May 092016

FOR SALE: Leica SL, Luigi Case, Extra Battery, as new in box!


Hey guys! Hope you all had a GREAT weekend! Today I have a camera for sale, which belongs to a reader here. She sent it to me to check out, and offer up here for sale. There are loads of Leica shooters here, and this Leica SL is just like brand new, in box, with a red leather Luigi case and strap as well as an extra SL Battery. I will also thrown in a TENBA Messenger Bag (I have loads of bags here, so happy to give one away) to the buyer.

This Leica SL, which was my pick for Camera of the Year 2015, is a beauty. I tested it out, and it is in perfect condition. It is uber clean, and when it arrived I thought it was new. The owner said she prefer’s her M, and never really used this SL much at all, a few shots. She is now selling to go back to an M.

If anyone is interested, email me and I will give you her contact info. She is selling the SL body, as new in box, unregistered along with the Luigi Case you see here, the strap, an extra battery (TWO total) and the free bag I will throw in. $6800 is what she is asking for the entire set. New, this would cost you $7450 for the body, $220 for the battery, and these Luigi cases are not cheap. Last one I bought was $600. So we are already over $8000 for new. Add the bag and its an extra $200. So $6800 for the lot is very fair. This is a beautiful camera, and the EVF is worth it for the experience alone ;)

So if you are interested e-mail me at [email protected] 

Pics below…












Jan 192016

NOW SOLD: 1940’s Leica Collapsable Elmar 5cm – 9/10

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.57.57 AM


Just wanted to offer up a lens I am selling to all of you here, my readers. It is a special lens to me as I have owned it for years and it is simply gorgeous. It is a screw mount lens but has a thin Screw Mount to M adapter on it, and was on it when I purchased the lens from an older gentleman who was clearing out some of his old Leica gear. Why am I selling? Well, every 3 months or so I have to clear off some thing from my shelves in my office as they start to get overloaded. These days I have one shelf for all of my Sony gear (of which I have the most) and another for Leica and another for Micro 4/3.

This lens, while GORGEOUS..I just never use it anymore as I loved it on my Monochrom which I no longer own. So this is a chance to get a gorgeous perfect copy of this lens. I also have other gear for sale at the bottom of the page, all with fair and aggressive pricing.




I am asking only $200 for this lens and if you are looking for a super compact 50mm lens for your Leica or Sony then this one will give you a classical look. My fave use of this was when I owned a Monochrom. Matched up perfectly to it as you can see in the video below where I used the MM and this lens exclusively. All images you see were shot with this lens:

If interested, 1st one to email me at [email protected] and pay for it gets it. Paypal only, $15 shipping, no fees. So $215 total gets it. This is a lovely copy and yes you can collapse it on an M, I did. I paid $200 for it when I bought it. You can see my little review of it HERE with loads of images.

Also for sale: Leica 90 Elmarit 2.8, latest version before discontinuing it – slide out hood, review HERE. $1250.

Also for sale: Leica 50 Summicron PRE APO  – current normal version w/slide out hood- $1200  – review here

Jupiters have SOLD. Also for Sale: Jupiter 8 and 9 – BOTH for $100 – review of the 8 HERE – SOLD


Jan 092016

The original Leica 50 Summicron on the Leica SL (for sale)

A week or so ago a friend of mine sent me a couple of his M lenses to check out as he is selling them and I figured I would take a look, try them out and show some images here using them, and then offer it for sale here in case anyone is looking for a great buy on a Leica 50 Summicron or 90 Elmarit! Optically, this 50 Cron is the latest version before the new APO. It has the slide out hood but is NOT 6 Bit Coded. I simply set the SL up for this lens in the menu before using it. I shot a few images late night while out with family and was very impressed with how this lens renders on the SL. Same as I remember it from the M9.

I find the older 50 cron to be gorgeous with B&W conversions. It’s a classic design and a small fast 50 that does not break the bank. If anyone is interested in this lens, it is being sold for $1250. I have it in hand and its in beautiful condition with leather case. No box. But the lens is a legend. If interested e-mail me HERE. I also have a 90 2.8 Elmarit for sale for $1250 (this version). This was the last version before being discontinued, and I sold my copy 4 years ago for $2500. Today they are going for much less. My fave Leica 90 next to the APO cron. ;)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Most images below are all at high ISO of 6400 and up on the Leica SL. Some have had film filters added which in turn, added more grain. I also underexposed many of these and had to bring out the deep shadows, so more noise than usual. Other than that, the 50 Cron rendering is as it always has been. Very “Leica”.
















Jul 162015

FOR SALE! Sony A7II, Macbook Air, iPad Mini Retina & More! DEALS!

Was doing some cleaning around my office and found a few things I am going to sell, so figured instead of posting on my local craigslist, why not offer these items up to you guys 1st, at great prices?

1st to pay for each item gets it, I can not and will not hold any of these items. Doing so in the past was a mistake as it leads to lost sales. So if you email about the items be prepared to pay ASAP through paypal. Thank you!

1st up, my personal Sony A7II

I am selling my beloved Sony A7II! Why? Well, the A7RII is on the way and I plan on purchasing it, so this one has to GO! I still have and am keeping my A7s, but the A7II will be replaced with the RII soon. I will sell the A7II, in box, for $1025 shipped, which is a GREAT deal for you guys here. I will also include the custom-made and fit Angelo Pelle case and strap for it but the price then goes to $1300 shipped.

I can accept paypal only, but that adds 2%+ so total paypal for the A7II without case and strap would be $1052, with strap and case, $1328. 

A7II has been SOLD and paid for to M.F.



A 2013 Macbook Air 13″ – 1.8 GHZ Dual Core, 4GB Ram, 128 GB SSD Drive. I used this for my travels since buying it and it has never failed me once! I just upgraded to a Retina Macbook Pro, so this one has to go, and I will let it go CHEAP! $400 plus $25 shipping gets it. Paypal fee add 2%, so lets say $435 shipped. I will only accept paypal, USA only.

The Macbook Air has been SOLD and Paid for to H.M.


iPad Mini 2 Retina Display! This has been used maybe 3-4 times. It has been sitting in my bedside drawer for months, as I just do not use it. So , it has to go. I have the box and a leather case from Apple. Will sell CHEAP for $220 shipped. Paypal adds 2% so let’s say $230 shipped. I will only accept paypal, USA only.

iPAD MINI 2 RETINA has been SOLD and paid for to N.K.


Bang and Olufsen flasgship headphones used twice during travel. Perfect mint condition, in box. These sell for $499 but I will offer them here for $300 shipped, no paypal fee ;) These are noise canceling and bluetooth wireless headphones that sound AMAZING. See the amazon reviews here if you want to see the raves. Then save $200! Paypal only, USA ship only.

B&O HEADPHONES HAVE SOLD and paid for to B.H. 


Sep 172013

Cool Stuff for Sale by Me! Bags, Camera, Lenses OH MY! 

As you may or may not know I have a 100% FREE buy and sell forum here on this website and new ads are placed each and every day. Items like Leica M bodies and lenses, classic lenses, film bodies, Micro 4/3, Sony NEX and RX and all kinds of goodies such as bags and accessories. It is a place that has boomed in popularity in the last 2-3 months and many are buying and selling each and every day, right here :)

I have a few things for sale myself and instead of just posting in the Buy and Sell, I figured I would make a full post of it and at the same time remind everyone of the Buy and Sell!

So to check out the buy and sell forum, CLICK HERE

As for what I have for sale..well, I have a few bags that I pulled out of my closet, a rare Nikkor 8.5cm f.2 lens for Leica, and even a NIkon V1 body in black and my original Olympus E-Pl1 from years ago! Take a look below and if anyone is interested in ANY of it, just send me an email HERE. I can accept credit cards/debit cards through Google Wallet and would email you an invoice. If you are interested in any of this email me at [email protected] – 1st come, 1st pay, 1st serve.

So here we go!

UPDATE: All items are GONE!


Think Tank Airport Airstream (2011 Model) – $120 plus $20 ship. Sells for $339 new HERE


I traveled with this bag when I did the Seal tours.  It held all of my gear which was two Leica M9’s, a Noctilux, Summilux, 35 cron, chargers, laptop and much more. This is a bag that can be carried on to flight and stowed in the compartments. It is made for airline travel. It has wheels and is easily rolled through the airport or where you need to go. Massive storage. You can read more about it HERE. At $200 off of the new price you will be getting a like new bag, Pics below of the actual bag. If you want it, 1st one to email me at [email protected] and pays the invoice with a credit or debit card gets it!





Artisan and Artist ACAM-7000 – My travel bag for the last 2-3 years – $150


This bag sells for $349 at dealers such as and Dale Photo. I have used this bag and it has traveled the world with me over the past 2-3 years. It is well used and worn in. Very “comfy”. I have since moved in to a new bag (ONA) and am retiring this one. I feel $200 off is a good buy for an A&A bag, especially one with some Mojo :) It’s not perfect, it’s not new but all is as it should be. Red interior with three sections. Zipper front. Fits my laptop, iPad, and accessories and cameras.lenses.

1st one to email me and say you want it gets it at $150 plus $10 shipping for USPS Priority Mail. EMail me here if interested. My review is HERE




Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 10 and 20

These are new, unused. $30 for either bag plus $10 shipping. Both for $50. Email me HERE if you want them. You can read more about them in my review.





Nikkor 8.5cm f/2 (85mm f.2) all metal and heavy Screw Mount lens (with Leica M adapter included) – $450 plus $15 ship. Review HERE where you can see what it looks like.


This is a vintage and yet LEGENDARY lens. Not so easy to find and when you do, they are usually $600. This is an 85mm f/2 lens for your Leica and I will even include an adapter to use on an M as this is a screw mount lens. Yes, you can use the rangefinder to focus and yes it is a beautiful lens. It is HEAVY as it feels like it is crafted from a solid block of metal. Below are a couple of shots I took with this lens on the M 240.

if you want it, email me at [email protected] :) I am only selling because it is just too heavy so going to a lighter alternative, probably a classic Canon 100. This does NOT come with hood, box, caps or case!




Nikon 1 18-5 1.8 in Silver – $100


This is a killer lens for Nikon 1. I have one in Silver for sale, like new. I am 99% sure I have the box. $100 plus $10 ship! E-MAIL ME IF YOU WANT IT! [email protected]. There is a review by Craig Litten on this site HERE.


and a shot with this exact lens on a V1


Nikon 1 30-110 Zoom – $115 plus $10 ship. 

This is the basic kit zoom for the Nikon 1. This one is new, never used and came in one of the kits. WIll sell for $115 plus $10 ship. The lens is BLACK. No box. This sells new for $249.





Nikon V1 – Black – as new


I have two, one in white, one in black. Selling off one as I am getting to have too many cameras around here (and new ones on the way for long-term review). So am selling  this Nikon V1 which has had maybe 300 shots taken, as new in box, for $240 plus $15 ship. My old review is HERE and the V1 gallery is HERE. E-mail me if you want it! [email protected]


Olympus E-Pl1

The original and the one I used in my original review HERE. It has been in my cabinet all of this time! I tested it and it worked great! NO issues! Black and silver.

Comes with 14-42 Kit zoom. 

$150 plus $10 ship! Email me at [email protected] if interested! NO BOX just camera, battery, charger and lens.  EMail me at [email protected] if interested.





Jul 272011

In case you guys have missed it, there are always some cool items in the classifieds here on the site! Here are just a few of the great items for sale right now!


Leica 35 Summilux ASPHERICAL (AA) – $7750 – USA

Leica Summicron 40mm – Australia

Leica 35 Summilux II FLE – $7200 – USA

Fuji X100 with hood! – USA

Leica 35 Summarit – USA

Leica M9 – Black – USA


AND much more. You can see all ads HERE.

Nov 162010

It’s on Ebay now…the ULTIMATE Leica M9 Dream Kit. If anyone wants to donate to the site, feel free to buy it for me, ha ha! It’s only $32,000 US dollars and comes with the M9 and 6 super lenses and a snazzy case. Wanna see the listing? You can see it HERE in all its glory – Man…the M9, 50 Noctilux, 75 Summilux NEW IN BOX, 35 Summilux, 28 Summicron, 50 Summilux ASPH, 90 Summicron and all accessories. If I were loaded and had a spare $32k…I’d be soooo tempted :)

Jan 312010

Man, I wish I was rich. So many cool things I would buy over at the B&H Used dept. I was just browsing their used department site and found a few gems in the Leica isle :)

Here is a list of what they have as of 1/30/10 Saturday night. They only have one of each so if you click a link and nothing is there then it has been sold!

Leica M8 – Black –  – 9+ condition, no signs of wear and in the box – $2,899.00 – CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!

Leica MP Black Paint – 8+ condition – $2,699.00 – CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!

Leica 35 Summilux 1.4 ASPH – 8+ condition with case and hood! $2,599.00 – THIS IS A DEAL AND WILL GO FAST! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT! Looks Like this has been sold.

Leica 18 F3.8 Super Elmar – 9+ Condition w/hood – $2,499 – CLICK HERE!

Leica 35 Summicron F2 – 8+ condition – Not the ASPH but not sure which version it is – Says made in Canada – $1,249.00 sounds like a great price for a 35 cron of any flavor – CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT! – They have another that looks a little more “used” for $999 HERE. Both of these are now gone!

LEICA 90 Summarit – 10 Condition, as new in box – $1,429.00 – HERE YA GO!


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