Apr 052011

Just wanted to do a quick post about a very cool Iphone 4 case I just bought from Amazon. It is an  Iphone 4 Leica M Bamboo Case that has a carved back that says “M1” and it shows a 50 2.8 Elmar lens attached. Very retro, very cool. I ordered TWO of them and they arrived in a day as these are sold and fulfilled by Amazon directly. When I bought mine 2 days ago they were $30, today they seemed to have jumped up to $42 but they have 7 in stock for immediate delivery if anyone fancies a cool rangefinder style wooden case for their Iphone 4.

  11 Responses to “Very cool Iphone 4 Bamboo Leica M Case…”

  1. Steve, I’m surprised you referred to it as having a rangefinder window, which the M1 doesn’t have. The window is in fact the illumination window for the bright lines in the viewfinder.

    • It does have a window (on the case) and the case has the lettering “M1”. That is all I was saying. This case is not meant to be a Leica M1 replica, just a knock off case. I was stating what the case had on it.

  2. Too funny. Better in low light too. Hahahahaa!

  3. I ALMOST bought one of these last week. I had in my cart, and backed out at the last minute. I’m too in love with my ultra thin iPhone 4 case.

  4. Horrible white balance in the video. haha.

  5. Steve…there have been some rumblings on the site that you are Leica biased….
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm…… LOL.

    • Lol…well, loads of Leica users read this site, and I have yet to see a Nikon D700 Iphone case :) Thought it would be of interest.

  6. Edit: Which, granted, don’t come engraved as Leicas!

  7. :-) Neat, although perhaps not as finely machined as the classy Miniot cases:

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