Nov 062012

Hello to all! Happy Tuesday! It is election day in the U.S.A. and today is a day of choices. I am not a political guy AT ALL as I feel that no matter who is president of the United States there is always some sort of BS going down. I am 42 years old and soon to be 43 next month but I can not remember a time when there were no controversies with US presidents. That is partially because there are two main parties, Republican and Democrat who both sling so much hate towards each other it is sickening at times.

We can’t help but be divided when we have radio talk shows like Rush and Sean Hannity spewing lies, hate and spin towards “liberals” and guys like Chris Matthews on CNBC doing much of the same toward Republicans. Why can’t we have radio talk shows and TV news shows that are truly for ONE..for ONE country, ONE love and ONE UNITED States of America? It will sadly never happen and I am afraid we will always be a “Divided States of America”.

That thought sucks really but it is what it is and makes me wonder why we even call this country the “United States” as we are never truly “United”.  The funny thing is that these radio and TV hosts turn me away from voting for who they are pushing due to their hate and lies and propaganda. Again, I am talking about both sides here. Not any one side in particular.

In any case when going out to vote today vote with your gut…vote for YOU and know that you made the right choice for YOU. No matter who wins today, President Obama or Mitt Romney, we will all be OK because the more things change the more they stay the same. It is US who make up this country and we make our own decisions and life choices.

While you are at it, bring along your camera and snap some pics of the days events. Could make for a cool project :)

Have a great Election Day guys..will be posting some stuff in a bit! If there are any comments here slinging mud towards anyone or ANY party it will be deleted. Let’s try to stay “United” here on this site where we share our common passion of Photography :)


Jun 212012

The B&W Photo Contest Top 10! Vote for YOUR favorite NOW!

OK! Here you go! After over 1000 entries to the Wotancraft City Explorer bag contest which was simply “your best B&W photo” I have finally narrowed those 1000 down to MY favorite 10. For this contest there was no assignment, no theme..just your best B&W shot. There were so many excellent submissions I had a hard time and two days of deciding which to put into the top 10. Now it is up to you, the readers! Take a look at each image below and vote for your favorite using the poll at the bottom of the page.

This contest was basically created due to the excitement over the upcoming Leica Monochrom camera.

The photo/person with the most votes by July  1st will win the Wotancraft bag so take your time, look over the images and vote! Enjoy!


Photo #1 – Ekapong Kow – Thailand

Photo #2 – Bastian Staude – Germany

Photo #3 – Jeremy Simmons – Dublin, Ireland

Photo #4 – Craig Litten – Bradenton, FL

Photo #5 – Chris Scrivens – Chester, NJ

Photo #6 – Aad Berkhout – the Netherlands

Photo #7 – Martin Lux – Germany

Photo #8 – Natalie S – Hong Kong

Photo #9 – Kris Ysebaert – Belgium

Photo #10 – Gabriel Lattanzio – Paris France

Aug 292011

VOTE NOW! The top 10 in the Noktor/SLR Magic Lens give-away has been posted!

Here we go! I received just over 300 entries in the Noktor/SLR Magic Lens give-away and the top 10 are posted below. Before I get to that I wanted to say that there were MANY great entries and also MANY SUPERB entries did not follow the rules 100%, so because of this I could not consider them! Just to be clear, the rules are reposted here as they are posted on the contest page:

RULES, follow them or else your image will NOT be entered!

  • Images must not be any larger than 1600 pixels wide horizontal or 1000 pixels wide vertical.
  • ONLY ONE IMAGE can be submitted. JUST ONE! If you send more than one you will be disqualified!
  • Post Processing is allowed but nothing so crazy that it changes the image. In other words, no “photo art” or additions to the image in PS. Just things like levels, contrast, color, etc.
  • Images MUST be shot with a SONY NEX camera. NEX-3 , 5, VG-10, 3C, etc.
  • Old or new images can be submitted but must be with a SONY NEX
  • EXIF data MUST be intact.
  • Submit image with your full name and mailing address.
So if you did not follow all of the rules above your image was not considered. 


Ok, on to the top 10! The images are numbers #1-#10. YOU will be picking the winner so vote for your favorite in the poll under the images. The top three vote getters will win! The 1st prize is the NOKTOR f/0.95 50mm for NEX mount. The 2nd place prize is the SLR Magic 28 2.8 lens for NEX mount. The third place prize is a Think Tank photo Retrospective 5 bag.
#1 – Audun Brekke – NORWAY
#2 – Roger Lim – Singapore
#3 – Chris Su – Japan
#4 – Elaine Dudzinski – Gilbert, AZ
#5 – William Harris – Fayettville, NC
#6  – Nicolas Vedrenne – France
#7 – Fabrizio Siano – Miami, FL

#8 – Andy Tran – Singapore

#9 – Jeff Mesko – Rolling Meadows, Ill


#10 – Maria Avramidou – Greece

There you have it! The top ten chosen out of the entries that were submitted that followed the rules. To be honest, there were 2-3 images that did not make it but could have won. I could not break the rules as it would not be fair to those who did. So vote now for your favorite image! The voting will last through Sunday September 4th and the winners will be announced on September 5th 2011.

Only one vote per person will count and be registered! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!


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