Jun 032011
Add some "Flare" to your photos with FLARE! Win a free copy NOW!

Add some FLARE to your photos with FLARE! An awesome app that is fun AND powerful! Wow. About a week ago I was contacted by the creator of FLARE asking me if I wanted to try out his software and see how I liked it. It was yet another one of those “Apps” for your ..READ MORE..

Jun 022011
Cool links, and some upcoming articles...

News, Updates, Announcements and more! Hello everyone! Happy Thursday! I am sitting here drinking my morning coffee, sitting in my big comfy office chair and realizing that in less than two weeks I will be heading out across Europe to shoot the Summer Seal tour. This will be a 5 week stint for me and ..READ MORE..

May 312011
Travel Photography by Matt Draper

Travel Photography By Matt Draper Steve, Your website is quickly becoming my favourite site, it is bookmarked on my Mac and I check it everyday as I am sure a lot of others do around the world. Your posts are informative, inspiring, humorous and the fact you always show a perspective from both sides shows most ..READ MORE..

May 312011
Daily Inspiration #224 by Rabiah Khwaja

Hi Steve, I wanted to submit images of my visit to Texas… Grandpa was bit under the weather..so seeing us there made him feel better. We talked about his younger days..when he traveled the world with grandma, my mom and uncles when they were all pretty much toddlers. Recalling old memories lightened up his otherwise dull eyes..he had ..READ MORE..

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