Be sure to like my Facebook Page! Contests and Exclusives coming!


Be sure to like my Facebook Page!

Just a heads up to anyone out there who uses Facebook

Me, I have a personal page and a page for this website and that is where I will be posting some very cool things VERY soon. News you will not want to miss. NEWS that will be posted there before it will be posted HERE. I have had the Facebook page for 4 1/2 years and always post photos, tidbits, news and upcoming news on that page. More interaction and info will be posted in 2014 so if you want to get in on this, make sure you go to it and LIKE it! When it hits 20,000 likes I will be giving away something really cool. Not much more to  go as it is well on its way to 19,000 🙂

BTW, the last contest finished up last week for the really cool Tenba Mini Messenger bag and the winner was Joseph Timmins from Chicago, IL.

I’m also just about to hit 20,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel HERE. Be sure to subscribe to that because in addition to some really cool news coming soon, there will be a new video that you will not want to miss very soon as well 🙂

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PS – BTW, more cool things coming today, so check back!


  1. Hi Steve, love your site and reviews.
    I myself have a small website witha few pics ( As a nurosurgeon I have little time to work on it.
    I have to do a lot of cleaning but if some is interested in the Sardinia island he can just check it out. I lived there many years…
    Keep up the good work,

  2. Best thing I ever did? Got the hell out of Facebook.
    I’m slowly watch today’s youth becoming more and more mentally retarded by the social network experience. Get a life kids…..there’s a world out there.

    Oh, and Steve! I love your site but I don’t need Facebook or any other social media crap to get here.

  3. Of course it’s mainly because i’m one of those people that doesn’t have Facebook and it’s not at all personal…but i always get a little annoyed when people or companies do these Facebook-exclusive happenings.
    Isn’t it just as easy to set something up on a proper website (that you clearly already have :)) that truly everybody has access to!?

    Just 2p 🙂


    • So basically you get annoyed because you do not have or want a facebook page? Maybe if you did, you would understand 🙂 Many of my readers never come here, but instead they check the FB page daily. When they see something they like they will click over to this site. If there is something small I want to write about or say or mention, it is not always worth writing a whole new post here so facebook works very well if I just want to mention a date, a new upcoming camera or post a photo. It’s a great place to share thoughts, ideas and whatever you want.

      Like it or not, Facebook and other Social Media outlets are here to stay and getting bigger every year. Just how it is. Don’t be annoyed just because you do not want to be a part of it though. 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

      • I totally get it for small updates, notes etc…no problem at all. And i am part of social networks, just not Facebook 🙂

        But don’t you think it’s kinda limiting the reach of special deals, contests etc? “Like us on Facebook to get 10% off, join our contest, get special updates, etc etc.” Yes i and a lot of people i know would love to, but i/we can’t because you’re using a special platform that i don’t want to join.
        Of course it’s mainly my loss, but i like to think that Facebook-exclusive (or other similar platforms for that matter) are also loosing out a bit.

        Like i said, nothing personal…love your site! Maybe i’m just in a bit of a rant-y mood today 🙂

        • I hear ya and not everyone likes facebook 🙂 Many despise it. But it’s the future (or so it seems) and I have met many amazing people through FB so I am a fan. Many love twitter but I am not a fan of it myself. We all have our own tastes and prefs. Thanks again for the comment and just being here. I appreciate it.

          • I haven’t got Facebook neither. I deleted most of my online stuff when i found out about the Snowden leaks. Many people have left Facebook for the sane reason. Twitter seems more popular though, but i don’t use that neither , and if i miss out on exclusives, so be it as my privacy and dignity are more important and its a matter of choice

          • I’ve left FB several times but keep coming back!! It’s better now than in it’s early days. Not just Steve’s Fb page but also wonderful pics on Steve McCurry’s Fb page, the Aperture page, Magnum page, Cultural Inquieta page and more. But I’d be interested is Steve’s view on the dangers of putting pics on Fb given that it means giving Fb a global license for those pics (it’s in the fine print) and that anyone can download them for free.

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