1. I’ve got the Zeiss 24/1.8 for the NEX, and am still awaiting my NEX-7, which I got for the small size, big sensor, and M compatibility (w/ adapter).

  2. None of those listed, I have a Black M9. I like the optical framelines, can always make an LED illuminator for it.

  3. I think that Fuji by the time it reaches the UK in March 2011 it will no doubt be over the £1000+ mark making it a crazy price for such a camera with a fixed lens. That buy’s me a Mint boxed Leica M6 TTL, let’s get things into perspective here after all the (justified) hype of the Fuji. Sure it *sounds* great but the model @ Photokina did not function or even contain a sensor so who *really* knows how good/bad it will be?

    A far better bet for those not too bothered about the VF “might” just be the Samsung NX100 which will be selling for £399 and has the same sensor as the superb Pentax K7, just been speaking to somebody in the trade and he reckons this could be Samsung’s leap into the big time of the camera market – we shall see.

    • I agree with cidereye. What drivel from Fuji, and what fools we all are to believe them. The facts from their press release: What do film engineers (probably most of the best are now retired anyways) know about CMOS and EXR? Hang on, EXR was supposed to be used for their super CCD EXR sensors, what makes us think it will work with a “custom” CMOS? There is nothing special about the f2 fujinon lens, what else has it been used on? How do we even know it will focus? They are desperate and dropping off the map. They produce a piece of eye candy (camera porn if you will) and we all want one!!! Help me understand. Are we all delusional?

  4. Well none of those listed.

    1) Olympus E5 as I’m a E-x User and Zuiko-Fan (SG and SHG)

    2) Leica M9 in 2011..

    The Fuji x1” however is more than interesting!!!!


  5. Specs/design of the x100 seem awesome for $1k.

    Don’t understand all this talk of the M9T being a “halo” camera. The regular M9 costs $7k as is. It’s already a halo camera. Blinging it up to the tune of $20k is taking it into the absurd.

  6. the d7000 is better by a margin in some areas to my d300s, and worse in others so its a wash, pentax same idea. M9 titanium is ugly and the X1 doesent seem as nice as the fuji.

  7. i also think the Titanium M9 is Leica loosing its way as last decade with all the “special editions” Ms. Haven’t they learned? Just because the limited edition will sell doesn’t do anything for advancing the company’s technology and relationship with photographers. It’s like the Vertu phones. Excesses are good when they push things forward, not when they do an “exotic material, invitation only” special edition. It’s as if Apple made custom made limited editions Gold Plated Macbook Pros. Remember this are tools you use to achieve your vision, they are not the end, they are the means to the end. Leicas are aspirational and really expensive, OK, but that’s because of their technical capabilities and great lenses, not because they were limited edition fetish objects.

    P.S. I’m an amateur, love my Canon kit and lens, but will be selling it for an M9 later this year, just my thoughts.

    P. S. 2 Won’t get rid of the X1 but I am really lusting for the X100

    • Would your Opinion of the M9 Titanium be different if the M9T was actually a test bed model for features and design changes they’re looking at for inclusion in the M9’s Replacement? And issuing it as a ‘Special Edition’ got the ‘customers’ to pay for prototyping rather than risking whether they’ll get to amortize it across future camera sales?

      The LED illuminated Brightlines of the M9T happens to be one of the key design ‘breakthroughs’ of the Fuji X100 and ‘losing’ the illumination window for the RF is key to gaining the room to shoe horn in some sort of Hybrid Optical/Digital Viewfinder in the future.

      Personally, I think if Leica makes money with the M9T and is finding a way to monetize the prototyping phase of camera design…. More power to em! Nobody is putting a gun to the head of folks making em plunk down over 20,000 bleeping bucks for the dang things!

      R in Mi.

    • With due respect, you simply have no idea what you’re talking about. I have seen, handled and framed with the prototype M9 Titan….simply put it is a work of art, the most beautiful photographic tool I have ever seen in my entire life. I am a collector of cameras and have some very rare and extremely beautiful Leica’s. When I was shown the M9 last week, my jaw dropped. It is gorgeous and as a collector of art, not only cameras, I had no hesitation in forking out the money for it.

      They will sell every single last one of them, the most famous and well respected Leica store in the world is Westlicht in Vienna, I was in there last week buying a very special M4, one of 120 built for the US military. There are only 40 left in existence. He told me that he had 10 on order. I was preoccupied with DSLR’s a few years back so I missed the special edition M7 Titan 3 lens set. I spent the next two years with Steffen Keil trying to locate one for me and finally I he found a set which I had to pay almost three times what it originally cost!

      You probably think, well that was a film camera and this is digital so it won’t hold it’s value in the same way. Well I feel that it will because as a camera that is FF and 18 MP, it is in itself a valid format which no matter what technology comes after it, will not outdate. 18MP and a FF sensor is all I will ever need to take the kind of images I love and so yes, there will be future technologies but I really don’t care in the same way that I will will always go back and use my film cameras even though they are limiting in certain respects.


  8. I think I shall buy a share in Leica. 38 M9 Titanums “sold” in just a few hours. That’s 836000 euros. Somehow though I doubt that this figure is representative…

    • My suspiction seems to hold true – Leica shares have raised in value in the last week, and considerably so in the last few days. I just bought some when they were on their low for this month, about a week ago – wise choice I believe. And I think they will continue to rise for quite some time, maybe even over the next couple years, so I think buying into Leica now is a good idea.

  9. As a recent owner of a Leica X1 (which I love, IQ is outstanding). I voted for the Fuji X100 (assuming the IQ is really good). Main reason: the viewfinder. I hate (really hate) taking pictures with the LCD. I have the X1’s external viewfinder with the everyready case with the viewfinder’s pouch (when using the VF I just take the upper part of the case off), it is just very awkward to attach the viewfinder when I want to use it or storing it. I would choose the X1 if there was just an every ready case that let me keep the viewfinder attached all the time. I don’t care for VF electronics, or LCD size or quality. It’s a fixed lens,compact, quality camera, an optical VF must be in the body, even if it makes it larger. Or at least a way to keep the VF attached all the time with a quality everyready case. I don’t mind if it is a little bigger. I’m no old school or nostalgic, grew up with digital, I just hate shooting at arms length with the LCD.

    P.S. I have the Titan D-Lux 4 (with VF) and love it (same thoughts as above), great shots, (especially concerts, festivals and nights out with friends where you can’t carry big cameras) will probably gift the D-Lux 5 to my Dad for Christmas. He has a good DSLR but never bothers to carry it around and he isn’t thrilled about his point and shoot.

  10. Wow the X100 is a serious hit. I absolutely want one but only if it’s in the 1800+ range. I love everything about it so far, but if it’s cheap enough to be common then it’s a no go for me. I like at least some exclusivity 🙂

  11. of course i am happy with what I’ve got, an M9, unfortunately it had to go back to solms today, for the second time, hope they get it right. Black frames and a half cocked shutter sound, mmmm!

  12. I voted none, but I can’t say I am happy with what I have. I should be but I am not lol. I’m using a 5D2 with 4 L lens (35 1.4L, 85 1.2L, 135 2L, 24-105L). Most would say its plenty and I’d be hard-pressed to disagree but since visiting your site I’m itching to have a go at some RF action…. sigh.

  13. Don’t trust Fuji’s sensor too much, after the f30-f31d … every sensor is noisy … I wish it X100 has the NEX sensor 🙂

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