Bag Giveaway Daily Inspiration #10 by Aashish Mehta

Bag Contest Daily Inspiration #10

by Aashish Mehta

Hey Steve,

Finally, you have pushed me to submit something. I am probably too late, but either way, it would mean a lot if I could contribute to your site in some way or form.

Last year I went on a road trip with the family around Europe and managed to capture a lot of pictures on film using a FM3A, Leica M6 and Contax T3. Our drive consisted of Munich, Cremona, Cortina, Lake Como, Milan, Monte Carlo & Bordeaux then took a train to Paris en route to London.

The pictures below were taken in Italy using a Contax T3. I wanted to select pictures that encompass the Italian lifestyle of beautiful homely architecture, friends and family. I hope these do it justice.




Thanks for the amazing information on your website.

Kind regards,


  1. The first 2 pictures are nice but the third is very flawed. It is supposed to be a family photo but your family is out of focus.

  2. Some of the finest family and group portraits with an Italian flavour in b&w were taken in 1953 by Paul Strand. Typically, he used house exteriors as backgrounds and they also ensured the subjects were roughly equidistant from the lens. I feel a little sorry for the other members of this family who missed out being anywhere near the focal position; the male on the right was the lucky one. I see no point in fuzzing out 3/4 of the family.

    No. 1 has lovely light airiness to its 3-D feel.

    No.2 I don’t understand with its large empty foreground space and featureless black shadow area taking up most of the shot of what might be an near empty eatery.

    • Hey James, thanks for the feedback. I wish we did a portrait, but we just had time for a wefie which I took without looking through the viewfinder, but it gave the picture a different feel somehow πŸ™‚

      I am not very good at selecting architecture pics, so point noted. I mostly shoot general street shots.

  3. Three fine images showing your trip, 1 & 3 are the strongest for me, no. 2 still has great feel. I bet there are more images you could share on this site.

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