WANTED: Photographers in Phoenix, AZ for 7/30 at 5PM

WANTED: Photographers in Phoenix, AZ for 7/30 at 5PM


Hey guys! I am looking for 2-3 other shooters who are local to Phoenix AZ to take part in a video shoot (promo) for a new strap. This will take place in Tempe probably near ASU. Basically the guy who makes the straps is coming to town to shoot me using his strap for a promo video. We need 2-3 others to do the same and in return you will get free dinner, a free strap and we can hang out, chat and shoot for a bit!

So if anyone is local to phoenix and wants to take part, just send me an email HERE and let me know. If you have any questions feel free to ask. All this will consist of is hanging out, shooting and you will have to agree to be in the promo video where you will be seen using the strap. That’s it!

Email me HERE if you are interested but only if you are 100% in, as we need 2-3 for sure! This will be for July 30th at 5PM.





  1. Hm, sounds interesting, I’m in Phoenix on my business trip and have my camera with me. But I’m just an amateur and even have no idea what the “new strap” stands for 😉 Just understand that’ it’s some kind of promotion video creation event?

  2. Hey Steve. I live in Tucson and this sounds interesting…Would you be able to disclose the strap manufacturer so that I can check them out before I decide?

  3. I’m sure with my good looks and my professional appearance I could boost the sales of this strap. Just send me the ticket please and I will do the modeling for free 😉 (btw. I prefer Lufthansa)

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