Happy Thanksgiving!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! What are you thankful for?

To all of those reading this that celebrate this day, Happy Thanksgiving to you all! As I sit here at my desk enjoying my tasty daily Nespresso coffee, I am sitting back and thinking of how this past year flew by. It probably flew by because my life has been so busy this past year with travel, workshops, testing all of the new goodies that come out, new friends, new love and a passion for photography and this growing website!

I am thankful for those that stood by me this year. For having an Amazing and fun/adventurous Mom, a wonderful insanely hard working sister, a fantastic and awesome creative son, a lifelong best friend who has been through some crazy things with me in life, a beautiful and sweet girlfriend who I adore (and have known since kindergarten), my 14 year old dog who sits by me every day as I write for Β this site even though he is on his last days, a house to shelter me and keep me warm, and a car that is reliable to take me on my photography journeys. That is about all I need in life and all I ask for, and I have it all.

I am also thankful for all of you who visit this site as it keeps me going and keeps me fed πŸ™‚ I am thankful that I am doing what I love to do each and every day and thankful for having so many great like minded people who email me on a daily basis. I am thankful for having friends who invite me over for Thanksgiving day when my family is 1800 miles away. I am thankful for my health and the fact that 2012 has so much more in store. (and many more cool cameras)! I am thankful for other friends who have helped me along these past two years and allowed me to reach some of my professional goals in life. I am thankful that I was finally able to pay off a huge debt that I was left with after my divorce after saving all year to do so. Β I am thankful for the drive I have each morning when I get out of bed ready to face another day and finally, I am just thankful to be where I am after a rocky start to the year.

So to all of my friends, family, acquaintances, and ALL of you who read what I write HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


  1. Hi Steve!

    Despite not having “Thanksgiving” as it’s celebrated in the U.S. and due to the fact that we are making our Christmas Tree on the 24th of December, and not a day earlier, there is always time to be thankful.

    Wish you well and keep in going in the upcoming, for sure amazing 2012 (with great new cameras)…

    Michael S.

  2. Steve – All BEST… Happy Thanksgiving and even tough I am late as the Thanksgiving has passed, it is never too late to count ones blessings and remain humble & great full.

  3. My morning freshly made expresso and your site and your inspirational words, I am thank for that and more. Cheers and thank you for sharing and what you do. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Steve!!
    Thanks for this amazing blog. Certainly getting in your website has been the most first 5 things i do every morning. Am i obsessed??

  5. being an aussie, happy whatever πŸ™‚
    ….but, please dont drink that nespresso, buy real beans and grind them πŸ™‚

  6. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    And I am thankful for everything that God has given me. Sounds cliche I know, but I am what I am today because all that happened. And when I look back, I think I made it pretty good. πŸ™‚

  7. Steve you got a soup kitchen near you.
    Id join you there.
    We’d have a good time bringing smiles to people.

    & no doubt some super snaps.

  8. Thanks for sharing your info, opinions and knowledge. I am new to your site and have been enjoying it. I’m hooked! Happy prosperous new year to you also.

  9. Happy Holidays Steve, and continued success in 2012. I have enjoyed your site immensely the past year and can’t wait to see what the coming year has in store for us photo junkies …


  10. From the UK, Steve, have a good one.

    Look forward to reading your website each day, and hope there will be many more in the future.

    Best wishes to you and family, and of course your 14 year old canine companion.


  11. Happy thanksgiving Steve! Thank you for this wonderful website, the community that you built around it and all the great articles and reviews that you do. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!


  12. Happy Thanksgiving, Steve. I am glad things are getting better in your life. Thanks for your wonderful website. Greg

  13. Dear Steve.
    Your website inspires me often and your reflections by the end of the year are genuine and heartfelt. I wish you and your family a happy thanksgiving.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving Steve, you are awesome and what you do for all of us in the photo community is unprecedented. Hope you have a great year and come back to NYC for another workshop.

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