Jun 142011
Taking a photo stroll in Tallinn Estonia with the Fuji X100 and Leica M9

A Photo Stroll in Tallinn Estonia with the X100 and M9 By Steve Huff What a crazy last couple of days.. I am now in Tallinn Estonia! I survived 26 hours of airports and air travel and then woke up this morning at 4 AM to head out and shoot in this lovely town. I ..READ MORE..

Jun 132011
Essex Young Farmers Annual Show – Leica M9 vs iPhone 4   - Your Hometown by Roy Strutt

Essex Young Farmers Annual Show – Leica M9 vs iPhone 4 – Your Hometown  By Roy Strutt Hi Steve, Last Sunday the Essex Young Farmers annual show was held in Roxwell near Chelmsford in Essex (UK) close to our hometown. Young Farmers are a youth organisation across the UK with a powerful following of young ..READ MORE..

Jun 122011
USER REPORT: Leica Lumix Melange + Noctilux 0.95 vs. 1.0 Comparison on Micro 4/3 by Helge Hackbarth

USER REPORT: Leica Lumix Melange + Noctilux 0.95 vs. 1.0 Comparison on mFT By Helge Hackbarth The exceptional picture composing options of bright prime lenses make them desireble especially for the MicroFourThirds camera system. 3D-Kraft demonstrates how a bright standard lens transforms into a fantastic portrait focal length and compares the qualities of the Leica ..READ MORE..

Jun 112011
Daily Inspiration #228 by Carl Valiquet

Hi Steve, last September, I finished shooting images for a short film I was doing in Indonesia. After spending almost a year traveling around the islands on a motorbike, carrying a large Video camera, a Nikon D700 with 3 zoom lenses and a tripod with a pan head, I decided that I needed to take a «light» photographic vacation. ..READ MORE..

Jun 092011
How about a Leica M9-P Hammertone Edition? More new cameras coming....

  The Leica M9 Hammertone Special Edition? This has been a week of new cameras leaking out on to the internet and some new camera announcements. So what’s new? How about more Leica M9-P stuff? Well, the image above is a shot of a supposed M9 Hammertone special edition that will come with a 28 ..READ MORE..

Jun 092011
Why shooting with just a 35mm lens WILL improve your photography

Why shooting with just a 35mm lens WILL improve your photography. By Steve Huff I originally wrote this article to end my Fuji X100 camera review but decided to expand on it and publish it on its own. When the X100 and even the Leica X1 were announced and released, many people were complaining that ..READ MORE..

Jun 092011
Snapseed from Nik, now available for Ipad!

Nik Software: Snapseed for Ipad and Ipad 2 Nik Software, creator of the amazing SIlver Efex and Color Efex pro have released a very cool app called “Snapseed” for your Ipad and Ipad 2. Basically it is a simple image editing app that has some power behind it, even control points for specific area editing. ..READ MORE..

Jun 082011
Daily Inspiration #227 by Vlado Jancek

Hi Steve, Here comes probably yet another email for daily inspiration! These were shot last weekend here in Worms, Germany. We had a “Spectaculum Worms” festival, that showed how people had lived before, and let me tell you it was amazing to see and photograph! Potential for photography was everywhere, I filled 2x 8GB cards in couple ..READ MORE..

Jun 082011
Three Bag Roundup Video! Artist & Artisan and Think Tank Photo!

Three bag ROUNDUP! The Artist & Artisan 7000 and 7200 and the Think Tank Photo Airport Airstream video Review! Today I wanted to do a video on three bags that are all SUPERB! The first two I have become quite fond of, the Artisan & Artist ACAM-7000 for the days when I want to carry ..READ MORE..

Jun 082011
The Olympus XA: The smallest rangefinder camera by Konstantinos Besios

Olympus XA: The smallest rangefinder camera By Konstantinos Besios (His Blog Here) The Leica M is considered to be the best tool for street photography, small and light with top image quality and the pros of a rangefinder camera. But, there are some cases when I wanted an even smaller camera body that could literally ..READ MORE..

Jun 072011
Daily Inspiration #226 by Manuel Domes

Dear Steve, Thanks for your great website, and also for notifying the participants to the Leica Contest that their submissions were received — not to be expected at 1300+ entries :-) While we’re at it, I would like to submit 3 pictures for your consideration in the Daily Inspiration category. Manuel Domes www.manuel-domes.de   “Small scale ..READ MORE..

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