I never have charged one penny for the endless information and reviews on this site, and I never will. It is run from the passion in my heart and soul and has become a pretty special place for me, you and everyone to hang out and talk photography, read the latest real world reviews, share images with daily inspirations and so much more. So how can you help? It’s EASY and you do not have to do ANYTHING that you are not already doing! If you have enjoyed this site over the years or even have just found it and are benefitting from the information here there is a way you can help Use my links when you want to shop ..this will help me dramatically! Almost everyone I know shops at Amazon. If you do, you can help me without even trying 🙂 
When you use the links at this site to visit B&H Photo or Amazon, I get a tiny commission on the sale. Over time, this adds up and it really helps to pay for the costs of keeping this site going AND growing!
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Also, keep in mind you do not pay any more by using my links, you pay the same costs as you normally would. I just get a teeny % that helps me keep chugging, or should I say, SNAPPING along 🙂 ANYTHING you buy at Amazon from camera gear, film, mac and cheese and even baby wipes will help me keep going with this site, and for those who do then I appreciate each and every time you help out! 


If you buy ANYTHING from B&H Photo it helps me as I get a small percentage that adds up over time and every month or two I get a check that helps to pay for the web hosting, new cameras to review, and keeps me motivated to GO GO GO. I do not get rich doing  this, far far from it but by you helping me out just by doing something you already are going to do..well, it really does help and it means the world to me. It means I can keep going and grow this site to what I have always imagined as (I’m about 40% there). To help me with B&H Photo all you have to do is click the link below from this page to get to them. That is how they know you came from me and how they know to give me a commission on whatever you may buy. BUT for B&H you must use the link below from this page or any of the other links on my site. They do not allow bookmarking like Amazon does. They do ship worldwide!


Anytime you want to shop B&H and want to help me with this site just come here to this page and use the link above, or use any link to B&H in my right sidebar on any page, or link in my reviews. If you do this then I thank you from the bottom of my heart as it will allow me to continue this passion and website which has become much bigger than me. THANK YOU!


Below is a list of whom I buy from, who I have had great experiences with and all of those that I trust and put my name behind when it comes to camera dealers and shops!

1. Ken Hansen – This guy is everything LEICA. He has been a Leica dealer forever and used to own a store in NY. He now works from his home as he is semi-retired but his Leica business is still going strong with many Leica shooters praising his name every day. Ken has become a legend..legendary. I have never in my life experienced anything like Ken from ANY shop, dealer or store, ever. He goes above and beyond and the funny thing is he does not even have a web site, a Facebook or twitter 😉 He runs it all from his home via phone or e-mail. He has been with me since day one and you may have seen his ad in the sidebar before. It will be there for the life of the site because if it not for Ken (and a couple of other friends) this site may not have made it!

Ken has new Leica and often times has used items and unique items as well. Just call him at 212-879-3263 or send him an e-mail at [email protected] and let him know what you want, need or are looking for. Most likely, he will have it. Plus, mention my name and you may get a bit of a deal..maybe. I stand 100% behind Ken Hansen.

2. B&H Photo These guys are the king of Retail and Online sales. They do MASSIVE volume. I mean MASSIVE. I have been to the store and it is a sight to see. Hundreds of customers at any given time, long lines to check out (but they go fast) and conveyer belts that travel through the store to deliver your goods when you exit. Amazing. They have the best online experience I have encountered. First, if an item is in stock and ready to ship, it says so clearly. If it is not, it clearly states this. No guessing games. They ship same day as well if you order before a certain cut off time. So technically you could order a lens on a Monday morning and have it arrive Tuesday. They also are top notch on their returns, undo nay to Amazon. It is an online automated process, never needing to email someone or call someone for an RA number. B&H Is the king of camera retailers. You can see their site here and they sell all kinds of goodies, not just photo related. They are sort of a giant electronics megastore. I give them a 100%!

3. Amazon Who does not shop from Amazon? Myself and everyone I know shop at Amazon and they are doing amazing things..amazing. Amazon is the future of internet shopping, food shopping and everything in between. I believe in 10 years Amazon will have the most amazing services. You can get anything and everything from Amazon. I have certain household items get delivered every month using their subscribe and save feature and I also buy tons of music (LP’s) and camera accessories such as Gariz cases, caps, batteries, lights, etc. They have anything and everything. Click here for a link to Amazon and see for yourself. Never an issue with them, ever! The return policy and process is painless and simple. You even get a label to print for easy return. My score = 100%!

4. PopFlash.com PopFlash has been around for a long long time and Tony Rose is the man who owns and runs it. He is well-known among Leica shooters but he also sells Fuji, Olympus, Zeiss and many other brands at his online shop. I have purchased Leica lenses, cameras and Artisan and Artist bags and cases from PopFlash and Tony always comes through. They have some superb prices as well and when you see the “used/mint” pricing on some Leica items you may be super tempted to go for it. Check out the site at PopFlash.com! 100%

5. CAMERAQUEST – Run by Stephen Gandy this long tim Voigtlander dealer has just about anything you could ever want from the brand. There are a few Voigtlander lenses that stick out to me and some I like better than Leica glass! The 35 1.2 II, the 15 4.5, the 50 1.5 Nokton, all superb and all a fraction of the cost of a Leica lens. If you want a great buy and fast shipping on Voigtlander lenses then you must check out CAMERAQUEST! 100%! Check out the shopping site HERE!

As you can see, all five shops/dealers get a full 100% recommendation from me because I would not recommend anyone who I did not shop with, buy from or feel 100% about. If I was 90% I would not recommend them! If you buy from ANY of the above dealers you will not be disappointed. With Amazon, if you have an issue the return policy is so good you can just return it. No questions asked. Just be sure to buy from Amazon and not a third-party (or prime). Same with B&H and some of the others. For me it should be about customer satisfaction and all of these do it very well.

So there you go, my fave dealers and vendors. When you want to buy a camera or lens or accessory or ANYTHING, check them out! They are what help to keep this site running!



I am always looking for good articles and guest writers and this helps me provide a broader range of useful info to reader and this is what this site is all about! I feel like we are all building an awesome community together and if it can keep growing with more like us then WOW, what a site this could be. If you have a passion for photography and love to write about it then contact me. What you get in return is not money but free promotion for your website or blog as well as being published and seen tens of thousands of people!

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  1. I have not commented here. But I am so glad you have this page here. My wife asked me order something from Amazon. I can never remember which link I can bookmark so I just come to your page for the link and do my order. Thanks for making it so easy.

  2. Dear Steve Huff, first off, I absolutely love what you do. Some of us have the natural ability for stuff like this, and I can very much tell you have it. I’ve had my own experiences with spirits as well and I was hoping to get some professional/more experienced help. I live in California, and ever since I was a child I could see and hear them, sense them too. But some of my experiences weren’t friendly, I’ve had scratches, my hair has been pulled, My name yelled, a sound of an animal running down my hallways, but when all of my animals and parents were asleep – but I’ve seen and heard the ones who wouldn’t hurt me. They talk to me occasionally, not as much as they used to. I feel like I have blocked a lot of it out, but you’ve given me the strength to try and understand the ones who need help and who are not there to hurt me. I would love to hear your input about everything. You really inspire me to pursue my gift. I used to think about it so negatively, too scared to even move half the time when I was younger. I used your app that you have, “The Portal” and I’ve heard so much from these spirits who reside near me or live in my house. They asked me to help them and they say my name a lot. I would really love to hear from you. Thank you for all that you do, I appreciate your work! – Madi

  3. Hey Steve- I wish B&H gave a confirm when we use the link you provide- i emailed them to ensure you got credit for my order, and to ask them to provide this… all the best, one of my favorite sites, for sure!

  4. Hi Steve, forgot to click the link before buying my daughter a dslr deal from BH, so I used the paypal donate button. Nothing huge, but maybe more than the BH %age.

    Your site is great, love your enthusiasm and positive attitude.

  5. If I use your link for B&H and I already have stuff in my cart, will those items be credited to you or do Items need to be added after clicking on your link to B&H?
    Their site gives no feedback that would let me know I’ve successfully given you credit.

  6. Hi there Steve, a friend of mine recommended your site to me as a good place to read all about the Sony Alpha 7S. After seeing your review I bought one when I was travelling through Singapore. Firstly, I thank all known and unknown deities for your review because it is quite simply the best camera I have ever touched. It’s transformed the results of my photos and its ability to create light defies the laws of physics. The scientists at CERN should trash the LHC and pick up a A7S because it can easily detect dark matter. Humour aside, in combination with the Distagon 35mm I rarely get the 24-70mm out of the bag any more. I would rather spend the calories getting closer to the subject and get that almighty POP in the portrait. Truly amazing and I thank your honest review for convincing me that it would be money well spent. It certainly was!

    Steve do you have an recommendations or reviews for photo publication web sites? I am looking for something that is not outrageously expensive and has some professional features. Do you have any favourites?

    As an aside for anyone interested in buying an A7S, if you have the opportunity to pass through Singapore then I would recommend Cathay Photo in Marina Square. They sold me the A7S, Ziess 35mm Distagon and 24-70 F4 bundle with a 34% discount off the RRP saving me about £1300 off the UK pricing. I also claimed an additional 7% cash-back with an export duty refund at the airport.

  7. I would like to purchase the Sony RX1R and I will do so through a link on your website . But I have questions and reservations about where these cameras are manufactured . I will only buy from a Sony Authorized Dealer such as Amazon , B&H , Adorama , etc. But I see these others that are not dealers such as Abe’s and 42nd Street who have the RX1R at substantially lower price . I am looking at a bundle from Amazon and it will come from Focus Camera . Can I be assured that this camera is made in Japan at the main Sony Factory instead of one in China for cheaper labor ? Could you explain all this to me and give me some insight because a $3000.00 purchase is , well is quite quite significant for me . Thank you , Douglas Lunsford

    • Stay away from Abe’s, 42nd Street, etc. They usually sell grey market and keep accessories out and charge extra, even for the battery. Stick with BH, Amazon..Amazon is my #1 pick these days due to the speed, amazon prime shipping and ease of returns if needed. BUT only use Amazon PRIME where Amazon sells and ships or at least ships. This way you are 100% protected. B&H Photo is superb as well.

  8. Hey Steve, would be great to link to Amazon India site as well ! Us folks in India love your site and am sure quite a few would use your link.

  9. Pardon if you’ve written this before, but what is the best way to upload 5-10 photos to you for publication in one of the columns in your blog? Would you consider providing a 1-page “how to do it” style-sheet that loyal readers can use that would make our lives and your life easier. Please assume we start with individual Lightroom or Twitter photos. Where do we go from there to group the photos and send them to you?

    • You just click on “Submit User Report” at the top nag bar and follow the instructions for submitting articles. Click on Daily Inspiration to learn how to submit one of those. Thanks!

  10. Steve,
    I recently purchased an Olympus E-M1 based on your recommendation, and so far, I have not been disappointed. As I buy more equipment for this camera, I will go through the links that you provided for both B&H & Amazon. You have a great website, and I hope this helps.


  11. Steve,
    You web site has been very useful to me and was one of the ones I used pior to buying my M9. I was going to sell the M9 and buy the new M but I am now considering buying the A7. I would like to suport the great work that you are doing but prefer to shop locally in Canada. Is there another way I can make a contribution?
    Thanks and regards,

  12. Hi there Steve,
    Love your site! Keep up the good work! I know that you probably have enough going on during a day, but i still want to kindly ask if you please could take the time and respond to me by email, cause i have some questions to you regarding both photography and paranormal stuff. I would be forever greatful for this, cause i really need your help getting started on some things, and i know it will be a tuff competition getting trough to you in commentboxes on youtube and such 🙂 No need to rush if you dont got the time, just please get intouch when you see that you can 🙂 Best regards from a big fan in Norway 🙂

  13. Steve,

    I am looking for purchasing a Fujifilm X100s and a Leica M. With all websites I can find, I need to wait for both of them. Do you know where can I get them quickEST? About how long? If you do, please provide the link. I’ll buy them via your website. Thanks.

    Best regards,

  14. Hi – just discovered your site..excellent. I am a stills photographer film, TV, documentaries etc and use a couple of M9’s and M6’s film. Your reviews have help me to decide on the Monochrome.

    But the one area that seems to a problem for a lot of photographers is this controversy over memory cards..
    8,16,32 or 64gb …what brand? what speed? My M9 will not recognize Delkin 64gb cards, have had trouble with some Sandisk.

    So does anybody have any ideas? Has anybody done some up to date tests after the last M9 firmware update.?

    Lots of talk about equipment..what about the Memory Cards, after all in the good old days film choice was
    of supreme importance…

    Will book mark and visit your site more often



  15. I’m not American, nor Canadian nor German nor from UK, I’m Japanese. Would love to “donate” (read: help out) for the site. Please make a “site contribution” (not donation if you won’t accept any :-P) account or something. I’m sure plenty of people would love to help out also.

    Ryan Saito

  16. Hi Steve,
    If you have a Paypal account that I can contribute to then I’d like to. It might not be much, but as you mentioned every little bit helps. That would allow me also to contribute as I can. Many thanks!


    • Thanks you for the thought but I do not accept donations. The support from readers buying through links is enough to keep this site rolling..so far 🙂 Thank you!

  17. Steve,

    Just discovered your awesome site! I’m a Leica M6 owner (it’s starting to feel like forever ago that that camera came out!) and thanks to your reviews, just ordered an OM-D E-M5 and the 25/1.4 lens. I ordered through your B&H link and am thrilled to get my hands on this camera! I couldn’t decide which lens to order, but I think I am confident I made the right decision! Thanks again for all of the great info!


  18. Thanks Steve for your reviews and comments. Your reviews keep us motivated. My favorite store is B and H and I try to use the link provided above whenever I make purchases, we really want to keep you posting reviews! BTW: Have you ever tried Nippon Photoclinic Inc at 902 Broadway, Suite 705 in NYC? I just dropped off a 28mm Zeiss lens for cleaning, and they told me it would take 4 or 5 days to get it back.
    Karim from Brooklyn, NY.

    • I got my Zeiss Biogon 28mm from Nippon Photoclinic Inc back after only 4 days and paid only US$30.00 (yes, 30) for cleaning. Now the lens is really dust free.

  19. Thanks so much for this review, Steve. I had just bought a used 12-35mm Panny for $980 in perfect condition and was happy to confirm that I have done the right thing! Also I just ordered a Panasonic GH3 from B &H through your link. Yesterday I sold my Nikon D7000 and 2 lenses to pay for all this new stuff. I’m through with DSLRs and a loyal mirrorless user since the G1. My husband has the OMD, so we can swap lenses.

  20. Hi Steve,
    I love your site. I really appreciate you work and passion. I want to support you, but i’m not american, nor english, german,… : i’m a french guy.
    Why don’t you create a supporter club on facebook (25 $ / year for instance) ; i’m sure you will have plenty of supporters !

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