Nov 232009


Leica Wide Angle Tri-Elmar Review. Welcome to another Leica lens review! This time its the ultimate wide angle M lens, the WATE! It has been A Craaaazyyy week for me. In the 10 months since starting my site I have never been this busy! I have no less than 8 products here I have to review in addition to this tri-elmar and I have been working from day to night. Every day and night! Even so, this is super amazing cool on so many levels! It’s like a dream come true. A passionate photo enthusiast getting sent killer lenses and cameras to review. Wow! There are some downfalls though! Due to my new expenses running this new and improved version of the site, any ad commission that comes in goes to my new host and server! It’s always something huh? But I am not complaining at all. I am having a blast, AND learning quite a bit. I am also making some new friends which is always cool. It’s all about my love for photography and my passion has not weakened. In fact, it has grown stronger and I have even started to discover new and exciting ways to record those precious memories and scenes. Continue reading »

Nov 222009

Shot this yesterday with the WATE at 16mm. The light SUCKED. It was high noon and the sun (in the upper left corner) was beating down. Anyway, I could not resist taking a snap of the tree from underneath it. Wide angle can be fun :) I had  to process this to bring out the branches as it was a bit underexposed due to the sun. Due to that, its a little rough but I still like it.

The M9 and WATE is a great combo, but it does have a drawback or two. This will be my last pic posted from the WATE until my review next week.


Nov 202009

ATTN: This is NOT my review for the lens! This is only my 1st impressions after a day with it. My full review for this lens is HERE!

As I posted yesterday Leica sent me the Wide Angle Tri Elmar lens (W.A.T.E) along with the external viewfinder (also known as THE FRANKENFINDER) and this is really a terrific lens. It is WIDE on the M9 and you can choose between 16, 18, or 21 mm. I am not used to shooting this wide so there seems to be a learning curve but I plan on really getting to know the lens over the next week or two and will have my full review up soon. As in usual Leica fashion it is a very expensive lens but if you want a super wide angle for your M camera, this is about as good as it gets. Here are some quick details, first impressions and some first samples: Continue reading »


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