Leica and their latest Financial Report – “Exceeds Expectations”

Leica just made available their financial report for April 09 through the end of March 2010 and they did even better than they expected to. They are back in the profit zone and it sounds like the M9 is the product to thank 🙂 You can read the report here but I am happy to see them doing better than previous years!


  1. Good for them! I was talking to an esteemed Leica rep last week and the M9 production is now ramping up and shortages should be over by September. The culprit was, apparently, THE SENSOR! It seems that Kodak just wasn’t supplying fast enough and they were caught off-guard by demand for the M9. Go figure.

  2. Are you happy now publicity-monkey? Profit for Leica, more cash for you for travel all month long, new fancy 1000000$ cameras, more grin on your ugly face!

    • Stephen B says:
      July 1, 2010 at 12:19 am
      Ask not what your Leica can do for you, ask what you can do for your Leica


  3. Good for Leica. Make a great camera, and this is the result. Now they just need to make more…We are coming up to a year out, and still M9’s are hard to find new…The rangefinder resurgence continues…

  4. I know you are saying this tongue in cheek but the reality is that Leica can make cameras or lenses fast enough. When demand Demand outstrips supply like this there is (shudder) room to push prices up. Yikes!

    • Hopefully it will also lead to improvement in the M9 sensor: better high ISO (like a solid 3200ASA), faster write speeds, sapphire screen glass, better JPEG engine. For $7000 it should win the DXOmark ratings, hands down. I’m definitely looking forward to M9.2.

      As for the lenses, the secondhand market has always been the place to go. And if prices get too high, there’s always Zeiss, which is every bit as good in its own way.

  5. After ignoring the digital market for such a long time, what a change to nowadays.

    Now, will we see a “special thank you to our customers” promotion in the upcoming weeks with a let’s say -20% on all M-lenses?


    • I think those prices have more to do with limited runs and lots of staff. When you have people in a first world country being paid to assemble stuff in small runs and need all the engineers and technicians to run the equipment its going to cost a lot while Nikon and Canon have some similar needs but just produce 10,000 – 50,000 per run

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