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Apr 122017

The COSYSPEED Streetomatic Plus Holster Camera Bag Review

Here I am again with another bag review, but this bag comes in at $129, is super functional, and you do not even feel it while wearing it! This is the Cosyspeed Streetomatic PLUS and it fits around your waist instead of your shoulder, though you can still wear it over your body.


This bag is unique, looks great, is made very well and allows us to carry a larger mirrorless or smaller DSLR with one lens, or a smaller mirrorless with 2-3 lenses. The bag arrives with a raincoat, and a strap extender which you would add if you wanted to wear it over the body. When using this bag, it’s a cinch to open it up and take out the camera. Fast, easy and it protects the gear. Sure, one could just wear a camera strap and bring the camera and lens without a bag but this PLUS version of the Streetomatic allows you to also carry accessories in the side pockets. Memory cards, lens cloth, cables, batteries, or even a charger. When you wear this bag around the waist, you soon forget that you are carrying a bag, or a camera. I like it just as I liked the original.


While not for everyone, what this bag offers street shooters or those who bring minimal gear is space savings, weight savings and a fast way of gaining access to your camera. Compared to the NON PLUS version, this one looks nicer with its faux leather flap, has a nicer new open and close mechanism that is easier to use, and is larger for those who have a smaller DSLR and lens to carry. As you can see in the video above one can also carry a camera like the Hasselblad X1D WITH a lens attached.

The bag will keep your gear protected from the elements to a point but if it gets really wet be sure to use the protective raincoat included with the bag.

At $129 for this PLUS version and as low as $49 for the non plus version, CosySpeed is offering us a great bag at a great price. I can highly recommend this bag to anyone looking for a holster style bag that will not read the bank, or anyone who carries one camera and lens or a small setup. It truly is much nicer to carry than a traditional bag. Bravo to Thomas from CosySpeed for this one. It is FANTASTIC.

You can buy this bag from B&H Photo HERE. 

Feb 092017

Next Week, new Reviews…

Hey all! Been a crazy busy week for me so not so many updates but next week I will be back with some new reviews and a couple new guest reviews. Myself I will be taking a look at all three ultra wide Voigtlander lenses for the Sony E Mount. The 10mm, 12mm and 15mm. I will be testing all three this week and weekend and will share my thoughts and images next week. Thanks to Stephen Gandy at Cameraquest for letting me check out the entire line!

Also, a new bag review and it’s a BEAUTY, perfect for a Leica M kit if you want to carry it in style and quality. The Hawkesmill Bond Street has been in my hands and talk about premium build and materials, it does not get much better than this if you want top quality. Hawkesmill only uses and incorporates luxurious materials, such as Scottish Harris Tweed and waterproof canvas, while the unique to Hawkesmill  dual-d ring closure and trigger hook system keeps it all safe, even using a 2nd hook system for those who like to pack a little bit more.

My review next week! I will also be taking a look at the newest bag from COSYSPEED. They have come a long way since they started and have upped the game on their unique style of bag.

I also may have a huge Leica M10 review from none other than Ashwin Rao who has been enjoying his new M for a few weeks now ;)

So next week, lots to come!


Oct 242016


The OLYMPUS 25mm/F1.2 Lens Review, on the Street

By Thomas Ludwig 

F1.2 – WOW! It’s the first time I‘ve used a lens with such light gathering abilities. As a standard lens with a field of view like the nifty fifty in full frame terms, one should expect nice DOF effects – even on m43 cameras, where it is designed for. So let’s have a look at the new OLYMPUS 25mm/F1.2 lens which I attached to a PEN-F. Huge thanks to OLYMPUS Europe for loaning me the lens.

I’ve put the PEN-F and 25/1.2 in my beloved CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Streethunters Editition and went to Hamburgs red light district to grab some street photos and portraits. I wanted to see especially how the lens would perform in the night, when light is bad and neon signs are mostly the only light source. And so most of the images were made in RAW at F1.2 and processed in Lightroom to my taste.
Ahoi Hamburg at F1.2

OLYMPUS throws another ‘normal’ lens in the game. Normal? It has a field of view of a 50mm lens in fullframe terms but is actually 25mm, as it is designed for the smaller Micro43 sensor. But that’s the only ‘normal’ thing about this lens because it’s a special one. 19 elements in 14, groups, 3 ED elements, F1.2 aperture and a rugged design. Promising specs which should result in nice image quality. So let’s see if IQ really is a point where this lens shines.

The other thing is that this lens is not very small, but however it is not too big to be obtrusive when shooting in the streets. And this focal length is a classic in street photography. It is expensive. Around 1.300 bucks have to be spent to become the owner of this pro line lens. There are other standard primes available like the Pany/Leica 25/1.4, Pany 25/1.7 and the OLYMPUS 25/1.8. Of course the manual Voigtländer 25/0.95 and some others are an alternative, when you are willing to go without auto focus.

A night at Hamburg/Reeperbahn | F1.2


The Setup

OLYMPUS PEN-F | OLYMPUS 25mm/F1.2 | Spare batterie | 5.2″ Smartphone
All packed in a CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Streethunters Edition

CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Streethunters Edition


Gabriela ist the first female bouncer at Hamburgs red light district. She is doing this job since nearly 30 years. As she don’t wanted to be portraied in front of her club, I made a blury shot of her while walking along the window front. Slow shutter speeds are super easy with OLYMPUS amazing in body image stabilisation – F4.5 | 1/8 Sec.


Hamburg is a seaport, so be aware of sailors. The OLYMPUS 25/1.2 shines really when it comes to portraits. This focal lengst is my favorite for portraits on the streets – F1.2


“We don’t have a smartphone”. Rainer and Joseph, two homeless guys at Reeperbahn. “Hamburg is the best place for homeless. You can get a free warm bed from October to March, free food every day and free second hand clothes.” – F1.2 | ISO 1250


Image Quality

The image quality of m43 is really good, as long as you are below ISO 1600 and sometimes below ISO 3200. Paired with a lens this wide open and good IBIS you can get decent shots even in the night. But this review is about the IQ of the lens, which I had attached to a gorgeous PEN-F.

What makes a good lens? This is in many ways a question that can only be answered individually. To me it is not important that it is super sharp wide open or does not vignette etc. – to me the most important point is the esthetics, the look and feel it delivers. When I look at the images of a certain lens and it “feels” good, well, than it is a good lens. And you know what? The OLY 25/1.2 is a lens of this category. I’m simply amazed especially when looking at the portraits I made in Hamburg. Amazed not by my images but by the clean, natural and three-dimensional look.

The OLY 25/1.2 has a certain magic and I would describe its special character in the way it closes the gap between a pronounced three-dimensional look and a portrait friendly (lower) level of micro contrast. A high level of micro contrast gives 3D pop for example to LEICA and ZEISS lenses, but it can be a bit harsh when shooting portraits. I don’t know how the OLYMPUS engineers made it, but they found a way to give it a lot of 3D pop while micro contrast is on a natural level.

Bokeh? Very smooth and elegant! Is it sharp? Yes, there is no need to stop down. What about chroma and other problems that appear when a lens has such a wide aperture? Well, I haven’t really had a look at it as I’m all about the look and feel :-)

OLY 25/1.2 at F1.2 on the PEN-F – RAW without adjustments. Look at the plasticity, details and natural look wide open. It’s just as if the guy on this photo is sitting right in front of the screen – and this is an untouched RAW! Awesome!



PANA/LEICA 25/1.4 at F1.4 on the LUMIX GX8 – RAW without adjustments. The Pana/Leica 25/1.4 is an excellent lens but can’t keep up with the OLYMPUS 25/1.2. Even though it has it’s own character, it is not as clean and three dimensional. But it is more affordable and for the price of an OLY 25/1.2 you could get the Pana/Leica 25/1.4 AND a PEN-F or GX8…



Handling and Focusing

The 25/1.2 is on the bigger side but not too big for using it on the streets. Especially when attached to one of the small m43 bodies like the PEN-F. It has a clutch mechanism, which allows to switch to manual mode while pulling the focus ring back – brilliant! AF is quick and spot on, even at F1.2.

OLYMPUS 25mm/F1.2


The PEN-F and OLY 25/1.2 in a CAMSLINGER


Even with lens hood attached it fits perfectly in the CAMSLINGER Streetomatic. I can’t imagine a better bag for street photography.




1 hand / 1 second – Carrying the PEN-F with 25/1.2 in a CAMSLINGER at the hip, is extremely comfortable. As your upper body is free of belts and straps, your neck will never hurt. In fact it is almost as quick to grab your cam, as it would be with a sling strap – 1 hand / 1 sencond! And the PEN-F and lens are always protected, when not in use.

Girl dancing behind a screen | F1.2


Selling Kebap in the red light district | F1.2


Contrasts | F1.2


Hamburg/Reeperbahn is the place where The Beatles kind of started


Insights | F1.2


Cinema | F1.2



It’s easy to write that I was extremely impressed by the OLYMPUS 25mm/F1.2. This lens delivers stunning images. Natural, three dimensional, sharp and with extraordinary esthetics in the way it renders a scene.

If you are ok with it’s size, than it is the lens to go when you’re looking for a standard prime for your m43 camera. The only thing you have to decide is if you would invest 1,300 bucks in it. I guess you won’t hesitate when you’re a pro photographer or an enthusiast with the budget for it. You can also be lucky with a Pany/Leica 25/1.4 or the OLYMPUS 25/1.8, but they do not have this extraordinary IQ. I love this lens :-)

See more images made for this review in our SmugMug gallery:

Me, PEN-F, OLY 25/1.2 and my beloved CAMSLINGER Streetomatic in Hamburg


You can order the Olympus 25 1.2 lens Below:

Amazon – 25 1.2

B&H Photo  – 25 1.2

Jul 142016


Reeperbahn with the Panasonic LUMIX GX8

By Thomas Ludwig


The Panasonic LUMIX GX8 has some impressive specs and comes along in a rangefinder style body. As it is not the smallest mirrorless camera and hence a bit more eye-catching, I was curious to see how it works in the streets. As usual I had my focus also on how it fits in a CAMSLINGER bag when hiking a city for a day.

Same as I did in my PEN F review some weeks ago, I used JPGs out of cam for most of the images in this review. I was at Reeperbahn in Hamburg/Germany, which is Hamburgs “entertainment district”. So I decided to go for a Cross Process Filter which gives a colorful and oldstyle appearance to the images.

Not everyone wants to be seen in such a place, so I was working with slow shutter speeds to make everyone unrecognizable. On the other side I was asking some peeps for a portrait – but have a look yourself :-)

Hey, what’s up man!


The LUMIX GX8 in the Streets

My personal choice for a camera for street photography is not related to a certain brand (even though I like the Olympus PEN F a lot) but to the body design. To me a rangefinder style body is much more unobstrusive than a DSLR or DSLR style mirrorless camera. So the GX8 should fit somehow into my preferences. But it is on the bigger site and I guess Panasonic had nature and studio use in mind. Attached with a Pana-Leica 100-400 or a 42.5 Nocticron, the GX8 would handle very well. In the streets however, it is slightly too big for my taste. At least that’s what I thought when I started my review…

Besides the body design it is most important to me how a camera excels in image quality and focusing abilities. And so this review is mainly focused on these points.

To give you a short overview to my conclusion: The LUMIX GX8 is a brilliant camera. It’s not only the huge line up of functions and features, but also how brilliant almost all of these features do work. It’s a very reliable camera and perfectly suited to street photography!

The Setup

Panasonic LUMIX GX8 | Pana-Leica 15mm/F1.7 | Pana-Leica 25mm/F1.4 | Lumix 42.5/F1.7 | Spare batteries | Cleaning towel | Raincover | Smartphone

All packed in a CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Blue




I used the Cross Process Filter which is one of 22 Filters the GX 8 offers. Using the WB button, you can adjust from cold to warm in four steps.

By the way this is “Ms Drag Queen 1997” Olivia Jones who was so kind to let me take a portrait :-)

Auto Focus of the LUMIX GX8 is simply stunning in all modes!


Image Quality

Many photographers tend to say the sensor of Micro 43 is too small. Honestly, I can’t comprehend that. Up to ISO 3200 I do not have any problems with my style of photography and even DR is really good. And so I’m super happy with the 20 MP out of the GX8.

I remember very well the lousy colors of my first LUMIX, a GF1 back in 2010, which was far away from what I was used to from my NIKONs. But with the GX8 Panasonic did a great job and colors are superb.

The two next images were RAWs processed in Lightroom with only slight adjustments. While walking around at the port, which is just a stone’s throw away from Reeperbahn, I met Thilo from Greenpeace Ship Arctic Sunrise. They were on the way to do some research about the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic. Had a nice chat with him and thanked him for the work they do…

Thilo from the Arctic Sunrise shot with the Pana-Leica 25mm at F1.4


I just adjustet lights/shadows in Lightroom and used the brush to brighten up the guy in the green jacket… Overall a small fix made within a few seconds. The DR of the new sensor is really good!









 “If granny knew my job, she would be rotating in her grave!”
Eye Detection Autofocus focuses through glasses – how cool is that?


Handling etc.

The LUMIX GX8 handles very well, especially because of the nice grip. All dials and knobs are very good to reach and I was extremely happy to have a physical switch for AF mode. Only the SONY a6000 has a better handling in my opinion, but it misses some physical controls. The EVF is just awesome! Big, bright, quick – and the tilting feature comes in very handy.

This kind Lady is the ships photographer of the cruiser Qeen Mary “Two”. She was strolling around in Hamburg while her ship was in the ship yard. She saw me reviewing images in the GX8s tilted EVF and thought I might have a prob with the cam. Had I nice chat with her, thanks to the tilting EVF :-)



When I started my review, I thought the GX8 is a little bit too big. But this turned out to be like it is with a new record from your favorite band – you have to listen to some of the songs a few times to like them. And so it was with the GX8. After using it for while I liked the size VERY much! It just fitted perfectly in my realtively big hands and is still small enough to not beeing flashy.

Some reviewers don’t like the design of the GX8 or at least say it’s “nothing special”. Not so me! Sure, the PEN F has that special aura, but let’s have a look at the GX8. Panasonics design approach is much more modern and I have the feeling that one can clearly see LEICA has been the noble midwife when Panasonic entered the market. I can see Bauhaus elements and straight, clean lines. All buttons and dials are well placed and functionality is above average (and the menue system as well). To me it comes along as a brilliantly designed working tool and I really like and appreciate this approach. But taste is generally known as a personal and subjective thing :-)

THE GX8 WITH A LEICA LENS – Simple, clean and modern design


Focusing in the Streets

I’m using mostly three focus methods when in the streets:

#1 – Single point auto focus | #2 – Continuous auto focus with subject tracking | #3 – Hyperfocal focusing

At Reeperbahn (and in general) I was working most of the time with Single Point Auto Focus. And this is blazing fast and 100% accurate. Press the shutter and focusing and triggering happens in the same moment. Same when using the touch screen. Just tip on your subject and in the same moment – click – it’s done! Even in dim conditions I had no complaints.

When taking portraits, Eye Detection Autofocus is a superb method. It even focuses through glasses!

I won’t show images I made with Continuous Auto Focus with Subject Tracking, because all of them showed people in the nasty Reeperbahn area :-). However I tried this method and was amazed by the GX8s tracking abilities. It works 90% of the time – as long as there is enough light. As soon as it becomes dim, tracking was not that reliable anymore. For Hyperfocal Focusing the Pana-Leica lenses are not the first choice because of the missing distance scale. You’ll find a scale on the screen when manual focusing but unfortunaley it does not show the distance. So here I’d like to praise Olympus and the 12mm/F2.0 and 17mm/F1.8 – they have a great distance scale!


The GX8 in a CAMSLINGER Streetomatic

As the GX8 is a little bigger than the average rangefinder style mirrorless body, I chose a CAMSLINGER Streetomatic for my Setup. The Blue one fits very nicely to my jeans :-) I attached the FINGERCAMSTRAP and so I could grab the GX8 with one hand and at the same time fix it to my index against accidential dropping.

Carrying the LUMIX GX8 and gear in a CAMSLINGER at the hip, is extremely comfortable. As your upper body is free of belts and straps, your neck will never hurt. In fact it is almost as quick to grab your cam, as it would be with a sling strap – but the GX8 was always protected, when not in use.

GX8 and CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Blue







The LUMIX GX8 is a relatively perfect camera. It’s feature set is stunning and more so the fact, that everything simply works as it should. From the view point of a street photographer this cam is a no brainer. Buy it and you’ll be happy. It may not have this special appearence like a PEN F, but if you like a clean, modern, industrial design, the GX8 is a good choice for you.

JPGs out of cam are great even though it does not offer the crazy variations a PEN F delivers. RAW files are rich of detail and colors are superb. Thinking of video, which can be also a part of street photography, the GX8 is beneath the best choices available. I haven’t tried the 4K photo mode, but will in my upcoming GX80/85 review.

The LUMIX GX8 is a work horse camera with many useful features and it works nearly perfect. On the street it is a reliable companion and no, it is not too big :-)

P.S.: Imaging a full frame sensor in this body and a LEICA T mount. And then some nice lenses from Panny and of course Leica. You know what? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!

SUBTITLE: The Devil at Reeperbahn



May 092016

The OLYMPUS PEN F Experience


By Thomas Ludwig of COSYSPEED

Thanks Steve for the opportunity to share my thoughts about the PEN F on your amazing blog. You are doing super great work and I feel inspired everyday!

It’s a sexy little camera, the PEN F. Many would use it as a street photography camera and that’s the way I wanted to review it. My focus was also on the way it fits into a CAMSLINGER bag and how this combo works on the streets.

JPGs out of cam are extremely good, so I didn’t touch the RAWs at all. All images in this review, except product images, are straight out of cam, shot in Monochrome Mode II with added grain and vignette. That’s the way I would have processed them in Lightroom.

FACES – The OLYMPUS PEN F in Lübeck/Germany


The PEN F in the Streets

Some days ago I got the chance to test the new Olympus PEN F together with some Olympus prime lenses and I was curious to see how it performs. As many others like Steve have already mentioned all features of the PEN F in their reviews, I will only focus on street photography with the retro stylish micro 43 camera – of course to my personal needs and habits.

When shooting on the streets most important to me is image quality and focusing abilities. And so this review is mainly focused on these points. In fact it ended up being a PEN F / Monochrome Mode review, as I liked the JPGs right out of the cam.

For those of you who don’t like to read long texts: The PEN F is a timeless designed camera, that you will enjoy for many years. In my eyes it is already iconic, just like it’s forefather PEN F from the 70’s. I enjoyed using it every minute especially because of the JPGs that I could use without editing – this gave back HUGE fun to my style of street photography.



The setup

Olympus PEN F | Olympus 12mm/F2 | Olympus 17mm/F1.8 | Olympus 45mm/F1.8 | Spare Battery | Olympus Macro Converter

All packed in a CAMSLINGER 160 with STUFFBAG 30


003 CAMSLINGER 160 and PEN F

BEAUTIFUL GRAIN and NICE LOOK – All images in this review are shot in Monochrome Mode II with Grain and Vigenette added. This was made all in cam.


NICE DETAILS and RICH TONALITY – The new sensor in the PEN F delivers plenty of detail. Tonality of the Out Of Cam JPGs is simply great!


Image Quality

Actually I had only two full days of street shooting with the little Oly. So I went to Lübeck in my neighborhood, a city next to Hamburg/Germany. I shot in RAW and JPG, while for JPG I used the Monochrome II filter, added some vignette and grain – all IN cam which is absolutely great. I would have converted the RAWs this way in Lightroom and so I was keen to see how the JPGs would look like on the screen of my PC. And they looked great! That great, that I even didn’t touch the RAWs. So all the images in this review are out of cam without ANY editing. To me this worked 100% to my taste. High ISO? This is an overrated point IMHO, nevertheless the PEN F delivers very well images up to ISO 3200 and if used in Monochrome Mode with Grain, you can go higher without any problems.

Besides the cool design of the cam this is maybe the strongest point of the PEN F in my opinion – beeing free of editing and post processing and getting what I want right out of the cam.












The PEN F handles very nicely. Due to a missing grip, it is maybe not as comfortable to hold as a SONY a6000 or LUMIX GX8, but there’s an optional grip available if you need it. To me it was absolutely fine. Especially because the PEN F feels very premium and it’s a pleasure just to hold it in your hand. All the dials feel durable and solidly made. The UI with so many physical controls needs some time to get used to, but as soon as you know where all functions are, it makes photographing much easier.

The design reminescense to the original PEN F from the 70ies is especially visible with the silver PEN F model. Look at these lovely curves and lines!


011 PEN F

Focusing in the streets

I’m using mostly three focus methods when in the streets:

#1 – Single point auto focus
#2 – Continuous auto focus with subject tracking
#3 – Hyperfocal focusing

#1 – Single point auto focus

The auto focus of modern micro 43 cameras is so quick, that to focus and to trigger is almost one process. And so I was using single point auto focus most of the time and with moving subjects I had about 95% in focus, even when using the little 17mm/F1.8 wide open. The focus of the PEN F is insanely quick and accurate in single point mode. To me there was nothing left to desire.

WHAT DO YOU THINK – Single Point Auto Focus works amazingly quick and accurate


#2 – Continuous auto focus with subject tracking

Actually this method seems to be the most charming. Set your focus point and the cam will track it until you press the shutter. However continuous auto focus with subject tracking turned out to be not very effective on the PEN F. I’d say that 50% of my shots were out of focus. I guess this is a firmware problem and can hopefully be fixed in the future. However focus is not all!

WELCOME TO THE GYM – Not in focus but I like it anyway


#3 – Hyperfocal focusing

Set a distance in manual focus mode and just trigger, when you think your subject is in the frame as you like it. Sounds easy but in fact hyperfocal focusing is tricky if you like to get some DOF. The more you open the aperture, the thinner is the in focus area. The day in Lübeck all images where more or less out of focus, when using this method because I was shooting wide open all the time. If set to F10 I’d say 99% would have been in focus. I know now, that I have to improve my skills :-)

The OLYMPUS 17/1.8 and 12/2.0 are very well suited to this focusing method, as they have a manual mode with distance scale!

ROSARY, MISHABA or MALA – Hyperfocal focusing wide open is difficult



A CAMSLINGER bag is all about quick, single-handed operation and designed to wear at the hip. I fixed the included FINGERCAMSTRAP to the cam and was able to grab the PEN F within a second out of my little bag. But the On/Off switch is on the left side of the PEN F and so one needs always a second-hand to turn it on. As soon as you have a coffee in your left hand or fix yourself while standing in a shaking subway with one hand, then you could of course access and draw the PEN F quickly out of the CAMSLINGER, but not take a photo. So I never switched the cam off and had it always in stand-by in my CAMSLINGER. This may cost a bit of battery power, but fixed my little problem easily.

CAMSLINGER 160 and PEN F 015 CAMSLINGER 160 and PEN F (1)

015 CAMSLINGER 160 and PEN F (2)

015 CAMSLINGER 160 and PEN F (4)

015 CAMSLINGER 160 and PEN F (5)

Carrying the PEN F and gear in a CAMSLINGER at the hip, is extremely comfortable. As your upper body is free of belts and straps, your neck will never hurt. In fact it is almost as quick to grab your cam, as it would be with a sling strap – but the PEN F was always protected, when not in use. I prefered to use the slimmer CAMSLINGER 160 then the more space offering CAMSLINGER Streetomatic. The 160 is just perfect for rangefinder styled cameras like the PEN F.




The PEN F is a marvelous piece of camera design and delivers stunning images. It’s technology is up-to-date and will be for many years. I’m hoping a firmware update will lift the tracking abilities on the professional level of the OLYMPUS EM-1, because this is a feature that makes street photography much easier.

The possibility to get final results right out of the cam is pretty cool and gives a further kick to the fun I had with the PEN F. So just go out, shoot and come back with images that are simply ready – to some this is might be a game changing benefit!

The PEN F is one of these rare cameras that one will use for many years and so a good medicine against G.A.S. :-). The timeless design and great build qualty makes a camera that is simply gorgeous! If you are looking for a street photography camera – go for the PEN F!


Reference: COSYSPEED


FROM STEVE: Thanks Thomas! Many of you may not realize I met Thomas in Las Vegas a couple of years back where we shot a Street Shooting video. Thomas is an amazing man and he has a great passion for photography, that was very clear when we met. Below is the video we shot while there, was a great memory I will never forget.


Oct 052015

The new CosySpeed Streetomatic Camslinger bag!


Take a look at the new Indigogo page for the new Camslinger STREETOMATIC bag. A much improved version (IMO) of the previous camslinger bag. I have one here and it looks great, feels great, and holds a bit more all while being super comfy no matter how you choose to wear it (holster style or waist). Your camera is always at the ready with this bag, and the pricing is incredible at under $70 USD.




Below, me using the older version in Las Vegas. 

Be sure to go to the Indigogo page for these guys as they are GENUINE photo enthusiasts. I had the pleasure of hanging with the owner of CosySpeed for a couple of days and Mr. Thomas Ludwig is one of the nicest guys I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He has stated that if the campaign gets above $12,000 he will go ahead with manufacturing even though the goal is $17,500. As of now, they are only $700 or so from the $12,000 so get over there and read all about it, and if you like it, give $1, $5 or whatever you can! The rewards are great as well.


Sep 092015


Introducing the Next-Generation Camera Bag for Street Photographers from CosySpeed

Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the CAMSLINGER Streetomatic

Edertal/Germany, Sep. 6, 2015. The CAMSLINGER Streetomatic by COSYSPEED GmbH of Edertal/Germany is a next-generation camera bag concept combining the speed and convenience of a sling strap with the safety and space of a camera bag. It can be worn comfortably around the hip or like a traditional sling bag over the shoulder. Quick, one-handed access, protection against rain, bumps, dust and views as well as its very high wearing comfort make the CAMSLINGER Streetomatic the ideal camera bag for street photographers and travellers.

COSYSPEED GmbH has teamed up with renowned street photographer Thomas Leuthard ( of Switzerland to design a camera bag that fits the needs of street photographers. The company set out to raise US-$ 17,500 on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to produce the first batch of their latest innovation that is going to change the way street photographers carry their gear.


While the CAMSLINGER Streetomatic was initially designed specifically for mirrorless cameras, it is also ideally suited for DSLRs and superzoom cameras. It is made out of durable and water resistant NYLON D600 fabric and comes in blue, khaki or black colours with a built-in rain cover, four department dividers as well as a free FINGERCAMSTRAP. The CAMSLINGER Streetomatic has a fixed belt and moves freely around the waist for maximum comfort.

The black version of the CAMSLINGER Streetomatic is branded Thomas Leuthard Edition, with the signature of the popular street photographer stitched onto the front of the bag. For each edition bag sold, US-$ 10 will be donated to a care project for street kids in Burundi, supervised by German organisation Burundikids e.V. (w​​. The donations will be used to provide school supplies to 80 children in a centre for street kids in the country’s capital Bujumbura.


For the launch of the new CAMSLINGER Streetomatic, COSYSPEED will be offering the bags at a reduced special price to supporters of its Indiegogo campaign, which takes place from Sep. 1st to Oct. 1st, 2015. The CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Blue and The CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Khaki will be available for US-$ 55 during the campaign period (retail price:

COSYSPEED GmbH |​G​eschäftsführer/General Manager Thomas Ludwig | Königsberger Straße 5a | 34549 Edertal | Germany | [email protected] | Tel. +49 5621 / 7525312 | Fax +49 5621 / 7525313
IBAN: DE44523500050002005536 | BIC: HELADEF1KOR | Sparkasse Waldeck-Frankenberg
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US-$ 69), the CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Thomas Leuthard Edition for US-$ 65 (retail price: US-$ 79).


Interior dimensions: 7 x 6 x 4.2 in. (175 x 155 x 105 mm)
Weight: 700 g
Phone pouch: 3.2 x 0.6 x 5.5 in. (80 x 15 x 140 mm)
Accessory pouch: 3.1 x 1 x 5 in. (80 x 15 x 140 mm)
Adjustable belt: 75 – 125 cm (30 – 50 in.), with optional belt extension up to 165 cm (65 in.) Exterior materials: Nylon D600 fabric with PE tiles between inner and outer fabric

Interior materials: Soft fabric

About Cosyspeed

Cosyspeed GmbH of Edertal/Germany is the first company in the world that specialises exclusively in accessories for mirrorless cameras. All products are developed in Germany and are subject to strict German quality criteria. Production is carried out in Germany, Europe, Asia and Africa. Focusing on convenient and functional accessories for the daily routine of photographers using mirrorless cameras, Cosyspeed is concentrating deliberately on the new technology of the future in the area of digital cameras. With the CAMPILLOW, COSYSPEED GmbH is also supporting a development aid project in Burundi/Africa. COSYSPEED is planning to transition into a not-for-profit company in 2016.



I tested and reviewed the original Cosyspeed Camslinger and will have a review sample of the new one soon. The streetomatic seems to be an improved design for street photography, and while the original was awesome for street, the new one appears to not only be better but the price is quite amazing at $69 US. See the video below of me using the original Camslinger in Las Vegas last year!

Dec 012014

Cyber Monday Deals (Things I would Buy) – Sony, Cosyspeed and more!

Hey guys! It’s “Cyber Monday” and while every year stores and manufacturers try to get me to push their deals on things I would not personally ever buy, every year I do not post 95% of those deals simply because as I said…I would never buy or use these products. But sometimes there are deals that come along that I feel are special, or well worth the cost and sometimes, a downright NO BRAINER. Things I WOULD buy! Last week I posted a couple of on the Hasselblad Stellar SE at 70% off (and I ordered one myself), the deal on the Sigma DP Quattro, which is almost half off from $999 to $599. The Sigma is a unique camera and was not tempting to me at $999 but at $599 it is something that some will want for its unique IQ and capabilities for certain subjects.

Below are a few more deals on things that I feel are a great bang for the buck…


Sony also has some AWESOME deals on the A6000 camera (which is FANTASTIC, see my review HERE)..

Sony A6000 with 16-50 Power Zoom lens – $598!

Sony A6000 Body only – $448!

CAMSLINGER 160 Paris Gray

CosySpeed has a great deal on their Camslinger bags at $69 each! THIS BAG IS A STEAL FOR $69 and is one of the most useful camera carrying cases I have ever used. See my video on it HERE.

Buy the Cosyspeed Camslinger in BLACK for $69 HERE at B&H Photo. A $50 SAVINGS.

Their finger strap is something I actually prefer to a wrist strap, and it can be had for only $12.90. See it here. (Also used in the video at the above link) 


How about a deal on the Fuji X100S?

$899 in black!


Also, do not forget Leica has some cool discounts right now. $750 of an M 240 and $250 off of most lenses. You can buy Leica from Ken Hansen,, The Pro Shop or Leica Store Miami.



There is a great Nikon Df deal over at Amazon (Through ONECALL) where you can get a Nikon Df and 50 1.8 for $600 off (in black) for a total of $2396 (20% off). Check it out HERE.

Nov 192014

Steve Huff in Las Vegas (10)

Testing the new CosySpeed Camslinger Bag for Street Shooting (Video)

A month or two ago I was out in Las Vegas with the Head Honcho of CosySpeed (Thomas Ludwig) who travelled all the way from Germany to let me see his newest bag as well as shoot some video of me street shooting while using it and putting it to the test. I also did an interview where I answered quite a few questions about photography as well as discussing things I enjoy, my style and what drives me. It was a great time and I enjoyed it as I was doing what I love to do in a city I enjoy for its vast amount of photographic subjects.

Here I am using the new “Paris Grey” Camslinger in Las Vegas NV a few weeks ago. See how I prefer to shoot on the street…

I talked about the CosySpeed Camslinger bags when they were launched and I actually really enjoyed them. I even used on my recent Southwest Road Trip workshop during the Antelope Canyon portion of the event. It worked out VERY well as it allowed me to carry my Sony A7s without even realizing I was carrying it. Much lighter than a backpack, less noticeable on my body than a strap and a great fast way to get your mirrorless camera ready for action.

CAMSLINGER 160 Paris Gray

In Vegas I used the new Grey model which I thought was pretty nice, especially when compared to the Green and Black original. The grey was classy and looked great. As I walked I even had a couple of people ask me what bag it was. The whole concept of the bag came to CosySpeed owner, Thomas Ludwig while he watched two of his favorite movies. One was a Clint Eastwood western, which insider him to make a holster style case that was a bit different from the typical “Fanny Pack” we see today. The Camslinger does not sit on your waist like a fanny pack, it sites more like a holster for your camera…slightly lower on one side for easy access to the camera inside.

Steve Huff in Las Vegas (10)

As I walked the streets of Las Vegas with the Camslinger I found that I never even noticed I was carrying a thing, until I went to grab my Camera. It is that light and un-obtrusive. After that shooting session I was sort of hooked on the holster bag. It was functional, it was attractive and when it was on me, I did not even realize it. Thomas told me they also were releasing an all black version MINUS the green, which is also killer for those who want their case/bag/holster to be all black and stealthy.

CAMSLINGER 160 Street Edition

The belt is adjustable, the bag is adjustable and can be made wider depending on your needs and they come in a couple of sizes. They also do not and wilt break the bank. These bags are well worth the cost at $99 for both the special edition Camslinger 160 in Paris Grey and the 160 Street Edition in al black.

In this world of $400-$600 camera bags, getting a simple, functional and very lightweight holster for your camera at $99 seems like a bargain of the year.

Don’t be put off by the looks, in use it is fantastic. You can buy these Camslinger Bags at B&H Photo HERE.  I now own the Paris Grey version I used in the video above and love it. When I need to take one camera with me, the 160 Camslinger goes with me and it is like not even bringing a camera as you really do not realize it is on!





Just in time for the Christmas season, COSYSPEED introduces two new color editions of its CAMSLINGER camera bag for compact system cameras: the CAMSLINGER 160 Street Edition and the CAMSLINGER 160 Paris Gray. Both versions of the bag will be available by mid-November for a special price of 79.99 Euro / US-$ 99.00.”

AD Steve NOV14

A quick word about Street Photography

A week or two ago I posted a video I whipped up about how I GO ABOUT shooting images on the “street” and a few of you (only a few) chimed in saying “taking portraits in not street photography” – well…who defined what street photography is? Those who like to shoot the backs of heads or sniping shots of unaware people? To me, that is just random shooting.

For example, Vivian Maier is one person I consider to be an amazing “street photographer”. In fact, I prefer her work to any of the old masters many rave about. She did a mix of “decisive moment” shooting as well as “street portraits” and she is now known as a great street photographer, as she should be. That is what she did and she was fantastic at it. But saying portraits of strangers is NOT a form of street is incorrect, as it is.

Steve Huff in Las Vegas (6)

I do not and have never posed anyone though sometimes they pose themselves if I am doing that sort of street portrait. I like to mix it up and get people without me telling them up front and I also like to chat it up with others, and then ask them for a photo. It works both ways but I do not “pose”  – I just go out, walk around, look for interesting people to meet and try to be as social as possible as this approach usually yields some great results, more so than sneaking shots of people walking by or “decisive moments” of someone walking out of a shadow in front of a building which is so overdone it is quite boring to look at today.

I find people interesting and in a place like Las Vegas, most are willing and excited to talk with you. It’s a fun time and shooting strangers is something I have always enjoyed. Its therapeutic and feels great and yes, this is indeed a form..a version..a variant of “Street Photography”.

I enjoy it and in the grand scheme of things, that is ALL that matters ;)


Sep 042014

CAMSLINGER 160 Paris Gray

Wear your mirrorless camera ALWAYS READY at your hip

Cosyspeed CAMSLINGER bags are a new and unique concept for carrying mirrorless cameras. Providing fast, one-handed access to your camera, the CAMSLINGER bag keeps it protected in a slim case while you upper body is free from straps and belts. CAMSLINGER bags are comfortable to wear and ideally suited for street, travel, outdoor and family photography.

More Camslinger bags from Cosyspeed
At photokina 2014 – hall 4.1, stand C026 – Cosyspeed will present two new versions of its Camslinger 160 bag, which has been selling successfully since this spring. The two new Camslinger bags will be available from November for € 99.99 (inc. VAT) / $US 119.00 (excl. VAT) each.

For some, the current Camslinger models ( were too dark, others found them too colourful. What most customers agreed on, however, was that there is no bag as convenient for carrying a mirrorless camera setup than the Camslinger, which adapts flexibly to the size of each individual camera setup. As for the choice of colours, Cosyspeed is now taking another step towards its customers. This fall, the Camslinger 160 – the most popular of the Camslinger bags – will be available in two new colour choices. Creating its bags in Germany and in permanent close contact to the manufacturers, Cosyspeed is able to react quickly to customer demand. This is why from November 1, 2014 two new versions of the Camslinger 160 bag will be available.

The Camslinger 160 Paris Gray was developed for those photographers who are looking for a more elegant design. The all-black Camslinger 160 Street Edition is ideally suited for street photographers who want to stay as unobtrusive as possible.

Like all Camslinger bags, the two new models share the following key features:

• comfortable carrying at the hip and always ready for the next picture
• quick one-handed access
• keeps the upper body free from straps
• unique system for adjusting the depth of the bag and fitting it to the individual size of a camera
• safety clip on the belt
• secure LOXX stainless steel latch made by Schaeffertec/Germany

In addition to the Fingercamstrap 10 VL, Cosyspeed will introduce the Fingercamstrap 10 BW black this November, at the same price of € 7.99 (inc. VAT) / $US 12.90 (excl. VAT). The Fingercamstrap 10 BW is made of a special tearproof material that is also used for making camera straps.

About Cosyspeed
Cosyspeed GmbH from Edertal/Germany is the first company in the world that specialises exclusively in accessories for mirrorless cameras (or Compact System Camera, CSC). All products are developed in Germany and are subject to strict German quality criteria. Production is carried out in Germany, Europe, Asia and Africa. Focusing on convenient and functional accessories for the daily routine of photographers using compact mirrorless cameras, Cosyspeed is concentrating deliberately on the new technology of the future in the area of digital cameras.

Cosyspeed Camslinger
The world belongs to Mirrorless Heroes – at photokina 2014 in Hall 4.1, Stand C026

Camslinger bags and accessories are now available at B&H Photo by clicking HERE.

Jun 022014

I welcome a new Site Sponsor, COSYSPEED!

You can buy the COSYSPEED Camslinger HERE. My video review of the Camslinger is HERE.

One Handed Access

Hello to all! Just wanted to chime in and welcome the newest (and last for at least a year, no more room!) site sponsor, COSYSPEED! They are the ones who make the very interesting and cool Camslinger bag that is really not like a bag at all. In fact, when I wear mine I do not even feel like I have anything on at all (though it does look fannypack-ish) I reviewed the Camslinger a short time ago HERE and to this day I still use it from time to time when I do not need to carry a full large bag, In other words, if I run to do some street shooting it is perfect as the bag is around the waist and I do not even feel it on me. When my camera is needed I just pull it from my side, holster style. This was especially useful when I was out downtown one day street shooting. I walked and had zero weight on my shoulder and I forgot that I was even carrying my camera. I my review I spoke about how it could be tricky to unlatch..well, that went away after a couple of uses. The bag is actually quite different from other carrying systems out there. Very original and if I were to change anything it would be to make an all black version to be more stealthy. As it is they have bright green accents and it sort of sticks out when trying to be stealthy.

Upper Body Free

The Camslinger bags come in two sizes with one being small and one being medium-sized. The Camslinger 105 is perfect for mirror less cameras and the 160 is better for larger cameras. Both have the same quality build and materials and is made to withstand the elements. The prices range from $109-$119 so the price is reasonable. The bags are also available at B&H Photo for those who want to order in the USA.


COSYSPEED recently did a video with Thomas Leuthard, who I met in Ireland at Castle Leslie a few months back. Thomas is a fantastic street shooter and shoots in B&W using a Olympus OM-D camera. His photos are fantastic and the video below shows him in action doing his thing.

I grabbed a shot of Thomas while in Ireland and he was always looking for a shot, even when we were all just hanging out as a group. Great guy and spectacular street shooter. Good to see he enjoyed the Camslinger as well.


So I thank CosySpeed for becoming a site sponsor as they are helping to keep this site going AND growing! Be sure to visit them HERE and if you want to purchase a Camslinger bag or just read more about it, check it all out HERE. 

Mar 212014

The CosySpeed Camslinger Camera Holster Review

The new CosySpeed Camslinger series of camera bags are here and they are quite unique and different from your ordinary camera bag that slings over your shoulder or chest. The Camslinger series is designed for use on your HIP, just like in the good old wild west days when cowboys wore a six-shooter on the hip. Instead of a gun, the Camslinger bags allow you to store your mirror less camera inside, sort of like a holster, where it is ready to rock and roll at any given moment.


There are some very cool things about these new bags and I am always a fan of “different” and even though there were a couple of small irritations, I found them to be a very enjoyable product. Basically, these bags are are pretty nice and affordable solutions to carrying around a small mirror less system without the weight on your upper body.

The Camslinger comes in two sizes. The smaller 105 and the larger 160. I was able to fit a Leica M and one lens inside of the larger 160 bag. The smaller 105 is meant for smaller cameras and lenses, much like an Olympus E-M1 or E-P5. Think “mirrorless” as this is what the bags were designed for. Small system cameras and a lens or two. For this it works very well. I took out the 160 for a couple of days and it held an E-M10 and 12-40 zoom. It held it perfectly even with the larger zoom and I had it at my hip and at the ready at any given moment.

While at a party a few asked me a question when they saw me: “since when do you wear fanny packs”?


Yep. It does look like a fanny pack and I am not a fan of fanny packs. As useful as they are I am just not the fanny pack kind of guy. With that said, I personally did not feel like I was wearing a fanny pack because I knew what it was and I knew that my camera was there at all times without me even realizing it. The fact is that while wearing the camslinger it literally put no weight on my body. I felt like I was out without my camera but there it was the whole time, on my side. I also had a lens pouch attached holding an additional lens.

These bags are aimed at street shooters and owners of mirror less cameras. I would also aim this bag at wedding shooters as with the accessories you can add to the belt it makes for one hell of a wedding set up (if you do not use large DSLR’s of course).

Would I use these on the street? Possibly… most likely. If I were going to bring one camera and two lenses, sure. If I were going to shoot somewhere that required walking around, for sure. It is so comfortable to use and wear as well as being 100% functional  that it was a pleasure to wear and walk around all day with.


BUT, I do have a couple of niggles..

If you are out and about with this around you then every time you want to sit down (comfortably) you will need to remove it but to be fair, same goes with a traditional camera bag.  Also, sometimes the bag latch is a but tricky to unlatch and latch as it requires a pull out before unlatching (for safety reasons, which is good) but also, with practice it gets easier.

It’s a great concept and the company seems very well planned out with the two sizes, accessories to hold lenses, flash, memory or what have you. It is a complete camera holster system for mirror less cameras.



They also sent me a very nice “cam pillow” which was pretty cool. It came with paperwork describing what it is and how it was made and a picture of the woman who made it along with her story. I really enjoyed that and thought it was a nice touch. I probably will not use it much, if at all, but again, nice touch.




The Camslinger bags could be just what some of you have been waiting for. They are well made, adjustable, easy to wear and use (once you get the hang of the belt) and are a quality product that will not cost you an arm and a leg.

To read much more about them and order them visit CosySpeed HERE.  The USA order page is HERE.


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