Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder by Steve Huff


Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder by Steve Huff

Sometimes when I wake up and sit at my desk to start work I enjoy a few chuckles, except today when that happened my chest killed me (yes, I am still battling the full-fledged flu). While that really sucked, I was inspired to write something when I saw a comment that was posted in one of the articles from yesterday. If you saw that article about Sharpness which showed a few film shots that were basically family style snaps that were pleasing to the eye and the article was all about slowing down, and enjoying photography. After all, this is the goal of the majority of us here who visit this site and is for me anyway, the most enjoyable way to shoot.

Now I am sure the above title photo snagged your attention and you are probably wondering what the hell that is! Well, it is an oddity..a mummified creature shipped to me from other parts of the world and I want to use it as an example. It is one ugly thing but to some it could make for an interesting photo that could easily spark a conversation. It’s a snapshot, nothing more, nothing less but most of what real people shoot every single day are snapshots.

In case most of you do not know, this website brings in over 100-120k page views a day, over 3 million per month, 36 million per year.ย 

Lets break down who the “bulk” ย of the visitors are…

The majority of readers here are simply “passionate photographers” ย and not pro’s. These are the bulk of the audience here and to me, what this site is all about. It is about those who just love to use a camera, love to capture memories and love to shoot their every day life, their kids, their pets, their surroundings. They get enjoyment out of doing this and enjoyment from using quality gear that is trouble-free. They also love to see what others shoot, what others do with the same gear and share their experiences as well.

One does not need to be a pro to use a Leica. One does not need to be a pro to buy a Nikon D4 or Sony RX1, even if it will be used to just shoot their cat. Can they take those photos with a $10 disposable? Sure but they do not want to and that is their choice, and part of what makes all of this fun.

The Passionate Photographer’s life is enhanced by shooting and preserving memories of THEIR life. I am thrilled to feature stories like this on the site as I consider myself a “passionate photographer”. Usually these shooters prefer to spend money on a nice camera rather than a boat, RV or fancy car. It is their right to do so. It is what I do myself.

I love taking photographs and preserving memories of my family, my growing son, my trips and adventures. 80% of what I shoot is never seen on this site or anywhere else but boy do I love to shoot and I think Photography has helped me to be amazingly stress free and happy. It can be therapeutic when you are not stressing over every little last detail and perfection or deadlines and your job.

I will always be thrilled to feature work on this site from everyday people like me who just enjoy to shoot. You never have to be worried about being “good enough” because if the passion is there that is all that is required. With that said, I have turned down many guest posts for just that. Lacking passion, ridiculous subject matter and posts written just to promote sales of something.

But to me, any kind of photography can be beautiful, even a dog, cat, kid or wife photo. It is after all still a slice of reality frozen in time for as long as your hard drive lasts ๐Ÿ™‚

There are others who come here as “know it all’s” that never show their work. They like to attempt to belittle the work of the “passionate photographers” in the comments but they will dare not link to or show their own. Why? Because they are afraid of being attacked on their work after creating a stir in the comments because the “know it all” ย have the thinnest of skin. It makes them feel better to attack others. These shooters are just here to bitch and moan and complain. I see it every day, day in and out. They contribute nothing but anger, and hate. Sad. They also have zero passion. They are sometimes ย called “trolls” and usually do nothing but attack and cause trouble. They like the attention. Luckily they are NOT the majority here but there is no way to keep them out ๐Ÿ™‚

BTW, I am not talking about those who give useful critiques about a photo, just those who come in to hate and attack and be rude for no real reason with cruel personal attacks. They will attack others work, camera choices and just about anything. To me, their comments belong in the trash and that is usually where they go.

Then there are others who come here as “The Pro”.ย These shooters are used to viewing photos from a “pro” standpoint. Perfect studio lighting, perfect composition, perfect exposure. That is all well and good but there is more to photography than this and sometimes they get so used to this “perfect” work that they forget about the “passion”. I know everyday guys who just love to shoot who have much more passion than most pros. The main reason for this is the Pro HAS to stress a bit because they have paying clients. They HAVE to be perfect and perform. They know their stuff and they can sometimes be rude to others but the pros usually give constructive criticisms to others. This is good as that is what helps people along. Most Pro’s are helpful and respectful.

Truth be told, I have enjoyed photos much more from every day “passionate photographers” than Pros without question. Why? The answer is simple. The pro stuff we have all seen before. We have been bombarded for years and years since the advent of Digital with pro landscapes, pro portraits, pro this and that. Basically in the pro world it is very hard to be fresh and exciting as most of it has been done. There is some fine professional work and photographers but they are no better than anyone else who visits this site as it is all in the eye of the beholder. They may be better when it comes to the “rules” and “technical aspects” but to me, we are all equal which is why when I write I do not come across as arrogant and know it all. I am no better than anyone here. Period.

Again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one may love you may hate and what one may hate you may love. That is the beauty of this existence. If we were all the same it would be a boring world. Just remember, no one is always right and yes, even you who think you always are CAN be wrong. Keep the passion and enjoy what you do. That is the key!

For those interested, here is the comment that created this post:

Reader Comment:

“What I love about this site is that Steve will publish just about anything. No doubting this is a great idea from a passionate user, but surely you could have put slightly more effort in with the subject matter and post processing? I mean, two pics of your dogโ€ฆ?”

My reply:

“Believe me, I pass on about 3 articles a day, I do not publish โ€œanythingโ€ but I also am not out only looking to post professional shots, or the same old street nonsense day in and day out that we have all seen a million times, or India portraits that have been done over and over and over again. There is much more to photography than that and millions of everyday people love to shoot as well, and what they shoot is just as important to them as what you shoot is to you. I will feature those who are passionate and love what they do. Many of us get enjoyment out of photography just by shooting our kids, pets, and daily life. I am just as happy to feature that, if not more so than the same old thing day in and day out of street, perfectly lit studio shots, etc. Maybe that is why this site has so many passionate followers because my belief is that we are all equal. X is not better than Y, Y is not better than X. I am certainly not better than anyone here, nor is anyone else. Itโ€™s all subjective and yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

One more thing. If anyone ever has an issue with a post on this site the really amazing and cool thing is that you do not have to read it ๐Ÿ™‚ This is a 100% FREE site and any article at any time can be skipped!

Thanks to all for being here!

Steve (still sick with the flu) Huff

OH, BTW..the title image is not really a mummified creature from parts unknown, just an oddity handcrafted and picked up at the fair ๐Ÿ™‚ I enjoy oddities and unique items.


  1. Steve Jobs “from the heart” “love”
    Moray McLennan “fascinated by something”

    I believe these two are the key to being fulfilled in anything we do.

    At the same time a healthy dose of reality (not happy clappy optimism, not pessimism) adds a nice balance
    Now a lot of people cant handle this dose of reality and call it negativity then go on the attack against such a dose of reality.

  2. i am yet to lay my hands on that elusive piece of machine called leica M9 and the lenses which many people refer to as ‘glass’…..but by that time i can always have free access to great articles and photographs on this site and some lovely tips and guidance from steve….and hoping and PREYing that leica system owns me one day with open arms relieving my tight fists ๐Ÿ™‚ cheers steve …you are the best .

  3. Steve,

    I am “Pro” for what it’s worth. But i love your site and it’s contributions. One does not need to be a pro to take great pictures and I find the passion exciting. I also like the rawness of photos made by those who aren’t “professional”. In actually fact I never call my self a professional. I really don’t like the term. I just simply call myself a photographer. One way to ruin a photograph is to make it “Professional”. It is often contrived and forced and there is no term on earth that will make a photo better. It’s certainly not the term professional! Just because some is professional does not mean they are a good photographer. It’s my full time job but to me it is a hobby and one that I am fortune enough to make a Living from.

    But the passion you speak of is something that most Pro’s loose somewhere down the line. I’ve been lucky enough to find my path, follow my heart, find my niche, take the pictures I want and get paid for it. To me it isn’t work at all. Crazy, never ending hours but a totally labour of love. Wether awake or asleep it’s all about the pictures for me and even my wife knows that she is my second love. Ha.

    Your site is a daily read for me and I really like it. There will always be the haters and the trolls, the jokers or whatever, but what is best is to just ignore them and continue to do your thing, unaffected by who they are and that is what you do. They only are doing it for a response and it usually exposes their own insecurities more that anything.

    As for “showing your work” it’s a bit more complicated. Sometime’s someone’s work is already well known. There are plenty articles, magazines, blogs etc with my work out there all which attract excessively super critical opinions by all in sundry and well…hate too. Also great responses and inspiring responses too and that’s what I focus on. I don’t ever expect to please 100% of the people 100% of the time. That’s just the way of the world and that doesn’t bother me anymore. But generally there are alot of opinion’s out there how I could be taking photo’s better that I am! It’s always strange to me that someone tells an artist how to make their art better! So in a nut shell – it’s really nice to visit and enjoy the reviews and articles without attracting attention.

    I know you are not talking about that sort of person and I know the sort of person you are talking about but it needs to said that not all Pro’s are the kind you speak of. I would hate to thikn that people think they can’t approach a Photographer simply because he or she is “professional” or not.

    Keep up the great work. Your approach is really great. Honest and fun too. What I like most is the hate doesn’t stop you from doing what you do. THAT is the most important thing for ANY artist.

    • This is my first post ever on this forum. I just had to say that you voiced my feelings better than I could ever have voiced them myself. I just want to add a great big +1 and a thank you for sharing and thank you for Steve for developing a community such a this one!

  4. Agree wholeheartedly with this article, Steve! I experienced the truth of what you wrote recently as had to go through thousands of my photos as I had the the fortune of getting a discount on photo printing. The photos I ended up choosing to print were not the ‘perfect’ ones, but in fact all the happy snaps of my friends doing everyday things, a small number of which were less than technically perfect too (mis-focused, overexposed .etc). But these were the photos that meant something to me personally, and that, I believe, is the magic of photography and what drives a lot of us to stay in this game.

    Keep up the great work on your fantastic blog! You have certainly been an influence on my photographic journey.

    Below is the link to my reflections on the experience should you be interested in reading it.

  5. i really like the diversity of the work being shown on this site not just
    boring technical new gear reviews that’s what makes this site so successful
    and unique .I once posted a link to a photo here on your site and got
    10 million hits in 1 week i would say your doing something right
    Take a good break Steve we can wait catch some rest cheers

  6. I’ve been visiting this site for several years because, well, I’m an addict. Addicted to looking at pictures and addicted to cameras. I’m fascinated by the images recorded by these light-tight boxes so many of us accumulate, with their glass, plastic, or just a pin hole to let in the light. I just can’t get enough of the pictures and the machines.

    The variety of pics you post is beneficial because it gives examples that make some of my images look great (making me happy) and others that show me “opportunities for improvement” in my work (not to mention the ones that make me go “wow, I need to try that!”).

    The one thing that is missing is the opportunity to sit down with a beer and have an actual conversation about the topics…perhaps I’ll attend a workshop one day!

    At any rate, you are very deserving of both high praise and significant thanks for the work you do on this site (and I know it is a LOT of work). Get well soon, and keep up the good work!

  7. Well argued and well said Steve. As a “Pro” I couldn’t agree with you more… particularly about how boring it would be to endlessly view pro work. Most pro work is shot to a brief and to satisfy the demand of a client or is a compromise between the demands of a client and the end user of the image. While technically and aesthetically the images have to be bang on, they do not always reflect the passions of the person behind the camera.

    I have to say, over the years I have gained as much if not more ideas or inspiration from the work of my assistants or that of my keen photographer non-pro friends as I have from my peers as the non-pro or those learning this art are the ones that have the time and often the flexibility to get out there and experiment with their work, particularly in the digital age where goal posts are moved every day.

    In my opinion, personal photography should be all about how it makes us feel and each will feel differently but if a personal picture makes the person who took it smile then no matter if someone else hates it, it has triggered a positive reaction in the person it was taken for and so is a good picture and its bound to make someone else smile somewhere down the road.

    And anyway how boring would it be if we only ever saw images that we all thought were wonderful…. we wouldn’t have anything to talk about other than making oooohhhhh and ahhhhh noises..

  8. Hi Steve, totally agree with you.

    btw. One thing is clear:
    It’s not bad to have a flu every now and then.
    Makes you passion shine!


  9. Well said Steve! And aren’t we lucky to have the benefit of the Internet, the ability to blog as you do, and the ability to submit, post and comment as we do. Think about the world of photography ten years ago, before all this was possible. It was a very small and closed community. Now everyone has access, good and bad, and we are all much better for it. Personally, I enjoy the variety of content and there is obviously going to be photos that I don’t like, but others will. However, like you I don’t appreciate the negative and demeaning comments. This is not a political debate site, so as my mother always told me, if you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s better not to say anything at all.

  10. Amen! Thanks, Steve. Love your site, You’ve helped reignite my love for photography and to make some good purchasing decisions, including an RX1 (OMG!) Maybe I’ll get the “courage” to send some photos your way. Hope you feel much better real soon.

  11. Well I have to admit that on the odd occasion I have stupidly responded to trolling but the sentiments above are why I like this site so much. I think what Steve has achieved is something special. Not every article catches my imagination but as Steve says you can always pass. For me it’s the breadth of interest coupled with Steve’s passion that makes this site a joy to visit.

  12. What about adding a little tolerance? Maybe those “knows it alls” have other problems, not even related to photography.
    I’m enloying these multiple views and angles on photography, that you allow us to explore here. Thank you very much.

  13. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for putting in all the work that you do to keep this site running. I have been reading the articles that you post for some time. Your passionate reviews inspired me to take up photography and I’m now the proud owner of a shiny new OMD. I’m hoping that one day I will get to share some photos of my own on this site. Keep up the great work.



  14. Oh, yeah, you show us the coolest, weirdest., most wonderfully fresh material (I’m including the words.) Only rarely do I feel like there wasn’t much point to a piece, usually by someone who recently bought a Leica, but even those have a few striking images. So keep it up, Steve. You inspire interesting contributors.

  15. “It can be therapeutic when you are not stressing over every little last detail and perfection or deadlines and your job.”
    This says a lot! Personally, striving to shoot like a pro may improve my photography, but I would like it to do it in my own pace & rhythm, not stressing over anything. When I think photography in combination with clients, weddings, tight schedules and money, it really just ruins my whole energy and passion. Get well and keep on the great work Steve!!!

  16. “It can be therapeutic when you are not stressing over every little last detail and perfection or deadlines and your job.”
    This says a lot! Personally, striving to shoot like a pro may improve my photography, but I would like it to do it in my own pace & rhythm, not stressing over anything. When I think photography in combination with clients, weddings, tight schedules and money, it really just ruins my whole energy and passion. Get well and keep on the great work Steve!

  17. “There are others who come here as โ€œknow it allโ€™sโ€ that never show their work.”

    I don’t consider myself a “know it all”, but I’d be happy to (once again) submit some images, in the hope of getting them published this time. I would consider that an honour. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Great article Steve. I have been buying (and selling) cameras for several years now. I love trying out new gear and taking pictures of just about everything around me. I often feel guilty for spending so much time and money on this hobby that I truly love. You have reminded me once again that there are many out there like me with the same passion for photography, who prefer a nice camera over a new suit or the like. Thanks!

  19. Great point Steve! And passion aside, I have to say I’ve seen many photos from pro’s that, while technically very good, lack a certain ‘soul’, or vision, or simply don’t “speak to me”. Likewise I’ve seen many photos from non-pro’s that, while not technically perfect, have very much soul and that I relate to very deeply. That’s the thing about photography – it consists of not one, but rather many, different aspects. Each image is a unique blend of ingredients and spices, each chef has their own unique recipes and style, and everyone has their own tastes and favourites. I love steak and I hate fish, yet I don’t judge those or have any ill will toward others who savour seafood. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Why are my comments always “Awaiting Moderation” for hours, and people who post after me get in right away?

    • It’s the computer Roberto; it scans the words you use and picks up on certain words. Or it’s you… Or me. Sometimes my comments await approval as well, or disappear completely. It’s no big deal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. I love this article! I feel like i’m one of those passionate photographers spending hours in day learnin new stuff about photography and reading sites like yours, and of course last but not least trying to capture moment to remember with my camera. ๐Ÿ™‚ I really like to see quest posts from your readers and maybe someday I have carriage to send you pictures that i have been taken to post as a daily inspiration. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Thanks Steve for standing up for photographers like me. I don’t usually post photos around the web because I’m tired of people bashing other’s work because it’s not technically correct. I am still a beginner myself and started shooting to capture my 2 daughters growing up but have found that I have grown passionate for it myself.

  23. I sure do like your site Steve. I always scratch my head when people trash you on other forums. I just don’t get it. Your a guy who loves photography & cameras(especially Leicas). Why anyone would have a problem with that, I have no idea.
    Keep on truckin’ dude.

  24. Great article Steve. I like the way you see thing’s. It’s a moment in time that can be deeply personal or completely trivial, yet something larger emerges from it, and it is beyond technical critique. That’s the artistic heart when the brain stills and the camera your shooting is secondary and something bigger happens. All this talk about my gear is superior and yours is so so is completely ridiculous. I love all cameras! Jazz great Charlie Parker was known for being able to pick up a child’s toy horn and swing his ass off. So if you don’t have a Selmer, grab a Hohner and make it swing!

  25. Agreed without any doubt ,… photography is about passion , not perfection , in simple words , if someday i had taken a single perfect image i would do photography no more , Cuz my image is already perfect , there is nothing more for learning , so why should i ruin my perfection , or just repeat it? , but with passion new things come every given day ๐Ÿ˜‰ sorry if its a little strange , i like it this way ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›

  26. Bravo Steve, well written ! Respect !
    To quota the great Miles Davis: “If they act too hip, you know they can’t play shit.” :-))

  27. I admit I am curious whenever the Leica users come out and attempt to justify good or bad photos around the lens they use or the camera they have. It can become a bit of a verbal bloodbath in the comments section for many of the articles you post that talk about the Leica digicams.

    The best articles are the ones that explain the experience without really hammering away at what type of camera is being used. Those are the kinds of articles I really like. Being unable to travel right now, the images and stories on your site really wake up my mind and get me “fishing” for things around the house or the city to point my camera at.

    All the best Steve. Feel better!

  28. Great article write up Steve! Totally agree that passion and enjoyment of photography are seen trial. Keep up awesome site!
    Hope you get recovered soon and keep shooting ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Great message Steve! I have basically stopped reading comments because many are rude and destructive. Critique and encouragement are both great when given effectively. But too often critique on this, and many other sites, seems like a tool to show every other visitor how knowledgeable the critic is.

    Photography is something that can be enjoyed by everyone, on many different levels. I appreciate that this site consistently offers every level of photographer the oppoetunity to share their passion and experiences with others.

  30. Well said Steve. I enjoy your site because of your passion and commitment to the photography, not the photographer. Here’s my site in it’s infancy, , neither know it all or pro, just enjoying my photography. Keep up the good work.

  31. Great site and article as usual. I’ve been coming here for about a year and half, usually just reading with a rare comment now and then. Reading this post makes me think its time to join your daily inspiration!

  32. Steve, I’ve been following your site from soon after I started digital photography in early 2010. I’ve learned a lot, enjoyed a lot and really appreciate your generous, hospitable and passionate approach. When I’ve worked out how to post to the site, I’ll take the risk of sharing some pictures. Until then I just want to say, get well quick, get vaccinated against flu next winter, and carry on carrying on! John.

  33. Very well put Steve. You run a wonderful site that I enlightening. Keep up the good work.
    Now go back to be and follow this Russian cold remedy.

    1. Put potato at the end of your bed.
    2. Drink vodka.
    3. Drink vodka until you can no longer see the potato.
    4. Wake up and feel better.

    • Ha, good one! I’ll give that a go when the local remedy fails me. That is, to properly sweat it out over another hot body until you’re dead or better. Which all goes to prove that Steve’s site really is the best “photography” site around. It’s all here folks.

  34. I really like this site. Keep it up – especially the guest posts. With studio lighting and a paid model, you can get a great technical picture – but I agree with you, “who cares”? Your guest posts help build a sense of community, fun, and often surprise.

  35. Gotta admit I don’t always agree with ya, Steve, but I do here. If you don’t like a pic, fine, make a CONSTRUCTIVE criticism about how you think it could be improved. But your site is all about the passion in photography. After 25 years as a parttime pro and and 10 as a staffer for a little weekly newspaper, I am finally looking to let loose some of my Nikon gear for something lighter that will inspire that PASSION again! Just keep it coming, Steve! (You DID get the flu shot didn’t you????)

  36. Excellent post Steve. I love looking at all photos no matter what the quality. It’s amazing to see all the different things that people see. Every photo doesn’t have to be high quality. I always say any photo is better than no photo.
    Where are those dog pics? I love dogs.

  37. Thank you for this Steve. I appreciate your support regarding this issue. As mentioned before, your site is one of the few sites still out there that still remembers the passion in photography.

  38. Thumbs up Steve! Great sense and humour despite of flu! Love your site…

    p.s. OMD EM5 is out of stock in India and taking no orders. Probably a new upgrade is coming… Any wish list?

  39. I share your thought Steve. Photography is a very personal process. Its also subject to opinion, some like this, others that, but it should never turn into unnecessary bashing. Useful critique is indeed fine, great even if it comes from a person you admire.

  40. Hi Steve, sorry to here you still suffer from the flu. Hope you feel well soon.
    I agree with you that photography is all about passion and less about technical skills.
    It’s a pity some people feel the need to belittle the work of others. Shure, I don’t like all the photo’s people post on your site, but if I place a comment it’s usually to tell what I like. It’s easy to say negative things, but to be positive is a lot harder for most people.
    I think you do a great job profiding a platform for us amateur photographers and I hope to visit your site for a long time.

    greatings from the Netherlands.

    BTW, I like the picture in this post. It’s “strange” and I like it.

  41. I’m less than a passionate photographer, but I are a photographer and like to take pictures that myself and others will enjoy viewing. I enjoy the reviews, but tend to skip over the Lecia stuff since I’ll never be into photography that much. I am enough though that I followed Steve’s advice and purchased a Nikon V1 which I really enjoy. I enjoy all the pictures posted on this site and appreciate the effort that is put into taking, posting and writing about them. A favorite thread on the Expedtion Portal forum are “random dog pictures” I know this is rambling, but thank you Steve for this site and all the others who help make it what it is.

  42. Hi Steve,

    I regularly follow your web site and I even had the great opportunity to be featured in your Daily Inspiration section some time ago.

    I’m glad you wrote this reply… It’s always funny to me to see how some people just do not accept difference and seems to want all web sites/blog to feature things just the way they think they have to be shown… Just go head, create your own!

    If I am a regular visitor of your web site it’s precisely to see different pics that the one I would shoot myself and read different point of views and for the obvious passion you have for photography…

    So for what my opinion matters, please stick to the love and passion of photography Steve.

    Cheers from France,


  43. Photography can sometimes bring out the worse in people. I shoot really loose and relaxed these days and I have been hammered over this by other photographers. Why? it’s non of their business…..Lol.

  44. Great article, Steve. Your site is the best. Every time I want to buy a camera, I read your review first. I can feel your passion by reading. And I trust your verdict. This is no flattery but the truth.

  45. One of the best assignments I had when I was in art school was “The Ugly Project” . You were to make the ugliest piece of art you could and turn it in. The lesson you learned was that no matter how ugly you thought it was , someone in the class is most likely going to actually like it. It was a great! lesson.

  46. Great article Steve. I’m here everyday looking forward to the next update as I really enjoy them. Don’t change a thing! I’m looking forward to sharing some of my photos as I picked up the OMD recently based partially on your review of the camera and the great roster of M43 lenses. Thanks!

  47. Whoa! This article disappeared for a while. I’m glad it’s back because it is very good.

    I take photos of my wife, kids and friends, the things we do together, the places we go, etc.
    Of course, mixed in between I also like to take pictures of spectacular landscapes, great architecture and other interesting subjects. When I take a vacation I always try to go to a place with good photographic opportunities. Every once in a while I get a shot that I’m proud of. But I am not a pro, and have no interest in becoming one. I do this for fun (and to supply my wife with an endless stream of photos for her scrapbooking hobby). I don’t need the best camera in the world. I just need a good one.

  48. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…. Yes Steve and fortunately we are all different otherwise life would be very boring! Passion about photography for me is something that ebbs and flows… I have found I have had periods when photography has been difficult (I had two hand operations last year and arthritis does not help). The difficult times are when we need sites like yours to re-energise us and rekindle our passion for making images.

  49. Steve:

    Your site is on my bookmark bar on my mac, your influence: my first digital- x100, that moved me to a M6 and when it came to a lens: Leica Summicron 35/2.0-asph that was also was influenced from your insight. You are appreciated and really good at what you do & thank you for dong it!…. i have a few opinions about that kind of reader who sent that but not worth our time….

  50. what a great article and sums up my feelings. Some of the worst offenders are the people on the you are not a photographer website!

  51. Hey Steve,

    None of us will like everything that appears on here, that’s just fact. What keeps me coming back every day is the knowledge that the features are “real” and from passionate individuals.

    It’s a perfect recipe.

    Put your feet up.

    Cheers, Jason.

  52. But, Steve, what is you are not even a “passionate” photographer, but have the same goals–want good quality results, want to be able to carry the camera around, want to take memories of children, pets, families, and ocassionally record someone on the street who is interesting–then what do you do for a camera. I have been struggling with this for 4 months, since my Canon 60D was stolen. I want the quality results of a DSLR but want the portability of a smaller body. What does someone like me do? Money becomes an object from the RX 1 up to Leica, which are out of my class dollar wise.

    Anyone, everyone, chime on. I need help. Thanks.

    Steve with the flu also.

  53. Hey Steve… I like your dog… Your reviews are aimed at everyone and make it super simple to get an idea of what it is that you are looking at. Cool site, and keep it going man!

    Oh, and my URL is linked, just for full visibility purposes. I wouldnt want to hide ๐Ÿ˜‰

  54. Your site is great! I’ve been to a lot of photography blogs and review websites but yours is the only one that i check regularly.

    I think your passion is what sets you apart.

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