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Oct 022011


Perfect on the M8 and GREAT on the M9 and awesome on the GXR M mount A12 module and Sony NEX series including the NEX-5n and 7 (with adapter).

The SILVER Zeiss 50mm ZM 1.5 Sonnar is IN STOCK right now at B&H. You can click here to get it. These are RARELY EVER in stock and can not be found anywhere.  The black was in stock earlier and is now gone so the silver will go fast. I think they only have ONE. They also have the hood. I reviewed this lens over 2 years ago at my old site and LOVED it. I compared it to the Leica 50 Lux ASPH. You can see that review here.



It appears it was Zeiss lens day as B&H must have gotten a shipment. Available now – 50 Sonnar silver, 50 Planar Silver, 25 Biogon T Silver, 21 Biogon Silver, 25 Biogon BLACK, 28 BIOGON Black, 21 Biogon 2.8 Silver

  11 Responses to “Zeiss ZM 50 1.5 Sonnar is in stock right now with a bunch of other Zeiss ZM glass!”

  1. Steve, your link for your old review site seems to be not working. all i get is iCloud site when clicking the link. Would love to see those pictures you have there.


  2. i actually watched as both the black and white sold out pressing F5 every 5 minutes.
    The silver one took a while to sell. Lol.

    i “COULD” of bought them all and sold them at a higher price on the bay and be a dick like everyone else who’s selling the 35/1.4 lux. v2.

    • I know. Last week there were four 35/1.4 v2’s for sale at $8660 a piece here in the Netherlands at a second hand Leica store. Two were already gone in a few days. As long as people actually pay such prices, the practice won’t end.

    • Why sell them on the bay? You can be a “dick like everyone else” right here on Steve’s site in the buy/sell section and avoid the ebay fees!

  3. Well I managed to snap one 50mm Sonnar.. did it as soon as Steve put an update on his FB page… Hopefully I will use it a lot…

    Steve an updated review would be great…

  4. The sonnar is legendary…. Grat lens on multiple formats. Too bad if it’s already gone….

  5. And…all sold out, already. :(

  6. Steve, It is great to go back and read the old reviews! Any chance of an update using the M9?

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