Dec 212012

PSA: EVERY single Leica lens is IN STOCK now plus new RAW software to try out, Photo Ninja!

The guys at “The Pro Shop”


What a difference from a year ago. I remember when the Leica 35 and 50 Summilux were in such short supply there was a 6 month to a year wait for one. The 50 Noctilux had a year wait and even lenses like the 50 Summicron were hard to come by. What a difference a year makes. Now that everyone is waiting for the all new “M” Leica sales have seemed to dry up..for now. This is good and bad. It is good because now anyone who has been wanting a lens for their Leica can get whichever one they want. 35 Lux? No problem. 50 Lux ASPH? No problem. 75 Cron? No problem. Noctilux? Easy.

I have a feeling Leica stock will be good for the next couple of months and when the new M hits and if it is all it is cracked up to be then we will see the lens rush once again. Then again, it could be that many are happy with their M9’s and M9-P or even classic M8, but I doubt it. In today’s digital world I know there are a ton of M9 users just holding on and waiting to see what the new M can do. I am in that bunch because it just night be “the” definitive digital M without limitations and an end to focus issues.

So for anyone planning on the new M, the lenses are available now for  the taking. They may not be in 2-3 months so if you have been wanting that special lens now is the time. In fact, here is an email I received from site sponsor “The Pro Shop”.

“Steve, Just a short note to let you know that as of today, we now have in stock every lens that Leica currently makes for the M body. That’s right, all 23 M lenses in Leica’s catalogue are IN STOCK and for sale at The Pro Shop. We also have 8 different Zeiss M mount lenses in stock. And, last but not least, the new S body just arrived. The Pro Shop for Photographers, the first Leica Boutique in the US is your GO TO place for everything Leica. We don’t disappoint, we deliver.

Art NeJame”

So looks like they have it all, even the reduced price “S” :) The pro shop also sells Canon and Nikon as well and from what I understand, they usually have full stock.

You can check out their website HERE or call them at 561-253-2606

You can also shop with other site sponsors that specialize in Leica: Ken Hansen ([email protected]) who has new and USED Leica, who also has some great deals and we can not forget Dale Photo who is also a Leica specialist. For Leica buyers, now is a time when you can get whatever you want. How about a Noctilux for that special stocking suffer, lol. (yes, that was a joke).

NEW Raw Software that looks promising


Just yesterday I downloaded some new RAW software and it looks promising. After a glowing endorsement from a reader I decided to try the demo and thought I would give a heads up in case anyone wants to try it out. The demo is FREE and you can download it HERE. Let me know what you think! So far I like it but have not logged in enough conversions just yet to really judge it.


Dec 192012


PSA: Sony RX1 in stock now for immediate X-Mas Shipping

Hello to all! Looks like Amazon and B&H Photo has gotten some stock of the Sony RX1 and they have a few RIGHT NOW for immediate shipping which means you will get it before Christmas if you order today. Just wanted to inform everyone on this as it is your last chance to get one before Christmas. Kind of funny this post happens to be after a post on G.A.S. but I know some of you have been waiting for this to pop up as in stock instead or pre-ordering. Good luck!

You can order the RX1 at the links below:

Amazon has a few left HERE – looks like 8 of them at the time of this post

B&H Photo Has some left HERE


Oct 202012

Leica 35 Summilux 1.4 FLE in stock..ONE in stock!

Was just informed by Tony Rose at PopFlash that he has ONE Leica 35 Summilux FLE in stock right now! Yep, at this moment there is ONE of the most in demand Leica lens sitting in his shelf. I know there have been many of you waiting for this so if you want it,


Oct 172012

The new Leica M-E is now in stock at a few dealers. For those looking for the new “M9”, well, this is it. It is a newly color schemed M9 without the frame lever preview. Looks pretty nice but not everyone digs the color. I am happy Leica is making the M-E for those who want to stick with the M9 look and feel as I heard it from a little birdy that the new M’s image quality will be a bit different in look and feel so maybe, just maybe some will prefer this M-E at the end of the day. THE GOOD NEWS (if you can call it that) is that the new M-E is lower priced than the M9 with the body only coming in at $5450 US. That is $1500 less than the M9 and $2500 less than the M9P sold for in their prime. :)

B&H Photo now has the camera IN STOCK

Amazon is now sold out (shipping from Amazon) but a few other dealers have them there.

Ken Hansen MAY have a few and you can e-mail him at [email protected]

Dale Photo is sold out but had them for the past two weeks and PopFlash is also sold out but they do have some good used M9 deals.

Aug 142012


Leica Lenses IN STOCK NOW! But probably not for long…

If you have been waiting for Leica glass to be in stock then your wait is over. As of today there is stock at a few dealers of many Leica lenses. 50 Lux? Yep. 35 Cron? yep. 28 Cron? Yep…plus many more including the classic 50 Cron (which I still adore). I think that these lenses are in stock now because the M9 firestorm and Leica fever has cooled down from 120 degrees to about 98 degrees. Once the Monochrom and M10 hit I think these lenses will once again be getting snagged up as shooters get the super hot “Leica Fever” once again.

1. Ken Hansen – Ken is a dealer who has been in business since the 1950’s and his personalized service, trust and old school customer service just make the shopping experience super pleasant. Ken Doesn’t have a web site but many here can tell you how great Ken is. I spoke with him yesterday and he has MANY Leica lenses in stock, new and ready to roll .Just send him an e-mail to [email protected] and he will get to you very quickly. He ships worldwide and I just received a new lens from him today. Thanks Ken! BTW, Ken has a pre-order Monochrom list as well if you want to add your name let him know. I think this camera is going to start shipping the 1st or 2nd week of Sep. BTW, Ken has the 50 Lux ASPH in Silver in stock and I think even the Noctilux.

2. PopFlash  – Tony Rose at pop flash is very well-known and has been a Leica dealer for a long time as well. He also sells Olympus, Ricoh, Zeiss and other cameras which you can find over at  I noticed he has some Leica glass and even super lightly used M9P’s in stock at deep discounts. Be sure to check out the website HERE. I remember buying my 1st Leica digital from PopFlash back when the Digilux 2 arrived. I bought TWO from him back then and loved that camera to death.  PopFlash also sells the really great Artisan & Artist products and they have big stock of those products right now as well.

3. Dale Photo – They have loads of Leica glass in as well. I was t old by David Farkas who is the main Leica guru there that they had a bug shipment in and to send anyone I know looking for glass their way. Dale has been a site sponsor for a while now and have always provided great service. I have shopped at Dale for Leica glass in the past and usually check to see what they have in stock. Dale also sells USED Leica cameras and they have a Titanium M9 kit in stock right now. Wow.

4. B&H Photo  – Just checked and B&H has a few Leica lenses in stock. They have the 35 cron in Black, the 28 cron, and a used 35 SUMMILLUX 1.4 ASPH

It seems Leica has pumped up their lens production so now os the time to get what you need!

Jul 162012

The Panasonic 25 1.4 for Micro 4/3 is IN STOCK now!

The much sought after Panasonic 25 1.4 for Micro 4/3 is IN STOCK now at B&H Photo! Normal price, not the jacked up price some have sold it for on Amazon. I declared this my fave lens for this format and while it is double the length of the 20 1.7 and $200 more it is faster and does give a bit more magic to the images shot with it. I also preferred it to the Voigtlander 25 0.95 due to size, sharpness and overall look but I also really enjoyed that lens as well.

In any case, if you have been waiting for it grab it now while you can!

Jul 152012


Olympus OM-D E-M5 Silver with 12-50 IN STOCK now (Normal Price)

The much sought after Silver Olympus OM-D E-M5 with 12-50 weather sealed lens is NOW IN STOCK at Amazon at the normal price of $1299. Even if you only want the body you could sell the 12-50 EASILY for $300 which would bring you to $999 for the body only. The OM-D E-M5 is quickly becoming my “pick of the year” and is one damn good camera capable of just about anything you need to do. This is in stock and actually ships from and is sold from Amazon, not a 3rd party. Click the link below to get to it or to order. Should go quick as these are on backorder everywhere else it seems. If you missed my review you can read it HERE. The cool thing about this camera is that there are some amazingly good lenses available for it, better than for any other mirrorless out there right now (well, besides the other Micro 4/3 cameras).



Jun 072012

The Leica X2 and all accessories are IN STOCK!

The Leica X2 and all accessories are NOW IN STOCK at the following dealers: 

Dale Photo – Black X2Silver X2Full CaseEVF

Ken Hansen has it ALL – just e-mail him at [email protected] – tell him I sent ya!

B&H Photo has the EVF showing IN STOCK as well as the Brown Full case

Popflash may have the silver in stock as well.

BTW, It seems that the Silver is in limited supply at most dealers and is the hottest seller.

Here are a few more X2 images taken recently if you want to see more from the camera. Also, the review is HERE.

Here is an out of camera JPEG shot in High Contrast B&W mode

and a full size out of camera file shot in B&W mode (High Contrast)

Nov 042011

B&H Photo just announced they have a few of these in stock. The 50 1.1 Nokton M mount lens by Voigtlander. My review was posted long ago HERE but this has been a highly sought after lens as it is a super fast 50 that performs GREAT. $1049 is a deal for a lens of this nature as the closest lens to it, the Leica Noctilux f/1 usually sells for $7k used.


Ricoh A12 M Mount Module ALSO IN STOCK!

B&H Also listed just now that they have a limited number of the Ricoh GXR A12 M mount modules in stock. You can get to that page HERE.

Oct 022011


Perfect on the M8 and GREAT on the M9 and awesome on the GXR M mount A12 module and Sony NEX series including the NEX-5n and 7 (with adapter).

The SILVER Zeiss 50mm ZM 1.5 Sonnar is IN STOCK right now at B&H. You can click here to get it. These are RARELY EVER in stock and can not be found anywhere.  The black was in stock earlier and is now gone so the silver will go fast. I think they only have ONE. They also have the hood. I reviewed this lens over 2 years ago at my old site and LOVED it. I compared it to the Leica 50 Lux ASPH. You can see that review here.



It appears it was Zeiss lens day as B&H must have gotten a shipment. Available now – 50 Sonnar silver, 50 Planar Silver, 25 Biogon T Silver, 21 Biogon Silver, 25 Biogon BLACK, 28 BIOGON Black, 21 Biogon 2.8 Silver


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