Aug 112011

HELP WANTED!  Video Animation Needed! Looking for a video whiz to create a new intro for my review videos. Looking for something cool, with motion and color. Just the video intro. If you know video animation and have any ideas, email me at [email protected] Of course, I will pay for this as well (please be ..READ MORE..

Aug 112011
Daily Inspiration #247 by Neil Buchan-Grant

Hi Steve, I recently had a blast shooting at a Vintage Festival in London and thought your readers might be interested in hearing about it. The festival celebrates 5 decades of British fashion, music and culture. It really was a photographers paradise with so many people turning up in immaculate period clothing and pristine cosmetics, ..READ MORE..

Aug 102011
Crazy Comparison - The Olympus E-P3 with 12mm vs the Leica M9 with 24 Summilux!

CRAZY COMPARISON! The Olympus E-P3 with 12mm vs the Leica M9 and 24 Summilux ASPH! It’s Wednesday morning at 6am and what better to kick off the hump day than with a Crazy Comparison?!?! I have not done of these in a loooong time so I figured it was about time for a new match ..READ MORE..

Aug 102011
Random shots from my month on tour with Seal that were never posted!

Random Photographs from my month on tour with Seal that were never posted! Let’s see. I’m a photographer and being away for a month on tour across Europe would mean that I most likely took LOADS of photos right? Well, yes and no. I did take quite a few photos but I tried to be ..READ MORE..

Aug 092011
Tuesday Videos: Fogg B-Laika Bag Review, Olympus E-P3 video samples

The Fogg B-Laika Camera Bag Video Review Hey ho, lets go! It is Tuesday and just realized I never posted the Fogg B-Laika bag review video I did yesterday nor did I let many of you know of the E-P3 video samples I posted in the review a couple days ago. So here they are! ..READ MORE..

Aug 092011
Rock and Roll Shooting With 80 Megapixels by Bjarke Ahlstrand

ROCK ‘N ROLL SHOOTING WITH 80 MEGAPIXELS by Bjarke Ahlstrand, Copenhagen, Denmark I’m a television producer, doing documentaries, reportage and fiction during working hours, and in my spare time, I’m a happy Leica M9/Hasselblad H3D-39/CANON 5D MARK II shooter. I was quite fond of Canon’s 5D Mark II, especially since I also use it for “professional” purposes, video-wise, and ..READ MORE..

Aug 072011
Chaiten; a town digging itself out of the ash - By Frans Jansen

Chaiten; a town digging itself out of the ash. On May 2nd of 2008, after 9000 plus years, a volcano erupted near the town of Chaiten in Patagonia, Chile. The more than 4000 people who made their lives in this  small town had their lives changed dramatically. The Chilean government temporarily evacuated all the people to other various towns ..READ MORE..

Aug 062011
Daily Inspiration #245 by Baru A. Dacasin

Hi Mr. Huff,                       My name is Baru A. Dacasin and I am big fan of your work. I am a serious street photo hobbyist and have just recently worked up the courage to share my images outside my family and friends. My photos are found I shoot 35mm film primarily using the compact ..READ MORE..

Aug 052011
PRESS RELEASE: Ricoh Announces Leica M Mount APS-C Module for GXR system

News Release August 5, 2011 Ricoh announces GXR MOUNT A12 A GXR lens mount unit featuring an APS-C size CMOS sensor Tokyo, Japan, August 5, 2011—Ricoh Co., Ltd. (president and CEO: Shiro Kondo) announced today the development of the new GXR MOUNT A12, a lens mount unit exclusively for the GXR interchangeable unit camera system. ..READ MORE..

Aug 042011
The Olympus E-P3 Review. The new mirror-less flagship is a winner.

The Olympus E-P3 and 12mm f/2 lens Review By Steve Huff I can not believe I am sitting here writing a review for the new Olympus E-P3. Why? Well, it seems like just a few days go that I was writing about the E-P1 and then the E-P2, man…how time flies by! Here we are ..READ MORE..

Aug 022011
The Road to Somewhere Else by Donald Barnat

The Road to Somewhere Else by Donald Barnat “I think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don’t notice it.” – ‘Shug’ Avery in The Color Purple by Alice Walker I-15, the highway to and from Las Vegas, is traveled by an endless caravan of Southern Californians every year, ..READ MORE..

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