An inexpensive yet great quality cable release for your Leica Monochrom

An inexpensive yet great quality cable release for your Leica Monochrom


I have had about 2 dozen ask me where to get a basic cable release for the Leica Monochrom. The one I use is HERE at Amazon and under $15. Bought it almost two years ago and have used it about 6-7 times. It can come in handy sometimes when you want absolutely no vibration (hands pressing the shutter) and are tripod mounted. The image above is my Monochrom with the cable release attached as well as an old minty vintage 50 Elmar 3.5 lens. Classic 🙂 This cable release will work with any camera that is compatible with mechanical cable releases.

You can buy the cable release here at Amazon (Prime eligible) at the link here. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I bought the Fotasy Mcable release cable from Amazon. It failed on the first use (would not spring back from the in or pushed position). Returned it for a replacement. Same failure again–in both instances on the first use.

  2. I thought both the M 240 and the newer Monochroms have the new shorter thread?
    This means one has to be careful, because not all cable releases (or soft releases) fit the newer model threads…

  3. I broke two old/vintage cable releases I had laying around from late 20th century with cloth-like tubing. Now I have a cheap plastic one which I bought for around €12. Indestructible, and I use it a lot.

    • Yeah, but you can see from Steve’s photo how stiff that release is. The old cloth-sheathed ones may not last as long, but they’re more limp and don’t transmit as much vibration to the camera. If you’ve got one that still works, keep using it ’til it wears out!

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