Site down/slow this morning….

UPDATE #2 – Site crashed HARD a few minutes ago. Was down for about 20-30 minutes. I installed a plug in to help speed up the site but it ended up causing problems instead. All should be back to normal..again. Sorry for the crash!

UPDATE: Site should be back  to normal now, was easier than I thought. I did make one tiny change. I moved the nav bar up to the top of the page instead of under the header image. Not sure if I prefer it there yet but I think I do.

This morning my site was running SLOW as molasses on a winters day. I decided to update some files on my server and when I did the whole look of my site went back to defaults so I will be working on getting back to normal all day today. It may look different now but everything should be back to normal shortly. Thanks!



  1. Hey Steve,

    I sent you a contact us form. Not sure if it made it. I own a hosting company (amongst others) and we run some sites for clients that are much larger than yours and we have a great wordpress stack that is super fast and stable.

    Happy to help if you need it. Photogs – just like programmers and weekend tech dudes – do not serious sys admins make. 😉

  2. I may change the design soon but NOT to what it was looking like this morning! Uggg. All seems to be going good now. I might have one more site outage tonight but if so, it should only last for 20 minutes max.

  3. Thanks Steve! This is also Delta 100 pushed to 200. I used the Cartier-Bresson technique of pre-focusing on the lamp post as this is looked a good spot for a picture and then waited until the right subject came past and then I could release the shutter and get the shot without having to waste any time focusing (this was super low light stuff – shutter speed around 1/45). Worked very nicely 🙂 and these girls came by after waiting no longer than a minute 🙂 Zone focusing is great for street but no good when shooting near wide open.

  4. ok, lets try that again…


  5. Thanks Steve, am not sure exactly what you mean by put the URL to the JPEG but will have a try anothe way. You got it working above though so probably all my fault for being computerly thick! 😉

  6. Good to have you up and running again Steve. I look at you as bit like a cup of coffee – only better.

    You might ask what I mean by that. Well, I reward myself for braving and surviving the London commute by buying myself a cup of coffee and drinking it in my office each weekday morning. I usually take a look at your site at the same time. So I associate the two of you together.

    So why are you a bit better? Well, you don’t keep me awake at night and you don’t give me hearburn.

  7. When attaching an image you have to put the url to the JPEG, not the page that the JPEG is on. For example, this should work…


    You also have to be sure to click on the “add images to your comment” below, under this comment box for it to work right.

  8. Sorry to hear that Steve. Well, to brighten things up (hopefully) have a look at the below. I have historically had trouble uploading images 🙁 so end up just adding the link. This was shot in Chinatown, London, UK on Wednesday evening. I call it “Lost in Chinatown” ;). Shot this with my Leica M7 and Summilux 50mm asph on Ilford Delta 100 (pushed to 200). Developed in Ilfotec LC 29 at a ration of 1:19 for 7min 30 seconds (it would have been 5 minutes if I had not pushed it one stop but with the push I needed to develop a bit longer so gave it 2 min 30 seconds more. I used the push formula from “Massive Development Chart” (which has a great iPhone app by the way).[img][/img]

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