New reviews in the works!

I have a load of reviews coming soon! I was contacted by Zeiss last week and they are sending me a bunch of Zeiss ZM lenses for review on the M9. I will be receiving the following from them this week:

Biogon T* 2.8/28 ZM

C-Biogon 2.8/35 ZM

Planar T* 2/50ZM

Tele-Tessar T* 4/85 ZM

Also, I am wrapping up my shooting/testing of the Zeiss 25 Biogon so that review will be up soon.

I also have a Canon S90 compact here that I am just starting t o shoot and Leica just sent me a W.A.T.E (Wide angle tri-elmar) yesterday for review. So, lots of lens reviews coming.

I also should have a Leica X1 in hand in a couple of weeks and that review will be up in December. Be sure to bookmark the site and subscribe to be notified of when all of these reviews are published! Some have e-mailed me asking if I was going to review the Leica S2. I asked Leica for one and I may be getting one during the holidays to test out. If so, I will be doing a ton of rural landscape shots with it and I will probably cry when I have to send it back. 🙂

Lots of cool things on the way!


  1. Hi Steve, I know you don’t like to post reviews for items you weren’t impressed with and you mentioned the “Tele-Tessar T* 4/85 ZM” but I can’t find a review. Were you disappointed in it?

  2. Great! I’m looking forward to your review on the c-biogon 35/2,8. Looking from other peoples pictures (hard to find as they are!) I wonder, is it imaging a tad on the cool side, compared to leica offerings? Also, does it give a kind of coarse texture? This will be interesting to find out! It could be that I have only watched bad post processing effects so far.

  3. I’m very interested in your reviews of the Zeiss lenses. I bought my M8.2 in May with a 35mm f2 ASPH lens. Your comparison of the Zeiss 50mm f1.5 C-Sonnar and the 50mm Summilux Pre ASPH helped me decide to get the Sonnar. I would need Dramamine for the swirly OOF of the Leica lens. The 25mm Zeiss Biogon will probably be my last M lens aquizition. I plan on using it for the luscious Zeiss color and with a B&W 092 filter for Infrared photography with the Leica M8.2.
    Thanks again for the great site and reviews. I’ve followed your work from way back when you used a Canon 5D and 50mm for ‘portraiture’.

  4. Super! 😀

    I’ve been reading on the lens reviews but they don’t review very many lens and all I read are about sharpness, chromatic aberrations and distortions (which are all helpful) but I get nothing about the color and contrast and very, very little about the out-of-focus blur which are all top on my list of the qualities that I want from my next purchase. 🙂

  5. Hey Vince,

    No I plan on new Nikon stuff soon. The next camera after the S90 I will review will be the D300s. Also planning on some Nikon glass soon.

  6. Awww… I can’t afford those cameras (except the S90) =((

    Not going to review entry-level DSLRs or Nikon lens anymore? (you have do have zero Nikon lens in your Nikon section after all)

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