A Filmstrip – Leica M9 and 35 Summilux – “Joshua Tree’

Been a while since I posted one of these and i was looking back at some old images I shot when I still had my M9 and was reviewing the 35 Summilux. I found some images I shot of some Joshua trees and put them in a little film strip. I am working on a big film post for a great Friday Film article that will feature images from the Bronica 645, Diana Toy Camera, The Leica CL and the Contaxt T2. So look for that on Friday!

The following images were desaturated and I also did some dodging in CS4, the usual 🙂


  1. Lovely captures, Steve. I’d like to see an article on re-visiting old images, as it’s amazing that these made it onto your hard drive but were forgotten until your revisit. Outstanding stuff!

    • Thanks! Actually, I used to have more but since I moved, it has gotten a bit harder to find cool locations. This was on the way to Las Vegas from Phoenix, AZ. Thanks

  2. Steve, since you got rid of your M9, you might as well save up for MP (new or used) and start shooting more film. Knowing the M9 is good but film will always give that special look that digital can’t, especially in b&w IMO.

  3. You mean to tell us that you got rid of your M9!? How could you? That must have been a hard loss!

      • Leica should donate one to you… how many people have gone and bought Leica’s on the strength of this site? Quite a few I think 😉 (Leica, are you listening?)

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