Jul 032012
A man and his new Leica X2 by Lasse Jorgensen

Hello Steve and Hello everybody! Shortly about my self. 46 years, Male, Danish, use to be pressphotographer from 1985 – 2005. Lost my inspiration, my energy and my “photoway” of thinking. So I gave up and played some bass guitar instead. But I did not sell all my cameras, so on hollidays I took pictures ..READ MORE..

Jul 022012
Chasing Light in the Palouse with the Pentax 645D by Ashwin Rao

Chasing Light in The Palouse with the Pentax 645D (& A Brief Review of the Pentax 645D system) By Ashwin Rao – Visit his blog HERE The Palouse… Eastern Washington’s pastoral land of rolling hills, has long been a source of photographic inspiration and pilgrimage.  It’s a land replete with broad swaths of color, vistas ..READ MORE..

Jun 302012
Can a small mirrorless camera replace a DSLR?

A question I get several times a week: Can a small mirrorless camera replace a DSLR?  With the trend in digital photography today heading to the small powerhouse bodies with larger sensors many have dumped their DSLR’s for the likes of  a Sony NEX camera, an Olympus OM-D, a Leica X2, Nikon V1 or one ..READ MORE..

Jun 302012
The Olympus OM-D on the Road: Istanbul Day 1 - By Colin Steel

The Olympus OM-D on the Road: Istanbul Day 1 – By Colin Steel See his blog HERE Hey fellow photo travelers, welcome to this first post from my trip to Istanbul for a workshop with Peter Turnley . The workshop is street shooting orientated with a photojournalistic theme and I decided to arrive a few ..READ MORE..

Jun 292012
USER REPORT: Re-Visiting Manual Olympus F. Zuiko Auto-S 50mm 1.8 with a Panasonic GF-2 by William Jusuf

Dear Steve.. I really enjoying these last month , seeing so many thrilled news from photography world… Waiting for your review and opinion of OMD… X-Pro 1, then comes out the M9 Monochrome, X2 and now you are visiting your X100… Its been such pleasure and inspiring moments … reading your website and many friend’s opinion. Myself, ..READ MORE..

Jun 272012
Electrical Tape and the Leica M9 in Havana by Erik Benjamins

Electrical Tape and the M9 in Havana by Erik Benjamins Arriving in Havana on a late Wednesday afternoon unleashed welcomed waves of hot stickiness. I had arrived for the week to attend the 11th Havana Bienal. And it was this unique and privileged in into Cuba, coming off of years of unabashed romanticization, that tipped ..READ MORE..

Jun 262012
New Firmware for Leica X2  - Version 1.1 ready for download

Leica X2 Firmware Version 1.1 is ready for download HERE at the Leica site. It is said to improve higher ISO performance past 1600, improve auto white balance and have general overall performance enhancements. What the “general improvements and performance optimization” means I have no clue so I downloaded this firmware myself and tested out some ..READ MORE..

Jun 252012
Quick 1st Look Video: The Sony NEX-F3 and New 18-200 E Mount Black lens

Quick 1st Look Video: The Sony NEX-F3 and New 18-200 E Mount Black lens Hello to all! Just received these two Sony products in the mail today – the new Sony NEX-F3 and the new Sony 18-200 E mount lens, the new black re-design version. The F3 is the replacement for the previous C3 (which ..READ MORE..

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