Sep 022012
Daily Inspiration #350 by Sharookh Mehta

Hey Steve – I’m attaching a few images which may interest you. These have been shot in Mumbai, India on the Leica X2 – in “monochrome” – actually in BW high contrast mode!! I really love the overall tonality one can achieve in-camera, without having to convert colour into BW in post-processing. The X-2 does ..READ MORE..

Sep 012012
Peaking into the Past, Present and Future with the Sony NEX-7 by Vitor Munhoz

Peaking into the past, present, and future with the Nex-7 By Vitor Munhoz – His website is HERE, his blog is HERE The recent plethora of new goodies being announced made me stop to think about the pace and direction of photographic innovation. In particular, the new Sony Nex models got me wondering whatever happened ..READ MORE..

Aug 312012
The Leica M9 Does Spain by Aravind Krishnaswamy

The Leica M9 Does Spain by Aravind Krishnaswamy Earlier this summer I went on a tour of Spain with my 7 months pregnant wife, starting in Madrid and finishing in Barcelona. We were part of a tour group and over the course of about a week we got to enjoy the sights and tastes of primarily Andalucía, but ..READ MORE..

Aug 302012
Olympus OMD 95% - Leica M9 5%  By Neil Buchan-Grant

Olympus OMD 95% – Leica M9 5% By Neil Buchan-Grant It’s been about a year since I last sent you anything Steve and a lot has happened in that time. I sailed to New York on the Queen Mary and had christmas in the big apple, just me, the M9 and a Sony NEX5n. I ..READ MORE..

Aug 292012
New Leica compact system coming to Photokina? My crystal ball says MAYBE...

New Leica compact system coming to Photokina? My crystal ball says MAYBE… So I dusted off my crystal ball last week and in between writing for and maintaining this website 40-50 hours a week and doing some Paranormal Investigating with my son 20 hours a week I figured I would find time to dust off ..READ MORE..

Aug 292012
Sony debuts the new Action Cam - GoPro who?

SONY DEBUTS ACTION SPORTS HD VIDEO CAMERA FOR PREMIUM POINT-OF-VIEW SHOOTING WITH WI-FI® CAPABILITY SAN DIEGO, August 29, 2012 – After much anticipation, Sony today announced that its industry-leading image quality will now be found in a new, wearable point-of-view video camera for action sports filming in premium full HD 1080p. Weighing in at approximately ..READ MORE..

Aug 292012
OFFICIAL: The Sony NEX-5R announced - October Release at $750 with Kit Lens.

This is the official word from Sony on the NEX-5R release. What is super cool is that next Friday Sony will be flying out to my house with ALL of their new goodies for me to preview. For now, this is an update to the excellent NEX-5n which adds faster AF with phase and contrast ..READ MORE..

Aug 292012
The Sigma DP2 Merrill Review- Gorgeous image quality but slow and squeaky!

The Sigma DP2 Merrill Review- Gorgeous image quality, slow as molasses and irritating squeaky operation! The Sigma Dp2 Merrill has been in my possession for a while but it is going back. In other words, I am not going to purchase it. But not because of the image quality. Before I even write one more ..READ MORE..

Aug 272012
One day they will fly away by Jeffrey Dam

One day they will fly away By Jeffrey Dam Dear Steve, My name is Jeffrey. I’m a 35-year-old, Dutch newbe teacher in Design, Engineering and Innovation (for 1 year now). Before that, I was a Mechanical Design Architect. I stumbled on your blog about 1,5 years ago. I fell in love with your view on equipment ..READ MORE..

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