Traveling! Stay tuned for UPDATES all week!!

Traveling! Stay tuned for UPDATES during the week!

Hey guys! Just a heads up! I will be traveling all week and will be in Iceland testing a hot new camera and some lenses, so I will update when I can during the week! Stay tuned for some cool updates!!



    • Olympus has to be the classiest company when it comes to press roll outs. I mean Bermuda for the E-M5 II and now Iceland for the E-M1 II. Kudos…

    • And underexpose to ISo1600 in HiRes by two stops to show us how well that noise works on that camera……Just to get us something really special…ISO6400…I wonder how well it works on Aurora Borealis with a F2.8 or F2.0 lens….

  1. EM1 mark ii gets the vote!
    I’m super interested to hear your take on this camera Steve. Also if I may suggest something that would be nice to include in your real world reviews is to include flash OEM support as part of the review – basic TTL and metering, OEM flash colour balance, off camera flash support, HSS support and practical usage, etc… Different manufacturers quote different sync speeds with practical real world differences between advertised and what results are like. Particularly for high end enthusiast/professional orientated cameras, this is a huge buying concern. Something hopefully you might consider as an addendum to your reviews???

    • I agree it’s probably the Olympus. But I’ve never seen Huff use a flash in a years of following this website.

  2. Probably just a coincidence that Olympus Visionary Adrian Rohnfelder just posted his quick E-M1 Mark II review from Iceland. 😉

    • Of what I can read in the small text Adrian says that Olympus has just made the best camera.
      I have preordered mine a while back. Let us hope it is as good as he says it is.

  3. Hot camera ?
    Iceland ?
    I’ll wait and see with pleasure!
    Have a nice trip and don’t forget your bobble hat!

  4. Steve

    Enjoy the trip. I know you are going to post some cool images for us.

    I know a couple of people that have been to Iceland and they really loved it.


  5. Iceland sounds HOT
    PLease post some great shots as always and let us know about local food and customs!!!

  6. My cristal ball says – the new Olympus and I am sure you will love to stay in Iceland.

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