Jul 142011
The power of the Polaroid (and photos in general)

The Power of the Polaroid (and photos in general) By Steve Huff I have been home for 3-4 days and am STILL going through my e-mails so sorry if you wrote and did not get a reply just yet. One of the emails included a link to a story with some pretty powerful images. All ..READ MORE..

Jul 112011
Rocking in Rotterdam with the Leica M9-P and 50 Summilux ASPH

ROCKING IN ROTTERDAM WITH THE LEICA M9-P Hello to all! Happy Monday morning! I am now back home in Phoenix AZ after spending the last 4 weeks on the summer Seal tour. The tour is still rolling on, so be sure to check the tour schedule if you want to go check it out but ..READ MORE..

Jul 092011
My quick visit to Paris with an M9 and Iphone

Wow, just woke up this morning on the bus as we pulled in to Rotterdam Holland. I was dreaming that I was drowning in a big pile of goat cheese…don’t ask me why, I have no clue why I would have a dream like that. Odd :) Anyway… I left Paris last night around 2Am ..READ MORE..

Jul 062011
Having some fun in Pula, Croatia! Behind the scenes!

Having some Fun in Pula, Croatia! Behind the Scenes! Wow, what a month! So many cool places and it just keeps getting better. Took some more behind the scenes stuff which is always fun. Last night we stopped over in Pula, Croatia and I managed to squeeze in some time to walk the streets, have ..READ MORE..

Jul 062011
Drive By Shootings in Queens, NY by Amy Medina

- Drive-By Shootings in Queens, NY by Amy Medina When most people think of New York City, they think of Manhattan, and while yes, Times Square, Central Park and Soho are all amazing places to photograph, you’d do yourself a disservice not to cross a bridge and get yourself into Brooklyn and Queens. I recently ..READ MORE..

Jul 052011
The 1st Leica Noctilux, the rare f/1.2 Aspherical

The first Leica Noctilux Ever…the rare f/1.2 Aspherical The Leica Noctilux is a hell of a lens…it is lusted after by almost every Leica shooter in the world and to date there have been a few versions released. We have all heard of the most popular version, the f/1 Noctilux. Most of us DREAM of ..READ MORE..

Jul 052011
The Theyyams of Kerala – A Photo Essay - By Ashwin Rao

The Theyyams of Kerala – A Photo Essay By Ashwin Rao Ashwins Flickr – Ashwins Blog Hi, my friends. It’s Ashwin, here with another article with a bit of a different spin. Many of my articles have centered on travel, and painted pictures of countries in broad sweeps. In the recent months, we have all ..READ MORE..

Jul 032011
Meeting with Leica in Vienna with my 50 Summilux ASPH

Meeting with Leica in Vienna It’s Sunday July 3rd and here I am in my hotel in Budapest after a 4 hour drive on the tour bus from Vienna. While I did not have time to walk around Vienna we did go back to the amazing Westlicht camera, the most incredible camera shop, used shop, ..READ MORE..

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