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Still working on new reviews for the Canon 7D, Nikon D300s, Panasonic 20 1.7 and 4 more Leica lenses. Since I have to shoot all day I figured I would make a quick post with some links you may enjoy. 🙂 Later I will post the Daily Inspiration for the day.

Amazons Photography Books

One of, if not THE hottest selling DSLR at B&H Photo this week!

Amazing video at Vimeo

This E-Bay Auction ended but WOW, look at this lens!

One of my old posts at my old site “Do Leica Cameras and Lenses Have A Soul”?

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Some powerful photography.

Have a spare $23k? A  little birdy told me that THESE will be in stock very soon, like any day now.

Zeiss linked to my lens reviews on their site here. They linked my 35 2.8, 50 1.5, 50 F2 and the 25 2.8! Cool!

How about A LEICA 35 SUMMICRON alternative for your M? Great lens, now in stock once again at B&H photo.

If not, here is a used 35 Cron at B&H… Looks like this one was sold today! Hmm, did one of you guys grab it?

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