The Yamaha A-S3000 Integrated Amp Review

Update: Yamaha has replaced the A-S 3000 with the A-S 3200, which I now own. You can see the A-S 3200 HERE. 

I have been into high-end audio for over 20 years. I have owned many of the uber brands like Levinson, Krell, Cary, Wadia, Musical Fidelity Luxman, Prima Luna, McIntosh and many others. I have auditioned Leben and newer Ayon integrated amps as well just recently in my search for an integrated amp that runs cool but sounds magical.

I have recently in life built up another high quality 2 channel system to live with for the rest of my days after having to sell my old one-off for personal reasons 4-5 years ago. I have been auditioning and trying amps, integrated amps and pre-amps and been having a challenge finding that perfect fit. I did find the perfect fit (or so I thought) in a Line Magnetic 219ia amp (my review is HERE). The only problem with the 219 was the HEAT. The 219ia is an 845 Tube S.E.T. amp and it cooked my room raising the temp by 10-15 degrees (small listening room). So it had to go. BTW, I live in Phx AZ and it gets HOT with 110 degree temps normal for the summer.

So I had to sell the 219ia which was one amazing sounding and made amplifier. Best I have heard or owned. Ever. The heat was too much for the amount of time I have my music on during the day. After the sale I had to find a new amp so away I went to audition a few.

First up was an Ayon Orion III that I bought from the USA distributor here in AZ. Paid $4400 with tax and was told that this amp came with a 15 day trial and they never ever had a return. Hmmm. Must be good. Took it home, hooked it up, ran it in for 10 days or so and it sounded awful. There was big tight bass and super high treble (borderline bright) but no midrange. I was highly disappointed in this highly bragged about “award winning” amp. It’s 60 watts pentode just could not power my speakers well even though the LM 219 was only 24 watts per channel and did it with ease. Nope, the Ayon had to go as I would get headaches after 20 minutes from the brightness. I returned it and was  told I broke their streak on no one returning an Orion III. I received a full refund, no hassle. They were a pleasure to deal with in that regard though a little over the top in the “best of show” claims all over Audiogon.

I then tried a Cary SLI-80 integrated. I love Cary, and have owned a few Cary amps in the past. The SLI-80 is highly regarded but again, could not cut it in my system. Was I spoiled by the Line Magentic? Maybe so, but once you get that sound it is like a drug..and you chase it until you find it again. The SLI-80 was bloated, fat, and at the same time a bit harsh in the highs. It sounded like a 20-year-old sound, which makes sense as this amp has been around for many years. It also had rattling tubes and a slight buzz from the transformer.

So it went back even though I had to pay a hefty 15% restock fee (which I agreed to happily as I did open it and use it)

Then came a Luxman integrated priced at $4000. It was nice, sounded good..bested the Ayon and Cary easily but a teeny bit on the warm/rich side, which I liked but lacked a little in the dynamics. It was nice but was not 100% on it.  I was all set to just give up and go order a Line Magnetic again until I decided to try ONE MORE integrated that caught my eye.

The Yamaha A S-3000


After trying Ayon, Cary and Luxman , I realized nothing would come close to the sound of the Line Magnetic 845 amp. But I kept on trying and figured I would take a chance to try this new amp that I kept seeing pop up on Amazon …and it was something I would have never thought I would like.

Yep, a Yamaha A -S3000 that comes in at a whopping and seemingly nutso $7000 (though same cost as the Line Magnetic 219ia). There are basically no reviews on this piece online and I did try the less expensive $2000 Yamaha A S-2000 which I liked but did not love. The S-3000 looked to be just what I was looking for but I wondered if it would fall short in the sound department. There was only one way to find out so I decided to go all in and do the “you get what you pay for” thing and order from Amazon (using prime). With Amazon, if I did not like it or if it did not work with my speakers it is an easy return and quick refund. So no risk. If I loved it then it would mean an end to the constant amp swaps. I have to say that Amazon is the best in this regard. Easy return if it does not work for you. Never an issue.

I use Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution speakers and they were NOT cheap. I want and need a nice amp to power them, preferably an integrated. I never thought a Yamaha would be an amp I would consider but I put aside any brand name issues and gave it an honest try.


Remember, I did try many other amps, including an Ayon integrated (Orion III) that did not cut it (sounded weak, thin and bright with no midrange presence – all treble and bass – $4400)  and Cary SLI-80 (fat sound with bloat and rolled off bass and highs and not enough power – $3100). I previously owned a McIntosh MA7000 integrated  5 years ago that was a bit on the dull and boring side ($8500)

I was looking forward to see if this Yamaha could do it for me or if it would be just another boring SS amp.

The Amp Arrives


After installing it and letting it warm up for a few hours I started to listen. Even without any real burn in I knew it was a much better amp than the cheaper Yamaha S2000 and all of the others I recently auditioned, and it seemed to have more power and grunt than my old 250 WPC McIntosh even though this one comes in at just over 100 WPC. This tells me that Yamaha is very conservative in their power rating and McIntosh may be overstating some things.

1st the top of the Yamaha A S-3000. Massive heatsinks, custom transformer and high quality caps. 100% quality parts selection with super short signal path and directly screwed on connections instead of soldering. Copper shielding throughout.


and the bottom of the Yamaha. Massive copper and more screw in connections for maximum musical fidelity. 


and below is the top of the $10,000 competing Luxman, which is still a beast and quite amazing. But when compared to the inside of the Yamaha, the Luxman falls short by a bit.


But 1st, the build and design. Wow. With the jet black sleek design and big bold illuminated meters this one is a real sleek looker that makes you think of the more expensive Accuphase and McIntosh brands. The dials and switches are all metal and feel substantial and weighted and silky smooth. This is a gorgeous integrated my friends. It comes in at about 56lbs. Not the heaviest amp I have owned but not the lightest either (My line magnetic was 120lbs). It may not have the most “bling” and “wow” in the design like the big Macs and some exotic tube amps but it is an understated beauty. Clean, sleek, and beautiful. Classic.

But is it all beauty and no beast?

As for the sound…

After just one day of use it was very liquid smooth yet precisely detailed with a touch of sweet warmth, no fatigue, no sense of strain or congestion..music flows through my speakers with an absolute ease. No brightness, no harshness..just an effortless sound with some nice dynamics as well. The artists come forward somewhat INTO the room with a sweet velvety midrange much like a nice tube amp (but not quite a rich as a SET amp). BUT!! I did notice a tad but of a “Dryness” to the sound. It was not as liquid as the 219ia.

There is no harshness, no bite (unless pushed up to a loud level, then it gets hard sounding) and yet it offers up a 3D detail soundstage that is as just about as wide as I have heard in my room, rivaling but not surpassing the Line Magnetic which was and still is the champion in that area. Again, the midrange is creamy and gorgeous and never bloated or thin which is odd for a Solid State amp but in this price bracket, the midrange should be beautiful..and it is. Female vocalists are superb with that “in the room with you” feel. Texture is good as well and while not as magical and mystical as the midrange from my 219ia, it is as close as I have heard from all of the amps I have tried. But yes, it is a tad “dry”. More Dry than Liquid.

Instrument separation is wonderful. 

On night two with the amp I was listening in the dark and for the first time I said “wow, this actually sounds as good”. It was close in sound quality and signature to the SET amp but the Yamaha has slightly less midbass warmth. This made some music even clearer and more defined while still retaining a nice flow. Listening to Cassandra Wilsons “Harvest Moon” was the best I have heard her in my room and yes, with the Yamaha S3000. This track bested the Line Magnetic, the Ayon, The Cary, the Luxman, and all others that I have tested.


As for the amp, at low volume it sounds nice and pretty full but could not compete with the 219ia for low level listening. At loud volumes it sounds nice and full and crisp 🙂 No thinness or brittleness that plagues some amps, especially many solid state amps. BTW, there is NOT a loudness button or control on the S3000 as some have reported but it is not needed. At all.

I keep the bass and treble dials, which are made of metal and feel so smooth and nice at ZERO which keeps them out of the circuit. I never have felt the need to up the bass or treble but if you do this you will find it sounds NOTHING like it does on cheap amps when you up these levels. It is quite amazing really and something you would have to experience. This is a quality piece.

This amp sounds just as good as an Accuphase I heard in LA that was priced at $12k! It did not beat the Line Magnetic but has its own charms, which is astonishing for a solid state amp.


It is sad though…

Many high-end buyers will never get over the name Yamaha for an Audiophile product and that is a shame as this is one of the best integrated amps I have ever heard in my HiFi life, and almost sits right up there with that $7000 LM 219ia I waxed on and on about. The Yamaha sounds more like a tube amp than a solid state and it creates an amazing synergy and magic with my Guarneri Evolutions.

Forget what you know about the horrible best buy Yamaha receivers..this is nothing like what you see at any chain store. This is true high-end. Really. Forget the name..think of the build, the sound, the design and the QUALITY that went into making this amp. It is quite special and I predict in 20 years it will be one of those collector pieces being sold on the used market for those who want “vintage” but amazing gear.

At $7000 it is VERY expensive and overpriced for the market, but again take a look at the competition that this piece is in the same class with.

Accuphase which is much more expensive than the Yamaha (and sound and build is comparable) can set you back up to $20k for a piece and Luxman who has similar offerings  to the Yamaha comes in at around $4-10k.  I much prefer this to the $8500 McIntosh MA7000 I once owned and it destroys the $4400 Ayon Orion III I tried, which was the worst of all amps I have auditioned (in my system and I chalk it up to not having enough power or current for my speakers). The price of the Yamaha, while high, is there for a reason. THE SOUND and BUILD are as good as it gets. While I think it would have been better priced at $4995 so more buyers would jump in and try it (and it may end up there in a year or so), Yamaha has built an instant classic and I am so happy that they decided to build this amp. It shows that they are serious about 2 channel listening and this is not just “jewelry” for the rich, it is an astounding product and handily beats the $2000 A-S2000 with a richer more 3D sound, more separation, and more detail while keeping warmth and an organic like tube like feel. Power is never an issue as it sounds like a 300WPC amp.

I have no issues using it to power my very expensive and power hungry speakers.

The cheaper Yamaha A S2000 comes in at $2000 and Yamaha took a huge price  leap to $7000 for the S3000. This was the top of my price range (a little over actually) for an integrated and after trying all of the others looking for a replacement for my old magical 219ia, this one take the grand prize with ease. I was all set to return it if it was lackluster, but out of the box it is was remarkable and is now getting even better with time.

I can not wait to get more hours on it as I expect this one to burn in nicely.  I never ever would have thought I would end up with a solid state amp as I am a tube guy through and through but this amp is indeed special and I go for sound over all, no matter the name of the brand. It was created to celebrate Yamaha’s 125th anniversary..as a statement piece. So it HAS to be good.


Some notes:

Amp is DEAD silent – jet black backgrounds – no hiss, no noise. Even with ear to speaker..silence.

Build should last a lifetime

Phono Stage, especially the MC stage is very good but lacks when compared to a nice dedicated phono stage 

Big soundstage width, depth and height, superb detail.

Very rich sound with detail and precise imaging – hard to do and get right

Remote is not so hot, I have seen much nicer! In fact, it sort of sucks. 

Runs warm, not hot or cool.

Has PLENTY of power – runs my 86db 4 Ohm speakers without even breaking a sweat!

BASS is AMAZING and BOMBASTIC after 50 hours of burn in – TIGHT and DEEP, never flabby or loose.

My complaints

The 1st complaint I have is that Amazon did NOT double box this and that was dangerous. The amp shipped in its only single box which is held in place by two cheap styrofoam bars. It could have easily been damaged by UPS and for a $7k product, it should have been double boxed.

Second, I also hate the remote which is a cheap-ish one. The volume buttons seem like they lack response. Amps in the $2500 range have better remotes. 

Third, I also wish they put an illuminated notch on the volume dial so I can see where it is at. As it is, you have no idea where the volume is set when across the room. This is a pretty major oversight IMO.

Fourth, when illuminated in the dark this thing throws some light – in fact, the meter lights hit the cabinet top that the amp sits on and the floor 2-3 feet in front of it (in the dark). It doesnt “glow” like a McIntosh or Luxman, it “projects” light. You can turn off the meters and light 100% but you can not dim the light or run the meters without it. I would have loved a three level dimmer.

Fifth. In the USA Yamaha gives only a 2 year warranty. In Australia Yamaha gives a 10 year warranty. I feel that for the cost of this piece, the warranty should be 10 years everywhere. When I bought it I assumed I was getting the 10 year warranty but upon inspection the warranty card states TWO years for USA. 

If you are on the fence about this amp look at it this way. How many amps have you bought and sold trying to find the right sound? I am a huge believer in “you get what you pay for” and this one is no exception. The S3000 is a modern-day solid state masterpiece with a retro flair. Add in the superb Phono stage for vinyl and you have an amp that can last you your lifetime. For me, it gets close to the best sounding amp I have heard in my life, the Line Magnetic 219ia, but without the heat and last bit of magic dust. It is not 100% all the way there, maybe 85%.. but close enough and in some ways a little better (clarity/bass) and in others a little worse (midrange and dryness).

This amp is slightly on the warm side of neutral but also has great dynamics and WOW factor when called upon by the music but it will NEVER EVER be bright or harsh. Large scale orchestra music sounds absolutely BOMBASTIC from quiet to HUGE. Yes, the sound is huge. There is no flat skimpy sound here. The sound is pushed from the speakers INTO the room so your room is filled with sound. This amp is not LUSH like my old tube amp but it has a sound that tells you “I can play gentle but when needed I will turn into a monster and give you all I got”. For anyone who owns Sonus Faber Guarneri speakers like me, know that this amp is a great match for the liquid sound of the speakers. It is NEVER EVER harsh or bright yet does not sound veiled. It is a balance that is hard to get right yet Yamaha managed to do it. You can tell it is a solid state amp but it is as close to tube sounding as SS gets.

BTW, I did try a couple of vintage Yamaha pieces and they do not compare to the S3000. The older models sounded puffy and flat with a narrow soundstage. Pleasing but not high-end sound. The S3000 will deliver a true high-end sound. The cheaper S2000 will get you 3/4 there but will have some grit and slight edginess with a flatter sound. The S3000 drives it home in all aspects. It may not be the worlds best integrated, and I am sure the upper end $10k+ Luxman and Accuphase class A units can beat it in some ways (The $9,000 Audio Research VSI75 beats it), but if you dig around you may even find this Yamaha at a much better price than the $7k asking. 🙂

Congrats to Yamaha for this beautiful piece of Audio Equipment. If you have a chance to Audition one, I highly recommend it.

UPDATE – 50 Hour Burn In

After 50 hours on the Yamaha is has opened up more but has become slightly warmer in sound. It is very smooth yet dynamic. Some of the treble energy has faded and it now sounds more tube like. Not sure if this is good or bad, all depends on speaker choice. With my speakers the sound is now fuller, bigger bass, less treble energy and a richer midrange/midbass. Sounds deliciously good. The S3000 is supposed to sound best with 100 hours so I will update this once again at 100 hours!


UPDATE 2: A story about my non audiophile friend who has heard all amps in my room (at 70 hours)

So today my lifelong buddy came by and saw the new Yamaha sitting in place where he previously sat and listened to the Line Magnetic 219ia, Ayon Orion III, Cary SLI-80 and now the Yamaha. His favorite before hearing this Yamaha was indeed the Line Magnetic. He was in awe and said he never thought it was possible to have sound THAT good. He sat in the sweet spot for a while with that LM 219ia and loved it. Then one day he stopped by when I had the Ayon Orion III and Cary SLI-80 in the house. He loved the look of the Ayon and said “Wow, that looks so nicely made..how does it sound”?

He sat down..

He listened..

His response?

“What happened? That sounds like Sh*t!”  – He said the sound shrunk, became bright and no longer did it fill the room but instead sounded hyper detailed with no life, soul or amazingness. I agreed.

I then put in the SLI-80

“That is better but its flat and dull, again, does not fill the room and sounds a tad harsh up top”

He told me I should have dealt with the heat of the LM 219ia as he never heard anything like it in his life.

So fast forward back to today and he saw the Yamaha. He wanted to hear it..

INSTANTLY he said “Wow, that SOUND is back! It’s filling the room, I hear voices around me and it sounds like they are in the room”.

He listened more..

“This sounds GOOD….wait..this sounds BETTER than that big old hot tube amp! It is a similar sound but with more details without being harsh. Amazing”!

Then I turned it up..

“OH MY GOD..that is the best sound I have heard  – easily bests that tube amp” (he was referring to the 219ia). Then he said “It makes the Ayon and Cary sound broken”

So there you go, a guy who is not an audiophile nor could care less what amp I own or use stated his opinion. I agree that this Yamaha is a special piece and quite unlike any other solid state amp I have heard. It manages to strike a perfect balance of everything we like in our sound. The amp now has about 70 hours on it and it sounds so so good. This is a lifetime amp. A gem and even when at ear splitting volume during a demo with my buddy never did it stress, never did it sound harsh..it just sounded bigger and bigger and I did not even come close to using all of the gas in the tank. This amp can power any speaker, I am sure. 🙂

UPDATE 3: 100 Hour Burn In

Ok, I now have put 100 hours on this Yamaha A S-3000 amp and I see even more improvement, ESPECIALLY from day one. What I hear now is a rich, full, clear huge 3D presentation. I mean, HUGE sound that fills the room, a soundstage that extends to the walls on each side and a CLARITY that I have not previously heard in my system..all while remaining full with the bass, mid bass and having a sweet extended treble. The bass fullness that was at the 50 hour mark that seemed to hide or tame the treble is gone and now I have a nicely balanced sound from top to bottom with the biggest but most controlled bass I have experienced in my room, easily surpassing the bass of the Ayon Orion III and the Line Magnetic 219ia.

I bought this amp with a 30 day trial from Amazon (using prime, Amazon return policy is 30 days and no question asked). To be honest, I assumed I would be returning this guy after a week or two because I could not fathom paying such a high cost for a Yamaha SS amp. But this is the real deal my friends. It is quite amazing and is a huge jump up from the Yamaha A S-2000 in sound, build and pride of ownership. It is the best Solid State amp I have ever heard in my life let alone owned. These MOSFETS do it. I have owned expensive Mark Levinson gear in the past and this is better in terms of sound. It is musical, pleasing, but without being mushy or bloated. It offers imaging and sound staging that is up with the best, yet is never analytical or harsh.

It may be down to synergy with my speakers but this amp offers it all with no downsides. No tubes to change, no heat to worry about and instant start up and shut down. Add the sweet 3D precise sound, HUGE bombastic bass, big huge meters and build and I have an amp that I can pass down to my son one day.

It is that good.

I am shocked to be writing this as I have been a tube guy most of my audio life (20 years). I swore I would never go back to Solid State yet here I am LOVING a Solid State integrated.

So there you go. If you are worried about this amp delivering the goods, do not worry. If you think the S2000 is just as good, think again. If you do not feel it has the power for your speakers, it does..and then some. The Yamaha A S-3000 is a masterpiece of design and Yamaha knows audio, they just proved it. In my room, with my speakers, cables and source it is astonishing, and that is about as good as it gets IMO.

 You can buy the Yamaha A S-3000 Direct from Amazon and it is prime eligible. Amazon gives a 30 day return window, so if you do not like it you can return it for a full refund. 


  1. What does Yamaha have to say about this? You’re a reviewer…surely Yamaha would want to make things right?

    I’ve had tons of yamaha audio equipment, pro studio stuff and home audio equipment. In fact i’ve just handed down to my 12 year old daughter the 1976 yamaha integrated that my dad gave me when i was 12…The only thing i’ve done to it is replace the bulbs in those beautiful light up buttons.

    I’d be very curious to hear what Yamaha has to say, because that integrated you have it built like a brick shit house, with so many incredible quality components.

    • They did not send me a review unit. I paid full price for mine and enjoyed it, then reviewed it. But then it just went dead, and I did not enjoy it anymore. For the money I paid for it (full retail) I do not feel that should have happened. I had that happened with a $700 tube amp from China recently. Was going to review it and it was DOA so sent it back and said “no thank you”. 95% of what I review I buy for myself. If I enjoy it, I review it. When I get sent something, I only review it if I like it. If I do not, I send it back and tell the manufacturer why I will not review it. In any case, my experience with a flagship product from Yamaha left a bad taste in my mouth. Was a problem for me at the time.

  2. Hi Steve and congratulations on your reviews.
    I recently bought the Heresy IV which I am very happy with and I thought about combining them with a more performing amplifier (currently I have audiolab 6000a) how would they go with the YamahaS3000?

    • I have tried Yamaha with Klipsch and was not a huge fan of the pairing when compared to many other options. A Pass Labs INT-25 is a PERFECT match for these and will bring out the best in them. The Yamaha will sound dry, slightly bright and grey in comparison.

      • Steve, totally amazing how you can go out of your way to write an extra-long glowing review of an integrated (in this case the Yamaha AS3000) and the next day shoot it down in flames. You did this with other fine products too. So what if you find thinks that you feel sounds better to YOU. It does not mean that your previous choice becomes automatically Cr*p ! You gave a field day to bashers and sellers of competing brands on this. No pair of jeans will fit everyone, even the best quality ones. I hope you will publish and take my comments constructively. I have no affiliation with Yamaha, but do own an AS3000. Having purchased a truckload of gear over the past 35 years, the AS3000 is the amp I have owned the absolute longest in my system. It has been flawless in operation, and I did own Pass, Luxman, and two McIntosh products before the Yam. Everything else being a different fit of a pair of Jeans. But the sheer value of the Yamaha makes it a standout, versus (for example) a Mac with the plastic knobs and less than stellar build quality. In audio, everything is subjective sound-wise. But their are objective things one can see with their own eyes…Thanks Steve, you are a very entertaining writer and I enjoy reading you!

        • Who said it was crap? If you read the original review you would have seen why I would not buy another Yamaha. When I bought the Yamaha for $7k it broke down shortly after the review. It literally broke down after a couple of months of use. For something of that cost, to just die and fail to even power on after a couple of months is not acceptable to me. That used to be in the review but I removed it as I felt it was not fair to Yamaha as hey, maybe I had a lemon? I just now added that back so those like you can maybe try to understand why I would not recommend this piece. It turned me off of Yamaha and I would never buy another as it was a nightmare for me to have it resolved. It’s a nice looking piece but if it can not stand up to low volume listening in a small room over a few months than something is wrong. Others reported the same issues at the time. I was not the only one. But you 100% misstated what I said. I simply said I do not recommend it, never said it was CRAP nor did I “Shoot it down in Flames”. I was being honest. One thing I have learned with reviews…those who own or buy a piece you review, if you say ANYTHING bad about it they attack. It’s about validating their purchase. If I can not be honest then what’s the point? Bottom line? This Yamaha looks nice, sounds great and the reliability is spotty. At least it was for me. It’s like when a company sent me speakers that were busted up inside yet told me to still review them. They arrived wrapped in a cut up bed sheet. Then their amp’s right channel blew out. I was honest and spoke of my experience yet some didn’t like it (the company) and stopped letting me review their gear. I am not here to provide commercials for gear that have issues. I am here to write my honest feelings and in this case, when I wrote the review it was great. A week or so after the amp stopped working, it died for no reason. So that is what I do not recommend the 3000 nor would I buy one again. These were cleared out cheap for a while ($2800) and seem to be back up in price again. Anyway, no need for anger my friend. It is what it is.

  3. Hello Steve,
    Now that Yahama has a newer version of the A-S3000 do you still recommend the older version reviewed in this article? Also, when was this article written? I have a lead on a A-S3000 for $4500 but I’m wondering if the S3200 is better?

  4. Hi Steve,
    Me and my friend Daniel bought the AS-3000 on the strength of your brilliant review. My friend’s amp developed a fault after two years three months, and mine developed a fault after two years nine months! I’m in the process of putting my case to Yamaha DE regarding the extended warranty. It seems that these amps have something inherently wrong, and now am being uneasy buying any other Yamaha high end products. Audiophiles should be wary as an Audiophile Product such as this should not develop such faults on such a frequent basis, it seems.

    • How did it go then? Did Yamaha let your return the amp or did they repair it? Just curios as I own a 3000 myself.

      • We’re thinking about Mario’s comment. My mistake, I do see them. Steve, were you answering Mario’s comment on the faulty devices? A bit worrying if they seem to have some inherent faulty. Then one would like to know how Yamaha handled these devices..

      • Hi, the local Yamaha rep. Repaired it after an absence…the amp that is, of three months, just to be returned today, the 24 th. Of September, and it developed the same fault!. It’s practically dead. NO SUPPORT WHATSOEVER FROM YAMAHA GERMANY. Be careful guys these people will not help you if you are in such a position. I bought this particular amp as my last/reference unit of hifi equipment, but it was not to be. For the record, I have the extended warrantee, and all is left is to take legal action, against the local rep, and YAMAHA Germany. Perhaps the YAMAHA people will take heed, and perhaps blink?

    • The reported fault is in fact a slight deviation of one (or both) of two rotary settings that may have shifted from their initial settings during transport. Those two settings calibrate the bias level. If rotated in the clockwise direction, the bias gets a bit too hot and the amps thermal protection kicks in. Just out of interest, I had a tech friend of mine pop the cover out to have a look (he has full internal circuit diagrams where he works) This is a 30 seconds adjustment! Photos do not do justice to how incredible this engine looks when you peek inside. I admit to have been a McIntosh fan for years, but no more.

      Recently, I did live with a Hegel H590 left with me for 3 weeks from a neighbor who was afraid of theft while he was away on vacation. Could not resist comparing! Sounds very nice, but somehow less refined. Also, build quality was comparable to the cheaper offerings in the Hegel line where the Yam has the true build of a higher end product. Not even close. I own two sets of speakers, Verity Audio Parsifal Ovation and Dynaudio Special 40 (second system) with a Moon 240i (do not like this amp at all).

      My take on the Yamaha AS3000: First you are not paying for the name, in fact, in spite of the relatively expensive price tag – do they make any money on this? Totally refined sonics, and the highest pride of ownership I have ever experienced in 35 years in this mad hobby. You cannot go wrong for sure.

      • I have owned an AS3000 for many years… so far faultless… and the best integrated amp I have owned… if the known fault is as you have identified, it is a minor fault, and not really a fault, just an adjustment… when you consider the distance and rough handling such heavy amps ensure, is it any wonder some adjustments may be needed…

  5. Hi Steve.. think u may need some help from you.
    it is 5 years passed. what you think if i could get one ues one Yamaha A-S3000 for $3500. Warranty expired. Any better ones ?
    Thanks you very much!

  6. Thank you Steve, I made my decision to buy the first huge amp for my first home speakers by your reviews and impressions. I hope it blows me away

  7. As always…you know the price of everything but not the quality…if you did, you’d buy the McIntosh MC-8900 Integrated Amp, replete with a perfected DAC.

    Yamaha is not a McIntosh…allow me to tell you!

    • I had the McIntosh Ma7000 and 8000. The most overrated gear I have ever used. My Luxman 590 AXII (that I reviewed here) is much much much proffered for build, sound and beauty. I am not a McIntosh fan. The build lacks these day (plastic dials), the sound, while better than it was 10-15 years ago is not equal to other equally or lesser priced components and their built in DAC’s are good but not great or reference by any means. They look cool. Yes, I owned MANY Mac pieces in life. MCD500, Dacs, Integrated, 602 amp, etc. There are much better for the money.

      • Hi Steve. I’m new to this site. I have a Luxman 590ax mki, driving Sonus Faber Serafino. I was looking at the Yamaha s3000 for a pair of Olympica 3’s I have, to go in a larger family room. I haven’t had a chance to audition the Yamaha’s yet, but was interested in what you thought about the difference between them and the Luxman on your Guarneri’s, seeing as your review of both was pretty outstanding. Thanks.

        • I did a review of the MKII Luxman which is said to sound different than the MK1 (never heard the 1) but can say the Yamaha is not in the same league as the MKII Luxman. It’s nice but the MKII 590 is a “game over” kind of integrated IMO. The Yamaha is great if you can get a nice price and has some punch and power but it’s a tad dry in the sound compared to the Lux, and as beautiful as it is if side by side the Lux wins. With that said I did use this with some Guarneri Evo’s and it had plenty of power for them and sounded great. I loved it back when I wrote this but since have heard a few that bested it. Luxman 590 AXII, the Pass Labs INT-60 are two. It’s not bad by any means but again, depending on cost. if you can get one for $3-$3500 its a great buy.

      • I agree… I purchased the 5 channel amp, now superceded by the MC255… the build quality was substandard… one channel produced hiss and the internal construction was like a dog’s breakfast… also purchased a McIntosh digital preamp which suffered from firmware issues and build quality was poor (two scratches on the face plate)… I gave up after this…

  8. Hi Steve, thanks for the depth of your review – comparisons to other amps & expanded hours of operation updates. I am excited to receive the A-S3000, discounted from the 7k list. However, I’m slightly disturbed by the issues you and others have experienced. I’m hoping the A-S3000 is the last amp I’ll have to buy. My Yamaha A-1000 (new in 1985) died. Other components running are a dbx 3bx, Denon DP62L/Grace f9 cartridge, Sony CD/DVD Player DVP-S550D (10bit video D/A Converter/96kHz 24 bit D/A converter) & Infinity RS 4b speakers. I have a ADC SS-315X Eq/Spectrum Analyzer in the shop hopefully getting it’s lights fixed. What is your opinion of adding components like the dbx and eq to the A-S3000? Also, might you have any opinion of possible improvements from Yamaha’s flagship integrated amp A-1000 to the A-S3000?Thank you!

  9. Hi!
    Ive got the A-s3000 and now considering a Rega Rp 10 turntable. Have anyone tried out the phono stage of the 3000? Rega has the aria RIAA which gotten good reviews. What’s yours opinions on this? Should I stick with the phono amp in the 3000 or instead consider the Aria amp?

    • The Phono stage in the 3000 is good but not amazing. I am testing a Luxman 590 AXII now and the phono stage in it beat my $2500 Sugden masterclass but the Yamaha was good but could be bettered by an external phono pre. Then again, all depends on your cartridge and setup/speakers as well. I’d give the internal a try and see how you like it before buying an external.

      • As an owner of the AS3000 and CDS3000, i also agree 100 percent with Steve’s review of this fine work of art from Yamaha. I also second the opinion on the phono stage…it’s a so so average phono stage. I’m using a SoundSmith Zephyr MIMC Star cartridge with a SoundSmith MCP2 MK II phono stage and whoa what a difference it made. I don’t there is such a thing as a really top notch integrated phono stage in amps. I even compared my plain jane AudioTechnica MM cart on the amp and the phonostag and the SoundSmith stage sounded a lot better. Again, 100 percent agree that this is an end game amp for a hifi setup. I also think the matching CD-S3000 is also an end game DAC and SACD player that I’ve yet to hear any model that’s better (yes I’m saying this CD-S3000 even tops PS Audio). Really glad I went with this setup on my hifi. I’d put this system up against anything McIntosh makes in their lineup.

      • Hi steve, Iam using the AS 3000 phono with ecoustic solid round wood+shelter 7000 with the cremona auditor m, the results are jaw dropping, the separation is just perfect, huge sound stage, it would be difficult and expensive to beat in my opinion. Ps, didnt have any issues with my amp, sorry to read about your issues with it and that you didnt get to enjoy it more, for me its the last amp I will ever need or buy.

          • Its fantastic because it doesn’t alter/ change the music, for that’s the only way an amplifier should sound. Another important fact is that a limited amount of As 3000 are being produced every year and distributed around the world as per pre orders, not exactly mass market product for those who are concerned with the brand and less concerned about the product itself.

            Out of curiosity, not that I plan to invest any time soon in my audio system, already spend a fortune on it, what phono amplifier can beat hands down the internal phono amp of the As 3000?

  10. I am using as3000 and cd3000 with yamaha ns-f901. Cables are wireworld. The f901 make excellent partnership with the amplifier. I think it was made for the amp.

  11. I’m the proud recent owner of a new 3000, I’m also using Yamaha’s ns-f901 soavo speakers.
    Project turntable.
    All i say is after a few weeks I’m still a little aroused and smiling.
    Awesome is all i can say!

    • I owned both the as3000 and cd3000 since mid 2016. I partnered it with yamaha f-901 using wireworld cables. Steve Huff review is accurate. I think yamaha made better speakers than their electronics or at least the f-901 was made for the amplifier.

  12. Hi Steve,
    I enjoy reading your review—you let us know exactly where you stand on each piece. And you’re not afraid to admit to changes in you views over time — You have massive integrity!
    In the past you wrote highly of the Sopra 2 speaker. I heard it once at a dealer and was thrilled with the huge soundstage, but the bass was flabby/boomy. That turned me off, but it could have been due to the dealer’s tube amp.
    I also like your review of the Yamaha 3000 amp. Please tell me a) do you still think highly of the Sopra 2 and b) would you suggest it as a match with the Yamaha 3000 amp.

  13. Steve did you get a black or silver model? I’m wanting to get one of these to power my Sonus Faber Venere S. I’m really torn over which color to get. The black one has cooler looking needle levels in low light but I also like the vintage silver look. Choices choices!

  14. Do you find yours runs hot, I’ve just bought one yesterday and after 3-4hrs the top plate on mine, is that hot I can only hold my hand/palm on the top plate for a very short time.

    Regard Dave

  15. Steve,
    amazing! Thanks for review. And yes, it’s sad that new Yamaha AS series gets absolute zero credit and reviews on internet.
    As I understand – you bought again AS-3000? It’s so good?
    I own AS-2100 with CD-S2100, and thinking about stepping up for AS-3000, so your confident review gives me smile 🙂
    But the way, your earlier “faulty” AS-3000, how did they broke? Because mine AS-2100 after almost a year started making crazy “puff” sound on speakers when I turn on/off amplifier… Sound quality looks like same as always, but I’m a bit worried. I read few customers having same issues with 2100 and 3000

  16. Not sure that we are listening to the same integrated amp. I find it weak and with no stage and dept. I hooked it up to my Linn LP 12 with Itok and a Denon 103r and JM lab Electra 936. I own a Mcintosh MA 6900. I switched back and came to realise that it after all come to personnal taste..

    • I think you are listening to the same integrated amp, but surely in a different room, with different speakers or whatever, and definitely with your own, unique set of ears. The meaning of this: It is all subjective. I once owned your JM Lab Electra 936. I could never get them to sound like natural music to me. As for your Mcintosh 6900, the AS3000 could not be further apart. The Mac is very “woolly” in the bass, and to my ears, it has a romantic, warm sound, and lacks information retrieval. With all due respect, the Yam is a whole magnitude higher in build quality and sound refinement.

      As for me (I own a Yamaha AS3000), I think Steve’s review is spot on.

  17. Hi Steve, thank you for this review, i enjoyed it a lot. If i didn’t know from the title that it is about the 3000 model i could easily believe it is about the 2100 that i have. One thing that i would like to add is that in my apartment i have a big ground loop problem. With all amplifiers that i used before like PrimaLuna Dialogue, Hegel H160, NAD M22 i had audible noise from the speakers but not the Yamaha. Not even expensive power filters stopped the noise but with the Yamaha amp my speakers are dead silent. As far as the bad review from WHATHIFI mentioned above i am not surprised. I read that magazine for years and the pattern is clear. Anything from Chord, Rega, Cambridge, PMC, Spendor, Naim, Cyrus etc gets 5 stars and/or is a group test winner with few exceptions here and there…

  18. I really like to know how the difference in sound between the Yamaha A-S 2100 and the A-S 3000, I guess the older A-S 2000 isn’t as good as the newer one.

    • I upgraded my 2100 amp & cd to the 3000 series and while the 2100 is a great sounding system (also an improvement over the older 2000 system), the 3000 components are in a different league. To me the clarity and soundstage are vastly superior, and they are, in my opinion moving more away from digital to a more valve sound – the digital rough edges are gone. Don’t get me wrong, the 2100 series would serve you well but if you can stretch to the 3000 go for it.

        • I’ve got Tannoy’s Precision 6.4’s. I know I could probably do better but I really love their duel concentric drive and they’re the best speaker I’ve ever owned. They are brilliant for vocals, instruments and just about everything. I got them at a great price as well as an end of line but brand new boxed (not ex dem). Though I didn’t buy them because they were a good price – I bought them as they were the best I could afford.

  19. Hello steve. Im new to this and setting up soon our new home. Wondering if there is really a big difference for a non enthusiast someone who jusy wants to listen to good music once in a while an expensive yamaha like as3000 compared to an as2000?

    • I always have NOrdost cables. After trying a few brands of higher end cable, the Nordost stuck out to me as them most open, most organic and flowing of them all. I now settled with Heimdall II throughout most of the system. Best place for price/performance I feel.

      • WOW! Had a look at Nordost cables and I could pay silly money for a set of speaker and XLR’s. I ended up using Chord “middle range” cables after trying slightly cheaper QED’s. I’d stretched to afford the 3000 pair so couldn’t afford to spend more than £500 on cables. I noticed a slight improvement from Chord’s lower end and the set I use now and to be honest I don’t know if my aging ears would hear any improvement if I spent mega bucks but in saying that I could hear the difference between Cambridge Audio’s 851 series and the Yamaha 3000’s. Trouble is in the UK I don’t know any supplier that will let you audition cables as the more high end are made to order. So it could be a very expensive project going down the upgrade path. I could be doing the Yammy an injustice I suppose but at least I’m not using the supplied £10 RCA cable that came with the CD!

        • Nordost cables is never “needed”..it purely a “want” and truth be told, many do not hear differences in cables at all. I do, quite easily so my OCD let me to the Nordost where I became happy. But you sound like you have a great setup as is!

      • I also have some Nordost cable but recently found Morrow cables incredible for their price. They are USA hand made..

  20. Great review just a shame you had to send it back. I managed to get a brand new boxed 3000 amp and CD player for £4800 (7000 USD). With the Yamaha backed 5 year UK warranty. I’m up to about 100 hours use now and can only agree with everything you said about the amp – I’m not an expert and most of the other makes you mention I’ve never heard of let alone auditioned. The 3000 system (pair?) is the best Hi-Fi I have ever heard – it’s clarity, separation, soundstage with plenty of warmth has to be experienced to be believed. On top of that its stunning to look at – I find myself listening to music sat in the sweet spot either with my eyes closed being carried by the sound or just looking at the stereo. I know what you mean about female vocals – it sounds like they are in the room! I now find my musical tastes are changing – I really love this system. Everything sound superb – bass, mids and highs – nothing weak or enhanced, just pure music. I’m now hearing different and more defined instruments in music I’ve been listening to for years. Vocals and instruments are separated but still sound joined – if that makes sense?

    I’m probably not using the best speakers for it as I was once advised by a reputable Hi-Fi retailer to spend the same on your speakers as you would for each component (as a rough guide, anyway). I’m using Tannoy Precision 6.4’s which retail at a about £2200 (3000 USD) but I got a new pair for £1000 as an end of line sell off. So retail price is close to what I Paid for each 3000 component but not if you compare to their retail prices – if you follow what I’m saying. At the end of the day I love ’em and as I’ve already said as a system I’ve never heard better and for now the Tannoy’s are the best I can afford.

    Hoping your experience with the amp switching off was an isolated incident as I want to keep this system for a long time. I just hate the fact that manufacturers now use lead free solder in all electronics that starts to effectively disintegrate after 10 years but I suppose by then my ears will be 65 so I probably won’t know the difference between a great system and an MP3 player!

  21. I purchased both the Yamaha A-S3000 & CD-S3000 in Australia this year fo around USD 7186 total price (AUD 10000).
    I have the full Yamaha 10 year warranty – not sure if they offer that in US? For the price this combination is absolutely fantastic. I hooked up my Yamaha GT-2000 -Japan only DD audiophile turntable. The phono stage is superb for an integrated. I have so far used this combination with Sony SS-G7a speakers results being extremely good, Yamaha NS-2000 speakers sounded fantastic and currently I’m using the Yamaha pair with my Diatone DS-5000 speakers – sensational best sound I have ever heard at home. An audiophile friend listened to this combination with jaw dropping awe – he asked me where do you go from here? I can also advise the SACD player function & USB HiRez playback are also extremely engaging. Now I have also used the extremely talented Sony TA-N7 VFET power & Sony TA-E88b pre with the above three mention speakers and the Yamaha pair certainly are a step up musically speaking.

    • Hi Tim, just wondering if you’ve had any CD tracking problems? Mine occasionally on certain CD’s has blank spots on the last track only. At first I thought it was just an old CD with minor damage issue but I’ve had it now on an unmarked brand new 2015 disk. Though, a gentle disk wipe with a camera lens cloth made it work the second time (even though I couldn’t see anything to wipe off – no scratches, no dust, no fingerprints). I would have hoped that the CD transport of this component would have been bulletproof and not upset by microscopic dust particles.

      • I haven’t had any problems with the CD player, however yesterday 18 Feb 2018 my amp went into auto shutoff mode. I have tried a reset as recommended by Yamaha however this has not resolved the problem. I will have to take the amp to an authorised repairer tomorrow.

  22. Dear Steve,

    I was very happy when I saw a review of a Yamaha device. I just can’t believe what happened to your amp! It is unbelievable. I think that your case is in 99.9% (you are in 0.1 unfortunately)…
    Similar accident has occurred to me, but in my case it was with tube guitar amp. The difference is that guitar amps are way cheaper – You can buy a pro tube head under $1000 used, and bunch of new in price category 1000-2000… Well, in a short way: It’s just stopped working. I was angry and disappointed. Fortunately, it was under warranty. People who worked on the amp told me next: a Lot of Delivery guys doesn’t care too much about package. Some of them just thrown it in a truck:(

    My other part of letter is about Yamaha:
    “Many high-end buyers will never get over the name Yamaha for an Audiophile product”
    “Forget what you know about the horrible best buy Yamaha receivers”

    Well, those who say that can be classified into 2 groups:
    1. People who know nothing about music industry
    2. Arrogant people and snobs (You certainly do not belong in any of!)
    Yamaha is well known for high quality industrial products and music equipment. Lots of famous drummers use Y drums, lots of pros use their Y keyboards and workstation, lots of schools use Y classical program and pianos… Even in the recording, DAW and cubase which is also used by many. Some of their artists: Elton John, Alicia Keys, Sheryl Crow, Norah Jones, lots of rock and metal guitarists… Yeah, Y is enough good for them, but it’s not good enough for some rich snob who knows nothing about music (except to listen sound)… About receivers… Their receivers picked up all the awards for 2015 in What Hi Fi. 🙂

    All the best and good luck in your future work!

  23. Electronics speaking… What could possibly had the shipping gorillas done to the amp that would manifest after three weeks? Let me re-phrase that… If I wanted to sabotage an amp to last three weeks, what do I need to do without bothering to open it?

    • Who knows, maybe that or the name. Many big mags are “political” as they review the ones who advertise more than those who do not. I would guess Yamaha does not advertise with them. It’s a great piece but a but on the pricey side.

  24. Hi there.
    How do you think that amp will match with my Dynaudio Excite X32?
    I seriously consider to buy this amp: A-S 3000. I already have CD-S2100.

  25. Thanks for the fine review. The top of the line Marantz may have hit the mark from some 2k less. May have well been a fluke with your Yamaha. Which I think is a little overpriced for the power and features. Makes me all the more satisfied with my McIntosh MA6600.

  26. Soon as I saw that amp announced I wanted one. But out of my price range. I have almost ordered the A-s2000 several times but something in my head figured I would be disappointed. You have used it. Is the A-S200 a waste of time?

  27. Last add-on: I may be a bit late in my highlight.. have just realised u recently landed onto AR. A nice landing indeed. As CJ would have been also granting.. a bit too sweet maybe for your Sonus Faber.
    Amazingly both Vsi75 and the Einstein Tune Amp are exactely on the same price range. Also, living in the US I would rather consider AR US based factory as a “plus” in terms of likely easier and reliable access to maintenance if ever the need. Nevertheless, as I went with curiosity through all your story, I believe there may be a value in at least paying an listening to the Einstein. Just in case you cross on your road. Cheers

  28. Steve.. think u may need some help..
    Went myself throughout a similar dis-adventure likely ended up when finally meeting Mr Einstein “The Absolute Tune Integrated Amplifier”. It is in a truly perfect match for whatsoever Franco Serblin 2ways speakers (the Accordo in my case), hybrid valve + SS amplifier-type (which I guess is the key for achieving the “low heat but still warm” goal, as still ensuring some soul healing from thermoionic lightnening). It somehow recall me of 300B tube like behaviour (it really has some of Cary magic) BUT with an ability on forte/piano response and scene restitution which does not really belong to any valves approach. Moreover Einsten craftmanship is same level as best Jap Luxman / Accuphase… which does not hurt!

    Last but not at least: wanna thank for your drive in discovering the beauty of the Summitar rendering.. has been H24 sitting on my Monochrome within the past 3 months!

  29. I own both the A-S3000 and CD-S3000. It cost way more I was willing to spend, but it was well worth it in the end. And I would recommend at least trying the CD player – it works really well with the amp.

    • Well, my S3000 died just before my 30 day return policy was up (thank goodness it was BEFORE). Sending it back tomorrow for a refund unfortunately. A $7k amp should not die (started to shut down after 20 min of use and would not turn back on for hours). My enthusiasm for this piece has now dwindled.

        • I do not want to risk $7k again as returning it, while hassle free does take a couple of weeks for the money to come back (takes a week for it to arrive back at Amazon from me). My local shop (AZ Hi Fi) let me home demo an Audio Research Vsi 75 and this will be the replacement. Not much heat (like the LM 219) yet powers my speakers just as well as the Yamaha (even better which is crazy), never a hint of hardness or flatness at loud volumes or low…and while a different sound than all amps I have tried it is a 99% match for my speakers. Lovely. So it will be the VSi 75 and CD9. Done 🙂

      • Hi,
        My A-S3000 is going on standby after about 8 hours of burn in. It repeated this every day, and now it’s in its fifth day (the unit is 5 days old). I left it on at around 1 watt (dial wise) of power to drive my Dynaudios Excite 14, and after 6-8 hours it reverts to standby. Same when driving the Sennheiser HD800. No warning sign (flickering of the led on the ON switch), the top just gets a little warm. Contacted the local agent. Hopefully this gets sorted out. NEVER expected this from YAMAHA!

        • Is the auto standby function on or off? Just wondering if it’s detecting low volume as no volume and switching into standby.

    • I love tubes, always have and always will but this beats most tube amps in just about every way. I would never pay this kind of cash for a SS amp if it did perform to an incredible level. This is quite easily the best SS amp I have ever heard and up there with the very best and most exotic tube amps I have heard and owned. I have a 30 day trial with this, but it is staying put. It is perfect with no flaws that I have discovered, especially now with over 100 hours on it. Amazing build, sound, and quality from top to bottom. No heat, no tubes to change.

      • Great review on Yamaha A S-3000 Steve. I was looking for some consumer review on this one since it came out. I’m interested to buy this monster one day. I believe my quest for the best sound will be over with this amp. One request to you: Can you post a video in Youtube so it’ll be a great help to the people like me to figure out how it sounds (even though it’s youtube sound) because I haven’t seen any consumer video post in anywhere apart from yamaha promo vid with alien looking speakers. Congrats on your new Yamaha A S-3000 and thanks for the review.

        – Subas

          • Hi Steve, sorry to hear about your AS 3000. I was waiting for the video but that’s ok. Did you aware the issue to Yamaha? I think there shouldn’t be this type of issue with their premium product with that price tag. By the way you have a great collection of toys. great taste and love the review about them.


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