my sessions off by saying we are only willing to communicate with positive spirits. I don’t know what else to do to ensure that.

    • #1 thing I have found is to not be afraid. Let them know that you do not allow any negative, evil, demonic entities or spirits in your house and they will not be tolerated. You can do a cleansing with Sage and while doing that say cleansing prayers to get them out. Once I started back up and lost all fears associated with this I have had no problems. I get rotten voices coming through the box at times but I just ignore them for the most part. I’ve also managed to connect with spirit guides and that has been helpful to me as well. There are some great books on the subject as well. Just stand your ground, do a cleansing and be sure to state before shutting down that no one is allowed to stay and they must go back to where they came from. I do this EVERY time. You have to. They seem to listen because they will even respond when I ask them to do this.

      But if any of this gets to be too much to handle for you then stop. Even if you stop for a month or two it can help to clear things up.

      Good luck and let me know how it goes.

      • Do you know who is the image that has shown up in the water photograph and the mirror photograph? Is it the same spirit/person?
        I enjoyed reading the chronicle of your experiences and I am so glad to see that you have learned to deal with the negative energy. It can easily permeate into all aspects of your life if you don’t protect yourself.

        Have you had any negative experiences with the ouijia board? I have forbidden my daughter to use one, but she keeps asking……I don’t want to inadvertently invite any unwanted spirits into my home, although I would like to communicate with the spirits of light and love.

        Thanks for your honest and open blog. I find it all so fascinating.

        • Hi Phoebe,

          I have no idea whose faces come through. It happens all of the time actually and I believe there are just spirits all over this house and possible ME. I know the negative ones can affect you, but I have that under control pretty good and no longer have issues. I have had no negative experiences with the board but we rarely use it to be honest. I made it more as an experiment to see if I could and to see how the results would be with it. It world amazingly well but we just never really use it. I do not believe the Ouija brings in negative spirits any more than a spirit box does. In fact I look at the spirit box as a modern day Ouija Board but even better. Both can attract nice spirits, or evil spirits. I think it all depends on how you go about it – stay positive, have no fear and only bring love and peace. Should be OK.

        • @phoebe The main difference that I find between the spirit box and an ouija board is that in order to operate an ouija board, you must open yourself up and allow spirits to manipulate you to find their message. Steve Huff you may be right but I have always found that if you allow spirits to touch you even mildly, it can escalate rather quickly. What do you think?

          • Ive not had any issues since allowing them to touch me, nor any escalations of anything. In fact, things seemed to have calmed down more than ever. Ouija is no different than Spirit Box. Same concept but the box you hear the responses.

          • Wow. Personally I believe it to be a gamble from personal experience. One of my investigators told a spirit that it can touch him however it wanted, and used slight provoking. (I don’t believe you are here.) He then had 3 scratch marks on his back and started getting very angry over simple things. We believe it was a demon that we encountered. Thats where I have a problem with ouija boards. You don’t know who you are letting manipulate you. Once you do know it could be too late.

      • Thanks for the reply. I did do the sage cleansing. I still got some negative evps that night (satan, danger, warning) and some sexual in nature. I asked if the sage helped and I got “harmless” and “It did help”. I had decided to stop for a while because that night, I could feel them in my room and I got woke up by one crinkling an empty water bottle that was in my room. I did a protection prayer and when I told them two days later that I was going to stop communicating, all I got were positive evps except for the creepy “whispa” and robotic “dead people” I get throughout several of my sessions. One said “don’t leave”. I have one spirit that I don’t know whether he is good or bad named Max. I have gotten evps saying “Robin likes Max”, “Max loves you” , when I asked if anyone was messing with my electrical equipment because my ice maker, air conditioner and dvr all quit working, I got “Max is” and then I got “Max is a zombie”. I have become real sensitive to their electricity since I started using the spirit box. I know that one goes to work with me because I can feel it off and on throughout the day. I never get an answer when I ask who goes with me to work. I have only stopped for a few days and I already miss them. I don’t know if they are somehow manipulating my emotions or if it is my own. I want to help them cross over. I have been trying to encourage them. I don’t know if any of them have, activity has died down some. I was telling them they weren’t allowed to stay, but when it seemed they didn’t listen, I wasn’t being firm enough, because I felt bad for some reason.

        Anyway, thanks for listening. I don’t really have anyone other than my daughter I can talk to about this, because they would think I was crazy.

        • hi…i just want to say that the bad entities are numerous around us and what we think as spirit is only them tryi g to control our mind…because generally dead are busy to progress to znother level and come to us in dreams just to give a message..generally they need our prayers…what you are doing is very dangerous specially your daughter ..very young ad maybe can’t fight against a bad energy…you say you got responses…i heard only…play with me or somebody telling your name…i think whe the body die the soul go to the dead place where it tries to detach from the material world…those voices are most of them bad energies and you must protect yourself from them

  171. Awesome story,I too have an sb-7 and have gone to my local cemetary and have yet to hear any results.I believe,and have for years in the paranormal realm,and can’t wait for the evidence.I also agree with you writing a book about your personal experiences,and if it ever happens,please keep us posted.Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Thank you for the comments. As for your P-SB7..it is very hard to hear in real time. I have found out that if you record the sessions you will hear 80% of it in the recording – things you will miss in real time. Not sure why that is though.

  172. Hi Steve,

    Great story and looking forward to reading more about your experiences. Your story mirrors mine to an extent, a lot of similarities. The only thing I haven’t done and won’t do is the Spirit/Ghost Box in my house. I started off using the “shack hack” at investigations I have gone on and then some months ago got the P-SB7. I turned it on in my house to give it a try and asked if anybody was there. The box replied “danger”, so I shut it off and still will not use it in the house.

    I’ve used both in the field and gotten responses that are not possible, (aka: radio bleed, matrixing) full sentences in distinct accents and direct replies to questions I have asked. It doesn’t take much to turn a skeptic into a believer.

    I too have been “visited” at home by spirits, though it all started once I started trying to “cross over” spirits at locations where I have gotten cries for help. I don’t know if they follow me home or if I have been tagged with some short of spirit ‘GPS’ that signals other spirits to seek me out to help them cross over. I don’t know, but its a long story and I have spent months learning to deal with it.

    For you I believe that once you used the box and made contact, that sent out a signal. You have a good aura, can be trusted, so like drawing flies to honey, the more you used the spirit box, the more spirits were showing up to make contact. Think about it. If you were stuck on the other side, had not crossed, yelled and screamed for years at people walking past you without acknowledgement, what would you do the moment you found that one person who you could communicate to? You would run to them because they could hear you, through the spirit box in your case. In your case 600 spirits got the word and you have them in your house, all looking or fighting for a chance to get a few words in over the spirit box. Then you want to get rid of the equipment, of course the spirits dont want you to because then they don’t have their “medium” to go through to communicate with the living. Of course that is just my theory on the situation and could be completely different.

    Anyway, great blog and looking forward to the 2nd half of your story!


    • When you change your vibration to a higher frequency, i.e, you start delving into spiritual matters such as these or you begin mediumship development, your aura becomes like a beacon for lost souls. The higher your vibration, the less likely you are to be bothered by low level entities who warn you of danger etc. If you are frequently getting messages that worry you or cause anxiety, you need to meditate more to raise your frequency so that these manipulative spirits cannot have power over you. I presume you are doing psychic protection before each session? This is a must for this type of work and simultaneously raises your vibrations/frequencies to those in the higher realms.

      Love and light!

  173. Hi Steve,

    I was just reading your blog here and found it really interesting. Like yourself I had an interest in the supernatural and was a bit skeptical about ghosts, spirits etc. I tried to find a group who carried out investigations to satiate my interest but not with much luck, most groups seem to be pretty exclusive, I was wondering what sort of investigating I could do on my own when like you I stumbled across Stephen Hills videos on You Tube, read his book and purchased my own psb7 and later a modified Sangean radio which again like you I find seems to produce better results. Prior to using the spirit box I can say that I’d only had one spooky experience whilst walking my dog on a mountain in the middle of nowhere in Wales in the UK… my dog and I had both stopped for some water, I was just taking a drink when I heard a middle aged womans voice say “Hello Pup” as though someone was talking to the dog. I didn’t think too much about it at first as it was very windy and thought perhaps my mind was playing tricks on me, but then I heard again a middle aged woman say “Aren’t you a nice pup”… I looked at my dog who didn’t seem to be reacting to anything and also looked around me to see if there was someone else there, but there wasn’t, I was seemingly completey alone, it could have just been the wind in my ears but none the less I decided it was time to move on…. Anyway… that shared I started experimenting with the ghost box (though not as regularly as yourself) and I too pick up the name Ed or Edward sometimes in direct response to questions I also get the comment fairly regularly “Play with us” sometimes it will say “Play with us Chris” (my name) or sometimes “Play with us…” and then some other name…. I also get my name “Chris” said quite a bit but yet to get my surname. I just thought I’d write as the similarities are quite interesting particularly as you are in the US and I’m in the UK. Also like you I get loads of EVP now, I took my digital recorder to my local cafe for breakfast one morning and did 3x 2minute recordings and picked up 21 pretty decent EVP’s… I can get that pretty regular, particularly in places where you regularly get groups of people – perhaps people are an energy source as well as the babble being pretty good background noise? Or perhaps locations popular with people in life remain popular even after death? I suppose the only other thing to mention and again paranormal or not I don’t know but not long after I started using my ghost box I was sitting in my office one morning when the door bell went, I went to answer the door but no one was there, I went back upstairs and literally sat back down when it went off again, I quickly ran to the bedroom window that looks out over the front door but no one was there, I went down stairs and tested the bell and everything seemed to be fine, I also had another look up and down the street. It is a wireless bell but it had never done it before and it hasn’t done it since. Anyway sorry for the long winded email, but it’s quite nice to have someone to share my experiences with.

    All the best from England,


    • Hey, Chris. I’m in the UK too. I live in North Yorkshire and the building where I work is haunted. Where abouts do you live? Have you posted any of your EVPs online?

  174. I just began experimenting with a shack hack 20-125. My Sangean DT-200x should be by the middle of the week. I’ve done two recorded sessions so far and I’m using WavePro to review them. I have the 20-125 set to high tone and I have to say It’s difficult to make out some parts of the session. I was wondering if there is any other software you might recommend for cleaning it up or if WavePro itself might actually be able to bring out the responses a bit better. Thank you for your interesting videos on youtube. They have certainly served as guidance for me and I’m sure they will continue to.

    • Thanks for the comment. All I do is record the sessions to video. I then import to iMovie and edit the sessions together. I do not use audio software at all. if yu have the capability to record the sessions to video and use a video editor it may be easier. If not, experiment with where you place your recorder to the speaker. Good luck! Thanks.

      • If you ever consider audio software, do consider Audacity. It has the possibility of changing the duration (length, tempo) of a sound clip without changing the tone and making it so slurry you can’t hear it. If you have a early MPEG format or AVI video, you can extract the sound track (and reinsert) with Videodub. Both are stable freeware, so, no expenses this time. Feel free to contact me if needed–I’m retired, what.

  175. I have watched your videos from the start. I have always been interested in this. i have had experiences in my life to make me think “was that all in my head or did that just really happen?” i do have a box i got from radioshack(radioshack 20-125) and hacked it. but i want a better one, better quality. but i have just recently found your new channel and am glad i found it again. i love to watch your videos. You should write a book on your experiences. just reading what you wrote above, you are a good writer. you make it interesting and made me want to read on. I think alot of people get alot out of what you do, so thank you for sharing your experiences!

  176. Hey Steve, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your work. I was always skeptical about things like evps and spirit boxes until I started watching your channel. I decided to test things for myself and bought a spirit box and a digital recorder (Tascam DR-05).

    It’s definitely making me a believer. The first time I used the Spirit Box, it scared the hell out of me. I asked if anyone was there and heard a dark “me” (I think) and then another voice saying “hello”. I even caught an evp before I turned the spirit box on the second time. I had to play it backwards to make it out. Crazy…

    Anyway, thanks again man. It’s making me think a lot more about life/death. None of my friends believe me though lol

  177. Hello Steve,
    I recently bought a spirit box, as of yet, I have not opened the box. I have a two locations I would like to test this at. These locations have been very successful on capturing evps.

    I also have a paranormal magazine, http://voicestovisions.com/
    and would like to feature you in my September Issue.

    I would like to talk to you in more detail.
    Thank you

    • Hi Steve,

      I’ve watched some of your You Tube videos, and I found them extremely interesting, even better than those ghost hunting shows on TV. You definitely should produce a show for the History or Discovery channel. What makes you interesting to watch is that you add a dimension that those TV shows lack. Will continue following you progress. Good Luck.

    • hi i would like to speak with my love once that i lost here know in the month of 11 Aug 2014 pleas help me some time i fell that she is near to me want to say me some thing that i could not understand here i can fell here present when i smoke i can see here eyes on my face as if it is watching me all the time. pleas help me email me on my id kimkapur5@gmail.com or call me on 09699242615/08693825867 it’s my india cell number pleas need yr help soon as possible.

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