USED DEALS! Leica 35 Summicron ASPH and Leica MP – Updated with ANOTHER MP!

B&H Photo just listed a used Leica 35 Summicron ASPH for sale in a “9” condition, with hood. Not really a “Deal” but hey, you get what you can take these days when it comes to Leica lenses being available!

SOLD – You can get it HERE at this direct link! 

SOLD – They also have a used Black Paint Leica MP in “9+” condition. 

JUST POSTED TODAY, TUESDAY AM – A Silver Chrome MP – “10” condition in box which means its pretty much new! So tempting!


  1. one thing that is worse than paying $3795 for that black MP is having it lost by UPS. No joke! So if anyone is feeling bad that they missed it, they shouldn’t.

  2. .
    $3795.95 for an MP..? ..I just bought an M4-P for €679 today ..that’s about $976 (complete with working Leicameter). (As an extra body to go with the M3.)

    $3795.95 ..!?

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