Feedspot announces their top 100 Camera Blogs!

Feedspot announces their top 100 Photo Blogs!

Feedspot announced a list of their top 100 Photo Blogs (or “The Best Photo Blogs on the Planet”) and hey, I made the list! But what a cool resource. One hundred great photo blogs all listed in one place! Be sure to check out the list HERE!

Above me are two rumor sites and two big guns of the photo blog world so I am honored to even be in the list as it is, let alone ranked at #5. Β Also gives me a chance to thank all of you here who still follow me, even after eight years of rants, raves, thoughts and the ups and downs of this small personal blog. THANK YOU!



  1. Congratulations Steve and Brandon!
    Your posts about new and interesting gear and example pictures will be one reason. In addition you offer a great variety of topics in so many guest posts, for example the Film Friday, that many like to read. I had the chance to make use of it several times myself, thanks!

    You mentioned, that you get tons of mails every day. My problem in the moment is, that I offered you some topics about two weeks ago but not get any answer at all. They may got lost in all the mail or in a spam folder?

  2. But your concept is pretty unique, Steve, and proves great vision. So this ranking is absolutely well deserved! And since one could say that you only address a niche, RF and mirrorless, this makes it all the more remarkable.

  3. Congrats Steve! You’re the reason for my M9 still going strong from way back when. Been following and reading almost almost everyday since, and as much as I could, used the Amazon links. Lots of respect and sincere appreciation for the passion you generously share. Feeling so fortunate to have received my X1D and hope to be out making nice pics to share with you and readers soon. All the best!

  4. WOW!!!! That’s AWESOME Steve. I knew already that you are a (mirrorless) hero πŸ™‚ but this proves it in a VERY impressive way!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!

  5. Huge congrats, Steve. To top sites like Leica’s own blog, Reddit, Newshooter, etc…not sure why some sites like Phoblographer, Rockwell, and Luminous Landscape are not represented there, but nonetheless, you are high up with some big hitters. Keep up the great work, Steve!

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