Beta Test: The Forums Return!

Try out the new (old) Forum!

It has been 2 years since I last tested a forum for this site and I have just brought it back for another test. The reason I took them out in 2011 after only a few weeks of testing is because there was no way to keep the spam out. Today I have implemented measures to keep spammers to a bare minimum so it should work out great.

Many of you enjoyed these forums before so I am hoping this works out and can be a place to hang in between articles and reviews.

For now I am doing a sort of “Beta Test” to see how it goes. If you click HERE you will see the forums and they are back just as they were in 2011, with the old posts from the test back then but there are new features added as well. You can also add your own images for sharing.

To use the forums you must be registered but you can do all of that HERE. GIve it a try and lets see how it goes.

RULES: NO spam, NO commercial link. NO E-bay links. NO attacks. Keep it relevant and civil.

I will be testing them out for the next 2-4 weeks and if all goes smooth they will become a permanent addition to the site.

Thank you!




  1. Had alook at the forum again.
    Sorry forms are dime a dozen. Just makes this site samey.

  2. Steve I know the forums are for sharing lots of things
    yet the unique selling point of this site is that it doesnt have a forum
    rather this site is a melting pot of all things photographic
    hence the 70-100k visiotrs a day & the most viewed such photogrpahy site on the net.

    A forum just dilutes this site.

  3. Hello Steve, I’m waiting for my Leica M 240, for sure I will ask you a bunch of questions after I get it, Forum is a great way to do communication!!

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