May 262011

The Seattle, WA Meetup/Workshop July 23rd and 24th 2011 UPDATES! SOLD OUT! Hey guys, just wanted to update you all on the July 23rd and 24th schedule of events for the Seattle workshop/meetup and to let you know I have ONE SEAT remaining! I expect it to sell quickly so if you are interested, ..READ MORE..

May 262011
USER REPORT: As Ubiquitous as a Pen by Sandy Ramirez

As Ubiquitous as a Pen A few years back when Olympus started it’s ad campaign for it’s Pen series Digitals, I wondered aloud to myself “Could it be? Could I finally have a digital version of my beloved PenFT?” Sadly the answer was no. I won’t go into the technical reasons why I am not ..READ MORE..

May 262011
PRESS RELEASE: New camera release, The Leica V-Lux 30

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEW: THE LEICA V-LUX 30 The universal compact camera for carefree photography Solms, Germany (May 26, 2011) – Leica Camera AG presents a new digital compact camera featuring a 15.1 megapixel sensor (14.1 MP effective) – the Leica V-Lux 30. In comparison to its forerunner model, the new camera has a Leica ..READ MORE..

May 232011
My Leica X1 and Fuji X100 Comparison photos, and my thoughts...

My Leica X1 and Fuji X100 Comparison Shots or “Fuji X100 vs Leica X1″ By Steve Huff Just got back from my mini road trip today where I took along the Fuji X100 and Leica X1 so I could compare shooting them side by side. I wanted to write about the experience AND the image ..READ MORE..

May 232011
POLL: One more Leica X1/Fuji X100 Pic, just for fun!

UPDATE: The TOP image was from the Leica X1. Bottom X100. Full comparison can be found HERE. Happy Monday! Im heading out to Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon AZ this morning to shoot the Leica X1 and Fuji X100 side by side to not only see the image quality differences, but to also see which ..READ MORE..

May 212011
POLL: Which file is from the Leica and which from the Fuji? Can you tell?

UPDATE: The top image was from the X100, NOT the X1. The Bottom image was from the X1. The full comparison is HERE. WEEKEND FUN POLL! Hey everyone! It’s Saturday and I’ve been hanging around the house today doing some comparisons between the Leica X1 and Fuji X100 just so I could see once and ..READ MORE..

May 192011
Lengthy and Detailed Leica X1 and Fuji X100 comparison coming..

Ok guys…all of this Fuji X100 craziness is driving ME crazy! Lol. My e-mail inbox has been flooded in the last week asking me the question “What should I buy” – The X1 or X100? First of all, I can’t tell you WHAT to buy as I have no idea what fits your style, your ..READ MORE..

May 192011
USER REPORT: The Leica X1 Dynamic Range by George Sutton

USER REPORT: The Leica X1 Dynamic Range by George Sutton The Leica X1 has a lot of limitations offset by outstanding strengths. I think it works best as a walk-around camera in a city. Color is exemplary. Another strength I have discovered is the camera’s range. Recently I was in the Sainte-Chapelle chapel in Paris ..READ MORE..

May 192011
5 Reasons Why I Am Glad I Switched to a Film Rangefinder for Street Photography by Eric Kim

5 Reasons Why I Am Glad I Switched to a Film Rangefinder for Street Photography By Eric Kim For nearly two years, I shot street photography entirely with a DSLR (the Canon 5D to be specific). I had always heard of people primarily using rangefinders for street work, but wasn’t quite sure why that was ..READ MORE..

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