Jul 272011

In case you guys have missed it, there are always some cool items in the classifieds here on the site! Here are just a few of the great items for sale right now!


Leica 35 Summilux ASPHERICAL (AA) – $7750 – USA

Leica Summicron 40mm – Australia

Leica 35 Summilux II FLE – $7200 – USA

Fuji X100 with hood! – USA

Leica 35 Summarit – USA

Leica M9 – Black – USA


AND much more. You can see all ads HERE.

  8 Responses to “Some cool buys in the classifieds right NOW!”

  1. also, I’m selling a 50 cron current version and a 24 summilux asph. Haven’t heard too much from them. Great lenses both

  2. Nevermind, I guess its normal after looking around. I just can’t believe the price discrepancies between ver.1 and ver.2…3000 on average. Is the elimination of a little bit of focus shift worth that much?

  3. Isnt Summilux 35 f/1.4 FLE just another name for the current Summilux with a floating element? If so isn’t $7200 a bit high even in todays drought market?

  4. The x100 for $1400 is a “cool buy”? I can walk a block and buy it brand new off the shelf for $1199 (I was just looking at it 30 minutes ago). That’s with an actual warranty that will work, with a receipt ;-) .

    Not price-policing, the seller can ask whatever he wants, just saying that it isn’t really a “cool buy”.

    • $1199 plus tax and without the $129 hood. The one in the classifieds is $1400 with the $129 hood, no tax. Also, not everyone can “walk down the street” and buy an X100. From what I can see, no one online has one in stock, and NO stores near me have it. So to some, this would be a cool buy. Thx :)

      • If you can walk down the street and buy it for $1199, then you should buy it and sell it on ebay for 2 hundred bucks more easy and then you have netted a good $130 in profit or so. Heck, buy a bunch of them at your store and sell them! I just bought one for $1399 as I couldn’t get one anywhere. That’s what they go for now!

        $6300 for an M9 used is an average deal though. I’ve been looking a lot lately and they seem to go for the $5900 to $6300 range, rarely above $6300 used if ever.

      • Yes, the hood for $129 ($89 a my local shop). It’s funny, Canadians are actually getting better prices on this camera (and accessories).

        Regardless, thanks for the blog Steve, keep up the good work.

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