The Sony RX1 Sample Image Gallery

Below are all samples from one of my favorite cameras ever, the Sony RX1. You can read my review of the camera by clicking HERE but one thing is for certain, this is one controversial camera. On one end you have those who LOVE and adore it and use it as their #1 camera. On the other you have those that are on sort of a witch hunt of the RX1 due to the $2799 price tag even though that price is warranted and well worth it. Think about it. The RX1 is LESS than the cost of a Leica 35 Summicron lens alone yet it can equal or maybe exceed the quality of a $7000 Leica M and $3000 35 Summicron.  Sounds like a deal to me at $2799 and I am just keeping it all real and in perspective. The $1299 X100s can not compete with the RX1 either. $2799 is expensive, yes. Very much so. But the camera is worth the cost to those who value small size and amazing quality.

The fact remains, there is nothing else like it on the market at the time of this writing. It is the only full frame sensor (and what a sensor it is) camera that can fit in a pocket. The quality ranks up with the Nikon D800 and Leica M and in some cases, beats them. It also does B&W very very well.

Samples below will be updated from time to time so always check back 🙂 Keep in mind that these are not meant to be works of art or amazing photos. Just samples that demonstrate color, depth of field, sharpness and the character of the lens. Enjoy!

If you want to purchase the Sony RX1 I highly recommend Amazon or B&H Photo!

Click on images for larger and better looking sizes!


The 1st few samples are from the new RX1R – You can order the new RX1R HERE at Amazon






















The rest are from the original RX1 – You can order the RX1 HERE at Amazon











































  1. Hi Steve, how about the IQ of RX1/RX1R compare to Leica x typ113? Which one is more 3D look and which one render better color and black & White JPG? thanks a lot!

    • I haven’t had the RX1 since 2012, or 11 years. No way I can do that comparison : ) But by memory, I would go with the Sony all day long vs the Leica.

  2. Really nice images there, Steve. I’ve wanted an RX1 since it was first released, but the price was way beyond my means. I’ve just bought a used one for a little over £500 and am waiting impatiently for it to arrive. I feel like a small child on Christmas Eve.
    I’ve worn my Fujifilm X100S into the ground and was going to look for a used later model X100 series, but an RX1 was too good an opportunity to pass up.
    Is it here yet?

  3. Hi Steve, Been a longtime Ricoh GR user. Love them but they always brake after two years or less. Would the RXI be a step up? I do marketing photographer for a megachurch in Pittsburgh, everything from kid camp to staff portraits. I gravitate to small, fixed-lens machines. Also have an X100, don’t like as well. Advise, please.

      • Steve, would you say the original RX1 is still worth it in 2020 given how old the technology in the camera is?

          • Thanks for your reply. Is there a vast difference between both cameras? What do you mean the RX1 is better? color or black and white? thanks!

          • I just prefer the file quality over the Leica X. Sony also is much better in low light, the Leica is not good in low light. The body of the Leica feels odd in the hand, the Sony is tiny so not much better. All in all, it’s the IQ for me that I prefer from the Sony. The look, the vibe. But that is my personal choice and opinion, you may feel different.

        • You can get RX1RIIs now for good used prices, and you’ll benefit from the EVF, hybrid AF and Eye AF system, and variable low pass filter. The newer camera also has continuous AF whereas the earlier cameras did not. Whichever you pick, the Zeiss Sonnar lens makes the camera: it really is a masterpiece of a lens. I sold up my Nikon D800 kit to buy one, just because I wanted a change in direction in my photography, and I opted for fixed lens photography. It was a choice between Leica and Sony for me, and I went for the Sony, and I haven’t looked back for 4 years. It really is a superb machine – not the most ergonomic, admittedly – but, in every other department where it comes to crafting an image, it is superb. You will love it

  4. Hi Steve, Love your photos. I have the Fuji 100Xs. I have seen the RX1 sell used for about $1500. Do you think it would be a worth the upgrade. The money is close. What mode do you shoot in. Do you use the flash for fill in at all.

  5. I shoot almost exclusively with my 5d3 and 50mm 1.2 – Steve might back me up here that there is almost no better combination on the planet. The RX1r comes quite close, I have one on order so I’ll do some comparisons and post them up… One thing I have noticed is that people get very hung up on the tech of cameras – just enjoy shooting stuff and become good at that rather than worrying about pixels and IQs! Most imperfections can be ironed out to a degree in raw filters and if need be a touch up afterwards. And if you’re wondering, all my gear was paid for and justified by a couple of photo shoots on a 10D and 30d using kit lenses.

  6. Hi Steve, I have been using X-E1/18-55 zoom, 35/1.5 and with X100 always in my bag. Recently just got the OMD E-M1 with 12-40/2.8 for the IQ and speed. Now I am debating between whether to upgrade my x100 to x100s or or get this RX1R. But as I shoot mostly OOC jpeg so I am little worry about the sony color. Love the lens character though. Between the X100s and RX1R which one u thing more suitable for me?

      • Do it like me – choose both. They complement each other very nicely.

        For the A7: Get the Sonnar 1.5/55 FE if you must (= need Autofocus), or get a good adapter and a Summicron R 2/50 (late production – ROM-version guarantees that) for manual work. A classic Zeiss Planar 1,4/85 (Contax bayonet + adapter) and a Sonnar C 1.5/50 (ZM with adapter) make nice add-ons, for ‘classic’ portrait use…

        For the RX1(R or not R is a matter of taste – and price, as one can get good deals on the non-R model) get the EVF and the sunshade…

        With this combination, classic reportage style and travel photography is covered, and do is street. If need be, wider angles can be covered with Leica R, Zeiss ZE/ZF.2/Contax, Samyang or other full frame primes + adapters…. Same goes for moderate teles…

  7. Ok. I need this camera. I thought my recently blown HP945( I know that sounds weird) took stunning pics, but this is on a whole new level.

  8. The Picture with a Man in the Hat (No’ 10) is amazing, i wondering does PP was involved or the pics are as is strait from the camera?

  9. It’s amazing how you can make a tissue paper box look beautiful! Beautiful work indeed. I also enjoy your youtube videos. I can’t stop looking at your galleries.

  10. I was looking at these pics a few times, very nice
    Looks like the Rx1 is a fantastic camera, i only wish it had an integral viewfinder

  11. Man Steve, I sure like how you keep adding images to your reviews. I especially like your new B & W DIRECTIONAL SHIFT ! A breath of fresh air… This is one very tempting camera. I just need multiple lenses, or a pro level zoom on this baby, and I could jump. Thanks to you – I am enjoying my new FUJI X-E1 & fast I.S. zoom. What a great camera. My D700 sits in the bag… Now, if INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES, the TRANS-X- ZERO MOIRE CHIP, DUAL FINDER, and IN BODY I.S. was in all of these camera’s ~ W O W !

  12. Very nice pictures Steve ! I really like the toddler one 🙂

    The RX1 is quite a tempting camera ! I So tempting I think I’ll get one…

    One question : do you think the AF is slower than the Nex-5 1st gen. ?

  13. Hi Steve, nice to meet you from Tokyo.
    Thank you for sharing great information and your photos.

    Now I’m using an OM-D.

    I’m such a guy…
    thinking OM-D lacks of something in image quality but wise,
    fullframe rocks but DSLRs are too heavy and outstanding in public,
    Leica M(9) would be the solution but the budget matters.

    My main subjects are people(portrait), landscape, and some things and foods.

    Now I’d like to listen to your opinions about those…

    1.AF is okay when shooting portrait?
    2.How about the 35mm? I think using cropping zoom (on 50mm, 70mm) solves this, is the cropping zoom function useful enough?
    3.How about jpg quality and skin tones?
    4.If i’d go for an RX1, I’d still keep my OM-D. To me, the Olympus would cover with super wide angle and telephotos.
     How do you use two different cameras and lenses on OM-D/RX1 for your subjects side by side?
    5.What about the compatibility with lighting equipments? such as wireless clip-on strobe?

    on OM-D, my fav lenses are 9-18mm for mainly landscape and landscape portrait, 25mm f1.4 for portrait and everyday snap, 45mm f1.8 for portrait and things, and the 60mm f2.8 macros for foods and flowers.

    I have 20mm and 17mm too, but I’m not using them so much except when I want have less stuff out.

    (that’s why I’m in a struggle if I should go for an RX1)

    • Hey Dice,

      My two cents is if you don’t use the 20mm and 17mm that much which would be the equivalent of 35-40mm on the OMD, would you be comfortable with the fixed focal length of 35mm on the RX1? Sorry, I don’t know much about the cropping zoom feature.

  14. Wow, Like others currently beyond my means, so I recently opted for NEX-6, despite lower resolution, I think it renders a more natural image than the Nex-7, which applies all sorts of added technology to squezze those extra MP’s out of an APS sensor. 6 certainly has less noise. Also rather than any Sony Nex lenses I use my Contax mount Zeiss primes 25-135mm, and voigtlander 15 and 35mm.Love your site.

  15. Steve, I think you should get Sony to give you one to give away. I share your enthusiasm for the camera, just not the funds to buy it. Beautiful images.

    • I once had a Leica analogue in the 70s, but sold it because I needed mony at that time. I miss that time and the image it brought with it. Have always wanted somthing similar since. Why I am writing this is because the pictures you show here is reminiscent of that time. Got the chance to buy Sony RX1 for a great price, but even then it was too expensive. It was a Sony RX100 instead which also takes amazing pictures. Steve i would love if you could take the same picyures with these camra to compare. What I mean is that it would be nice if you could take the same photo with both cameras and compare. Must otherwise say that I like your pages along with some other acquaintances enthusiasts.

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