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Hello everyone! It’s a beautiful day today and I have to run out to do some errands and get some film shooting in 🙂 Just wanted to chime in with what will be coming up real soon as far as reviews…

Starting this weekend…New film reviews!

  • The plastic Diana Camera will be reviewed with samples and my thoughts. Fun stuff for under $60!
  • The Contax T2 film camera will finally get a review by me. Ive  talked about it in the past but this review will have more details and a video review as well. Lots of samples!
  • How about the Leica CL? Yep, I should be getting one of these soon and cant wait to try it out.
  • The Bronica 645 Medium Format film camera. Shot two rolls so far, and as soon as they are processed my review will be up!

Also, new digital reviews coming soon…

  • More with the Sony NEX – 5 – JPEG vs RAW. With Apple finally releasing support for the NEX-5 RAW files, I will be using Aperture 3 to compare JPEG vs RAW. Should be fun.
  • The Panasonic LX-5 – We should see a Leica version soon with the D-Lux 5 but the Panny comes out first, so I should be getting one VERY soon.
  • Possibly a revisit to the Nikon D700 and Canon 5DMKII!
  • Also, I will republish my Leica M9 review in an updated form with new thoughts, new pictures and more info. BTW, B&H is once again taking pre-orders for the M9 🙂 Black or Grey!

And as usual, the daily inspiration posts and guest articles will still be here. If anyone out there is interested in writing a guest article, let me know! Contact me using the contact button above. Also, due to amazing interest I may be planning a very cool thing for NYC soon. Stay tuned!


  1. Do yourself a favor and rent or borrow a Voigtlander 40mm Ultron f2 for the Canon 5D2. I bought one the other day and I am finally really loving that camera. Sharp, but classic rendering. Great for video, flares beautifully. And it comes with a close up filter! I actually prefer it to the 50mm 1.2.

  2. Ahhh the Bronica. I have the original ETR (not the ETR-S) from 1976 that I got at a great price on Craigslist. It’s a wonderful camera and an absolute joy to use. Even the loud almost obnoxious “CLUNK” when you hit the shutter is…comforting in it’s pure mechanical-ness 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your shots and reading your thoughts about it. Once I started shooting medium format and developing my own B&W…there’s just something about seeing the gigantic negatives that makes the 35mm ones look so…tiny! (Not that it has stopped me from using my M6).

  3. I think the price of the CL’s will get higher once it’s reviewed here! Can’t wait to hear your opinion, I hope you love it as much as I love mine, it’s one camera I will never sell 🙂

  4. Should be interesting, glad to see you’re reviewing the Diana, I don’t shoot cameras like that myself (although may well do at some point), but it’s good to see a lack of the snobbery about them which pervades most photo sites.

  5. Hi Steve, I’m very much looking forward to your upcoming reviews…. especially the film camera reviews. By the way, what happened to the film you sent off to get some Pro scans? I would also appreciate some more information on scanning film…. a comparison of flatbed scanner vs. film scanner vs. professional scanner….. I am still struggling to get good (digital) results from my analog photography.

    Please allow me to mention that I have had enough information and comparisons of the Sony NEX 3 and 5. Yes, interesting cameras and you probably receive a lot of questions about it….. but that stuff can also be found on other websites. But please DO try the Samsung NX10 with the f2.0/30mm lens… it is a great camera+lens combination and for my humble opinion provides better pictures than the Sony.

  6. A review of the CL? Perfect! I’ve been looking at possibly getting a CLE once Ive fully mastered my EP2. Seems like a good introduction to film and rangefinders at a very affordable price, can’t wait for the review 🙂

  7. Aww steve, you’re killin me :). Maybe a seminar at Tempe camera for the college kids! Well and the older folk too.

  8. The CL is one of my all time favorite cameras. I absolutely love it, sometimes more than even my Leica M bodies (sometimes). I think it’s just the combination of the Leica CL and the 40mm M-Rokkor are absolutely tiny, and one of the best tag along cameras I’ve got.

    Can’t wait to see the review!!!

  9. I’m not far from NYC so I’m curious to see what you have planed and hope I can make it.

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