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I have been posting images every few days or so as my “Pic of the Day” but today I decided “Hey! Why not start taking image submissions from readers of the site”? Starting NOW, I will start taking pic submissions from you guys so I can feature a new picture every day or two. If you want to submit an image to me you can e-mail it directly to me. But first, read the rules below. Also, if you have a portfolio website I will feature the URL if you like. (zenfolio, pbase, smugmug, own website)

So get your images ready and follow the rules below! As soon as I start to get enough submissions I will feature them in the site!

Also, this is not a contest! Your photos do not have to be amazing. I am all about having fun with photography. The only requirement for this is that you have a passion for it! With that said, I am not going to post a picture you took of your foot or something 🙂


  • Send a maximum of three images at a time. Maximum is three per month.
  • Images must be JPEG and sized at least 700 pixels wide, maximum 1100 wide. If you send a larger than 1100 I will resize it, but keep file sizes under 1mb per image if at all possible.
  • Image can be taken with ANY camera make or model. Film or digital.
  • Keep it tasteful. Tasteful nudes are fine. Nothing explicit.
  • When images are sent, please include your name and details. What camera? Lens? Exif info? Full credit will be given to YOU.
  • Submit a URL to your portfolio if you have one, but no commercial sites.
  • You will have all rights and ownership to your image. I will simply be posting it here for all to enjoy!

So there you go! I hope to feature a new image a day where readers can comment, critique and enjoy the work of others. Should be fun! So get your images together and send them my way. I will choose the images to be featured so send me your favorites! Again, ANY camera, ANY lens, film or digital!


If one of your images is chosen to be featured I will let you know before the post goes up!


  1. I am looking forward to see the first set of pictures! Steve, I think this was a great idea, I keep my fingers crossed to see published some outstanding pictures!
    Best of luck!

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