Apr 282016

The Best pocket camera!

By Colin Templeton

Hello Steve and Brandon,

Hope all is good with you guys. Sending a few snaps I’ve taken over the past couple of weeks with my new iPhone 6s Plus. As much as I love shooting on my Leica rangefinders, there’s a lot to be said for the convenience of a decent pocket camera, which you have access to




at all times. The current iPhone admirably ticks that box. And it will only improve with each new generation.

Best wishes,

Colin Templeton

Apr 192016

In this modern world of cameras, sometimes the best one is your iPhone.

By Michael Fratino

Hi Steve, thanks again for your site. I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly the last several years and look forward to your continued reviews, stories and posts.

I am currently freelancing as a creative director for a company involved with boxing. Please note that I am NOT a sports photographer, nor a boxing enthusiast. My gear is nothing more than an original Fuji X100. Steve was kind enough to post my original review years ago: http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2012/09/10/my-500-mile-38-day-walk-across-spain-with-my-fuji-x100-by-michael-fratino/. Also, I am not a gear fanatic and believe the best camera is the one you have at the moment. For me, the camera is nothing more than a tool. Pick the best tool for the job.




With literally no notice, I was tasked with documenting the Friday night fights in downtown Los Angeles from an editorial perspective for upload to the company’s social media site. I was told or at least believed, I would have time to take some shots, edit them and submit days later. I was so wrong about that!

I was given an all access pass to shoot at will. This included the locker room and ringside. My equipment was my trusty X100 and a newly loaned (that day) Sony A7 with an older manual Nikon 55mm 2.8 lens attached (stellar combination)! BTW, I had no idea how to work the A7. I learned on the fly.




Upon arrival, my very young social media counterpart informed me that I was to shoot as fast as I could and transfer the photos to her immediately with airdrop for post! I thought to myself… What happened to having time to compose, shoot, edit and then post? No dice! Hurry up!

With 7 fights, and very limited time between boxers, everything was done at lighting pace. I tried my trusty X100 but the poor lighting and the uber fast movement of the boxers proved disappointing. I tried the A7 and absolutely loved it but again, not enough to time to edit and transfer shots on the fly. So I pulled out my iPhone 6. (and all images in the post were shot with the iPhone)



I shot the images without flash in “noir” mode, cropped and then transferred to our social media expert for upload. Fast, fast, fast! Then I was off to the next fighter. Please note… The shots are not perfect! They are not super sharp either! I had to work with what I had at the moment… That’s it. Ultimately, I was impressed with the results and the best part… So was the client!

Michael Fratino


Mar 082016

From iPhone to Sony A7RII

by Ryan Cole


I have read your site now and again and used it as a good source of information before taking the plunge and buying a camera (Sony A7R2 and three manual Voightlander lens at 21mm, 35mm and 50mm) in November / December 2015. Before that I was using my iPhone for 4 months with the moment lens to make sure it was not just a passing fad.

Prior to August 2015 I was run down working two jobs totalling 55 hours a week in jobs I really didn’t enjoy. Circumstances panned out where I had a disposable lump sum of money and reverting to one job so I decided to use the opportunity of my new found free time and to buy a camera that I wanted (I know it’s not about the gear but if I went for an entry level camera, I would always be thinking would I be better with a better camera so instead I purchased the camera I was constantly looking at and I’m happy it will last me and only be added to if I ever get to the point where my hobby provided some income)

My three image submitted were from a day trip to Portmeirion, Wales, UK in February 2016 (first image was the road through Snowdonia national park on the way there).

Portmeirion is a weird little place in Wales and the creation of what most would deem a madman who commissioned all kinds of strange structures whilst limiting the impact on the natural surroundings. What it resulted in is a fairytale like village and whilst the images may be over-processed a little, they convey the sense of the place superbly (in my opinion but only been actively shooting for the last half a year or so)




I think these three are in my top 5-10 images and I’m happy that I am making progress whilst also being critical and reviewing where I am and assessing where I would like to progress to (also happy that my best images seem to progress month on month as I develop)

I’d be more than happy for you to post an image, maybe it inspires someone or maybe I get constructive criticism but either way I’m happy to share.

Thanks for taking the time to read, I think I’ve followed the posting rules and apologies if I have not.


Ryan Cole
Manchester, UK

His 500px is HERE

Mar 262014

A Month on the Road with the Fuji x100/Why It Is Still My Soulmate

By Andy Eclov

Hi Steve, thanks for the opportunity to share my story!

My name is Andy, I’m a 21-year-old musician from Chicago. I spend about 3-5 months out of the year touring with my band and, for a while, I would bring my 1D with several lenses and two-speed lights on tour, but that was ultimately too much to lug around and too much to risk losing.

I then spent about a year shooting photos only with my shiny new iPhone 5 so that I would be forced to compose with the provided lens, and have to work to get nice lighting situations. Just like Steve said in his recent article, I sometimes focus too much on the beauty and acquisition of photography gear and not enough on the process.



The convenience was obviously there with the iPhone, but the quality was suffering, and so was my interest in taking photos. Being able to shoot a photo, edit it in-hand, and upload it to my blog in less than 5 minutes was an undeniable benefit that I didn’t want to go without by going back to the Canon gear. So I spent my countless hours of research and review-reading focused on the mirrorless systems. The Fuji x100 was an easy choice. It stood out to me physically, the viewfinder is attractive, and the photos have a certain sparkle to them when compared to similar cameras’ photos. Being a collector of 35mm rangefinders and SLRs made the Fuji impossible to pass up.


Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

I spent a couple of months carrying the x100 with me everywhere, spending as much time as possible getting to know it and it’s quirks. I scoured the internet in search of every accessory I could justify (or afford).


Austin TX Fuji

But before too long, the snowy and freezing Chicago suburbs got in the way of any motivation to go out and take photos every day. Besides the studio project from time to time, my x100 was bound to taking photos of my puppy in the kitchen for a while.

Finally the time came to head out on another tour, and I was delighted to finally have an opportunity to shoot with the Fuji. I appreciate that I was able to spend so much time getting the camera set up just right for my exact specifications, it seems like a very customizable interface – once you get the hang of it.


Broken Arrow OK Fuji

Kansas City Fuji

The camera came out every time I got out of our van. No matter what the scenario, it was beautiful to see it through that viewfinder. It gave me a reason to be the first one awake every day. I’d try to get an idea of what the city we were in each night was like, and then the next morning I’d walk and snap photos for a while before we moved on to the next place.

I used my wifi SD card to send my images from my camera to my phone, where I would edit them with VSCO cam and some other apps, and then post them to my blog right away. Before long I couldn’t stand the quality I was losing by compressing the original files through my iPhone anymore and decided to take the time to shoot RAW and edit more carefully and selectively.


St Louis Fuji

Brookyln NY Fuji

I think shooting with the Fuji x100 has made me a better photographer and I think it will continue to do so. More than anything, it keeps me in love with my photography. Though it may be nearly outdated already by some’s standards, I think this camera will stay with me for a long, long time.

I keep a detailed blog of my travels here: noctevolant.tumblr.com


Dec 262013

Will the Smartphone ever replace the camera?

By Ibraar Hussain

For enthusiastic amateurs and those with more than a snap shooting interest in Photography, I’d say no, not now, not ever.

There are certain things Smart Phones lack, and even if you gave a Smart Phone Full Frame and a gazillion Mega Pixels; it’ll still never pass the test – I consider Ergonomics a powerful feature no amount of technical advancement can compete with.

Anyway, this isn’t a discourse on Smart Phones and Photography, it’s about Hipstamatic on the iPhone.

Hipstamatic, in my opinion, is the best thing about Smart Phone photography – and unfortunately at the time of writing it is only (to my knowledge) available for the iPhone, so sorry Androids and Windows.

If you haven’t used it before, it’s a Square Format Camera Application which mimics toy camera’s and vintage snap shot cameras of yore, with choices of lens, Flash and Film which one can select for so many different combinations.

The combinations and options are phenomenal, brilliant in simplicity, ease of selection and results.

We have BW Films galore, colour, cooked ones, XP, IR, expired, different flash types, and lenses ranging from soft ones, to vignetting or ones giving an illusion of shallow depth of field, ones that leak light and others that are completely bizarre – and the range vast, with creative possibilities limitless.

Want moody black and white Noir-ish Film with strong vignetting? Want a platinum look print with soft tones? Want a punchy Velvia like look with sharp lens? A burnt out vintage 70s look with a multi hued flash effect? Or a Polaroid look with loads of colour? It’s all there – and to make things even more interesting, you can order prints on-the-fly, from within the Application.

It’s all great fun and has a superb interface – simply look through the square viewfinder (on the screen) and press the yellow button – and press a button to flip over so you can change film, lens and flash with a swipe.

And of course, you can buy more and more stuff.

With use you’ll start knowing which combination to use for which subject and have personal favourites, and to be honest, even the most mediocre snaps can be made to look superb with the colour and effect possibilities.

There is some creative control – touch a part of the Viewfinder image and it’ll focus and expose for that, move the iPhone up and down and you’ll see the exposure change in real time.

Anyway, that’s all the fun and funky stuff out-of-the-way, you can have all the funky effect things in the world but ultimately, if you lack even a microgram of creativity and talent, it’ll all look somewhat like a turd rolled in glitter.

What I really love about Hipstamatic, is the ability to work on composition using the brilliant Square Format, and this is what I use it for (apart from family and friends and such snaps).

The 6×6 Square is a great compositional aspect ratio – there’s no room for messing around, and the simplicity enables framing to be easier than oblong aspect ratios.

One, with the large square view finder of Hipstamatic, can really go to town on working on composition, framing, using key subjects, lead in lines, rule of thirds – and one can do it with the minimum of fuss and headache – just open the Application and off you go.

And the user can select the appropriate ‘Film’ to take the scene using the different creative Film/Lens or Filters available, and interpret the scene however they wish and easily.

I have been working on composition with this Hipstamatic for a while now, and I think it has improved my ability to see and express a scene more so than traditionally (with a real camera Film or Digital).

I don’t worry about sharpness or resolution – as such things really don’t matter one iota to me, sure to others they may well do – colour, composition, mood, tones and subject matter make sense to me and for this, Hipstamatic on the iPhone 5 is what I enjoy using as and when I require it.

I’ve included several shots here, just detailing the sort of things I tend to work on, composition, arranging elements in a scene, subject matter, colour, light and tone. With some studies of different places (Stone henge for example)

























Feb 042013

Vaja Case Review: iPhone 5 and iPad Mini – High end luxury protection 

Ahhhh! iPhone and iPad cases Cases! Not something I normally talk about here on this site as it is not really photo related but lately, I guess you CAN say it is indeed photo related. How so? Well, these days there are more people shooting photos with their iPhone than cameras and in fact, the iPhone is the worlds most popular camera. With case makers like Luigi, Gariz and many others making cases for our beloved Leica’s, Sony’s, Fuji’s, Olympus, etc what about those luxury kick ass cases for our “i” devices?


Now, not everyone will be into these because some just can not image paying $120 or $180 for an iPhone or iPad case even though many of us pay $400-$600 for a Leica M9 case :) It is just the thought of buying something so luxurious for you “phone” but I have to say, I know quite a few people who LOVE to buy stylish, quality and protective cases for their most important device, which is usually their iPhone or Smartphone.

Me, I am a sucker for a good case that looks good, feels good and is functional. In the past I posted video reviews on my youtube channel for Vaja products which at the time was an iPad 2 case and iPhone 4 case as well as a bag to carry the iPad and phone and other things I may want to carry with me. I admit, I ended  up selling the Vaja bag as I never used it but I love Vaja cases and have been using one on my iPhone 4 since it was released. Since upgrading to the iPhone 5 I have waiting for the new Vaja line and one day I magically received an e-mail from Vaja asking if I would like to review their new cases.



So in the video above you will see the brand new Vaja Agenda LP for the iPhone 5 and the Libretto for the iPad mini. You can take a look at their site to see more as these are super customizable and you can order these in just about any color combo your heart desires. Vaja cases are all handcrafted in Argentina using the top 10% of leather. The quality is superb, best I have seen in a case. You can take a look below at my previous Vaja case videos! Enjoy!





VISIT VAJACASES.COM to browse their entire case selection

Jan 202012

My favorite iPhone Photo App – Tadaa! …and it’s FREE

Happy Friday to all! I’m having a great day here in sunny Phoenix AZ and happy to be out of the cold bitter weather yet again this winter. As I sat here at my desk this AM going through all of the latest info on the upcoming hot cameras like the Fuji X-Pro 1, Olympus OM-D and even wondering when my NEX-7 pre-order will arrive I began to realize that for the past 3 weeks or so I have been using my iPhone quite a bit. The  reason for that though is a new app I downloaded called “tadaa”. I found out about it through my friend Seal. He actually has been helping develop this app and he was pretty excited about it. I decided to give it a shot and downloaded it to my iPhone 4s.

Long story short? Tadaa is a pretty damn amazing app that not only has the best filters I have seen in an app like this, it has the nicest interface and coolest social aspect as well. I mentioned this app on my Facebook a couple week ago and gained over 100 followers overnight. This concept is not new of course as many of us love and use Instagram, which is also a great app. BUT, I have to say that after using Tadaa, I deleted instagram off of my phone (never really got into it much actually, so no loss as I had like 5 followers).

First things first, Tadaa is FREE right now so I suggest if you have an iPhone  – GO GET IT NOW. Type in “tadaa” in the app store search and find it. You can also visit the official tadaa website HERE. 

Like I said, I have been using this app for about 3 weeks and not only am I addicted to it, I managed to get my son addicted as well (you can follow him on tadaa, his username is “huffdev”) as well as my best friend Mike (“efforting”). It seems everyone who has tried this app absolutely loves it. You can also follow Seal on tadaa, his username is “sixx”.

I know and realize there are tons and tons of photo apps out there but the way tadaa implements everything is top notch. From the way you shoot, to the real time filter and frame effects. You can view a real time live sample of the filters as you aim your camera just by swiping left to right for filters and up and down for frame effects. It’s pretty awesome. Then, when you take your shot you can save it to your photos and if you like you can then send it to tadaa by pressing the “tadaa” button. This will send you photo out to all of those who follow you where you will get comments and thumbs up on your photos.

I also love the tilt-shift effects and selected DOF effects. They work well but don’t take my word for it, download the app and see for yourself!

The quality of this app on an iPhone 4 or especially 4s rivals many P&S cameras and it is my opinion that in the not too distant future P&S cameras will be on their way out due to phones and mobile devices. I’d rather shoot with my iPhone and tadaa over something like a Canon S100, but that is just me. Of course for my serious shooting and camera addiction I will always have a nice camera to shoot with but for everyday snaps and the social aspect, tadaa is a must own app if you are an iPhone owner.

Did I mention it is 100% free? I can see tadaa overtaking instagram. If you download it you can follow me as well! My username on tadaa is “stevehuffphoto” and I usually post photos every day!

Below are a few photos from the app…enjoy!

Late night leaving a Target store. I saw this train of carts crossing my path so I lifted my phone and snapped! Tadaa!

Going down the escalator at the airport – used the selective DOF effect which took 2 seconds.

Used an old frame effect on this one…

The Golden Wienie

While in Chicago, you have to have a Chicago Pizza!

Brandon (huffdev on tadaa) – guess my house was a bit chilly this night…

Quick grab shot

The camera everyone loves to hate! Lol…

A tree full of peacocks 


Sample using the DOF effect

Dinner in the cable car…

Yes, I am now officially engaged to an amazing woman :)

Hustle and Bustle

Stomach ache….

and a self portrait 

So there you go…amazing app and IT IS FREE! Highly recommended for all iPhone users!

Follw me on Tadaa – stevehuffphoto

Follow my son Brandon – huffdev

Follow music artist and photographer Seal – sixx

Apr 052011

Just wanted to do a quick post about a very cool Iphone 4 case I just bought from Amazon. It is an  Iphone 4 Leica M Bamboo Case that has a carved back that says “M1” and it shows a 50 2.8 Elmar lens attached. Very retro, very cool. I ordered TWO of them and they arrived in a day as these are sold and fulfilled by Amazon directly. When I bought mine 2 days ago they were $30, today they seemed to have jumped up to $42 but they have 7 in stock for immediate delivery if anyone fancies a cool rangefinder style wooden case for their Iphone 4.

Feb 172011

A mish-mosh of coolness

How cool is this?

Check this out! I recently found out that the little RICOH OVF (Optical View Funder), the GV-2, will work wonderfully on the E-P2 or E-Pl2 with the 14mm lens. The OVF is a 28mm VF so it is a perfect match and looks Sexy as can be! You can buy the little OVF at popflash.com and it runs under $170 so it is not exactly cheap but it is much smaller than the Oly EVF. The build and quality is superb. Amazon also sells it and Amazon ships it. They seem to charge a little more for it though.

Here is a little press release from a new site by Jorge Torralba

RangeFinderImages.com goes live! I am pleased to announce that RangeFinderImages.com (RFI) has gone live. The original designer and creator of rangefinderforum has taken the concept to the next level by creating one of the most advanced galleries catering to rangefinder photographers. There are a million and one photography forums but there is only one RFI. The photos search capabilities of the site are unmatched by any other except for their sister sites. The many years of interacting with other photographers on the net in forums and galleries has resulted in a custom developed software package to meet the requirements of most enthusiasts out there. Feel free to give them a try and begin sharing your work. Did I mention that it’s 100% free?

More Fuji X100 tests, but not by me…YET.

photo courtesy of quesabesde.com

Seems to be some testing going on in the Fuji X100 world. I’ve contacted Fuji and they told me I can’t get a hold of one until the final firmware so hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks. Until then, enjoy this little preview (although it is in Spanish).

X100 Preview with Samples!


Looks like lensrentals.com still has the M9 special edition set that comes with the chrome 35 Summicron ASPH. Brown Ostrich Leather covering, chrome body, ostrich leather strap, sapphire glass LCD screen and only 500 sets made WORLDWIDE. Gorgeous limited edition set that is actually a deal in the world of Leica special editions. I’d buy it if I had the cash. But I wouldn’t be afraid to use it. If you want it, act fast! The last time I linked to the ones at B&H they sold both within hours! Check out the one left at lensrentals.com HERE.

Odd but interesting. A Telephoto for your Iphone?

Seems like photojojo has created a telephoto lens for your Iphone. Hmmm, seeems to me it would be hard to keep your phone in your pocket. I can see it now…”Is that an Iphone tele lens in your pocket or are you just happy to see me”? Check it out here!

The Leica X1 Firmware…where is it?

One of the site sponsors, Dale Photo has a shiny new Black X1 in stock but where is the new firmware Leica promised us months ago? I was told 1st quarter of 2011 so I expect it anytime in the next 2-3 weeks. Leica is always so slow with the updates but let’s hope they did improve the AF like they said they did. From what I have heard, it will be much faster. I am guessing they are doing this to answer to the newer cameras like the Fuji X100. That is one cool thing about Leica. They only release new models every 3-3 1/2 years for their major cameras. I do not expect an X2 until late 2012. Same goes for an M10. I am excited to see what the new firmware update will bring.


Was having a chat the other day with ~6, who kindly donated his M9 for the GREAT LEICA M9 CONTEST (winner announced March 1st 2011) and it appears we will be having more contests with some VERY cool prizes. Maybe not as cool as a signed M9 but I am talking some GREAT prizes. We are still talking about things so when I find out more I will announce it. We may have one starting right after the M9 winner is announced! Stay tuned!

Also, if you “like” my new facebook page for this website you are automatically entered to win one prize every month! Starting March 1st I will pick one facebook “fan” at random to win a small photo prize! The winner selection will be totally random and all you have to do is LIKE THIS PAGE to enter. You will be entered for every monthly give-away which will take place on the 1st of each month!

Be sure and LIKE the page by clicking here, then clicking LIKE if you want to enter :)

Dec 212010

The Apple TV – The Best $99 I have Spent All Year  – Steve Huff

Apple TV? This is a PHOTO blog Steve! Why am I writing about an Apple TV? Well, I am writing about the new Apple TV because it freaking rocks. It rocks not only for TV shows and movies but also for personal photo viewing. It’s actually pretty  amazing and for $99 it is a NO BRAINER in the world of home entertainment. Besides, I like writing about stuff that I REALLY like and if I can let others know about something that is a screaming deal for what you get then so be it! PLUS, this little guy is great for photo viewing…read on for the details.

I admit, I have been an Apple fanatic since 2001 or so and have seen their stock prices go from under $50 a share to over $300 a share where they are today. Apple seems to do almost everything right these days. A freiund of mine who used to be a hardcore windows/PC guy is now 100% Apple. Apple TV, Apple IPad, Iphone, Ipod, etc. He claims that Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) has come from the future to create these products because they are just THAT good.

I have no problem stating my opinion that Apple computers and products have always been just about flawless for me. Their computers never let me down, never become loaded with viruses and always perform blazingly fast. I have been using my 27″ Imac since the week they were first released and it has been the best computer I have ever owned. To this day it is speedy, clean and problem free and it is on 24/7.

But let me get back to the Apple TV because I truly think that EVERYONE should own one of these. Well, anyone who has a high speed wireless internet connection and an HDTV at their home should. This little black box hooks up to your TV with ONE cable. A simple HDMI cable. You must have a HDTV with an HDMI connection. Once you plug in the apple TV the start up screen begins and you basically set it up with your wireless network information. It will find any and all wireless networks within range and you simply enter your password and the Apple TV will now be connected and ready to use.

It Can Save You Money

It comes with the new metal style Apple remote and these normally sell for $25 each, but Apple included it with the $99 Apple TV. Pretty cool. I used to have satellite service that I paid $139 a month for. The problem is, I would usually watch only 2-3 channels and found that I was paying all of that cash to watch a couple of shows every week. Since buying this new Apple TV I was able to CANCEL my Satellite TV and now my total TV bill is $9 per month.

The Apple TV for TV shows and Movies – $9 per month for unlimited use!

These days I just watch my local channels for news and some TV shows and I signed up to Netflix for $9 a month and can now stream any movie or TV show I want, anytime, in real time direct to my Apple TV. I can watch an entire season of some goofy brain rotting reality show or I can watch a movie at any time of the day. No waiting for a specific time. If I were a hardcore TV watcher (and I am not) I could watch hundreds of movies and shows and the price would still be $9 per month. So for TV and movies, the Apple TV with Netflix has me covered. So at this point, this little black box has saved me $130 per month right there! The only negative with this is that Netflix does not have EVERY SINGLE TV show out there available for streaming nor every movie. BUT they do have THOUSANDS to choose from so it would be pretty hard to not be able to find something to watch if the mood struck you.

You Can Also RENT The Latest Movies

If Netflix isn’t your thing (and I think its the best thing since the Leica M9, LOL) Apple also has the latest movies and shows available for RENTAL. If you want to rent you just click a button and you are charged anywhere from $1.99 to $4.99 depending on movie, release date and if it is in HD or not. The Apple rentals can get pretty pricey but sometimes there is a movie I just HAVE to see and this is much easier than running out to rent a DVD somewhere or looking for it when it is hard to find. The option is there so that is pretty cool.

You also have access to other cool features – Viewing photos, media…

WIth the Apple TV you can also view YOUTUBE videos (for free of course) and also stream content from your computer using Itunes. Let’s say you have some home movies on your computer. You just connect your computer to Apple TV using a passcode that the Apple TV unit displays on the TV screen and bingo! You are now connected and can now stream your movies from your computer to your Apple TV for viewing on your main TV. This is cool but what is even cooler is that if you have an Ipad, Iphone or Ipod touch you can use AIRPLAY to stream content from your device to the Apple TV. Just last night I was viewing my photos that are on my Iphone on my HDTV and sharing them with friends. It was so much fun and amazing how I was able to just sit at my couch, pull up photos on my phone and BAM, they instantly appeared on the TV in HD quality. You can even create slideshows and view them in HD quality. You can also use your Ipad, Iphone or Ipod touch as a full featured remote by downloading the free Apple Remote app.

It’s WELL worth the $99 and makes a GREAT gift for Christmas as well

The Apple TV for me has replaced not only my Satellite TV that I was paying $139 a month for, it has also replaced DVD rentals (Thanks to Netflix and Apple Rentals) and has added the ability for me to share photos with family and friends quickly and easily. Add in youtube functionality (which is always fun) and the ability to stream all of my music from Itunes direct to my main HDTV system using either my Imac or Ipad or Iphone and what we have is one hell of a $99 black box. BRAVO to Apple for not only improving upon the old Apple TV but lowering the price from $300 to $99 AND including the new metal remote. If you are still looking for that last minute gift idea, think of the Apple TV. Just make sure the person you are buying for has wireless internet and an HDTV!

Sure there are other options like the Roku which can offer you even MORE in regards to TV shows but less for your own media. Then there is the $200 Boxee which looks cool but again, you lose some of the cool Apple TV features while gaining more TV show features. But for an Apple Fanatic like me there was only one choice and I am thrilled with that choice! You can read more about it at Apples web site here.

You can buy the Apple TV at B&H Photo HERE. They can still get it delivered by Christmas Eve! The Apple Retail Stores also sell them if you have one local. Amazon is currently sold out but they have many 3rd party merchants who have it available.

Aug 142010

My Iphone is automatic, HIPSTAMATIC and swaaaaaankomatic! Yep, I have written about Hipstamatic in the past and how I loved it for what it is, and now on the Iphone 4 I love it even more! I also downloaded the new Swankolab, which is from the same people who brought us Hipstamatic. It’s like a virtual wet darkroom where you can alter your photos with chemicals, toners and other good stuff. Only thing missing is the smell, and for $1.99 its a very cool app to have for anyone who loves all of this retro goodness. Anyway, just wanted to shout out and say if you guys have not yet tried Hipstamatic, give it a whirl. I get nothing for my recommendation, but I have been having fun with it for months now and have came away with some pretty cool photos. I always say I will write about the photography related things that I enjoy, and this is one of them. Whatever gets us inspired to grab a shot, even if it is not a masterpiece..doing what you enjoy in life is a priority IMO and why not have a cool retro vibed camera built into your Iphone to grab some creative shots every now and then?


It’s slow, it’s retro and it’s viewfinder is sort of odd and not accurate but so what? In these days of cameras that cost $6k+ this little $2 app can work wonders with your Iphone giving you better results than some of the $40 toy cameras using medium format film! There are different lenses to choose from as well as different film stock, built right in to Hipstamatic app. It’s all about being CLASSIC…all about looking ANALOG and I must say, it works as advertised! You are not going to get clean, sharp, perfect results but that is NOT what Hipstamatic is all about. Nope, its all about that special old film look and i think its a MUST own for $1.99. The only drawback is they charge extra for film stock and some lenses, but even so I bought EVERYTHING they were offering and it cost me about $10. Well worth it. Here are a few shots that I have taken over the past few months with this app.

All of these are direct from my Iphone 4..no photoshop as the app does all of this for you when you choose your lens and film stock.


Swankolab is a new app, and it is a wet darkroom simulator with all of the chemicals, sights and sounds of a real wet darkroom. Very very cool, only $1.99 and is a little gimmicky but fun. Basically you open a photo within the lab and add whatever chemicals you want. You can add vignetting, contrast, funky colors, light streaks, or whatever you wish. When you switch the lever to develop your print, it throws it in the chemicals and you see it appear before your eyes just like a real darkroom. Yea, like I said, its gimmicky but fun. Here is a before after with Swankolab…

BEFORE, My son at his 8th Grade graduation as taken with the Olympus E-PL1 and 17 2.8 lens.

AFTER using Fantabra Magic Warm, Jerry’s Developer and Grizzle Fix in Swankolab on my Iphone!

one more if you want to get really crazy…direct from my Iphone…

and after a crazy Swankolab treatment of Vinnys BL94, Vinnys WA12 and Fantabra Magic Cool

The possibilities are endless really so this one will take lots of expirimenting. But its fun to have all of these tools right on your Iphone and makes for a great little travel camera when you do not need serious resolution or results!

Mar 282010

Hey guys! I am hitting the road in 20 minutes for my 4500 mile round trip road trip! I am heading from IL to AZ to NV to CA over the next 7 days mainly as a vacation to visit family and friends but also to get some great photos (I hope). I am bringing along the Leica M7 with an 18 Elmar, 24 Elmar, and 50 summicron. The Olympus E-Pl1 is coming along with its kit zoom and 17 2.8 and I am also bringing the Leica D-Lux 4 with the 82 Televid to see if I can get anything cool with that combo.

One other thing I am bringing along is my Iphone loaded with a VERY sweet App called “Hipstamatic”. If you have an Iphone, love photography and want a super fun way to get some vintage looking shots then you MUST BUY THIS APP! Its only $1.99. Just go to the App store and search for “Hipstamatic”. It’s pretty cool and the best camera app I have come across for the Iphone.

I will be using the Iphone on the road, at stops and shops and hope to upload some to my facebook page HERE. If you are not yet my friend on FB, go to my page and add me! I will also be updating this site while on my trip, at least once a day so be sure to check in to see what is new.

Here are some shots I snapped with the Iphone just a few minutes ago….updates will come later (or tomorrow) from the road!

Dec 292009

Hey! I can see in my stats that quite a few of you access the site through an Iphone (2,000 in the last 10 days). As of this morning there is now a more Iphone friendly version of this site! When using an Iphone it should load faster and be easier to navigate. Let me know how you like it, or if you prefer it like it was as it is easy to switch it back.

Here are some screen shots of the new Iphone version. It’s all based on simplicity and faster loading. Thanks!

PS – Just saw in the comments below that it also works well with the ANDROID phone!


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