Dec 232011
Life's Little Moments with the Panasonic 25 1.4 by William Jusuf

From Steve: Just as I started shooting with the 25 1.4 from Panasonic I received an e-mail from William Jusuf who bought this lens along with a Panasonic GF2 to document the birth of his baby. The story and photos are wonderful so I had to post this. The 25 1.4 did great with the ..READ MORE..

Dec 222011
USER REPORT: A Businessmans Bag by Dave Murphy

A Businessman’s Bag by Dave Murphy Dave’s website is at So, you are a businessman and also a photographer?  Or you are a photographer who also runs a business?  Or maybe you are just a guy who wants a bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag.  Either way, you need a bag that ..READ MORE..

Dec 202011
USER REPORT: The Sony NEX-5n and the Voigtlander Nokton 35 1.4 by Terence Jones

  USER REPORT: The Sony NEX-5n and the Voigtlander Nokton 35 1.4 By Terence Jones – See his Flickr site HERE The Voigtlander 35 Nokton 1.4 can be purchased at B&H Photo HERE – In this review I would like to talk about a very interesting camera-lens combination of a Sony Nex-5n with a Cosina ..READ MORE..

Dec 162011

PRESS RELEASE NEW FIRMWARE UPDATE FOR THE LEICA D-LUX 5 Solms, Germany (December 16, 2011) - Leica Camera AG announces the release of a new firmware update for the Leica D-Lux 5. Users wishing to bring their camera up-to-date can now download the firmware update and an installation guide from the ‘UPDATES’ section of the D-Lux 5 page on ..READ MORE..

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