Feeling Warm and Fuzzy, a big thanks to all of you!

Feeling Warm and Fuzzy, a big thanks to all of you!


I just wanted to give a big shout out and thanks to some important people in my life…ALL OF YOU who read this website! Going on 7 years now, this website has grown, stabilized and changed a bit turning it into what I have always wanted it to be.

  1. A place to share my real world reviews that are easy to read, understand and have loads of samples with actual thoughts on USING the camera or lens or accessory. This is something that I will never stop doing and my #1 priority.
  2. Next, I always envisioned a place where others who are passionate about photography can share their experiences, their photos and their websites. No matter how good they are, all I require is passion and a desire to shoot. No need to be a pro, no need to be an amazing photographer. None of us are experts in photography and we all have our own styles. We all have room to grow and by sharing photos, stories and user reports it helps not only everyone who reads them but those who write them as well. I learn every single day from all of you!
  3. A friendly community of passionate photographers and yes, even gear heads to chat and discuss that passion!

That is all I wanted and today, it is right here as I envisioned all of those years ago. (as a tear flows down my eye) 😉

Thanksgiving is coming up and it is making me feel all warm, fuzzy and in the holiday spirit. I am thankful for all of you, my wonderful life, my fiancée Debby and all of my friends and family. I am planning 1-2 intimate events in 2015. Just me and 3-5 others. No fluff and no giant production. More of a learning experience for ALL involved, even me. So keep an eye out for that announcement soon. One amazing thing that has come from all of this is getting to meet so many of you over the years, most recently my big Southwest Road Trip event which was a HUGE success and we all came away with some fantastic photos, memories and good times.

So just wanted to say THANK YOU TO ALL and that I will be here for as long as is humanly possible 😉 After that, maybe Brandon can take it over when I am ready to retire. That would be awesome. As it is now this site has THOUSANDS of articles, reviews and posts. You can see  them ALL right HERE. Doing so may take a few days if you look at them all 😉

Over the years that this version of the site has been up it has enjoyed 95 MILLION visits. Yes, almost 100 Million. Over 100,000 comments as well. Approximately 15-20k hits a day come from Google where thousands of articles are indexed there. Amazing, and still brings a smile to my face every day when I sit down and go to write an article or review. I am never worried about stats, numbers or any of that. In fact I stopped checking all stats a while ago and only check them every few months because whether they go up or down, doesn’t matter. All I worry about is reviewing gear that is top notch, gear that works as it should and when something comes along that excites me, I write about it. The reason you do not see me reviewing everything is because if it is not very good, or lacks in any way or is something I would not recommend, I do not review it. Period. I am not out for mass traffic, I am out for quality content, which is what I feel most of what I put up is.

It is a special place here and I want to preserve this for years to come.

Thanks so much for your continues support…EVERYONE!

COMING IN THE NEXT 1-3 MONTHS: Zeiss Loxia Reviews, Zeiss 35 1.4 M mount Review, Sony/Zeiss 16-35 FE Lens Review (NOW IN HAND) AND MUCH MUCH MORE!




  1. I just keep coming back and coming back…………. This is a brilliant site: the whole concept, the variety, the undogmatic approach, the amount of sheer learning material and all for free!
    Thanks a million.

  2. Thank you so much Steve for your website and the time you put into it. For the last 4 years i have come to this place EVERY SINGLE DAY (ok maybe i missed one or two 😉

  3. And back at you! Thank You for your genuine and sincere passion and sharing of info-and all of your readers for their insight & photographs-youve built a good place… Daniel

  4. Well deserved feeling for you Steve. This is still the only photography blog I read regularly because of your honest reviews and real-world opinions. Even when kit is way above most ‘normal’ budgets, you’re not afraid to give genuine opinions and feedback even though I’m sure the manufacturers would prefer the sugar-coated reviews on other sites.

    Thanks and keep it up.


  5. A big thanks to you, Steve, for all the passion you share about photography. I love the fact that this site features posts from people all over the world with different backgrounds and skill levels, as well as your no nonsense reviews. You are an awesome ambassador for photography. Kudos to you, sir, and all the best to you and yours…

  6. You deserve it , Steve 🙂

    been here from the first time ..
    its a home for me 🙂

    from pocket, M43, nex , M analog, MF and M digital ..

    always be with you and your family

    all the best
    William Jusuf

  7. No rush at all but are you planning to review the Panasonic 15mm for m43? I’ve eagerly been awaiting that review and how it compares to the Oly 17. Thank you for your very nice site.

  8. Thank you Steve for providing your down-to-earth and real-world-approach to photog reviews and findings. I didn’t much care for review sites until I came across yours a few years ago. Now I am a daily reader. Your work is great and your website is a fantastic resource. I especially love the daily inspirations and hoping to muster some good work to send you some day. I purchased my OMD-EM1 and my Sony A7 largely on behalf of your reviews (and through your site links of course) and over the last year it has renewed my love affair with this craft. Thank you for that… sincerely. Wishing you a wonderful thanksgiving from my family to yours! Here’s to another great year!

  9. Hi Steve / Brandon,
    This is Subroto Mukerji from Delhi, India – a regular reader of your fantastic site ! I have a question – How does one go about submitting a post for the “Daily Inspiration” column ? I too am keen to send in a short write-up with a few photos, so do reply.Thanks !

    • Dear Subroto,
      Easy it is, on top of this page click on “Daily Inspiration” tab, and read on that page it is explained there all about posting your write-up & photos.

    • Dear Subroto,
      Easy it is, on top of this page click on “Daily Inspiration” tab, read on that page. There it is explained all about posting your write-up & photos.

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