Apr 182016


PIMP YOUR SONY RX1 MKII with these awesome accessories!

I have to say, I love my Sony RX1R MKII. I loved the original, then the R and now the MKII is what I feel is the smallest body on the market with the most serious IQ and capabilities, IF 35mm is your thing. In other words, there is no camera that is this size or smaller that packs this kind of IQ, low light and full on potential. The Sony RX1 series has sort of a cult following as the ones who own it and use it seem  to truly adore it, and those who never did bond with it just sold them. But no matter how you look at it, the RX1R MKII, or any of the RX1 series of cameras can produce stunning results in the right hands.

I often get asked “what strap do you use” or “what bag was that in your last video” or “hey, what shutter release is that” or even “what grip are you using”. I get these questions very often, and this post is going to tell all of you exactly what I did to my Sony RX1R II to make it my own, and make it much more comfy to use.

I will show you two grips I love and recommend, the best soft release I have found to date (for ANY camera), the sun shade I chose for my RX1RII that is much more affordable than the Sony version as well as what strap I use when I use one on this camera. Usually though, I have it in a small bag and without a strap.

First, check out the video to see it all

Then, below, , check out these two grips for the RX1R Mark II (NOTE: These will NOT fit the old Mark I versions as the MKII body has changed ever so slightly)


This for fitting sleek and functional grip is quite nice. When I attached it to my RX1RII I was pleased with the design, looks, the way it keeps me from pressing the video/movie button and the fact that it is compatible with ARCA SWISS style plates. It also adds a nice grip to the camera while looking like it fits in with the design of the Sony itself. It has a solid feel and construction and for most, this would be the perfect grip. Click the stats below to see more or order. Price is $89 direct at METRO-CASE.COM

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 12.31.57 AM


I LOVE LOVE LOVE JB Grips! The wooden materials and nice design mean my cameras always look unique and cool when a JB Grip is rocking it. While this look is not for everyone (some will prefer the sleek design above from METRO-CASE, but some will also prefer this all natural wood look as it really gives off a nice vibe and makes the camera look a bit old school, a bit different and it feels great in the hand. I love this grip because of the look, design and the way it feels on the hand. It is easy to remove, lets me have full access to memory and battery and can mount on a tripod. This JB Grip is $85 and available at AMAZON HERE!

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.14.45 AM


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.42.55 AM

I looked for a nice lens hood for my RX1RII and ended up buying THIS ONE from Fotodiox on Amazon. It is all metal, is squared off and looks perfect on the camera. Not much else to say about this as its a lens hood but it does the job, looks great, is all metal and while not dirt cheap, it is well worth the cost. You can see it at Amazon HERE.

SHUTTER RELEASE – Best release I have ever found!

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.43.38 AM

WOW! I stopped buying shutter soft releases quite a while ago. WHY? They always fell off. The screw in models fell off almost daily, and they would be lost forever. Then there were even some stick ons that would always fall off as well. I gave up. UNTIL NOW. Check these out guys and see me attach one to my Sony A7RII in the video above. These come in all sizes and all shapes and are attractive with a clean design. You can go with concave or convex and 10mm or 13mm. All kinds of colors to choose from and they are not expensive coming in at $9-$15

Check them out HERE.


I have to say, I do not use a NECK strap with my RX1RII often, but when I do it is this one. I always love smaller leather straps, and this one is affordable and nice ;)

 but I do use this WRIST strap from LV Designs more often.


Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 12.47.00 AM

I must have 12 batteries for the RX1/RX100’s around here but most of them are cheap spares I bought from Amazon, along with a cheap dual charger that works amazingly well. The batteries can be found cheap HERE (Two for $12) and the charger I use is HERE Highly recommended! 



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Mar 302015


The Angelo Pelle Sony A7II Luxury Case. Gorgeous Craftmanship.

Order one HERE

Any reader who has stuck with me for a while knows that I LOVE CASES for my cameras. Not just normal cases, but NICE cases that have beautiful hand made workmanship and fit the cameras like a glove. I have bought many cases to test over the years and my all time favorite has been the Arte Di Mano cases for the Leica M. With the soft leather and “fit like a glove” appearance, they are amazing. The only problem with the Arte Di Mano cases is the cost, but when you spend $12k on a camera and lens, $500 for a case to protect it really is not that big of a deal. I mean, you do want to protect your investment do you not?

But what about with a camera like the Sony A7II? At $1699, it is nowhere near the cost of a Leica M so should we spend $500+ on a case for them? No, I wouldn’t. But around half of that or a little more I would if the case was hand-made, beautiful and fit like a glove…oh and came with a strap!

The case I am writing about today is the new Angelo Pelle A7II case and strap set, and let me say that while they will  not be for everyone, it is a gorgeous case that has a premium luxury feel and fit and it protects the camera fully while giving it some extra “grippage” and it meets my criteria for what I was looking for.

The case color I chose was the “Testa Di Moro Waxed” version and WOW. When it arrived in its deluxe box and bag I knew it was going to be good. When I first put my A7II inside the case it seemed bulky and fat (and I am not a fan of this). When the case arrived, I was told it would take 1-2 weeks to settle in and fit the camera like a glove. Those words were correct. Today, after a solid week of use, it fits my A7II like a glove and it’s so gorgeous (to my eyes, not everyone will like it as we all have personal tastes)…



One thing that I love is that the case also has a snap on back cover. I have been using it this way all week and this way I avoid “chimping”. When my camera is set, it is set. I shoot in Aperture Priority mode and all I need is my aperture dial at the ready. I shoot RAW and JPEG and have no need for menu settings. Even my ISO is always on AUTO. So shooting with the back on is OK for me but others will only leave it on for traveling or carrying the camera for LCD protection, which is probably what it was designed for anyway :)


Without the back cover on the buttons are there and available but the Fn button IS covered by the case. Still, its easy to activate just by pushing the leather where the button is. Easy as pie.

The case comes in a variety of colors and finishes and also comes with a strap. The strap is a very soft leather that feels amazing and never puts any strain on my shoulder. It compliments the case perfectly.






The Camo looks pretty sweet and you can see how well the case fits here. I had a Gariz A7II case but this case beats it in all areas as it offers full protection of the front, back, sides..all the way to the top. It never gets in the way and it is at the perfect WOW accessory to dress up your A7II as well as protect it. It also gives it a beefier feel in the hand, but not too much. Over time the leather will wear in more and more and will eventually develop a Patina showing your months and years of use.

I highly recommend this case to anyone who owns an A7II that loves a hand-made amazing quality case. It is that simple. The only weakness I found with this case  that can be frustrating is you have to remove the case to get to the battery and memory card. For me, I was out shooting all week and it did not bother me as I did not need to get to those items until the end of the day. But at home, if I take a few shots and then want to check them I have to remove the case each time. For this reason, I leave the case off if shooting around the house but when traveling or going out of the house, it is one for full protection.

If Angelo Pelle created a way to allow SD card access it would have no weakness ;) Even so, I still recommend this case. It’s a beauty! When I ordered mine it took a few days to arrive. Pretty quick!

You can see all options for this case or order it at the Angelo Pelle A7II page HERE. 

Apr 162013


My favorite case for the iPhone 5, the Vaja Nuova Pelle

FACT: The iPhone is the most popular camera in the world.

This morning I have something a little different. I loooove my cases and accessories for my cameras and if you guys know me well, you know I love my iPhone cases as well. I have tried a couple of them out already and this one from Vaja is the best one I have tried, for me. It is sleek, slim, feels luxurious, hand-made in Argentina and has protection for the front and back of your phone. The coolest part of this case is that it is unlike any other case made for the iPhone 5 to date. There is simply NO BULK. There is not a bulky back to slide the phone into. Instead it seems to float in the middle while being rock solid secure. The top flap is magnetic so it sticks to the top glass of your phone. (the Iphone 5 has magnets under the front glass).


It is an ingenious design and I love it. I have tried other cases like the ultra high End Orbino, which is still going strong on my girlfriends iPhone 4, but on my 5 the leather started to split on the Orbino, and at their $220 asking price I feel that is unacceptable.

The Vaja is quite amazing and will wear in like an old baseball glove or wallet. All for $80 and in stock with no wait times from Vaja, which now ship direct from the USA (no more long waits for some products, like this Nuova Pelle case) – You can see all of colors available and more info from Vaja at their page set up just for this case, which is HERE.


So check out the video I made of the case above on my phone. I found no real weakness except that if you need ultra protection, this will not save your sides and top in case of a big drop to concrete (if you drop on the edges). It will protect the front and back and do so with style, class and luxury, all for $80. Well worth it for a case that will last the life of your phone and even wear in with time giving you a gorgeous rich look and feel. I highly recommend this case.  It seems they have all colors in stock for immediate ship at this time. Mine came in 2 days and I have one for my phone as well as my Son Brandon’s phone. We love them.


NOTE: When I first ordered my Case the front cover did not close. The magnet system was clearly not working but not only that, the cover was being pushed up! Turned out my phone has a defect and the magnets were put in wrong. Well, one of them was put in wrong with reverse polarity causing it to push open the case. It is my phones issue and the case worked on three others that I tried. My sons, a friend of mine and a phone at the Apple store. I tried to get Apple (at the Apple store with a Genius)  to replace my phone under warranty and they actually laughed at me and said if the magnet is put in wrong it is not a defect as the phone still works. I said “I just bought this case for $80 that depends on the magnets working correctly so what do I do”? The girl at the Apple store said “buy a new case”? So while I understand the position of Apple, my phone indeed does have a defect even if it is not noticeable with normal use. 

When I sent an email to Vaja about this issue (this was before they sent me the colored review samples) not only did they refund me but they made a custom case for me that would work with my oddball phone. How cool is that? They then asked if I wanted to review the case after I mentioned I have reviewed their previous products. Was so cool and their service, speed and overall customer service was splendid. Problem solved, and not by Apple but by Vaja. They also informed me if anyone else had this issue with their phone they would do the same for them as they did me. Nice.

BTW, You can see my other Vaja video reviews HERE, HERE and HERE. The iPad mini case is AMAZING btw. Quality products all the way in my experiences.

Jan 112013


The Gariz Design Sony RX1 Case and Strap Review (video)

I recently received the new Gariz Design Sony RX1 case deluxe set and I LOVE THIS SETUP! We all know that the cost of the official Sony case for this camera is over the top at $250. While this case is also $249 for the deluxe limited edition set that you see here, I would take this case over the Sony case every day just for the strap system and awesome workmanship and looks. As with all Gariz cases, I love the metal bottom plate that allows you access to your battery and SD card without having to remove the case. There is also an all metal tripod mount in the case so you never have to remove the case or strap to use it.

See the video below:


The fit, finish and quality of this set is superb. The Italian leather feels soft and supple but fits like a glove. The strap is genius and I even love the leather cap stick on that gives the whole package a finished look. The case and strap come packed in a nice box which reminds me of the Fuji X100 packaging but we also get the velvet bag treatment. Very luxurious. I have the Gariz case for the OM-D and LOVE it. Hasn’t been off the camera at all as it adds more size and grip to the camera.

The con with this case is that there really is not much protection. I see it more for style and good looks as well as adding some size to the height for better grip. The strap system is very functional and pretty sweet in use.

If you want a pricey but great looking case and strap set for your Sony RX1 look no further than the Gariz Limited Edition set. $249.

You can order it from the Gariz Facebook page by sending them a message or here on E-Bay.


official images of the case

581544_485413144834929_1177485058_n 71695_485409438168633_1504439801_n 63723_485413141501596_401047752_n 262625_486273001415610_1414480839_n 10401_485413304834913_1895023188_n 524148_485413298168247_393414905_n 163389_485413908168186_1250164465_n 314676_485409378168639_1330101749_n 68928_485408794835364_783674940_n

Aug 172012

Video: The Sony RX100 Protective Case, OM-D With Leica Summilux and SLR Magic’s Bokehmorphic!

Hello to all! Welcome and happy Friday! Yep, it’s Friday already…damn! This week has flown by!! Today I put up a video showing the new Sony RX100 Protective case, the one from Sony, and it is a beautiful case that protects the camera well, is made for a perfect glove like fit and does not hamper on the use of the camera like some cases do. This is NOT a leather case and comes in at $89, which is a bit on the high side but there is no mistake that this is a gorgeous case for your RX100. I leave mine in it at all times and when I take it with me now I just sling it around my shoulder. Perfect vacation camera and case!

I continue to be impressed with this little guy – the speed, the IQ, the color, the video..all great and I find it easily beats ANY of the Canon S series compacts. Easily.

Take a look at the video below where you can see the case with the camera in it. I also added some other things such as the OM-D with that beautiful 50 Summilux lens and the SLR Magic Bokehmorphic lens on the NEX-7. I will be reviewing this lens soon!!

You can buy this case at Amazon HERE

B&H Photo also sells it HERE

Jun 112012

Video: The Leica X2 Ever Ready Case – $200 but where is the EVF/OVF holder?

So I had a Leica X2 Ever Ready case pop in my house today. You know, the nice full leather luxurious brown one you see advertised sitting next to the new X2? Looks nice huh? I remember the case they sold with the X1, the grey one. That thing was awful. Hard, horrible fit, bad choice of color. Not sure who designed  that one but there were much better 3rd party choices for the X1 when it came to cases.

This new X2 case was advertised on a few websites as coming with an External EVF holder that attached to the strap, but mine did NOT come with one. You kind of need something like  this if you use any kind of VF with the X2 because you can not put the camera in the case and close it with the EVF or OVF on the cameras shoe.

When I researched the case on Leica’s own site I did not see any mention or picture of any kind of case for  the viewfinder. So, it may be a mistake that some stores (even Amazon has it listed as coming with a VF case) have listed for some reason. Either way it seems like an oversight as many will be using this new feature of the camera, using an EVF or the classic OVF. So this case can not really be used if you do like to have a VF to look through, unless you want to keep the $550 Leica EVF in your pocket.

But how is the case and fit?

The actual quality of this case is GORGEOUS. Not only is the leather quality outstanding this time around, the fit is nice. It’s not a tight fit by any means but it is also not all loose and wobbly. It fits about right. The case is an “ever ready” case and will hold and protect your X2 completely. Meaning, it covers the back and front of the camera. If you want to shoot with the X2 you un-snap the bottom and the front flaps over letting you shoot. One thing to note is that you can NOT use this as a half case as the front does NOT come off. I thought it would, which would have been cool…but it doest as the front flap is sewn into the bottom half.

The strap it comes with is nice and soft but for me a little on the short side. Leica should have made it a little longer because if you wear this around your body it is a few inches too short, and if you are tall then it will be even shorter on you. Other than the lack of a place to store your viewfinder and the short strap this is a lovely case. Made very well with high quality leather, nice fit, nice color, very classic looking and it protects your X2 fully. This would be a great case to store your camera in more than anything as using the camera with the case on is a little cumbersome. But that is just a nitpick. Only you can decide if $200 is with it to spend on this bad boy. It looks the part, feels the part and even smells the part.

This case is available from all of my recommended dealers:

Ken Hansen – E-Mail only at [email protected] – he can wheel and deal :)

Pop Flashhttp://www.popflash.com  – beware description here also says comes with VF holder and even says it works with grip (it does not). $187

Dale Photo – They have the case HERE at $190 and free shipping as well.

and of course B&H carries the case and you can see their stock status HERE – $199

FINALLY, Amazon has these and they are prime eligible. – $199-$209

Leica also sells a black half case and D-Lux style case for the X2. The black half case is the only one really compatible with the EVF/OVF unless you want to continually remove it and put it back on. 

Apr 222011


Lots of posts today but here is one more! I Just received a package this morning from FedEx! That is always fun as many of you know :) Anyway, this package came direct from VAJA and it included the nicest little leather Ipad 2 messenger bag I have ever seen, as well as a special edition Red and Black Iphone 4 case that is stunning. It also happens to match the bag perfectly with the pebbled leather in black and red. Wow.

The bag is small, but soft, supple and luxurious. It fits the Ipad 2 (Im sure the Ipad 1 would also fit fine) as well as the Iphone, maybe the charger and some papers and a passport or wallet if needed.

I am going to use these as my travel set for airplanes, or even car rides. Will hold what has now become my “travel essentials” as I always like to be connected. Also, the Red smart cover for the Ipad is just insanely cool with this set. I am extremely happy with the quality of the bag and the case. Vaja is my favorite case maker and  they are all handmade in Argentina and shipped direct to your door.

You can see their offerings at vajacases.com. I do not make money from them, and I did pay for my cases! Just love their products and wanted to share because as fellow Leica lovers, I am assuming you guys also love nice, hand made quality STUFF!

Below is a youtube video I made showing the bag and case. Enjoy!

One more quick video I made of some Iphone 4 cases for those who are interested…


Apr 052011

Just wanted to do a quick post about a very cool Iphone 4 case I just bought from Amazon. It is an  Iphone 4 Leica M Bamboo Case that has a carved back that says “M1” and it shows a 50 2.8 Elmar lens attached. Very retro, very cool. I ordered TWO of them and they arrived in a day as these are sold and fulfilled by Amazon directly. When I bought mine 2 days ago they were $30, today they seemed to have jumped up to $42 but they have 7 in stock for immediate delivery if anyone fancies a cool rangefinder style wooden case for their Iphone 4.


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