Free Buy/Sell section Update…

This morning my classified ads plug in required an update so as I do with all of this sites plug ins, I updated it. Afterwards all of the classifieds that were in the buy/sell section vanished. Not sure what happened but if you had an ad up…well,  it is now gone! These free  ads have been very successful for everyone so feel free to place your ads again if you still have an item to sell! You can do so HERE.

For those who are not aware, If you have any camera related gear to sell, place an ad for free using the “buy/sell” tab above, then “place ad“. Sorry for any inconvenience but with a few new ads in the system it should be back to full swing within a few days. Thank you!

Steve Huff

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  1. There is a cool DB plugin for WordPress that’ll let you take backups of the DB before running any updates. Also with cloud or good control panels – you can “Snapshot” things before you go in. Sysadmin 101 – always have an exit strategy. 😉

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