Weekend Update – Pentax K-01, Fuji X-Pro 1, Wotancraft Bag, Vegas and more!

Weekend Update – Pentax K-01, Fuji X-Pro 1, Wotancraft Bag, Vegas and more!

No words needed, just the video! Have a great weekend! Excuse the overexposed video…had some issues locking focus and exposure with my iPhone 4s. Next time I will not have this problem. 🙂


  1. I got my xpro1 today, bought it together with the 35 mm. The controlls are superb! The af is ok but not super fast. Had some problems with the P-mode. Trouble changing exposures. According to the manual you should be able to use 3x digital zoom. Couldnt get that working either… Found some discrepancys between the swedish and english manual aswell, so it may all be down to poor translations. Nothing that cant befixed anyway.
    Unable to try/test more today cause the battery is drained. For what its worth, and as far as i got today the camera seems really nice to use.
    One bad thing though was the noise the lens was making during filming. This can clearly be heard during playback. But then again, making movies seems more of a feature, than part of the original intentions when the camera was designed.

    • “According to the manual you should be able to use 3x digital zoom” – as a manual focus aid (rear LCD/EVF)

      • ok, lika I said… the swedish translation/version could be better. Will try that, when Im back home from work.

  2. Hi Steve,
    Nothing to do with camera’s, but: is that a MusicMan JP in the back??

    Some guys have it all…! 😉

    All the best,


  3. Thanks Steve. Some guys are receiving the O-md review units already so hopefully yours come soon!

  4. Thanks for showing that little ‘WOTAN’ bag. I checked it out and could not resist. It’s on it’s way.
    Can’t wait for Your Fuji X pro-1 experience. That’s what I got this bag for ( X Pro-1 ). I am on my way to Germany and Japan soon and will do some serious picture taking. Have fun in Vegas. Cheers, Hans

  5. Can’t wait to read those pieces, sadly still no GR digital IV review (that I’m really really looking forward :D)

  6. Really looking forward to the K-01.

    BTW you keep refering to it as the “K-1” Thats the rumored name for the full frame camera, so make sure you put the 0 in there

  7. I just got to play with a Fuji X-Pro 1; they are already on sale down here in Auckland, New Zealand. Have to say it is INCREDIBLE! I bought the NEX-7 a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it more and more, but the X-Pro 1 is in a different class (came to that conclusion after just a few minutes with it).

    I saw some sample photos taken in the store today, and they are amazing. The X-Pro 1 files are truly beautiful, even JPEGs out of the camera. The NEX-7, however, I find to have very soft files and it’s hard to get accurate focus, either with the Sony 18-200mm or M-mount glass.

    Steve, I look forward to reading what you think about the X-Pro 1.

  8. Love your site and love your photos. I am not so wild about the “antique film” filter. For some reason, I kept focusing on the specks and never could tune them out. If that thing has a setting called: “Yeah it’s old, but at least it is clean”, I would recommend less dirt on the “film”.

    Wish I could go to Vegas, but I am saving up to replace my D70. (With my budget, I can see a D90 in my future.)

  9. Love Ya Steve! You and your site are awesome! Are you sneeking in a bachlor party in durring your Vegas trip? Wish I could make it. keep up the great work!

  10. Those Wonancraft Bags look nice. I went to their website, and although I will say that the photographs on the website are very beautiful, that they are not that useful at assessing the bags on the inside…They do give dimensions and such…but I would like to see more. Do you know of any websites that may sell their product that shows the interior of the bags? I am especially interested in the Urban Classic and the Urban Classic 2 .

  11. I see the Fuji X1Pro as the closest thing to the excellent Contax G2 around.

    As soon as I can physically handle one I’ll make the decision on purchase.

    • I got my X-Pro 1 already, bought at the beginning of the month (FYI I live in Japan). When I first pick up the X-Pro 1 I was surprised to see how light it was, compared to the x100 the AF is a better but still has some problems, as at time is was to slow (but this camera shouldn’t be used for fast action), only sometimes was the focus off, I’ll say every 1 out of 15 was (this is for me at least for other it can be different). I found it to be easier to use compared to the x100 thanks to the new button layout. As for picture quality the JPEGs quiet amazing in my opinion the color rendering of this camera is great. Haven’t got a word on RAW files cause I can’t see them in Photoshop yet and the software the give you to view them (for editing and conversion) makes all of the photo look nasty (color wise).

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